F3 Knoxville

FAITH (3rd F) – The Dynamite

At F3, we recognize that we are more than just physical beings.  Physical fitness important, but it is a man’s spiritual health that truly determines his impact.  We want to see men grow holistically…mind, body and soul.

Part of how we pursue the Third F together is to close each workout with a Circle of Trust (COT) and Ball of Man (BOM).

The COT is a platform for the man leading the workout, we call this guy the “Q”, to share something that has been stirring him or challenging him to be a better husband, father, friend and neighbor.  This is immediately followed by the BOM, which is a brief prayer or “shout-out” led by the Q or one of the participants the Q designates.

Men are free to pray to their god or to speak from a secular perspective. F3 is open to men of all faiths and no faith, and the closing shout-out is generally the only faith-specific component of a workout. We do it because we are thankful for the opportunity to come together and build ourselves into better men, and because the vocal and corporate expression of that gratitude builds a stronger F3 community.

Outside of the workouts, we also have quarterly 3rd F gatherings.  These are held on Saturday morning immediately after the workout at the “Asylum” (our affectionate nickname for Lakeshore Park).  These low-key events include food, fellowship and a time of sharing from men in the PAX about what it means to be a spiritually healthy man.

We have also found that many F3 participants, after getting in the best physical shape of their adult lives and meeting their social needs for the first time as adults, start taking a more serious approach to questions of purpose and significance.

F3 workouts have spawned Bible studies, attendance at speaker series and other Third F initiatives. We encourage those efforts as complements to the workouts and an important way for F3 participants to grow and exercise leadership in their families and communities.