F3 Knoxville

Forg3 2023 Tour – Asylum AM

The Scene (Info about the weather, etc.)

  • High 50s

F3 Welcome + Disclaimer

  • Welcome to F3: Fitness – Fellowship – Faith 
  • My name is Steam and I’ll be your Q this morning 
  • A few things before we begin: 
    • I’m not a professional 
    • You’re here on your own volition
    • You know your injuries if you have any so if you need to modify anything we do today feel free to do so, but push yourselves and the men around you. They deserve it and so do you. 
  • FNGs?


  • SSH: 10×4
  • Cherry Picker: 5×4
  • Imperial Walker: 10×4
  • Cherry-Picker: 5×4
  • Rockette: 10×4
  • Cherry-Pickers: 3
  • ATMs
    • 15×4 shoulder taps 
    • 10×4 merkins 
    • 10 merkins 

The Thang (What went down during the workout)

(Mosey to The Island) 

(1) — Work, Sprint, Work, Mosey

  • 2 sets of cones – on either end of the island 
  • Also — 2 sides of the island  
    • Right: Sprint
    • Left: Mosey 
  • Do 1 of the exercises
  • Sprint 
  • Do 1 of the Xs
  • Mosey 
  • Rinse and repeat for a total of 3x, when you complete all 3 Xs on both sides of the island

Done? —> LBCs

Mary (Insert information about any additional post-Thang work)

  • On the curb
    • Skips down / mosey back 
    • Rockettes down / mosey back 
  • ATMs
    • 15×4 shoulder taps 
    • 10×4 merkins 
    • 10 merkins 

COT (Circle of Trust)

Count Off

  • 12

Name o Rama

  • Dung Beetle, Cosmo2, Coolio, Gibbler, Sawdust, Fabio, SlimShady, Doublewide, Cat Gut, Rainbow, Matlock, Steam

Word — Forg3 Is Coming Sept. 22 – 24

  • I have 2 definitions for you 
  • Forge (v.) – to shape and mold into a new condition, by heating in a fire / to move forward gradually and steadily.
  • Forg3 is a weekend retreat created for F3 men, by F3 men. 
  • Forg3 (n.) – an invigorating 40-hour weekend retreat to challenge and encourage F3 men in their pursuit of high impact manhood. You can expect to engage with other men in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd F sessions, to better understand who you are, whose you are, and the High Impact Man God has called you to be. You’ll have opportunities throughout the weekend to seek adventure, to rest, and to sharpen iron with other F3 men physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. 
  • We want to engage together for a purposeful and relationally-driven weekend to step further into the men God has called us to be. And I want to invite you into this experience with us. 

To find out more about Forg3 2023, and to secure your spot, click or tap here! 

  • Also check out the #forg3 channel in Slack

Roll & Run

THE SCENE: 69 degrees & full humidity.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Yes, all the things

SSH, Cherry Pickers, Windmills, Rockettes, Tempo Merkins, Sumo Squats, Tie-Fighters & X-Wings.
Started with 10 reps of Peter Parkers, a run up Baby Everest, a Man Maker at the summit and Jump Squats down Route 66.

Stopped to take a rock for Curls, OVHD Presses & Tricep Extensions (20 Reps each).

Camped out at the top of Circus Maximus with two (2) teams. One team ran, while the other team did a list of exercises. When the Team One returned from the run, they bumped Team Two to run. Team One did the exercises until Team Two returned. Rinse & repeat until the Q called recover. The runs were different, based on the role of a standard die.

The Runs:

  1. All The Way Around the Circus Maximus
  2. Don’t Step onto the Cloud
  3. Sanctuary
  4. Toilet Building
  5. Upper Parking Loop
  6. Water Cooler

The Exercises:

  • 10 – Burpees
  • 15 – Seal Jacks (4 – Count)
  • 20 – LBCs (4 – Count)
  • 15 – Peter Parkers (4 – Count)
  • 10 – Sumo Squats (4 – Count)
  • 15 – Hello Dollys (4 – Count)
  • 20 – Merkins
  • 15 – V-Ups
  • 10 – Lt. Dans
  • 15 – Gas Pumpers
  • 20 – Side Crunches (10 Each Side)
  • 15 – Boxcutters (4 – Count)

No time for MARY.
We had 10 HIMs to include: Sawdust (Q), Matlock, Snitch, SlimShady, Coolio, Hands, Pacman, Rainbow, Crab-Legs & Waxjob
Took a reflection on a quote from Col. Jeff Cooper USMC (Ret.) that “Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands.” Although this more focused on gun safety, the Q took moment to realize how sometimes we try to do everything we think God wants us to do, but don’t always stop to listen and let the Holy Spirit in to guide our actions for Him.
Need assistance in building Hardship Hill Obstacles.

Light Pole Pictionary Trail at the Asylum

THE SCENE: 34 degrees & 80% humidity.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Yes, all the things.

SSH, Tempo Merkins, Cherry Pickers, Tie-Fighters, Burpees, Suicide Sprints with Bobby Hurley, Mountain Climbers at the base of Baby Everest, run to the top with some Man-Makers.
Tried to figure out the pictures of the workouts between light posts on the trail.

  • Bearpees
  • Hello Dolly
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Lt. Dan
  • Junk Science (40 Merkins)
  • Big Boy Sit-Ups
  • Froggie Squats
  • Bobby Hurley
  • Tennessee Rocking Chair
  • Little Baby Crunches
  • ATMs
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Iron Mikes
  • Gas Pumpers
  • Bonnie Blair
  • Jungle Boi (Jump squat with spoon arms? [Iron Pax Rerun])
  • V-Ups
  • X-Factors

Cat Gut took us down stream with a boat and canoe.
16 HIMs could take the cold. We left it all on the field, the sidewalk, the parking lot, etc.
The Legend of the Candy Cane. Its origin dates to 1670 Cologne, where a choirmaster asked a candy maker to make something to keep the kids quiet during the Nativity Scene and remind them of Christ. The shape obviously mirrors the Shepard’s cane. But inverted it makes the shape of a “J” for Jesus. The sticks are white to represent the virgin birth and sinless nature of Jesus. The red stripes (3 small & 1 large) represent the suffering Christ endured at the end of his life. Those red stripes dissolve as you suck on the candy and bring the candy to pure white to represent how Christ’s sacrifice takes away our sin to make us clean.
None to discuss this time.

Mailbag Monday

We properly disclaimed!
Coolio bears all responsibility for anything that happens out there.
Today’s workout was sponsored by the pax and all the post-Thanksgiving mail that was received. It was an eventful long weekend and we were able to explore some of the more interesting details.

It’s true that none of us can outrun mortality, but practitioners of Junk Science can rest easy knowing that they’ve certainly, definitely, allegedly bought themselves a ten year delay.

Side straddles were hopped, shoulders were blasted, yoga-pose stretches were bungled, but with sincerity.

The Cloud awaited and on it we 5/10/15ed some Box Baby Box Rows.

Things got serious. We visited the Dark Webb. We made it all the way down to the famed Eighth Level, where the Q was beyond his ability to lead. It was the perfect time to Have a Nice Day.

We Curlsed for the girls, and then we got on the TB Rocket Ride, which is a little excursion on Cardiac in memory of certain Thanksgiving deprivations some of us may have endured in the past.

I had planned some bear crawling, but we ran out of time. Next Q.

A rabid HS football fan has me praying for justice and mercy.

DM Hands and tell him you’re coming to the Rocky Hill parade on Saturday!

Bringing 300’s to 17 Hims

THE SCENE: full moon with a little of wet leaves and miss
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: 17 Hims showed up to push themselves 


  • 11 LBC forward
  • 10 LBC backwards
  • 10 Seal claps
  • 10 Overhead claps
  • 10 Chattanooga Cherry pickers
  • 5 Knoxville Cherry pickers
  • 20 Booyah merkins  with a buddy


  • The PAX lined up in the parking lot and sprinted to the end . Did 30 merkins,  walked back together. Rinse & Repeat 10 times

Climb and tag

  • The PAX divided into two  units. Unit A ran and climbed the rope tree while Unit B attempted to tag. If caught 10 BBS. Rinse & Repeat x1

Five minute double

  • The PAX did 20 dips and 20 step-ups

Mosey back to the flag for some Bruce Lee core

MARY:  the PAX got on their 6 and completed some core

  • 25 America hammer
  • 25 heels to Heaven
  • 25 Awkward turtles
  • 25 little baby crunchesCOUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA

    Roman’s 5:1-5

  • Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Through him we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God. Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.
    Romans 5:1‭-‬5 ESV
    God wants to remind us that if I am going to accelerate in my faith.I need to anticipate that there will be some form of tribulation we will come by.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS: from Hands
    F3Knoxville.com is back up and running. Weds, Thurs and Fri are taken. You still have a chance to Q tomorrow and Saturday this week. Head over to the calendar and pick it up now.