F3 Knoxville

Cones + A Ball

F3 Q: 5/17/22

AO: Asylum PM


[ The Scene ]

[ Welcome/Disclaimer ]

  • Welcome to F3: Fitness – Fellowship – Faith
  • My name is Steam and I’ll be your Q this morning
  • A few things before we begin:
    • I’m not a professional
    • You’re here on your own belief
    • You know your injuries if you have any so if you need to modify anything we do today feel free to do so, but push yourselves and the men around you. They deserve it and so do you.
  • FNGs?

[ Warm o Rama ]

  • SSH: 20×4
    • Run down the stairs and execute 5 merkins
    • Run back up
  • Imperial Walker: 10×4
    • Run down the stairs and execute 5 merkins
    • Run back up
  • Rockette: 10×4
    • Run down the stairs and execute 5 merkins
    • Run back up
  • Cherry Picker: 10×4
    • Run down the stairs and execute 5 merkins
    • Run back up
  • Motivator: 5
    • Run down and execute 5 merkins
    • Run back up

[ The Thang ]

(Mosey down to the grass ramp)

  • 3 cones
  • C1: 1 man maker
  • Bear crawl to C2
  • C2: 2 man makers
  • Bear crawl to C3
  • C3: 3 man makers
  • Bernie sanders back to C1 and rinse and repeat 1x

(Mosey to the grass field below)

  • 6 cones
  • Corners are all squats (4)
  • 2 middle ones are Bobby Hurley’s
  • All cones = 20 reps
  • When you’re done with your reps at a cone, come to the middle and do 20 SSHs before reporting to your next cone
  • Clockwise
  • When you get make it around 1 full time, come to the middle and do LBCs

(Mosey to the Bowl)

  • 9 cones on the top of the bowl
  • Start at the grate: 50 SSH
  • Run counter clockwise to each cone and execute 1 Merkin, then back to the grate
  • Rinse and repeat, adding a Merkin each time

[ Mary ]

[ COT ]

  • # off
  • Name o Rama
  • FNGs
  • BOM

The Friction of Our Fathers

There was a talk I heard on a men’s retreat in early April that really struck a chord with me. It’s a subject that some of us run from, and others of us don’t, depending on your experience and journey with your own father. Here’s the breakdown of the talk, and then some of my own notes and study and takeaways as I have been processing this over the past month. 

  • “You know my dad used to be like this, and now he’s not. My dad used to be loud, and now he’s soft. That is possible men.”

Main Points

  1. We find ourselves in 1 of 2 places with “the friction of our fathers”
    • Still chasing their approval. Still chasing hope that they might see us as worthy. Still chasing value.
    • Maybe potentially proving them wrong.
    • OR — shadow side: “I will be like him.” And “You’re not going to be your dad. You can’t chase him.”

(Which one of these three places do you find yourself?)

  • “All I’d ever wanted is my dad to pursue me. Pursue me, I’m your son, come towards me, right?”

Are you trying to live up to the name or live up to the hype?

  • Your compass is pointed in the wrong place

    2. You have a Heavenly Father that is well pleased with you

    • Luke 3:22 — You are my son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.
    • Are you trying to live up to the name or live up to the hype?
    • Your compass is pointed in the wrong place


  • Father is mentioned in the Bible (ESV) 1,024 times over 857 verses. That’s over 2 years of studying how God is a Father in the Bible and in our lives
    • All the way from Genesis 2:24 to Revelation 3:21
    • Genesis: 139x
  • 2 Corinthians 6:18 — And I will be a father to you, and you will be sons and daughters to me, says the Lord Almighty.

[ Closing the “Frictions” ]

These friction points are guideposts more landmarks, not things to be fearful of.

Philippians 3:17 — Join in imitating me, brothers and sisters, and pay careful attention to those who live according to the example you have in us.

Paul mentions “pay attention to those” or take note of those who live according to the example you have in us. Who are some men that you have taken note of in your life? Men that you pay attention to and where they step, you want to step?

— “Do this”

— Do these kinds of things

— Find some other people who are just a bit ahead of you who can set a road cone ahead of you and help be your guide

In John Eldridge’s book “Fathered By God”

  • John is telling a story and ends with this: “As I drove home I knew the gift had been from God, that he had fathered me through this man.
  • We must be willing to take an enormous risk, and open our hearts to the possibility that God is initiating us as men — maybe even in the very things in which we thought he’d abandoned us. We open ourselves up to being fathered.
  • You are the son of a kind, strong, and engaged father, a father wise enough to guide you in the way, generous enough to provide for your journey, offering to walk with you every step.

Ending: You are being so intentionally fathered by a God that has pursued you before you even arrived on the scene men. Regardless of your experience with your earthly father, let’s rest in that there is a “good good father” who loves you more than you can even fathom, and it’s because “it’s who you are. It’s who you are.” You’re loved by him. You’re loved by him.

No Flame Blower Outers Here

THE SCENE: ‘Bout 88 and breezy

SSH, rockettes, this and that, runners stretch, and cherry pickers
Insert information about the workout.

  • Take all CMUs down 2 flights of stairs, 20 8 ct Spiders, CMU curls until the 6.
  • Bring CMUs up one flight, Run to road; 50 V Sit OH Claps, Run to trees; 50 kneel ups, Return to center, CMU curls until the 6.
  • Bring CMUs to the top and take them to the Bowl
  • Battle Buddy: one runs around the bench; the other Rows, OH Press, squats
  • Change Battle Buddy: one walks the CMU, the other does 20 Squats, run, catch, switch, repeat
  • In the Pit, 360 Merkins (L and R) return CMUs to Flag

12 Fake Gloomers

Adapted from Brene Brown’s “Atlas of the Heart” Chapter 2.

Schadenfreude is a compound of the German words “schaden” meaning harm and “freude” meaning joy.  Schadenfreude simply means, “pleasure or joy derived from someone else’s suffering or misfortune”.  And the world is full of it these days.

Schadenfreude is an emotion typically born out of inferiority rather than superiority.  It is also born out of fear, powerlessness, and a sense of deservedness.  Schadenfreude involves counter empathy, where our emotional reaction is incongruent with another person’s emotional experience.

While schadenfreude may be fun to say, it’s a tough emotion.  There’s a cruelty and insecurity about it.  Taking pleasure in someone else’s failings, even if that person is someone we really dislike, can violate our values and lead to feelings of guilt and shame.

When we feel schadenfreude, it shuts down the area of our brain we use when feeling empathy and lights up areas of the brain that make us feel good and entices us to engage in similar behaviors in the future.  Schadenfreude is especially seductive when we are sucked into groupthink.

It’s easy to build counterfeit connection with collective schadenfreude.  When we see someone who we don’t like, disagree with, or is outside of our group stumble, fall, or fail, it’s tempting to celebrate that suffering together and to stir up collective emotion.  That kind of bonding might feel good for a moment, but nothing that celebrates the humiliation or pain of another person builds lasting connection.

We often don’t talk about our schadenfreude because it can make us feel shame or guilt.  This came up a lot during the pandemic when vaccinated people struggled with feelings of schadenfreude towards anti-VAX folks who were diagnosed with COVID.

From the book:  I remember thinking one day, “It this who I want to be?  Someone who celebrates people getting sick or dying?”  I would justify it by saying they were threatening my health and the health of the people I love. In the end I couldn’t make it work with my values.  I mean, I’m still angry, but without a viable accountability strategy, it’s hard not to let schadenfreude take over.

Freuden-freude is the opposite of schadenfreude.  It’s the enjoyment of another’s success.  When others report success to us, they generally hope for an empathic response of shared joy.  Which is freuden-freude.

If instead they get a negative, competitive reaction, they may respond with confusion, disappointment, irritation, or all three.  Ongoing lack of freuden-freude can eventually pose a fatal challenge to a relationship, and in turn, repeated relationship failures often produce depression.  We suspect that depressed folks might exhibit deficiencies in freuden-freude.

Brown concludes with…In teaching our kids how to cultivate meaningful connection with the people in their lives, we’ve always told them that good friends are not afraid of your light and never blow out your flame.  And you don’t blow out their flame.  Even when their flame is really bright and it makes you worry about your own flame.

When something good happens to you, they celebrate your flame.  When something good happens to them, you celebrate their flame.

We always have our kids hold out there hands, palms flat, and say “If this is your flame and the wind picks up, good friends cups their hands around your flame to keep it from going out.  And you do the same for them.”

We have always said, “No flame blower outers” and that’s our way of saying less schadenfreude and more freuden-freude.

What does this mean for the men of F3?

  • Look anywhere in the world right now and you will see people deriving joy from other’s failures or misfortune.
  • Schadenfreude can make you feel good and really get stirred up in groups of like-minded individuals…and we are a group…so we have to watch ourselves.
  • Because it’s an emotion that rewards the brain, we need an accountability strategy to be sure it doesn’t take over. We need to be that accountability for one another.
  • As leaders in our community, we need to ensure we are protecting and celebrating everyone’s flame. Remember, “no flame blower outers here”.
  • And if we are being good leaders, we will take joy in seeing other’s flames shine even brighter.

We have Goober in our thoughts and prayers.

Brickyard – back and forth and around in circles

THE SCENE: Gloom, feeling more humid imo.

the norm – SSH, Claps, lunges and cherry pickers

Bataan Death Crawl
Bear Crawl in a line. Last guy does 5 burpees then runs to catch up, tagging the last guy for his burpees on the way to the front of the line.
Sprint (1 of 2)
First finisher counts out loud after crossing finish line. The following sprinters must listen & remember there lag number as they cross finish.
SSH, 100 count
Squat thrusters w/ CMUs
Shoulder Taps
Sprint (2 of 2)
To start, first finisher of first sprint will count down from prev. run longest lag number + 5sec., when you hear your number start your sprint! – count down with push ups.

Flutter Kicks, planks, box-cutters, BBS & gas pumps

“For many of us, there’s a gap between the compass and the clock – between what’s deeply important to us and the way we spend our time.” – Steven Covey It’s easy to proceed without a plan and procrastinate the things that matter. Let’s ask ourselves, what is our aim. Where do we want our families to be, our kids, our church, our health. “Where there is no vision, the people perish… Proverbs 29:18

Down on the Docks

THE SCENE: Nice cool morning.  About 55 degrees with no humidity.

Started with 25 SSH on 4ct then mosey’d to pavilion flag pole for 10 tempo merkins, 10 windmills, and 10 mountain climbers all on the 4 count.  Mosey’d to Circus Maximus for some butt kickers down and jog back and skips down jog backs
Mosey’d to dock on the back side near cardiac for 4 rounds of 4 exercises followed by running the short loop there.  Exercises were

  • 20 Dry Docks
  • 20 Calf Raises
  • 20 LBC’s
  • 10 Burpees
  • Then run loop

Competed 4 rounds then mosey’d to cardiac for10 squat jumps at bottom light pole, first bend, second bend, and top.  We bernie’d all the way up.

Mosey’d to tail of dragon for a trip down route 66 with Merkins

After completion…back to the AO

Had time for some Freddie Mercury’s, Heel touches, and LBC’s all 20 on 4ct

Discussed how character always rises to the top.  Used a story about Grant Williams as an example in light of his NBA record night a few days ago.  What do you do when you think people aren’t watching?

Walls of Jericho

THE SCENE: High 50s and perfect


SSH – 25, BAC – 10 , church lap

Walls of Jericho

  • Peoples Chair
  • Blockees
  • Diamond Merkins
  • Dips
  • Military style Merkins
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Lawn Mowers


Halfday, Cow Patty, Shoelaces, Grouch, Rep Sleepy, Streaker, Doppelgänger, Shenanigans, Doctor, and Trousers
Read Joshua 6:1-5

God may ask us to do something that makes absolutely no sense to us, but it doesn’t matter. We trust His commands and the outcome is up to Him. He has called us simply to be obedient.