F3 Knoxville

Project tour

AO: the-project
Q: Rocket
PAX: Erector, Mathlete, LeatherSquid, Tom Tom, OBrother, Munge, Ocho, Flying Dutchman, Rocket, Wing man from KY
FNGs: None

Grady corn
Moroccan night club
Upward & downward dog
Mount climber

At bell 25, 20, 15 reps of dips and gas pumps.

At K25 hill 11s of Merkins and squats

At pond dud modified lazy Dora. 100 mountain climbers partner plank. 200 LBC partner leg lift, 300 squats part squat.

No time for Mary

Talked about slow work time management from Cal Newport new book.

Pickle 🥒 love

AO: the-project
Q: Icey Hot
PAX: Ghost Flag (F3Knoxville), Biohack, slappy, Ocho, Mathlete, Flying Dutchman, Tom Tom, Mo Rocka (Joshua Miller), OBrother
FNGs: None
Side straddle hops, Arm circles fwd and back, Torso rotations, Squats


Mosey to freedom bell

Set 1 (20 rep)
– Superman
– Pickle Pointer
– Heel Touches
– Toe Touches
– Pickle Pounders
– Hold plank/squat until everyone finishes

Mosey lower loop then pickup the six or hold plank/squat until everyone finishes

Set 2 (20 rep)
– Pickle pointer
– Flutter Kicks
– Bird Dog
– Mountain Climber
– Pickle pounder and reach
– One legged lifts
– Hold plank/squat until everyone finishes

Mosey lower loop then pickup the six or hold plank/squat until everyone finishes

Repeat Set 1 (15 reps)

Mosey lower loop then pickup the six or hold plank/squat until everyone finishes

Repeat Set 2 (15 reps)

Mosey to shovel flag

Convergence at worlds fair park 17Feb24
Escape Ha


Are you going to God with your problems and asking that God give you the solution you desire or are you laying your troubles before God and seeking his will?

I know, I personally struggle with this. Most recently I have been pursuing new employment to cut back on my travels and time away from my family. I’ve been diligent in my prayers and seeking God. It was when my answer came not as a new job but as my current role putting things in my court to solve the problem and letting me do just that. I then realized this entire time I’ve been seeking God to solve things my way and not trusting in his infinite wisdom.

Proverbs 3: 5-6 states:
5.Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.
6.Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.

John 3:30 (ESV) states:
He must increase, I must decrease

This is not a negative position even though it sounds like we must become less the realty is we can only become greater through him. Zach Williams’ song Less Like me chorus says it simply.
A little more like mercy, a little more like grace
A little more like kindness, goodness, love and faith
A little more like patience, a little more like peace
A little more like Jesus, a little less like me

Similar to what @Biohack said, are we seeking Gods wisdom like Solemn?

Heavy Cards

AO: the-project
Q: Biohack
PAX: Biohack, Tuba (Dylan Cox), Papa Lock, Flying Dutchman, Ocho, Tom Tom, 3-Peat (Carlos Rodriguez), OBrother, Munge
FNGs: None
1. Projectivator
2. Tempo squats
3. Tempo merkins
4. Cherry Picker
5. Reach for the sky


1. Mosey to recruiting center.
2. Carry a block to the theatre stairs.
3. Draw a card. Do the number of reps.
a. Hearts – Thrusters
b. Diamonds – Derkins
c. Spades – Curls
d. Clubs – Overhead press
4. After each card, run up and down the stairs and do a blockee.


I ran this Q one year ago and shared this Word. I think it is worth sharing again.

I’ve been reading the Gospel of John and it has led me to reflect on my namesake, Andrew’s, role. Andrew is never considered one of the “main” disciples and is not mentioned nearly as much in the Gospels or the New Testament as Peter, James, John, or even Judas. However, the Gospels tell us he did some incredibly important things:

1. He was the first disciple called by Jesus.
2. He was a disciple of John the Baptist before John points him to Jesus.
3. He brought his brother Peter to Jesus.
4. He was a fisherman with Peter.
5. He brought the boy with the loaves and fish to Jesus so he could feed the 5,000.
6. He was the first disciple to claim Jesus was the Messiah.

Through these scattered and limited accounts of Andrew, we can draw a few conclusions:

1. He was seeking God — already a disciple of John the Baptist
2. He was a man of work — fisherman
3. He showed up — likely one of the main reasons he was called first by Jesus; he was there
4. When he saw the Truth, he spoke it — claiming Jesus was the Messiah
5. Perhaps most importantly, he brought people to Jesus. The Gospel of John tells us that he brought both his brother Peter and the boy with the food to Jesus and Jesus worked miracles through them both.

If we could simply do what Andrew did, what awesome legacy could we leave behind? Seek God, put in the work, be where you need to be, speak the Truth, and bring others to Jesus.

Carry Heavy Things

AO: the-project
Q: Mathlete
PAX: Biohack, LeatherSquid, Ocho, Flying Dutchman, OBrother, Mathlete, Ghost Flag (F3Knoxville)
FNGs: None

Tempo squats, LBACs, Grady corn, tempo merkins, mountain climbers, cherry pickers
Heavy things: 45# plate, 35# plate, 60# sandbag, 55# Jerry can, 53# kettlebell, 35# kettlebell, 50# bucket of sand, 30# cat litter jug
pick up heavy things, take to a cone, do 15 of the exercise, carry back. Farmer carry on alternating hands as best you can.
exercises: toe merkins, blockees, LBCs, shrugs, OHP, Lunges, squats, thrusters, Rows
Flutter kicks, protractors, basilisks
convergence, EfHR
doing hard things is inevitable. They will come find you, so instead go find them and practice. Grit isn’t an inborn trait, but a developed capability. I see hard things in three broad categories: physical strain (an F3 specialty), mental strain (such as enduring prolonged pain and discomfort e.g., fasting), and learning/changing strain (enduring doing things you’re not good at). Probably not airtight categories, but they help me sort out what I need to work on.
So get out there and do hard things so you’ll be good at it when the hard things comes and finds you.

The Ice Planet of Hoth

AO: the-project
Q: Biohack
PAX: Icey Hot, Mathlete, OBrother, Biohack
FNGs: None

1. B wings (projectivator)
2. Imperial walkers
3. Tie fighters
4. X wings (overhead claps)
5. Spice miners (cherry pickers)

Mosey to the recruiting center to break a frozen CMU free from the stack. Carry them to the bank drive through. Read a Han Solo quote and complete the exercises then run down and up the hill.

1. “I have a bad feeling about this” – 10 thrusters
2. “Then I’ll see you in Hell!” – 10 Blockees
3. “Boring conversation anyway” – 50 curls
4. “I thought they smelled bad on the outside!” – 30 heavy squats
5. “Never tell me the odds” – 30 overhead press
6. “You like me because I’m a scoundrel. There aren’t enough scoundrels in your life.” – 30 heavy freddy’s
7. “No reward is worth this.” – 10 Urkey Durkery’s
8. “One thing’s for sure, we’re all gonna be a lot thinner.” – 100 LBCs
9. “What an incredible smell you’ve discovered!” – 20 heavy lunges
10. “Great, kid. Don’t get cocky.” – 20 heavy pickle pointers
11. “I know.” – 30 tricep extensions


-Convergence this weekend is cancelled due to weather.


Star Wars is the classic melodrama: Good guys wear white and bad guys wear black. You know who’s who from the start of a scene. Han Solo is the one exception: he wears black over white. He starts out as a bad guy: selfish, obsessed with money, and only looks out for number one. However, he undergoes a change during the movie; the classic protagonist. At the end of Episode IV A New Hope, after fleeing with his reward, he returns dramatically to save Luke and help destroy the Death Star cementing his place in the Rebel Alliance.

The journey of Han is an example of coming of age. Look back at yourself as a child and a youth. Were you selfish, obsessed with money, and only looking out for number one? At what point did this start to change for you? When did you start to love sacrificially? Look at your children. Do you see Han Solo in them? Teach them diligently and with patience. With God’ grace, they too may return to dramatically save the day and cement their place in the Rebel Alliance of life.