F3 Knoxville

Next Right Thing

THE SCENE: 70 and Sunny in the Fake Gloom

Little of this, that, and the other.  SHH, Cherry Pickers, and Rockettes of course

Rounds of:  Squat Jumps, Lunges, Iron Mikes, Tempo Squat, Apollo Ono, Bridges, CLIMB THE HILL and then 4-ct Box Cutters, Big Boys, 4-ct Freddy Mercury, LBCs, 4-ct American Twist, 4-ct Flutter Kicks

Battle Buddies: 250 Side Straddle Hops, 200 Calf Raises, 150 Squats, 100 Push Ups, 50 Burpees

Rounds of: Diamond Push Ups, 4-ct Mountain Climbers, Carolina Dry Docks, Wide Push Ups, 8-ct Man Makers, Motivators (Starting at 5), RUN ACROSS THE FIELD then, 4-ct Box Cutters, Big Boys, 4-ct Freddy Mercury, LBCs, 4-ct American Twist, 4-ct Flutter Kicks


Recently I’ve been pretty overwhelmed with life.  Some good problems to have, just a lot of stuff.  My wife told me, “You know what Ana says – just do the next right thing.”  It made sense to just take one step at a time.  I can’t tackle everything at once.  Chip away at it and everything will be OK.  A few days later I was complaining again about all that’s going on and my wife says again, “You know what Ana says – just do the next right thing.”  At that point I asked, “Who is Ana?”.  My wife replies, “You know.  Ana.  From Frozen II.”

Sometimes wisdom comes from the strangest places.

Charity kick ball tournament coming up.  Pele will post details in Slack.

Broken Frisbee Toss and The Vote at Asylum – 2020

THE SCENE: Slightly Overcast, mid 60’s


Pinto Hops – 15 IC

Cherry Pickers – 15 IC

Grady Corns – 32 IC

Rocketts – 10 IC

Merkins 10 OYO
Mosey to the open field near the outdoor field just before the large chapel. Throw the frisbee (broken due to preworkout fracture). The entire group runs to the frisbee position and does the exercise, throw again, do same excercise, repeat:

    • First 15 squats oyo (run back and forth)
    • 25 American Hammers, 4 ct oyo (Bernie back and forth)
    • 20 Hello Dollies (4 ct, LT Dan back and forth (1 lunge, 1 squat, 2 lunge, 2 squat, 3 lunge, 3 squats, etc))
    • 20 LBC, 4 ct, (bear crawl back and forth)
  • Mosey further towards entrance past first stop sign to open field with cones
    • NIckel, Dime, Quarter at each end of field – Merkins 5,5, then 10, 10 then 25, 25 running in between
  • Mosey back half way to CMU parking lot, ring of fire- 1 round x 1 Merkin, 1 round x2 merkin
  • Mosey back to CMU parking lot. Partner up, each grab a CMU
    • . Electorals (aka Doras) 100 Curls, 100 BBS, 70 Overhead presses
      • Partner runs to other side of lot, 20 Sawmills (1 ct) 5 squat jacks, run back

20 strong
October is a tough month for our family. Oct 17 is Grady’s (my son’s) birthday- he would have been 32 this year. Grady died 2 years ago this Dec 13 of an accidental overdose. Sharing the fact that your son was an addict is not an easy thing to do. You just don’t talk about it. I just wanted to share a little bit about our story. Grady was a straight A student and an outstanding athlete. He played on the top Arizona soccer teams until he was about 17. He excelled at pretty much everything he tried. He worked hard to be the best. His issues started when he was a Jr in high school. He struggled with his addiction and our family struggled along with him for the last 13 years of his life. He was clean for about a year before he moved to Knoxville in October.  I was proud of him, especially when he was able to join the Asylum PM group- we finally had something in common and it was healthy. I think he came to 4 or 5 workouts and he Q’d after about 3 or 4 I think. His life ended on Dec 13. Having gone through the addiction cycles with Grady, I can attest how devastating it is to the addict and the family. Progress and setbacks… It dominates and controls every aspect of life. It’s chemical and mental but treated as criminal in our society. Substance abuse and addition is all around us- so if you know someone (or observe it in someone you don’t know) , pray for them and reach out to help in any way you can. In Knoxville in 2017 there were 293 drug related overdoes , in 2018- 295, 2019-257 and in 2020 year to date- there were 299.

Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc.
Convergence Oct 7

Swimmies + 2 For Tuesday Tribute


70s, feeling good, feeling great, pre-ruckers come back around 1735


  • Welcome to F3: Fitness-Fellowship-Faith
  • Name is Steam and I’m honored to be out here as your Q tonight
  • Couple of things before we kick off
    • I’m not a professional
    • You’re here on your own volition
    • I don’t know any injuries you may or may not have so if you do need to modify anything we do this evening feel free to do so but push yourself and the men around you

(COVID concerns – maintain 6ft if possible)

  • FNGs — Edgar (GORUCK)


(Swimmies Birthday Warm-o-Rama)

  • 35×4 SSH
  • 35×4 SSH
  • 17×4 Rockette
  • 17×4 Rockette
  • 17×4 Baby Arm Circles Forward
  • 17×4 Baby Arm Circles Backwards
  • 17×4 shoulder taps
  • 17×4 shoulder taps



(Mosey to the Bat Cave)

(1) 20s

  • 2 points of contact: bottom of the stairs + up here at the Bat Cave
  • Bottom of the stairs: Imperial Walkers
  • Bat Cave: BackBelly Flops
    • 1 BBS — 1 burpee (chest on ground)
  • 5 reps each POC for a total of 20 reps
    • All on a 1 count
  • Happy 2FT
    • R&R — everything on a 4 count now

(35 count from Swimmies – first 35 count in the history of F3 probably)

Running against the remaining time, PAX mosey down the hill around the back side of the AO, stopping every so often to knock out 5 reps of an exercise either on a 4 count or 1 count (SSH, merkins, flutter kicks, wall-sit bus drivers)

(Mosey back to AO — Snowflake sprints because he’s a beast)


Core 4 – Happy Birthday edition

– Flutter Kicks while PAX sings Happy Birthday once through

– Rinse and Repeat because 2 For Tuesday

American Hammers while PAX sings Happy birthday once through

– Rinse and Repeat because 2 For Tuesday


26 including 1 FNG – Goosecall


[ “What A Time To Be Alive” ]

The Crucible – USMC

  • The final challenge of recruit training is known as the Crucible. It is a 54-hour training exercise that validates the physical, mental and moral training they’ve endured throughout recruit training.
  • The recruits are broken down into squads to face the challenges of the Crucible. They face challenges testing their physical strength, skills and the Marine Corps values they have learned throughout training. Throughout the event, the recruits are only allowed a limited amount of food and sleep.
      • Anyone else faced challenges this year that have tested their physical strength and skills and their values?
      • Anyone else had limited sleep this year?
      • Anyone else learn anything in the past year?
  • The final stage of the Crucible is a 9-mile hike from the training grounds to the Iwo Jima flag raising statue at Peatross Parade Deck. Upon completing this challenge, the recruits are handed their Eagle, Globe and Anchors, symbolizing the completion of their arduous journey to become U.S. Marines.


  • There was a time in my life not too long ago that I wanted to make it there more than anything. I studied, I worked hard, I put in the hours, I did all of the right things – and it’s not what the Lord had for me at that time.
  • I craved it. I could see it. I wanted it so bad. And it’s not what the Lord had for me at that time. But that’s not the point.


As HIM – we’re in the crucible right now. Congratulations, you made it.

And what a time to be alive — for such a time as this.

And I can understand that it might feel like we’ve been in that final 9 mile ruck March for months now. But if you stop at mile 7 you miss it. If you stop at mile 8 you miss it. If you stop at mile 8.5 you miss it.

And unlike the Marine Core Crucible – you don’t get anything for making it through tough times. You don’t (always) get this tangible thing you can hold in the palm in your hand as a representation of how much you’ve been through. No ones going to give you anything for making it through.

But there is someone who gave up everything so that you COULD go through. So that you could go through the crucible for such a time as this. And He gives you everything you need to do so.


Proverbs 4:25-27 (ESV & Message)

Enter the Sanctuary – Embrace the Crucible (sermon by Rick Dunn) — https://subspla.sh/c6sz9xd

– Prayer requests for loved ones that are no longer with us


F3’s 5 Year Anniversary Convergence

– Saturday, November 7th

– Asylum AO

– 0700 – 0800 followed by transfer of leadership of Nantann role and breakfast celebration

Adapting with CMUesday in the Fake Gloom

[ The Scene ]

SUNNY. Little warm. Character building weather.

[ Welcome/Disclaimer ]

  • Welcome to F3: Fitness-Fellowship-Faith
  • My name is Steam and I am honored to be your Q this evening
  • I am not a professional, you’re here on your own volition, and if you need to modify anything we do this evening feel free to do so BUT push yourselves and the men around you.
  • You will not get left behind and you will not leave the same way you came in.
  • FNGs?
  • I’ll have water, med gear, and my phone on me the entire time in my ruck so if you need to put something in there before we get on the mosey feel free to do so

Before we begin tonight we’re going to have a 1 minute moment of silence in honor of our fallen brother from F3 GrandStand in Myrtle Beach.

Jacob Anchor – codename Hightower –  End of Watch on October 3rd 2020

Very active in F3 GrandStand and a true HIM that led a life of service to his family and community.

Join me now in honoring our fallen brother.

[ Warm o Rama ]

(1) SSH: 15 x 4

(2) Happy Feet: 10

– quick feet —> 1 burpee on command

(3) Windmill: 10 x 4

(4) Baby Arm Circles: 10×4 F & 10×4 B

(5) Rockette: 10×4


[ The Thang ]

(Mosey to CMU Pile)

  • Every stop sign = 25 up/down merkins
  • Everyone get a CMU

[ Pause for Reflection for/from the Q ]

Apparently baseball season is back. When I was planning this Q – that did not come across my mind. Which means a couple things: (1) I, as the Q, did not accurately scope out the scene pre-Q. (2) We’re going to have to adapt. Halfway through the evolution of PT that you will see below, some of the PAX running were confronted by a middle aged man who was blatantly overreacting to our presence in the specific area of the park where the morning AO meets (parking lot) and was pretty aggressive in making his feelings toward us being there clear. So what do we do when that happens. Let’s start with what we don’t need to do: We don’t need to add fuel to the fire, we don’t need to confront or engage the individual, and we don’t need to push that individual who is already upset/mad/pissed off/irrational. Frankly, it’s not worth our time in that moment. So what do we need to do: We need to be peacemakers. Being the bigger man man sometimes means choosing to walk away. We’re called to be at peace with all men. We can do this without diminishing our dignity or the other party’s. This man was being irrational and approached our men in almost a rage. Pusher made the excellent point of just walk away, it’s not worth it. However – this all could have been avoided if I, the Q, had recognized that we may have needed to avoid this certain area of the park when we were mosey’ing to it. So from me, the Q – I apologize for not using discernment when leading us there. This was a learning lesson wisely pointed out by Jinxy at the COT. 

[ End Pause for Reflection for/from the Q ]

– PAX takes CMUs to the field by the playground and lays them down in two lines facing each other

– PAX execute 25 Big Boy Sit-ups with CMUs on their feet for stability

– PAX run to CMU pile and execute 10 burpees

(Rinse and Repeat 4)

***Encounter with the upset man in the parking lot***

– Q calls audible – replaces CMUs — circle the men up — brief AAR of what just happened — Mosey back home to the PM AO

– PAX mosey back up the street to the PM AO — every stop sign = 25 up/down merkins

– PAX encounter last 2 stop signs in the same 50 feet or so = 50

– Q leads PAX in 50 up/down merkins but stops when PAX reaches 45 — tells everyone to drop down to their knees and look up — “Breathe. It’s going to be okay. We’re almost there.” — Execute the final 5

– PAX mosey back up the hill to the PM AO — wagon wheel and pickup the 6 — circle up by the flag

[ Mary ]

– 25×4 Hello Dollys

– 25×4 LBCs

– 25×4 flutter kicks

[ COT ]

  • # off = 21
  • Name o Rama
  • FNGs = 0
  • BOM

I found myself at a place I don’t find myself at very often last week.

I found myself at a place that looked exactly like a scene in Lord of the Rings where the main character drops down to his knees, realizes the place that he’s in, and utters the words “I can’t do this.”

What a place to be right?

So a couple points with this:

(1) Own where you’re  at.

  • If you’re tired – own it. If you’re struggling, own it.  I’m tired/struggling mentally, I’m tired/struggling physically, I’m tired/struggling mentally, I’m tired/struggling spiritually, I’m tired/struggling sexually (we’re men we can handle that), I’m tired/struggling emotionally – own that place.
    • What I mean by this is this: We have all been tired and struggled in all of these arenas at some point in time in our lives. For me specifically, last week I was really tired and struggling mentally. I was tired and struggling emotionally. I was physically tired. I was struggling spiritually. I was struggling sexually with lust and loneliness and losing my sexual battle with porn and felt the complete weight of that. I was exhausted. The enemy was exhausting me, because I was exhausting myself. We’ve all been there. Maybe in different forms or fashions, but nonetheless, we’ve been there.
  • I’m tired. I’m lonely. I’m stressed. I’m not where I want to be. Own it.
  • Own it. Don’t accept it – own it. There’s a difference there.

Why do we need to own it?

(2) Just because we’re in a certain place does not mean this is our final resting place. Just because we’re here doesn’t mean we are destined to stay here.

  • Life is hard. It’s dark. If you’re in a place you don’t want to be in – own it and realize this is not where the story ends. You weren’t meant to stay here.
  • Just because this is where you are right now does not mean this is where you’re going to stay.

You were created for so much more than the situations and places you find yourself in.

(Hey and guess what – you have brothers that toe the line with you in the gloom and fake gloom – that I KNOW are ready to lock shields and toe the line with you outside the COT too. Let them in and seek wise counsel from them)

Why? Because point number 3

(3) God is about to do something awesome in your life. God is about to do something AWESOME in your life.

Believe that.

Regardless of where you are, what your status is, God is on the move in your life whether you realize it to not.

We need to believe this to be true.

  • God is about to do something great in your life but it is directly tied to your obedience.

What does this look like? Something like this I think.

(Gather men around carefully)

I saw this on my morning walk as the sun was rising and I was praying just for a good day. Sometimes we just need to pray for a good day.

And I came across this gate in a field with the door opened. And I truly believe this is such an excellent picture of how much God loves us and how he calls us into freedom in Him.

And I don’t know who needs to hear this besides me but here we go:

So when I saw this this morning and took this picture — I noticed a couple o things.

  • One of the gate doors was flung wide open
  • The other side of the gate door was closed, with a trash can blocking some of it.
  • And if you were with me this morning, we could have walked right through the open side of the gate. But we would have had to make a choice to do so. However it would have cost us something as well.
  • I think this picture screams the invitation that God gives to us:
    • An invitation to walk out of or walk through whatever you’re going through or wherever you’re at.
    • There is a God above that opens jail cells, doors, and gates — but it’s going to require something of you.
    • Notice the trash can sort of in front of the closed side of the gate. When God opens a gate or a door or a jail cell – whatever that may be in our lives – we’re going to have to leave something behind and leave the place that we currently are at to enter into the place He’s calling us to be. Maybe its an identity we’ve been holding onto or a relationship we’ve been in, or an idol – anything that would prevent us from walking through the gate/door that God is calling us to. 



Here’s what I want to leave you with:

Jeremiah 1:17 – 19

Get yourself ready! Stand up and say to them whatever I command you. Do not be terrified by them or I will terrify you before them. Today I have made you a fortified city, an iron pillar and a bronze wall to stand against the whole land – against the kings of Judah, it’s officials, it’s priests and the people of the land. They will fight against you but will not overcome you, for I am with you and will rescue you, declares the Lord.


Stay in the Fight!


Searching for Bilbo

THE SCENE: Beautiful, around 70, low humidity.

Welcome to F3, Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. F3 is a free workout program designed to improve fitness, share some camaraderie, and foster male leadership in the community.  I’m Pele and I will be your Q today.  I am not a professional, and I do not know your fitness level or injury history.  Please push yourself, but modify the workout as necessary to avoid making any existing injuries worse.  The goal is to get better together!  Some additional COVID-19 considerations: keep your distance between you and other members of the PAX and any other folks that we pass during moseys, etc. to 6-10 feet.  We will be splitting up into groups smaller than 10 if necessary.  We need to set good examples and be good neighbors out here at this public park, especially with so many folks out and about.


-20 Side Straddle Hops (4-ct), in cadence

– 10 Cherry Pickers (4-ct), in cadence

– 10 BAC forward and backward

– Little of this and that

– get in a line, high knees 20 yards, butt kickers 20 yards, Karaoke left 20 yards, Karaoke right 20 yards


Today is September 22, which is Bilbo Baggins’ birthday, also known as HOBBIT’S DAY! But (as you may know from reading or watching the Fellowship of the Ring) at his 111th birthday party, he vanished into thin air! One second he was standing there giving an overblown birthday speech, and then poof! He was gone!  We need to go find him.  Hobbits like being around hills, so we need to search the hills around here to see where he’s gone off to.  Ready??  .

Mosey to shallow amphitheater area. CONES at top and bottom

  • At Top cones do an AROUND THE WORLD (plank position, rotate around 360 degrees to look around) both directions.  Run down and circle bottom cones and go back to top cones.

Mosey to Area 51 Hills. Follow the cones down and read the instructions. COUNT OFF by 2’s.

  • FIRST CONE: No Bilbo. Start the search. 1’s do Jump Squats, 2’s lunge to the right for 20 sec, then back 20 sec, then Reverse.
  • SECOND CONE: No Bilbo. Start the search. 1’s do Iron Mikes, 2’s Bear Crawl 5/ do 5 Reps of CDDs for 20 sec, then back 20 sec, then reverse.
  • THIRD CONE: GOBLINS! We’ve been captured. BATAAN DEATH MARCH back to road and down to Area 51 parking lot. 1’s and 2’s in two lines, last 2 PAX in each line do 5 Prisoner Squats then race to catch up to the front of the line.

PRISONER CAMP (Parking Lot).  After that we are put into Hard Labor, forced to build one of their forts for the upcoming war. 10 Prisoner Get ups, BEAR CRAWL to wall (because we’re being whipped), 10 Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpees (PCMBs), BEAR CRAWL back.  Rinse and repeat, but only 5 reps of the exercise, and El Capitan back and forth instead of bear crawl.  Q’s note: This was harder than it sounded on paper!!

Mosey to TREES to the west.  ELVES appear! A BATTLE ensues!

  • 1s are Elves, 2s are Goblins. Pair off and face each other.  BURPEE BATTLE! Elves are better trained, quicker. They only need to do 8 burpees, the Goblins need to do 10.  Whoever wins each pair wins the battle. If more elves win than goblins, we are free.  Otherwise we continue the death march.  Elves do two more burpees at the end to make it fair.

Mosey to bottom of Everest.  One last big Hill to search…

  • Run up Everest to Base of Summit, using the secondary path by the big cedar tree.
  • Mosey to Roadshow Run stairway. Run up to top.
    • A celebration is in order! 111 SIDE STRADDLE HOPS WITH OVERHEAD CLAPS!

20 Hello Dollies (4-ct, IC)

20 BBS


21 strong, including one FNG, FiliBilly!


Today’s workout had a Lord of the Rings theme, obviously.  LotR is one of my favorite set of books and movies, yes, because of all the magic and dragons, and elves with pointy ears, but also because of some of the wonderful lessons that it contains.

  • Perseverance
  • Hope
  • Fighting for what’s good in the world
  • Resourcefulness

But I want to focus on two lessons in particular.  One is the concept of the FELLOWSHIP itself.  The FELLOWSHIP consisted of Nine individuals who were given an incredibly difficult task.  They were:

  1. A wizard (Gandalf)
  2. A King who was sort of a refugee and had not ascended to his throne. (Aragorn)
  3. An elf prince (Legolas)
  4. A Dwarf (Gimli)
  5. A Human prince (Baromir)
  6. And four hobbits (Frodo, Samwise, Pippen, Merry).

All of the members of this party were battle hardened and powerful representatives of their races.  They also had strong prejudices they had to overcome.  Elves and dwarves were sworn enemies.  The humans were subject to the temptations of the One ring.  No one trusted wizardsHobbits were just small and simple folk that can’t find their butt with two hands and aspire to nothing more than to grow a good pumpkin in their gardens.  And yet these 9 individuals bonded together, died for each other, and even the elf and dwarf became inseparable friends.  It kind of reminds me of our F3 Fellowship.  Heck, fellowship is the second “F” in our name!

The other lesson I wanted to bring up involved who stepped up and carried the Ring, which was an evil artifact that took a physical and mental toll on the bearer.  The Ring bearer was also the instant target of all the Evil minions in the land.  And yet it was not the wizard, the noble elf, the strong dwarf, the human royals that carried the ring.  It was the smallest among them, a simple hobbit who had never left his home that volunteered to carry the burden.  As the Elf Queen Galadriel tells Frodo, “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.”  Sometimes today’s problems seem insurmountable.  No matter how helpless or insignificant you feel in such a troubled world, take comfort in the fact that God has a plan and purpose for your life, and all people, large or small, can be used for His Glory.

Prayers of thanks for the successful surgery on Jinxy’s wife, and that our brother Pinto is gaining strength in his battle with multiple myeloma. Welcome to FNG Filibilly!
2nd F opportunity at Abridged Wed 9/23 7 pm!