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[asylum-pm_ruckers] Extortion 17 WOD

AO: asylum-pm_ruckers
Q: Steam
PAX: Pusher, Lizzy, Glamper
FNGs: None
– High-Heels burpee warm-o-rama

Extortion 17 WOD
– 8 squat thrusters (ruck on, w/sandbag)
– 6 upright row high-knees (ruck on, w/sandbag)
– 11 squat jumps over sandbag
– Loop around the Coliseum w/ruck + sandbag (AFAP)

– N/A

– Next ruck WOD at the Asylum PM: 8/15
– Ruck WOD cadence at the Asylum PM: 1st Thursday + 3rd Tuesday

High-Heels gave the Word at the COT tonight. What I took from it was “Are you giving it your all?”

[f3knoxvillemain] F3 in the NUDE

AO: f3knoxvillemain
Q: Mermaid (Bradley Roberts) , slappy (Nathan Evers), KickFlip (David Greer)
PAX: Eliza (Kevin Parrott), Pele (Jon Lindberg), Lilydipper (John Neece), Skeletor (Tyson Canup), OnStar (Arthur Dias), Pusher, Lucille (Austin Williams), Scott McGuire (Cinco), Airborne (Chase Perkins), Mathlete (Jacob Platfoot), Ocho (Matt Hudson), Chris Poetzel (Mustard), slappy (Nathan Evers), Monstar (Josh Sparrow), Waxjob (Josh Brady), Abacus (Erik Ella), Daniel Callis – Anchorman, Caveman, KickFlip (David Greer), Outnumbered (Daniel Hildebrandt), Butterknife, Sparkler (Brian Pitstick), Windex, Mermaid (Bradley Roberts), Google(Tim Dugas), I-Beam (Ryan Gerken), Smoky (Raymond Hale), Twitch, Port Hole
FNGs: 1 Port Hole
Warm up (all 4 ct except for things on own)
(Get in ankle deep water)
reach for the sky/cherry picker combo (3 cad)
Hairy Rockets (10 cad)
Catalina wine mixers (10 on own)
Tempo Merkins (10 cad)
Big boys (10 on own)
American hammer (10 cad)
Flutter kicks (10 cad)
(move to deep water)
SSH (10 cad)
Squat jumps (10 cad)
Burpees (5 on own)

We then divided into three groups to hit the following three stations where we budgeted about 10 minutes per station.

Review the approach and the positions (Ready, right shoulder, left shoulder, waist, chest, sitting, overhead)
2 groups w 2 logs
1st group carries log out and around the float and 2nd group stays on beach doing log workouts. When 1st group returns they do log workout and 2nd group carries around float. This is the workout pattern.
workouts (shoulder to shoulder OHP, squats, good mornings, big boys, OH hold, and squat thrusters)

Volleyball station looked like this;
Bobby Hurleys – 20, run, 15, run 10
Sharks and Minnows, Round 1: Sharks bear crawl – minnows crab walk
Hand release merkins – 20, run, 15, run 10
Sharks and Minnows, Round 2: Sharks lunge walk – minnows broad jump
Hello dollys (4ct) – 20, run, 15, run 10
Sharks and Minnows, Round 3: Sharks frog jump – minnows army crawl
Set of 7s – dive bomber and BBS

Bucket Challenge Relay
divide into two teams, that worked out to two teams of four. One man carried a 5 gallon bucket full of water from the lake to a 45 gallon trash can. Only one team member could carry at a time. While he was carrying, two members held a 5 gallon bucket full of water while the 4th member did waterlogged merkins. They ran a relay in this fashion until the trash can was full.

After the relay was won or lost, we got into the water and did a race to the buoys. And finally did some Big Boy situps and some carolina dry docks where you had to dunk your face underwater to perform the exercise.

We moseyed back to the volleyball pit for some old fashioned tug of war. This was with the team you rotated with, and no shoes and gloves in deep sand left no advantage, and was quite fun.

The Mary consisted of an ab exercise of 10 reps, followed by 10 merkins. We did about 5 rounds of this before going back to the lake and do an out and back race to the buoys and back. Time was called and we got into the COT.

The COT was about being vulnerable. Working out in the “nude” with no gloves, no shirt, and no shoes leaves you exposed. I issued a challenge to the men of F3 Knoxville to be vulnerable and share times of vulnerability with the group. Sharing these types of stories endear ourselves to one another, and my experiences could help others going through similar situations. I then shared about a dark time in my life where I lost two jobs in one year, but how in hindsight that was one of the best things to ever happen to me. We then closed in prayer and ate a great breakfast provided by the Dog Pound (Google, I-beam, & Smoky).

F3 Knoxville State of the Region: Part 1

Beyond The COT Podcast – SOTR Part 1

Publish Date: Monday, June 26th

Season: 4

Episode: 2

➡️ Listen to the full episode on Spotify here ⬅️


Kickflip, Blindside, Steam, Waxjob, and Onstar discuss the 1st 6 months of 2023 for F3 Knoxville – progress, events, lessons learned, and growth. Here is the full list of what’s covered in the F3 Knoxville State of the Region Part I: 


  • MABA in January
  • Monthly Metric Challenges
  • Monthly Slack Challenges
  • Hardship Hill
  • Ruck BFF


  • Thirsty Third Thursdays
  • Escape From Haw Ridge
  • Monthly Family Workouts at The Project
  • 2nd F Lunches
  • Open House In North Hills


  • Monthly Challenges
  • Prayer Channel in Slack
  • 100 Swords
  • Jester Resources
  • Wild At Heart Retreat

Leadership / Other

  • Starfish efforts across Knoxville and beyond – F3 Smokies Launch!
  • Two new AOs
    • Asylum Daybreak
    • Quicken PM
  • Four new AOQs
    • Gmail
    • Fixer Upper
    • Guardrail
    • Skeletor
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd F Q Changes
    • 1st F Q: Onstar
    • 2nd F Q: Mermaid
    • 3rd F Q: Ocho
  • New Weasel Shaker: Blindside
  • New Comz Q: Steam
  • New Veteran’s Outreach Q: Soot
  • Weekly Newsletter
    • News + announcements
    • QSource Q Points
  • Shield Lock Groups
  • New Leadership Channel in Slack
  • Q-Signups
  • Asylum Daybreak Launch
  • Quicken PM Launch
  • AGOGE w/Cap’n Crunch
  • Q101 at The Project
  • VQ Week – 9 VQs!
  • AOQ Guideline
  • Leadership Survey
  • Cardinal

Be on the lookout for Part 2 coming soon, as we look into the next 6 months of 2023!