F3 Knoxville


  • Welcome Scene: 30 degrees with a chance of burpees.
  • Warmup:  High Knees with some mosey and burpees
  • Workout:
    • @25 yard line do 25 Merkins
    • Run Up to top of bleachers and out and back across field.
    • @40 yard line do 25 Burpees
    • Run up to top of bleachers and out and back across field.
    • @50 yard line do 25 Leg Lifts
    • Run up to top of bleachers and out-n-back across field.
    • Repeat the above 6 things.
  • Wrap Up & Warm down:  Mosey to AO. Prayer for brothers and sisters.

10:30 Next Level

  • Welcome: Fitness – Fellowship & Faith (Bootcamp)
  • When: 5:30am , 28 degrees, chill dog.
  • Where: Shamrock – Catholic High School
  • Why: To encourage, focus, sharpen each other.
  • Who: 5 High Impact Men plus a Dog
  • What:
    • 10 Burpees
    • 30 Core reps of rotating H.I.M choice.
    • Run 250 yards.
    • Repeat above three things.
    • We did about 2.5 miles of running around the campus’s of Catholic High School and Cedar Bluff Elementary.  We did 11 stations. So 110 burpees plus 30 reps of (Big boy setups, Flutter Kicks (4 ct), Scissor Kicks 4ct, Little Baby Crunches 4ct, Superman’s, Side crunches, Freddie Mercuries, Pickle Pointers, Pickle Pounders)
  • Wrap Up:
    • What’s your next level for 2022? Men called out requests for more fellowship, more f3 attendance, more scripture, being in the word more, more prayer.  I too feel these desires to step it up to the next level.  I’ll be attempting to start a website that will challenge us to another level of fitness.   Lord willing, I’m also going to be starting a simple accountability group combined with some scripture memory.  Hopefully all three of these things will help gently nudge us to the Next level in all three F’s (Fitness Fellowship and Faith).  What’s your next level?  Bring it!!!

Shamrock – Road Rage!

THE SCENE: 28F wind chill of 22F. Numb faces and plenty of snot.

Side Straddle hop (IC) 4 CT x 25

Tie Fighter 4 CT x 10 each

Cherry Pickers x5

Flutter Kicks 25 – 4 count 

Air Drama – Squat with calf rise at the top X20 


Mosey to the big parking lot. Need 16 lines. 

Line 1 – 25 Merkins

Line 2 – 25 Big Boys

Line 3 – 25 Squats

Line 4 – Calf Raises 

Repeat for 4 rounds total

We will end up at 100 reps per exercise. 

Mosey to a tall curb for 1 minute AMRAPs

Curb Alperts – Like the Musician Herb Albert?  – Step ups with hands – 1 minute

Rocky Balboas – 1 minute

Curb Dips – 1 minute 

Mosey to Weigels

Monkey Humpers to warm up the legs

Run / Jog / Walk to the top.

Mosey back to the AO

We knocked out 2 more rounds of 25 Merkins, Big Boys, Squats and Calf raises

We ended up with a total of 150 reps. 


Scissor kicks, Snow Angels, Box cutters and pickle pointers.

Anchorman, Waxjob, Pom-Pom, Baby Boomer, Honeydew, Curveball, Mermaid, Osteen, Fabio, Music City, Trolley, Cosmo,

A Liturgy For Experiencing Road Rage – From “Every Moment Holy” by Douglas Kaine McKelvey

If my hearth were more content in you, O Lord, 

I would be less inclined to rage at others. 

Let me gauge by the knot in my gut,

The poverty of my own understanding 

Of the grace that I have received

From a God who, loving me

Chose rather to receive wounds

Than to give them. 

Take from me my self-righteousness, 

And my ego-driven demands for respect. 

Overthrow the tyranny of my anger, O Lord,

And in its place establish a better vision

Of your throne, 

Your kingdom, 

And your peace. 



Although I rarely experience road rage I definitely experience other forms of anger. I love the comparison to the example that Christ led on Earth. He could have raged and kicked so many butts. In the end he chose to accept the wounds over giving them. 


Betty White and John Madden


Partly Cloudy Temperature Humidity Feels like Wind Speed Wind Direction
39 ℉ 87% 34 ℉ 8.3 mi/h SW

I am not a professional.


Straight into a mosey. .15 miles and then 20 SSHs and 10 Rockettes. Mosey .15 miles then Cherry Pickers OYO, 20 total Tie Fighters, and 10 Merkins.


Retread of Fun with the Alphabet workout. Based on this list:

A – Burpees x 15
B – Little Baby Crunches x 30
C – Jump Squats x 20
D – Merkins x 20
E – Squats x 25
F – Plank x 60 seconds
G – Lunges x 30
H – Carolina Dry Docks x 25
I – Side Lunges x 30
J – Freddie Mercury x 50
K – Iron Mikes (Jump Lunges) x 25
L – Military Toe Touch Situps x 20
M – Single Leg Squats x 20 (10 each leg)
N – Dips or Diamond Merkins x 20
O – SSH Jumping Jacks x 50
P – Hello Dolly x 20
Q – Box Jump x 16 or Cross Country Skiers x 30
R – Flutter Kicks x 50
S – High Knees x 50
T – Mountain Climbers x 50
U – Bobby Hurleys x 20
V – Wide Merkins 20
W – Monkey Humpers x 25
X – Shoulder Taps x 40
Y – Supermans x 20
Z – Heals to Heaven x 20

Using four variations of the above alphabet/exercises. During Welcome tell PAX to think of and remember the names of their favorite pets. Now, mosey about .15 miles to different exercise locations. Using alphabet workout list, do the exercises of the first pet name. Mosey .15 miles, switch to second alphabet variation, and do second pet name. Do this for all pets of the PAX or until you run out of time.

Half way through, mosey to CMU pile. Everyone grab a CMU. One half of a Gorilla Complex.

Then back to alphabet workout and PAX pet names.

Then Mosey back to AO.  (Mosey distances are all basically just far enough and slow enough to have a break.)

Last pet of the group was used for the Mary.

7 Brothers.


For the loss of a father-n-law and those in that family. For those suffering from covid and other illnesses. For the unsaid prayers in our hearts.


Shamrock – Snow fun like F3

THE SCENE: 32F slush & snow

Run 3 laps in parking lot

10 Merkins OYO

Cherry Pickers: 5

Run 3 laps in parking lot

10 Merkins

Tie Fighters

Run 3 laps in parking lot

10 Merkins

10 – 4 count twinkle toes 


Mosey to CMU pile to grab 1 CMU

Stop for 25 curb dips 

Mosey with CMU to the covered walkway 

Stop for 25 curb dips

We did 3 rounds of this….

5 Burpees

10 Merkins

15 Overhead press

20 Big Boy Sit-ups

25 Calf raises – with CMU

30 Freddie Mercury – single count

35 Curls

40 American Hammers – single 

45 LBC’s 

50 Shoulder taps – single 

Mosey to return CMUs

20 CMU squats

50’ CMU drag

20 CMU squats 

Return CMUs

Mosey back to covered area for Mary and Word. 


Flutter kicks, 20 Snow Angels, Pickle Pounders – Monkey Humpers, planks.

Anchorman, Baby Boomer, Cosmo, Pom-Pom, Honeydew, Waxjob, Curveball

The Priestly Blessing

22 The Lord said to Moses, 23 “Tell Aaron and his sons, ‘This is how you are to bless the Israelites. Say to them:


“‘“The Lord bless you

and keep you;


the Lord make his face shine on you

and be gracious to you;


the Lord turn his face toward you

and give you peace.”’

27 “So they will put my name on the Israelites, and I will bless them.”

Text from a friend on New Years Day. 

Praying the Lord’s blessings run over your cup in this new year!

After my friend sent that short text to me I did a quiet time meditating on the verses from Numbers.  The thought I ended with was this. 

Who will I share that blessing of hope and peace to? There are people in our lives who need to hear words of encouragement. If God puts a name on your heart, drop what you are doing to text or call them.