F3 Knoxville

The Fallen 13

[ The Scene ] 

Ruckers just getting in from a pre-ruck sesh. The quiet before the storm looked like light stretching and mumble chatter.

[ Welcome/Disclaimer ]

  • Welcome to F3: Fitness, Fellowship, Faith
  • Name is Steam and I’m honored to be your Q this morning 
  • Few things before we begin: 
    • I’m not a professional 
    • You’re here on your own volition 
    • If you need to modify anything we do this morning, feel free to do so, but push yourself and the men around you, they deserve it and so do you! Hang in there with me and them for a solid 45 minutes.
  • FNGs?

[ Warm o Rama ] 

  • SSH: 30 (1ct)
  • Mountain Climber: 30 (2ct)
  • Baby Arm Circles: 20 (F – 1ct)
  • Baby Arm Circles: 20 (B – 1ct) 
  • Rockette: 10 (4ct)
  • Windmill: 10 (4ct)

[ The Thang ] 

(Mosey to the track) 

  1. Honor the 13
    • 13 fallen heroes in Afghanistan
      • David L. Espinoza
      • Nicole L. Gee
      • Darin T. Hoover
      • Ryan C. Knauss
      • Hunter Lopez
      • Rylee J. McCollum
      • Kareem M. Nikoui
      • Johanny Rosariopichardo
      • Humberto A. Sanchez
      • Jared M. Schmitz
      • Maxton W. Soviak
      • Daegan W. Page
    • 13 laps with an exercise in between
    • Each lap will be dedicated to one of the slain heroes 
    • Laps will be ran in silence
    • Lap 1 — Marine Corps Lance Corporal David L. Espinoza
      • “David Espinoza, a Laredo native Marine killed in Afghanistan, embodied the values of America: grit, dedication, service, and valor,” Cuellar wrote. “When he joined the military after high school, he did so with the intention of protecting our nation and demonstrating his selfless acts of service. I mourn him and all the fallen heroes in Afghanistan.” We owe him our gratitude for paying the ultimate sacrifice.
      • The X: 13 merkins (up/down)
      • Run the lap
    • Lap 2 —  Marine Corps Sgt. Nicole L. Gee
      • Just days before her death, Sgt. Nicole Gee posted a photo on Instagram of herself in uniform while holding a baby in Afghanistan with the caption, “I love my job.” We owe her our gratitude for paying the ultimate sacrifice.
      • The X: 13 big boy situps (up/down)
      • Run the lap 
    • Lap 3 — Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Darin T. Hoover
      • “Staff Sgt. Hoover served valiantly as a Marine and died serving his fellow countrymen as well as America’s allies in Afghanistan,” Utah Gov. Spencer Cox said. “We honor his tremendous bravery and commitment to his country, even as we condemn the senseless violence that resulted in his death.” We owe him our gratitude for paying the ultimate sacrifice.
      • The X: SSH: 13 (4ct)
      • Run the lap 
    • Lap 4 — Army Staff Sgt. Ryan C. Knauss
      • Ryan was a fellow Knoxvillian and Tennessean, and we own him our gratitude for his sacrifice. We owe him our gratitude for paying the ultimate sacrifice.
      • The X: The Bend and Reach: 13 (4ct)
      • Run the lap 
    • Lap 5 — Marine Corps Corporal Hunter Lopez
      • Lopez is the son of two Riverside County Sheriff’s Department officers, Captain Herman Lopez and Deputy Alicia Lopez. The department announced Lopez’s death on Friday. Sheriff Chad Bianco said on Facebook that Lopez planned on following in his parents’ footsteps and joining the department as a deputy when he got home from his deployment. We owe him our gratitude for paying the ultimate sacrifice.
      • The X: Squat: 13 (4ct)
      • Run the lap 
    • Lap 6 — Marine Corps Lance Corporal Rylee J. McCollum 
      • McCollum’s father, Jim, told The New York Times that McCollum was helping with evacuations and guarding a checkpoint when the attack at the airport happened. His father said this was McCollum’s first deployment and that he had gotten married recently. His wife is expecting with their first child. McCollum’s sister Cheyenne told East Idaho News that her brother was “going to be the best dad.” Cheyenne said her brother was the youngest of four siblings, her single father’s only son, and that he knew he wanted to be a Marine from a young age. We owe him our gratitude for paying the ultimate sacrifice.
      • The X: Imperial Walker: 13 (4ct) 
      • Run the lap 
    • Lap 7 — Marine Corps Lance Corporal Dylan R. Merola 
      • Cpl. Dylan Merola was a graduate of Los Osos High School, according to ABC 7 of Los Angeles. Students honored him at a football game on Friday night by wearing red, white and blue, the TV station reported. He was only 20 years old. We owe him our gratitude for paying the ultimate sacrifice.
      • The X: Mountain Climber: 13 (4ct)
      • Run the lap
    • Lap 8 — Marine Corps Lance Corporal Kareem M. Nikoui
      • “My understanding is that he rescued – per a sergeant that wrote the family – he rescued three families,” Bash told the TV station. “And he was in the process of saving children, translators that had worked for the U.S. government. He passed off a child and went back into the crowd and that’s when the bomb went off.” “He really loved that [Marine Corps] family,” Steve told The Daily Beast. “He was devoted—he was going to make a career out of this, and he wanted to go. No hesitation for him to be called to duty.” We owe him our gratitude for paying the ultimate sacrifice.
      • The X: LBC: 13 (4ct) 
    • Lap 9 — Marine Corps Sgt. Johanny Rosariopichardo
      • Johanny was 25 years old and from Lawrence, Massachusetts. We owe her our gratitude for paying the ultimate sacrifice. 
      • The X: The cherry picker: 13 (4ct) 
      • Run the lap 
    • Lap 10 — Marine Corps Corporal Humberto A. Sanchez
      • Humberto was only 22 years old and from Logansport, Indiana. We owe him our gratitude for paying the ultimate sacrifice. 
      • The X: The Iron Mike: 13 (1ct) 
      • Run the lap 
    • Lap 11 — Marine Corps Lance Corporal Jared M. Schmitz
      • His father told the St. Louis radio station KMOX that his son had always wanted to be a Marine and that he had “never seen a young man train as hard as he did to be the best soldier he could be.” We owe him our gratitude for paying the ultimate sacrifice.
      • The X: Flutter Kick: 13 (4ct) 
      • Run the lap 
    • Lap 12 — Navy Hospitalman Maxton Sonika
      • His family says that Max was most proud of being a Navy Corpsman and “devil doc” for the Marines. The statement said Max leaves behind a big family of 12 brothers and sisters. “Our nation mourns the loss of Navy Corpsman Max Soviak, whose uncommon courage in the face of unfathomable danger ensured the safe passage of countless civilians,” Kaptur said in her statement. “We will never be able to repay the debt we owe him, but we will be forever grateful for his willingness to serve when America needed him most. Our hearts go out to his family during this time, and we lift them up in prayer that they may find comfort in his memory.” We owe him our gratitude for paying the ultimate sacrifice. 
      • The X: Plank Jack: 13 (4ct) 
    • Lap 13 — Marine Corps Corporal Daegan W. Page
      • Daegan was 23 years old and from Omaha, Nebraska. We owe him our gratitude for paying the ultimate sacrifice. 
    • Run one more lap together in silence in honor of them all

(Mosey back to the AO)

[ Mary ]

Moment of silence for the fallen.

[ COT ]

  • # off — 12
  • Name o Rama
  • FNGs? — No
  • BOM
    • Everything in life will fail you at some point in time. The tragic loss of life that was seen last week in Afghanistan was an incredibly visible failure of leadership and ownership. Your government will fail you, your president will fail you, your country will fail you, your friends will fail you, your family will fail you — at some point in time everything will fail you to some degree.
    • But God.
    • But God are probably two of the most powerful words in the world. But God will not fail you nor forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:6 — Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you).

Remember and Honor the fallen.

Big Ball Summer Olympics 2021

THE SCENE: partly cloudy, warm, mid 70’s

Everyone was numbered off into 2 teams, each representing fictional nations competing for gold. Teams were Narnia and Rivendell.
5 events were held at this year’s Summer Olympics. With Olympic theme blasting in the background, Narnia and Rivendell gave their blood, sweat and tears to bring home gold and represent their fictional homelands. Here are the events:

  • Spikeball: Teams lined up in order, sending 2 representatives at a time to square off in a round of Spikeball against their opponents. After each point, whoever was in longest went to the back of the line and the next man subbed in. While 4 battled it out on the court, everyone else was doing typical warm up exercises (SSH, Hillbillies, Arm Circles, Tempo Squats, etc.) while waiting for their shot at glory. Narnia took gold in this event after a display of absolute dominance
  • Box Ultimate: Ultimate frisbee with an Olympic sized twist, instead of two end zones there is one box in the middle that serves as a universal end zone. Teams had to complete 3 passes before being able to toss to someone in the box for a point. Every time the frisbee hit the ground everyone had to do 5 merkins. First to 3 points took gold. Rivendell won a close game of 3-2
  • 100ish Meter Sandbag Relay: Sandbags were placed at one end of the field near the fountains, one for each nation. Teams got into order again. Whoever was in the front of the line ran to the bag, tossed it as far as possible, ran back and did 5x Jumping Knee Tucks, Carolina Dry Docks, and Big Boy Sit Ups each, and then returned to line. The next person ran as soon as the first person completed their toss. First team down and back again won. Narnia took gold in a hard fought battle
  • CMU Capture the Flag: Exactly what it sounds like, CTF with CMUs. The field was divided in half. You could be tagged on the other half but were safe on your own half. Anyone with the flag could be tagged at any time. Once tagged you had to run back to your own field’s far side and do 5x American Hammers on a 4ct. No one won, but Rivendell took gold due to being the only team to move the flag, a whopping 5 ft
  • Bear Crawl Ball: Soccer in a bear crawl where you can hit with your hands. Everyone had to stay in bear crawl in order to move of touch the ball. First to 3 would have won, but with a buzzer beating clutch shot from PDA we ended right at 8am with a tie at 2-2


Shared the story of Robert McCherye, who was a 19th century minister who was just as well known for his faith as he was for being a workaholic. He died of cardiac arrest at 29 and on his death bed wrote “God gave me a message to deliver and a horse to ride on. Alas, I have killed the horse and now I cannot deliver the message.” I think we tend to acknowledge that rest is worthwhile but are still reluctant to take the time needed for it. Sometimes it makes us feel weak or like we’re wasting our time. When Jesus was confronted about working on the Sabbath He said that man was not made for the Sabbath but the Sabbath for man. It’s easy to walk away from that saying “OK, Jesus said its fine for me not to rest”, but rather we should hear that and acknowledge that if the Sabbath was made specifically for us then it must be worthwhile. So let’s seek out rest wherever we need it, whether that be physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually

The Un”bear”able Lap

THE SCENE: 70 degrees, humid and clear

SSH, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, This and That, Arm Circles
We did two laps around the lawn, with a set of exercises at each corner and another set at each cone which was in between each corner, so 4 corners and 4 cones. Lap 1 we bearcrawled the entire lap, lap 2 we walking lunged

  • Corners: SSH x 10, Flutterkicks x 10, Merkins x 10, Flutterkicks x 10, SSH x 10
  • Cones during Bearcrawl lap: Imperial Walkers x 10, Box Cutters x 10, Carolina Dry Docks x 10, Box Cutters x 10, Imperial Walkers x 10
  • Cones during Walking Lunges: Shoulder Taps x 10, LBC x 10, Cobra Merkins x 10, LBC x 10, Shoulder Taps x 10


Yesterday Drive Thru spent his Word talking encouraging us to sign up to lead a work out soon, especially if we haven’t led before. So I decided to give my Word to talking about why it’s worth meeting the need of leading workouts. When I think of why leading is worthwhile I think in terms of 3 “ships”. The first one being obvious: leadership. Raising up male community leaders is one of the foci of F3 and leading a workout is an opportunity to grow in that. The second is ownership. I went from feeling like someone who occasionally attended F3 to someone who is a part of F3 after leading workouts. The third ship is fellowship. I feel like I know those who lead often more than those that don’t, and that others know me better through me leading. So I added this onto Drive Thru’s encouragement to sign up to lead

Leg Day at the Big Ball

THE SCENE: Dry, cooler, mid 60’s

SSH, Hillbillies, Imperial Walkers, Tempo Squats, Calf Stretches, Cherry Pickers
moseyed over to the Big Ball for the beep test. After the beep test we had 3 rounds of 20 reps of exercises at the bottom of the steps and 10 reps of Sit Up Ups at the top. We also worked a lap around the pond in between round 1 and 2

  • Round 1: Sumo Squats, Lunges, regular Squats
  • Round 2: SSH, Iron Mikes, 180 Jump Squats
  • Round 3: Flutterkicks, Hello Dollys, Box Cutters

After this we did another round of the beep test

The Protractor: everyone held legs off the ground and we went around the circle calling out an angle which every had to hold their legs at during a ten count. Went all the way around the circle

Shared a bit about suffering. Last week at the Quacken we talked about how suffering is to be expected. This past Sunday our pastor was talking about how to live faithfully as Christians in the context of suffering and one of his main points was to have the right mindset. Scripture in multiple places tells us to adopt the same thoughts and mindset as that of Jesus, who on the cross said of those who had put Him there “forgive them Father for they know not what they do”. So when we are wronged or hurting what is our mindset? Is it one of self preservation or aggression, or is it similar to Jesus’?

Clydesdale Cardio

THE SCENE: Perfect morning for a beatdown.

Lot’s of circles. Arm circles, knee circles, hip circles, etc.
Simple, Tough, and Effective.

Went out for a mosey down towards the river. Hooked a right and ran towards TBA and sprinted up Lake Loudon. Next we hit Manning Pass. Mosey’d down and then sprinted up, checkerboard to checker board. Continued towards the Hill, but went around it instead of up for the sake of time. Ended up back at the AO with just enough time for 90 seconds of Mary led by Pfeiffer and Postman.

We sprinkled in some burpees throughout the run Kiss-My-Grits style.

11 PAX (1 FNG). Swanson, Jorts, Passport, Huffy, Anteater, Abort, G-6, Band-Aid, Postman, Pfeiffer, Soot.

Sometimes the thing we need is something Simple, Tough, and Effective. Nothing fancy about a hilly Mosey, but it’s great for conditioning. In life, sometimes we just need to grind and get it done.

Leaders lead from the front. You don’t always have to be the fastest or in the best shape, but people look to you for guidance. A leader has to be able to maintain command and control of his element.

Convergence at Big Ball and service opportunity on May 12!