F3 Knoxville

“I’m curious about the chicken, eating the rock.”

The Scene

Beautiful morning for some 1st F 

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer

Fitness, Fellowship, Faith, Free, Modify, Not Professional, Own Volition, Social Distance, Phone


Seal Claps

Imperial Walkers

10 count squats

Tempo Merkins

SSH stopped counting at 5 and went to 22 everyone did not stop together so we did 3 burpees.

Mountain Climbers


Moseyed around and then back to where we started the warm-up and grabbed two rocks each from the retention ponds area


Between each exercise, we bear crawled up the railroad tie stairs, Bernie the parking lot to the light pole and jogged back to our rocks and planked or hollow body holds for the 6.

25 Skier swings

20 Shoulder press

15 Triangles

10 Rock Pass Through Lunges (Pass through each leg was 1 rep)

5 burpees over the rock (back and forth was 1 rep)


Mosey to Racketball Club Way climb and setup for some DORA 123

100 Squats

200 BBS with legs flat on the ground

300 SSH

Partner 2 ran up Raquetball Club Way at a distance chose by Corona Weight (about half way up the climb) 


Mosey back to the AO with a detour through the small retention bond at the school entrance and a quick stop for a 7’s session

1 Skater Hop (Side to side was 1 rep)

6 merkins at the middle light pole

2 Skater hopes (side to side was 1 rep)

5 merkins at the middle light pole

….. You get the idea

We had enough time for a fellowship mosey to the AO and time was called 30 seconds past 6:15


No time but we did plenty of BBS as a group


17 HIM including 1 FNG welcome Highlander


Some words were spoken about honoring others in your life.

Honor says “Where do I position myself to bring the best out of you,” not “What do I expect you to do for me”. 

“To show honor to someone is grace in action. Be excellent at handing out pockets of grace as people learn and grow, particularly when mistakes happen.”

“Honor is not about a person’s performance but their value in the image of God.”

*all stolen from the Called to Influence devotion in The Bible app



Fitz Traverse

THE SCENE: Low 70s, but manageable humidity for a change
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Beefed up since “The Incident” involving Carney.

SSHs.  That’s it.  Quickly get on the mosey.  Brief interlude as we commune with one of the local skunks, who quickly demonstrated a keen attraction to Lebowski.  We’ve got things to do if we want to finish, so we move along.
We’re attempting the Fitz Traverse this morning.  Named after the “Fitz Traverse,” which means climbing each peak of the ridge line along the Fitz Roy Massif in Patagonia.

  • 1st peak: Guillaumet (Skunk Hill): Complete 50 Merkins or squats, climb hill as quickly as possible, 50 LBCs, descend;
  • 2nd peak: Mermoz (Cardiac): 40 Merkins or squats, Bernie to the first turn, slow Mosey to the second turn, sprint to the top.  Unless you’re Brick, then you just keep on running Forest Gump style.  25 Flutters (4 ct) at the top.  Continue Traverse toward Everest.
  • 3rd peak: Poincenot (Coolio Knob up to the top of the cave stairs).  50 CDDs or Lunges at the bottom.  25 4 ct American Hammers at the top. Mosey to the bottom of Everest.
  • 4th peak: Fitz Roy (Everest).  Bonnie Blairs at the bottom.  Pickle Pounders at the top.
  • 5th peak: Rafael Juarez (Grinch Hill).  Noticing the time, we skip the exercises, gather the forces and move on to the next summit.
  • 6th peak: St. Exupery (Pickets Charge).  Run from the main road at the bottom to the Colosseum.  Interrupt Edit and Roadshow trying to fellowship with some other guys.  Traverse back toward the AO
  • 7th peak:  Aguja De I’s (Baby Everest).  Sprint to the top and back down to the AO.

No time for Mary.  Buckets has a long trip back to Harriman.
Here’s a quote to mull over:  “Only the mediocre are always at their best.”  Jean Giraudoux.  What this means to me is that I should never be satisfied with where I am or my effort.  Keep pushing, whether it is as a father, husband, friend, Christian.  I can always do better.
Prayers for Buckets that his job interview went well yesterday.
Camp Run-a-muck!

5 Studs playing cards?

THE SCENE: warm and humid

tempo merkins
baby arm circles forward/backward
cherry pickers
calf stretches
Quad stretches
michael phelps, some of this, that, one of these, and those


Need a deck of cards.  Pull out all 4 aces, and divide into 4 teams
deal five cards face down stacked vertically into 5 columns
if a suite is played that matches your suited ace, you get to move your card up a column.
Everyone will do the number of exercises based on the value of the card
2=2 and king =13
Each suit represents an exercise
Diamond=Diamond merkin
Club = Big Boy Sit ups
Spades= Jump Squats
Hearts= pickle pounders 4 ct
once all teams advance past a column, that card is flipped over, and the suited ace that matches the flipped card,
returns to that row, and everyone does the corresponding exercise and runs one lap
This is repeated each time all 4 aces pass a column.
a winner is determined when an Ace advances past the 5th column.

We played four rounds, with different exercises each round.  Betty dominated winning 3/4 rounds.
No time for that today.

Matthew 21:28-32


Shamrock 40th Birthday Bash


Side Straddle Hops – 25-4-count 

Tie Fighters

Cherry pickers

Mountain climbers



Stop at tall curb

Rocky Balboas 50 single

Tricep Dips – 25


Mosey to CMU

Grab a block and head to starting line. 

5 Burpees – Crab walk to the chalk line about 25′ – run a lap

10 Merkins – 5 Burpees – Crab walk to the line – run a lap

15 Overhead Press – 10 Merkins – 5 Burpees – Crab then run

20 Big Boy Situps – 15 Overhead Press – 10 Merkins – 5 Burpees – Crab then run

25 Calf raises – 20 Big Boy Situps – 15 Overhead Press – 10 Merkins – 5 Burpees – Crab then run

30 Freddie Mercury Single ct – 25 Calf raises – 20 Big Boy Situps – 15 Overhead Press – 10 Merkins – 5 Burpees – Crab then run

35 Curls…..

40 American Hammer – single…..

45 LBC…..

50 Shoulder taps – single…..

Mosey back to AO flag

Flutter kick, Snow angels, merkins
COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA – 20 including 1 FNG Paper or Plastic
Dos Años, Slappy, Chicken Wing, Flower Pot, Cheatsheet, Honeydew, Mermaid, Baby Boomer, Hoopty, Booster, Sparkles, Finger Food, Music City, Brick, Mr. March, Dumpster Dive, Paper or Plastic, Anchorman, Jitters, Betty


Keeping it short and sweet so we can spend some time at Dunkin. 

It goes without saying that F3 and specifically this group at Shamrock has been a big part of my life for the past few years. I truly look forward to these terrible workouts because I get to do it with you. Yes I want to be in shape, but more importantly I want to continue building friendships with you guys. Thank you for showing up and please continue to reach out to friends and strangers to invite them here. 


Saturday AM @ Asylum – 7/17/21

THE SCENE: Mid-70s but humid

Open circle, disclaimer, etc:

Single count 15 – side straddle hops

Cherry pickers

Baby arm circles


Little of this and that

5 Burpees and go…


Mosey to Caribbean

Caribbean Suicides (Or Old Rotary Phones, thanks Matlock)– go to island do exercise, run back to beginning and do 10 rocky balboas (each time) and then run to next island and do that exercise…etc, all the way until you complete the full loop.

1st island – 15 bobby hurleys

2nd – 15 no touch merkins

3rd – 15 flutter kicks – 2 count

4th – 15 big boys

5th – 15 wide merkins

6th – 15 lunges each leg

7th – 15 box cutters

(some covered around 2 miles total just on this section alone)


Route 66 from Caribbean to near Picketts

Exercise is merkins – start with one and every light pole add one up to 11

Mosey to Pickett’s rock pile

Battle buddies grab rocks to share or 2 rocks

One end, one buddy will start the following while other karaokes to other curb, does 10 side straddle hops and Bernies back

Shared exercises:

100 Curls

100 Overhead presses

100 Rows

100 Squats

Mosey to base of Pickett’s to do Pickett’s Charge Suicide

Each bottom – 5 burpees

Top of first tier – 10 imperial walkers 2 count

2nd tier – 10 prisoner getups

Run up to Coliseum, stay and do LBCs until 6 gets in

Mosey to AO

Finished on time


19 men total, 1 FNG

Word on the show Ted Lasso, explain new season coming out Friday

The show was initially thought of to be silly. I mean it was based off a commercial. Nobody saw critical praise as a possibility and so many people ended up loving the show.

Why was it so liked? Could have something to do with the characters, I will try to explain without major spoilers.

Main character overwhelmingly positive thinker, but is flawed. He is dealing with some life failings to the point of affecting him mentally and physically

A main female character starts out seeming to be negative, but you find out she has been emotionally abused by her ex-husband and ends up likeable.

A player on the team is a narcissist and disruptive, but you come to find out he has an abusive father and is not all bad either.

The greater point other than saying it is a good show and pumping up subscriptions for Apple TV is just that like the show itself and the characters on the show don’t be quick to judge people on first impressions, rumors, etc. Get to know a person before making that judgement.

Welcome to FNG – Chiclets (Ryan McElveen)
Dad camp Aug 12-14 – CSAUP @ Dogpound Aug 21