F3 Knoxville

FITNESS (1st F) – The Magnet

F3 workouts are open to men of all fitness levels.  The workouts are organized to keep the entire group together and designed to push every man to his limits.

One of the core principles is “No man left behind, no man left the same.”

All our workouts are peer-led, meaning that the men of the PAX (a group of F3 guys) take turns leading, or “Q-ing” the workouts.  There are no experts. No professionals with clipboards. Each man in the PAX contributes, and therefore has ownership. This revolving leadership model means new exercises and routines are constantly being introduced.

Because participants are challenged and pushed in new ways every day, they achieve an all-around fitness that helps equip F3 men for all types of endurance challenges, including mud runs, obstacle races, triathlons, marathons, long-distance relays, rucks and all manner of other adventure challenges. Another upside to this model is that it also equips you for the random tasks required of a man in everyday life.

F3 workouts take place at publicly accessible venues, including parks and school campuses.

While the classic F3 workout requires no equipment other than your workout clothes, gravity and the great outdoors, we have also introduced a few specialized workouts.  These include trail running, distance running, triathlon prep, rucking groups, and kettlebell workouts.

And while the vast majority of F3 workouts launch before the Sun is up — largely because that’s the time of day when F3 guys can be most certain of being able to control their schedules — we also offer evening workouts.

Check the F3 Knoxville Map or AO Directory for the list of workouts in the area.