F3 Knoxville

Wholehearted half touch

AO: juco
Q: Guardrail
PAX: Median, Wanderer, Windex, Love Shaq
FNGs: None
Usual, ssh, Moroccan night clubs, Thai fighters, mountain climbers
Long was to cmu pile with some dips on the way. Carry a cmu up the hill, 3 times.
4 corners of the fitness center. Partner up, collectively get to the#
“Corner” 1: 50 leg lifts, holding your partners back from swinging too much
2: 100 cmu squat and pass (with an odd number this turned into an awkward circle of bonding
3:150 merkins including at least 10 partner dirkins- hold his feet.
4: 200 flutter kicks
Sprint the short edge of the soccer field. Bear crawl down the ramp past the building finish with 10 pull-ups.
Them to it again.
More dips, step ups, Freddy, heels to heaven, LBC, one get up.
Canned food drive, convergence Saturday 27th at 6:30 a.m. at asylum.
Thank you for working out wholeheartedly. Whole heart is our goal. It’s what we admire. consider your heroes. One: have heroes. They motivate us. Two: they gave their all and the best example of this is Jesus who gave even his life to have a relationship with you. Jeremiah 29:13 says: you will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.
My challenge to you today is to give your whole heart and what the Lord has for you to do.

Stich-is Required

AO: juco
Q: Stitch
PAX: Butterknife, Guardrail, Commission, Smoked Pickle, Lt. Dan, 5K, Love Shaq, Dart Gun, Fetch, Erector, Nut Cracker
FNGs: None

Imperial Walkers
Moroccan Nightclubs
Tempo Squats
5 Burpees OYO

Football Mosey to the Coupon pile. Grab a CMU/coupon and bring to Sophomore Hill. In order, will do each exercise in reps of 25 before a trip up the hill and back:

Tricep Dips (overhead or on the block)
Bench Press

REPEAT (Total of 250 reps)

Mosey back to rack CMU. Make way to Stadium Hill and do:
25 Squats, run up the hill for 2 Burpees and back. Repeat

Football mosey back to COT with Mary along the way;

Flutter kicks
Hello Dolly

Detour in west lot. Bear crawl to 1st line for one set of:
Shoulder Taps
and to second line for

Mosey back to COT


Who do we serve?

Yesterday the message I heard was from Isaiah 58. God is calling out the Israelites, through Isaiah, to examine their faith. Are they serving Him or are they serving themselves?

Verses 10-12 say this…
“if you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday.
And the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail. And your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; you shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to dwell in.”

Isn’t this true for God’s people today too? When we set Him aside and seek out what we think is best for us, things don’t turn out so well. When we go outside of ourselves and put the focus on Him and others, He brings about the greatest blessings for everyone, us included.

In many ways this group (F3) is called to repair and restore. Our mission is a call to seek out the weak, lonely, hungry, wandering, and broken. We are a light in the gloom. Invigoration is defined as giving life or energy to. That is what we do. I just passed my 3 year anniversary, on April 5, 2021. I became part of this special group right here. I’m very thankful for so many and the sacrifices you all make to come out, do what’s hard and lead and encourage others along the way. Of course, the blessings we receive from this group, or any group can vary, depending on WHO we are doing it for.

So, when you leave here today, think about who you serve and why. It doesn’t have to be something grand, but what does it look like for you to pour yourself out for others this week?

Something completely different

AO: juco
Q: Wanderer
PAX: Lt. Dan, Stye (Hal Phillips), Booster, Love Shaq, Fetch, Butterknife, Guardrail, 5K, MessyHobbs, Survivor, Dart Gun, Trash Panda (JUCO)
FNGs: None
– tempo merkins
– tempo squats
– cherry pickers
– BAC forward/back
– downward dog

AB day! pyramid style.
Big parking lot has exercises at each line:
– 20 BBS
– 40 Box cutters
– 60 Pickle Pounders
– 80 Hello Dolly
– 100 LBC
– 80 Freddy Mercury
– 60 Pickle Pointers
– 40 flutter kicks
– 20 Rainbow drops

Run to the first line and complete the exercise. Run back and do 5 hand release merkins. Rinse and repeat going to a further line each time and completing merkins when returning home.

:boom: a new man is born.

Finished with 3 rounds of 20 box jumps and 20 dips and then 3 rounds of 20 dirkins and 20 step ups.

Some imperial walkers, squats, planks and side plank things that butterknife makes us do. :watch: done, times up!



Prov 3:5-6

Bears Do Crawl In The Rain…

AO: juco
Q: Windex
PAX: Lt. Dan, Lil’ Spice, Guardrail
FNGs: None
12 x SSH, BAC-F, BAC-B, Tennessee Rocking Chair, Tempo Squats
6 x Cherry Pickers

Grab a CMU and take along for the ride, passing around as we go. Mosey to the other CMU pile. Grab 3 more CMU’s so no one feels left out. Hit nearest parking lot and do exercises in 2 opposite corners, running between each exercise to other corner.

Corner 1
30 x CMU Curls
30 x Squat Thrusters
30 x Dead Lifts
30 x CMU Curls

Corner 2
30 x Mountain Climbers
30 x Merkins
30 x Shoulder Taps
Last Man Planking

Return 3 CMU’s to pile and mosey up sophomore hill to the building.
Bear crawl up the ramp, Burpee x 1
Bear crawl up the ramp, Burpee x 2
Bear crawl up the ramp, Burpee x 3
Bear crawl up the ramp, Burpee x 4 and yes…
Bear crawl up the ramp, Burpee x 5

No one’s got time for her…

GTE, Hardship Hill, start talking about a possible JUCO event (workout and bbq :man-shrugging:) to get more Hardin Valley men out in the gloom.

1 Peter 4:9-10
Show hospitality to one another without grumbling. As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace:

One of the things I enjoy most is playing drums on our worship team at church. I consider it a joy and a privilege to help lead God’s people in worshipping our creator.

Challenge: Find somewhere to serve at your church if you are not already. There is something for everyone, and you never know how you may impact someone’s entire day, week, month or year just by being there.

Las diferencias nos hacen mejores

AO: juco
Q: Shrubbery
PAX: 5K, Butterknife, Dart Gun, Guardrail, Love Shaq, Wanderer
FNGs: None
– Seal claps x 11
– Over-head claps x 10
– Side straddle hops x 11
– Cherry pickers x 5
– Plank x 30 secs
– 30 secs of stretching


Mosey to the new building.

We did a circuit around the new building and around the large pound. We had to stop at each entrance and perform diverse exercises listed below.

1) Dips/Box Jumps
2) Derkins/Toe Merkins
3) BBS
4) Squats
5) Lunges
6) Burpees
7) Heels to Heaven

We did three rounds, in the first one we did 10 reps of each exercise, 20 in the second and we barely finished the third one 😉 with 30 reps. After the first lap to the building we had to run around the large pond once, twice the second time and we did not complete a third try :joy:. After the long run, we did different exercises according to the number of reps in the round.

Jail break to the flag :shovelflag:.

No time

JUCO recognized in Escape the Haw Ridge.
Pulpit AO.


We talked about how differences nurture our lives and enrich our perspective. Let’s pursue coping with differences and avoid criticisms since that is the easy way out.

“The one who eats everything must not treat with contempt the one who does not, and the one who does not eat everything must not judge the one who does, for God has accepted them”.

Romans 14:3