F3 Knoxville

Return to Walnut Hill

THE SCENE: Rather chilly, low 30’s

SSH, Arm Circles, Shoulder Taps, Tempo Squats, Tempo Merkins

  • Sunsphere: Went around the sunsphere doing 5 pull ups on each beam and 5 jump squats in between each beam
  • Bridge over Cumberland: Did 50 BBS OYO, using the rails to hold our feet in place
  • Moseyed over to the Walnut Hill
  • Walnut Hill: Laid out 4 cones towards the top of the hill, maybe 10-15 yards apart from one another. At the bottom of the hill we would do 5 Sit Up Ups then run to the first cone and do 10 merkins facing the top, then ran down. We did this 4 times, adding a cone each time, changing the direction of the merkins at each cone. So cone 1 was facing the top, 2 was facing the right, 3 was facing the left and 4 was facing the bottom. Each lap we still hit previous cones, so by the end we had done 40 top merkins, 30 right merkins, 20 left merkins, and 10 bottom merkins, as well as 20 Sit Up Ups
  • Moseyed back to the AO, dodging traffic as we went
  • AO: Did some bear crawl duck duck goose to finish the clock out

Welcome Dismount!
Shared about a conversation I had with a student about evangelism. He shared what his past experience with it was, which is probably very relatable: knowing that its worth doing, but not wanting to offend, or hamper a relationship, or not feeling competent enough, or not having the time, etc. We then spent some time looking at what Scripture has to say about it, specifically Romans 1:16 and 1 Peter 3:15. In Romans Paul says he is unashamed of the Gospel because he knows it is the power of God for the salvation of all who believe, and Peter calls us to be ready to give an answer to any who ask us for the reason for the hope we have. So though there are a hundred, very relatable, excuses as to why we may not want to share Jesus with those around us, we are all called to be ready and unashamed to do so. Matthew 4:19 is an invitation to follow Jesus with the byproduct of becoming “fishers of men”, so lets allow Jesus to make us into fishers of men as we seek to follow Him.


Pyramid and chance

THE SCENE: 55* and rainy, but not a total downpour in the amphitheater

  • Tempo merkins
  • Mountain climbers
  • Shoulder taps
  • Rockettes
  • Forward reverse lunges
  • Squat and reach


Reverse pyramid WOD. After each set of 10 of whatever exercise, PAX choose a number, 1-10 for 10 reps of exercise from list (they just choose the number, the exercise is unknown)
  • 50 sit ups
  • 40 merkins
  • 30 box jumps
  • 20 pull ups
  • 10 dips
  • PAX CHOOSE #7 for hand release burpees
  • 40 sit ups
  • 30 merkins
  • 20 box jumps
  • 10 pull ups
  • PAX CHOOSE #1 for burpees
  • 30 sit ups
  • 20 merkins
  • 10 box jumps
  • PAX CHOOSE #4 for hand release release merkins
  • 20 sit ups
  • 10 merkins
  • PAX CHOOSE #3 for Catalina wine mixers
  • 10 sit ups
  • PAX CHOOSE #8 for sit up ups

There was a slowzy lap in there somewhere, but I can’t recall after which set. Read the crowd, and myself, and needed a break.

  1. Burpees
  2. Star jumps
  3. Catalina wine mixers
  4. Hand release release merkins
  5. Pistol squats (each leg)
  6. Supermans
  7. Hurpees
  8. Sit up ups
  9. Canoe pulses 4-ct
  10. Iron Mikes

Had two more PAX choose numbers, and I added the last one, for a five minute EMOM.

  • 5 pistol squats each leg
  • 10 canoe pulses on 4-count
  • 10 iron Mikes

We had two exercises from the list, so went ahead and knocked them out, 10 star jumps and 10 Superman’s


  • Flutter kicks
  • Gas pumps

8 strong: Huffy, Swanson, Livestrong, Reverb, G6, Postman, Drive Thru, Abort
“A life lived without ever tasting the tears that come with desperation is a life that also will never know courage” Courage is the result of a decision made out of desperation, and they’re actually one in the same. Rarely is a decision made to be courageous, it’s usually not even a decision at all. It’s an action performed when there is no decision to make, only desperate action which is the result of dire circumstance.

Those desperate circumstances (and therefore courageous acts) aren’t always someone running into a burning building. Sometimes it’s a father working every minute of overtime available to make sure his kids eat. Courage isn’t always loud, but we need to recognize the acts and how they’re made and what desperation the person was in and the struggles they were facing.

Maryville new AO launch this Saturday at Sandy Springs

Tag Team with Drive Thru

THE SCENE: 34 and clear

We decided to give Swanson a Tuesday off for the first time in forever, so Drive Thru and I did Tag Team Tuesday.  Drive Thru wanted to mop everyone up with the second half, so I took the warm up and first part.
Squat and reach
Moroccan night clubs Postman style (holding squat)
BAC forward and reverse
Six count merkin (combine tempo merkin and T-merkin, didn’t go well)
Quick mosey to coupon pile at L&N and then over to TN War Memorial.  12 minute AMRAP, all with rocks except the lap.

  • Rock swap merkins x10
  • Good mornings x15
  • Lunge with OH press x20
  • Curls x25
  • Job a lap around memorial

I think everyone completed in the range of 3-4 rounds.  Return rocks to the pile and Drive Thru had us mosey over to the base of the Big Ball for some BOMBS.
Partner up and complete Dora style, 2 burpees for the B completed by the man running to the top of the Big Ball stairs.  The partner who stays at the bottom starts with 100 OH claps, then 100 merkin-T’s (T-merkins but had to fit the spelling), 100 BBSUs, and finally 100 squats.  Repeat and relieve each other until complete.

Flutter kicks
Hello Dolly
American Hammers
13 Strong: Rousey, Postman, Swanson, Huffy, Drive Thru, Bubble Wrap, Peter Rabbit (FNG), Livestrong, Half Caff, G6, Bulldog, Bilko, Abort

Must be nice

THE SCENE: Temperature disputed during pre ruck, anywhere from 29-34.  Felt great though regardless

Pro tip, going at SSH with great form moves blood into your fingers to keep them warm…
OH claps Postman style holding a squat
Patty-cake merkins COVID style (don’t actually clap with anyone)
Quick mosey over to the coupon pile at L&N.  Three station AMRAP with station one there (AMRAP lasts duration of the workout).

Station 1 at L&N: Start with 10 reps of each exercise, then leave rock on the ground and run up the stairs between L&N and the convention center

  • Monkey humpers
  • Upright rows
  • Shoulder press
  • Tricep extensions

Station 2 the top of L&N near Henley St: Start with 7 reps of burpees for first round and increase by one rep each round, elbow plank remains the same at 30 seconds every round.  Once complete, run around to the front of L&N academy above where we park.

  • Burpees
  • Elbow planks

Station 3 in front of L&N near cars: Again start with 10 reps of every exercise and add two reps each round.  Run down the parking lot and back to station 1.

  • Never cross Dolly (4-count)
  • Imperial walkers (4-count)
  • Crab cakes (4-count)
  • Explosive merkins (push up and hands leave the ground at the top)

We ended up getting through rounds of 18 reps and 11 burpees.  Returned rocks to their homes and mosey back to the AO where time was up.

13 Strong: Postman, Wedding Singer, Drive Thru, Huffy (welcome back!!), Slim Shady, Swanson, Triple A, Magic Mic, Livestrong, Amazon, G6, Bulldog, Abort
I overheard a conversation between two friends that really got on my nerves and made me consider if I say these things or think this way.  Friend one has a college degree, has had family support his whole life, and while he all hit bumps in the road he generally has had it pretty easy.  Friend two has no degree and works tons of hours every week, has had struggles with addiction and various other things.  During this conversation, Friend one tells the struggling guy it “must be nice” when hearing about how his job was going.

And that really aggravated me, but also got me thinking about how we view our choices and try to absolve ourselves from things we deem are outside our control.  That is the cowardly way out, and I hope that I am not guilty of that very often.  Things will absolutely happen that we can’t control, its inevitable.  But our reaction to those trials determines whether they’re actually positive or negative.  We all need to be aware that we have much much more control over our lives than we want to admit.  We control it, if things are not going well then we need to look internally to fix them rather than place blame elsewhere.

Field Day at the Big Ball

THE SCENE: Hot and sticky, lower 70’s

SSH x 20, Arm Circles x 15 forwards and backwards, Tempo Squats x 10, Tempo Merkins x 8, This and That
Ran across the field while I dropped 4 cones about the same distance apart from each other. Th rest of the workout were rounds of different exercises at each cone, crossing the field to get to each cone in a different way each round, followed by a lap around the field once finished

  • Round 1: Bear crawls across the field to each cone. Cone 1 – 30 x Cobra Merkins. Cone 2 – 25 x standard Merkins. Cone 3 – 20 x Carolina Dry Docks. Cone 4 – 15 x Body Builders. Cooldown lap
  • Round 2: Broad Jumps across the field to each cone. Cone 1 – 30 x Sumo Squats. Cone 2 – 25 x Flutterkicks (4ct). Cone 3 – 20 x Edward scissor legs (4ct). Cone 4 – 15 x Lunges (each leg, 30 total). Cooldown lap
  • Round 3: Crab Walks across the field to each cone. Cone 1 – 30 x LBCs. Cone 2 – 25 x American Hammers (4ct). Cone 3 – 20 x BBSs. Cone 4 – 15 x Freddie Mercurys (4ct). Cooldown lap
  • Round 4: Walk/jog across the field to each cone. Cone 1 – 15 x Burpees. Cone 2 – 15 x 180* Squat Jumps. Cone 3 – 15 x Get Ups. Cone 4 – 15 x Hand Release Merkins. Cooldown lap

After this we finished with one last sprint across the field, ending back at the fountains with less than 30 seconds to spare


Pointed out how here at F3 I’ve noticed a trend of quoting, looking up to, or talking about past presidents, generals, and other leaders involved in WW1, WW2 and other large scale conflicts. I shared that the guy who discipled me when I was in college once said that since God is sovereign He chose those men to be born in the time of those conflicts and battles, knowing they’d be a part of it. But we weren’t born during these times, so what battles or conflicts did God keep in mind when deciding when we should be born? I pointed out that if we’re claiming to be “high impact men”, we shouldn’t only look back on past heroes, but also look at the problems we’re dealing with now and consider if these are our battles we were born for. Lord willing, none of us are riding into battle on horseback with bullets flying past us, but we are living in a time where our nation faces plenty of other kinds of conflicts. The obvious being the racial tensions and injustices we’re currently addressing and this global pandemic. But also take note of the following:

  • >40% of Americans are obese; >30% of Americans are overweight; roughly 3/4’s of Americans are not at a healthy weight
  • In the US, roughly 40% of marriages end in divorce; roughly 25% of married men have an affair; even roughly 10% of pastors have an affair
  • 35% of all internet downloads are pornographic; 25% of all internet searches pertain to sex; 70% of men ages 18-24 view pornography regularly
  • In the US, roughly 15% of women have been raped or survived an attempted rape; roughly 34%of these women were below the age of 12 at the time
  • 1 in 8 Americans are technically classified as alcoholics
  • An estimated 10 million US citizens are victims of domestic abuse every year

We may not be storming beaches, but there is more than enough to fight for right now. MLK said, roughly, that what we have to repent of isn’t just the vitriolic words or violent actions of a few bad men, but also the silence and indifference of a lot of good men. High Impact Men take action towards whats happening in front of them, not just honor the actions that took place behind them

New Logo contest is going on, we’ll continue sending guys to help out with F3 Morristown the next couple weeks