F3 Knoxville

11 That’s the magic #

THE SCENE: Warm, clear, humid

SSH IC x 11, Windmills IC x 11, Cherry Pickers x 11 IC, MKN say “Hi’s” IC x 11, Side Lunges- Stretch IC x 11, SQT Reach throughs IC x 11
Mosey to far end of school side wall

  • 7 men upside down against the wall, count off to 11 one at a time, then repeato doing wall SQTS
  • Mosey toward track on bunny hill, 11’s doing Burpees and MKNs, bear crawl down hill, walk back up
  • Run reverse around track to far end zone for 11’s- BBS (in EZ) & Bobby Hurley’s at the 11 yd. line (broad jump from EZ to 11 yd line)
  • Mosey to planters climbing a big gravel hill OTW
  • 11’s at planters: Box jumps and Dips

MARY:   Supermans IC x 11, Flutters IC x 22, Gas Pumps IC x 11, Bruce Lees IC x 11, Crab Reachers IC till time
Herbie, Spellcheck, A-Rod, Fast n Easy, Simmons, Sparkles, Natty
Get out of your comfort zone, prayers for Fast’s sister after her house fire, praises for Kara and her recovery, Spellcheck’s wife
Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc.
CSAUP moved to August

Split BURPH & Rockpile Visit

THE SCENE: Warm but not too hot for June


SSH, LBAC, Cherry Pickers, A little bit of this & that.
We split a BURPH by getting into teams of two: 100 Burpees, 200 Merkins, 300 Air Squats, Two miles of running. So, while one partner ran around the track 1/4 mile, the other partner commenced the exercised until 2 miles worth of running was accomplished and all the exercises were complete

We then went and did 11’s at the planters (Step Ups & Dips)

Then we moseyed to the rock pile and found a decent size rock and a big rock too and did 3 sets as follows:

25 Curl to Overhead, 25 Rows, 25 Tricep Extensions, 50 Chest Press with the Big Rock


Insert information about any additional post-THANG work (if applicable).
We had Hamm on Q with Gepetto, Herbie, and Natty in attendance.
We prayed for our brothers and families.
I want to see if the BURPH can be done individually in the allotted time period. This was a test to see how long it might take. We were done with the Warm Up and BURPH 30 minutes in.


Taking DORA Back to School!

THE SCENE: Coolish, until the humidity hits. 



SSH IC x25

Arm Circles each way IC x10ish

Cherry Pickers IC x5 

Imperial Walkers IC x10 

A little bit of this, a Little bit of that 


Mosey up the hill to the Gresham Middle driveway for a modified DORA (started the workout with 3, so we changed to 20 reps of each exercise rather than partner work)

  • First Station: GMS driveway exit
    •  V-ups
    • Merkins
    • Imperial Walkers
  • Second Station: GMS car dropoff area
    •  Flutter Kicks 2 ct. 
    • Shoulder Taps 2 ct. 
    • Squats 
  • Third Station: Flagpole
    •  Hello Dollys 2 ct. 
    • Donkey Kicks
    • Lunges 2 ct. 
  • Fourth Station: GMS Welcome Sign
    •  Big Boys 
    • Mountain Climbers 2 ct. 
    • Squat Jumps 
  • Make your way back down the DORA 

Regulars at the Quacken were introduced to the 2nd favorite exercise (behind StarGazers) of The Equalizer: The Fellowship Mosey ™ back to the AO 


Peter Parkers IC x4 

Hello Dollys IC x10

V-Ups IC x 10

LBCs x 25 

Leg Climbers x10 


4 HIMs; 0 FNGs 


I started my journey to Fountain City this morning wanting to talk about patience. Patience has recently taken the forefront of my prayer life as I continue my dream of continuing my career in School Administration. However, as I listened to my daily devotional podcast on my trek down 140, 40, 640, and Broadway… I was struck by today’s reading from Genesis. 

This whole week I have been reading/listening to the story of God’s covenant with Abraham. Today, I heard God speak to the Patriarch again, changing both his name and his wife’s name. It made me think about F3 in the fact that we give out nicknames to all of the HIMs who join us. Name changes are VERY significant in Scripture. From Abram → Abraham, Jacob → Israel, to Simon → Peter … We often give F3 names from a funny or embarrassing story, which leads to funny or embarrassing names, but most of the HIMs I have met have taken those names and made them their own. While the name changes aren’t as significant as those in Sacred Scripture, I like to think that they are significant to each of us and the PAX as a whole. 

Let us use our own name changes from F3 to be leaders in our communities, jobs, and families, just like those in Scripture. 


Thank you all for welcoming me to your AO! It took me taking the Q of this OTB workout to actually get me there. I hope to join you on a Wednesday evening soon! 

No Going Back

THE SCENE: Humid 70 degrees

SSH x 30 IC

Manly Arm Rotations (aka baby arm circles) x 10 ED EA

5 Burpees OYO

Tempo Merkin x 10 IC

Tempo Squat x 15 IC

1st and 10: 10 cones at 10 yd increments. At SP perform 10 burpees/1 push-up then run to end. Return to next cone 9 burpees/2 push-ups, etc to end (11s).

Bataan Death Crawl: PAX in a line in bear crawl position. Last man performs 5 burpees while PAX bear crawls. Last man taps man at end of line and heads to front of line. Continue till reaching end point.

Burpmuda Triangle: Three cones about 30 yds apart. Run between cones.

  • Round 1: cone 1 = 1 burp; cone 2 = 2 burp; cone 3 = 3 burp
  • Round 2: cone 1 = 3 burp; cone 2 = 4 burp; cone 3 = 5 burp
  • Round 3: cone 1 = 5 burp; cone 2 = 6 burp; cone 3 = 7 burp

Burpee Dan: 1 burpee:4 lunges to end point then go back with 2 burpee:4 lunges and final round 3 burpee: 12 lunges

Pick up Qs cones: Pick up cones with push-up at each cone, increasing by one at each cone. (10 cones)

Not Invited

Leave no man behind. Leave no man the same.

Our heritage tells us of a people who were freed from Egypt and when life got hard in the desert they wanted to go back. Then when they were provided a Saviour and the law was removed they were upset and wanted to return to the “way things were”. We are the same. We remember how things were and how they were comfortable. We are not promised that. We will be and are living in difficult times where each day brings decisions for comfort or challenge. F3 is not an easy choice. Get up, get smoked, get better, DO IT AGAIN. We are here to help each other prepare for life physically and mentally. Don’t be surprised by challenges but be prepared and lean on the fellowship around you.


Remembering 6.6.1944

THE SCENE: Mist, 60°F, Feels like 62°F, Humidity 100%, Wind 3mph from ENE

  • SSH x30 IC
  • LBAC x15 IC Forward & Backward
  • Little of this, Little of that
  • Tempo Squats x15
  • Some of these, some of those
  • Cherry pickers Slow x5



  • 6 laps around the parking lot
  • 6 8-count body builders
  • 9 Rounds, 9 exercises, 24x reps (=1944)
    • Burpees
    • BBS
    • Merkins
    • Lunges (2 count – left leg, right leg = 1)
    • American Hammers (2 count – left side, right side =1)
    • Squats
    • Flutter Kicks (2 count – left leg, right leg = 1)
    • SSH
    • Shoulder taps

— no time

On June 6, 1944, American troops started the assault on Omaha and Utah beaches. As A-Rod had stated on Thursday, many of the men were between the ages of 17-19. These were young men who were not conscripted, drafted, or forced to be there; they volunteered. Nothing about the situation was easy, but they chose to do the hard thing. Those that survived the landing were surrounded by their fallen brothers-in-arms. I can only imagine the thoughts going through their heads. Thoughts of not surviving the day or ever returning home. They could have given up right there and waited for the inevitable to come, but they chose to do the hard thing. They moved forward.

We have it pretty easy today. We don’t face life and death choices like these boys did. But we can still make the hard choices. Get up and go to a workout that will be brutal. Stand up for our families and our choices. Stand up for our communities. Strive to do what is right throughout the day.