F3 Knoxville

Tree Biscuit Suicide

THE SCENE: 84 degrees with a little breeze.  Felt pretty nice actually. We were expecting it to be hotter.  In the car on the way over it was 94.  Two soccer fields were being used, and one baseball diamond was being used.  Lots of people watching us do burpees…


Four of us started and five of us finished… Yes that’s right we picked one up along the way.  It was awesome to see @icebreakers face light up…. “You guys F3?”… “Yes, come join!” and he did! There’s hope for this country men, if a young man will drop everything and join a tough workout on the spot, no questions asked.  Man I’m encouraged! Thank you @IceBreaker!

In keeping with my Lexicon exploration, which really just starts from the top and goes through ones I havn’t done before:  We did

  • 10 4×4’s
  • 10 Abe Vegotas
  • 10 Absolutions  (after running over to the astro-turf on the other side of park)

THA-THANG:  Tree Biscuit Suicide

A Tree biscuit is

The Short Version:

As a group, Run to an un-slapped tree, slap it, everyone call out the running burpee total,  do A single burpee, repeat.

The Long Version:
  • Scaling:
    • We travel as a pack, if you find yourself falling behind, skip a tree and burpee and keep moseying to catch up.  It’s more fun and less confusing to have the group stay together, especially when we alternate taggers.
    • Scaling is NOT cheating, it’s just scaling, no judgment here. You made it here and that’s enough.
    • We’re going to be zig-zagging all over the park so the better we can stay together the more we’ll be able to keep an accurate count and not leave people behind.  Plus it feels bad to tag a tree without everyone there doing it together.
  • Taggers
    • The tagger is the person closest to the nearest tree. They slap the tree and call out what the burpee running total is about to be. Similar to our cadence exercise routines, the whole group calls out the number and does a burpee.
    • The tagger is typically in the front of the pack, however since we are traveling in a mob fashion that’s not always true.
  • Alternate Taggers
    • Similar to an indian run, each person should take turns being in front and tagging a tree. This makes the workout much more fun.  If you have already tagged several trees then just slowly fade back and let someone else tag the next one.
  • What is a Tree:
    • We don’t do burpees for any old shrub.  Trees should be about 6 inches around and 10 feet tall.  Those pesky crape mertyles were very questionable this am.  #wanna-be-trees
  • No Poison Ivy:
    • In an attempt to not to get too dirty and get poison ivy, we’ll pass trees that are surrounded by shrubs and tall grass. Luckily we are in a very well manicured park where most of the trees have nicely mowed grass leading up to them.
  • Cross Country Baby!!
    • We are going off road for sure.  The ground is very un-even around many of the trees. Be careful when running not to twist and ankle.  And don’t hit your face on a rock or root when doing a burpee in the dirt.
  • Be Loud
    • The louder you call out the number, the more you inspire your fellow brothers!
  • Milestones
    • At 50, 100, 150, 200 make sure the group catches up and circles around the tree, wait a few seconds. Do the burpee.  Celebrating these milestones adds to the encouragement factor.

The first time at Juco we did 156, then at the Asylum we did 200.  This time we did 180 traveling burpees, but we had a little special treat.  At rep #132 we stopped at the sand volley ball courts and did 6 Sand Suicides (sprint across the length of the volley ball court and back) — just because they’re there and a sand lot is too good of an workout  opportunity to pass up.. Am I right??  So if Truck Stop does it again they could probably do more burpees if they cut out the Sand Suicides..


Finished up with a little mary.

  • 15 Star Crunches
  • 15 Freddy Murcuries
  • 15 Mountain Parkers

Thank you @Snaggletooth for turning me on to the Every Man Ministry. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being on the subscription devotion.  I wanted to read it to the group but couldn’t find it. But here is the one I described.

  • Weapons Grade Plutonium https://www.everymanministries.com/blog/september-21-2019/
  • I tried to encourage the men to “leave the shores of safe, spiritual spin, for the unpredictable rapids of witnessing.”
  • And once God’s man experiences the power of God in this way, no other experience can compare.  It is the ultimate risk-reward setup. Give the signal, turn the key, press the button, and release the power.
  • According to Jesus, God’s man can choose to experience the power of God by deciding to share his faith.
    It was a ton of fun — thanks for the opportunity to join you all in the PMG (PM Gloom) at Truck Stop!


Pirates vs Vandals

THE SCENE:  52 (way to kick it off, December) and…. um, moist.
Started with 0.01s to spare… Welcome FNG!


Good ol’ increasing OYO burpee warmup:

SSH x30 IC – 2 burpees
Windmill x20 IC – 4 burpees
*Hindurkins x15 IC – 6 burpees
Al Gore Tuck Jumps x6 IC – 8 burpees
LBAC x20 each way IC – 10 burpees

*Plank, down for 1, push fwd with toes for 2, stay low and pull back, bending knees without touching ground, until arms are straight forward for 3, extend knees with arms straight to return to plank.

Mosey to the base of Everest, plank for 6.
LBC – 4-count x20 IC
Jailbreak all the way to the road at the top!

Pick a coupon and circle up:
Squrls x30 OYO – Squat plus curl, rock has to hit the ground (stones don’t though)
Drop coupons and move to the fifth one on your right.
Weight check – Lighter than your original? Everyone says “No”. Lack of honesty is disturbing…
4-count fwd raise – nice and slow – IC x10
4-count back-and-forth across chest – IC x10

Number off 1s and 2s (Pirates and Vandals)
Put all coupons in a line across the road, Pirates stay with coupons, Vandals line up 50yd away
Pirates begin exercise… Vandals come steal all coupons (2 each) and observe exercise, return to line and do exercise.
When the last Vandal has made it back, Pirates stop exercise, run steal all coupons, return, and begin next exercise.
Iron Mikes
Bobby Hurleys
Monkey Humpers

Dang. Running out of time. Mosey back to AO

Made it back to the AO right at 6:15. No time to row the boat.
32 strong – Welcome to Streak (Paul Chattaway)
Today each group stole the other group’s coupons while they were busy doing an exercise.  The enemy often looks for similar opportunities to steal, kill, and destroy while we are busy or distracted.  Often that distraction is indeed important and valuable, but don’t lose sight and vigilance over what you’ve been entrusted with that is truly valuable.
The construction up here wreaked havoc on my preparation this morning. I ran into roadblocks several times trying to follow my map to get around.  Also, I learned a little Q-tip this morning.  Sidewalk chalk disappears almost completely if the pavement is the slightest bit… moist.
Wesley House 2.0 workout Sunday at 2 with disadvantaged kids.  Check GroupMe for more info from Tank.  Bring a wrapped gift!

Praise from Tonka – 2.0 is 14 weeks into construction!

Wednesday Funday

34 and Foggy




SSH x25 IC
Tempo Merkins x15 IC
Tempo Squats x15 IC
Baby Arm Circles Forward x12 IC
Baby Arm Circles Backward x12 IC

Two laps around the parking lot and line up along the curb.


Run from one curb of the parking lot to the other.  At start point do 1 Jump Squat, at the far curb do 10 BBS.  Subtract 1 rep from squats and add 1 rep to BBS each time until you get to 10 Jump Squats and 1 BBS.  Once you finish, hold plank until everyone finishes.

Circle up.

Start with 1 exercise, adding another exercise until all 5 exercises are completed in succession. Then, work back down until only the last exercise is left. 20 seconds (20s) per exercise:

– Exercise 1 then 20s rest
– Exercises 1 and 2 then 20s rest
– Exercises 1, 2, 3 then 20s rest
– Exercises 1, 2, 3, 4 then 20s rest
– Exercises 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 then 20s rest
– Exercises 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 then 20s rest
– Exercises 5, 4, 3, 2 then 20s rest
– Exercises 5, 4, 3 then 20s rest
– Exercises 5, 4 then 20s rest
– Exercises 5


  1. Burpees
  2. Dry Docks
  3. Narrow Squats
  4. Diamond Merkins
  5. High Knees

Mosey to base of hill near the parking lot.

Merkin Hill
Run up and down hill doing the following:

  • Start at bottom of hill with 10 Merkins, run to top
  • Top of hill 9 Merkins, run to bottom
  • Bottom of hill 8 Merkins, run to top
  • Top of hill 7 Merkins, run to bottom
  • Bottom of hill 6 Merkins, run to top
  • Top of hill 5 Merkins, run to bottom
  • Bottom of hill 4 Merkins, run to top
  • Top of hill 3 Merkins, run to bottom
  • Bottom of hill 2 Merkins, run to top

Top of hill 1 Merkins, run to bottom.  Once you finish, hold plank until everyone finishes.

Circle up again in the parking lot for Mary.


American Hammers x20 IC
Hello Dolly x20 IC
Superman Swims x15 IC
Side Crunches, Rt. x20 IC
Side Crunches, Lf. x20 IC
Flutter Kicks x20 IC


34 PAX


Our mission is simple, “Plant, grow and serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.”  I believe all of us want to be better leaders, and that’s good…but not enough.  Desire with out action changes nothing.  If we want to be better leaders, we need to lead!  In big ways, small ways and every way in between.  That is one of the many things F3 gives us, the opportunity to lead.  The opportunity to grow.  Again, opportunity changes nothing unless it is seized.  The more we practice leading the more confident we are when the opportunity arises.  Today, seize every opportunity to lead presented to you.  That is how HIMs do it!


2nd F at SoKno Taco Cantina
Powell launch THIS SATURDAY!
3rd F event – Kid workout in Mechanicsville

Submitted by Cap’n Crunch

The Power of Three

68 and Muggy

F3 Welcome & Disclaimer

– SSH 25x (IC)
– Side Lunges 10x each leg(IC)
– Burpees x10 OYO
– Dive Bombers 15x (IC)
– Arm Circles Forward 15x (IC)
– Arm Circles Backward 15x (IC)
– Burpees x10 OYO

Divide into 3 groups and mosey with your group to the specified area…
– Group 1: w/Woodshack to flag pole / pavilion area
– Group 2: w/Pfiffer to hill near parking lot
– Group 3: w/me (Cap’n Crunch) stay in parking lot

Group 1
Circuit Circus
Divide up and head to 5 Stations (in the pavilion area).  PAX perform the prescribed exercises at the station and then move clockwise to the next station.  Continue rotating until time is up.
– S1: 10 Burpees & 20 Reverse Pickle Pounders
– S2: 15 Superman Swims &20 4ct Flutter Kicks
– S3: 10 Chin-ups & 20 Prisoner Squats
– S4: LCS Shuttle (Lunge to 1st cone, Bear Crawl back to 2nd cone, Sprint to 3rdcone and back)
– S5: 20 Derkins & 20 Let Me Ups

When relieved by Group 3, gather together and mosey to the hill.

Group 2
CMU Back Blaster
Get with a Battle Buddy.  Battle Buddy 1 runs to top of hill, does 3 burpees then back down.  Battle Buddy 2 does 1 of 3 exercises while Battle Buddy 1 is running.  When Battle Buddy 1 gets back they switch.  Do rotate through the three exercises and repeat until time ends.

– CMU Press
– CMU Swing
– CMU Bent Over Rows

When you see Group 3 move, gather together and mosey to parking lot.

Group 3
Partner with Battle Buddy of similar fitness level. There are six drills, each has an exercise to be completed on the spot and an exercise involving shuttle run of some type.  One Battle Buddy from each pair completes a shuttle while the other Battle Buddy completes the exercise on the spot. As soon as the shuttle is completed, tag your Battle Buddy and swap exercises.

Each drill will be 1:45 with 20 seconds rest in between each set.

Drill Shuttle Exercise Exercise at the Cone
1 Sprint x2 Diamond Merkins
2 Bear Crawl Star Jumps
3 Lunges Burpees
4 Sprint x2 Carolina Dry Docks
5 Bear crawl Squat Jumps
6 Lunges Burpees

When time is up, gather together and mosey to flag pole/pavilion area to relieve Group 1.

Groups rotate until time is up

Number off & Name-O-Rama

The opposite of manhood isn’t womanhood, it’s boyhood!  Our goal as HIMs is to always be moving forward own the road of maturity (RFP).  What F3 has taught me is that growth (physical, relational and spiritual) comes through challenge, consistency and comradery.

  • Physical: Take your DRP (Daily Red Pill)
    • Challenge – Get up and get out in the gloom!
    • Consistency – Daily
    • Comradery – the PAX
  • Relational: No lone ranger
    • Challenge – Reject passivity and engage with family, friends, co-workers and neighbors
    • Consistency – Daily
    • Comradery – the PAX
  • Spiritual: Luke 9:23, “And he said to all, ‘If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.’”
    • Challenge – Obedience and faithfulness
    • Consistency – Daily
    • Comradery – the PAX and Jesus himself (“follow me”)

This morning we had a special guest from a local news affiliate.  He came to do an online piece on F3.  He asked if I thought I could get a good sized group out on a Wednesday morning at 5:30am…61 PAX including 3 FNGs answered with a resounding “HELL YEA!”  For me, this sums up F3 Knoxville.  Over the pas 18 months this PAX has set the bar and then surpassed it when it comes to heart, passion, and dedication.  They work hard, play hard and always have each other’s six.  There is absolutely no questions…I’m a better man for being a part of this PAX, and Knoxville is a better city due to what these men are doing in each other.

4 Corners

The Scene: Mid 50’s great morning

The Thang:

5:30 COT

  • Cherry Picker x 15
  • Merkins X 10

Mosey to Playground-

  • Leg on bench lunge x10
  • Derkins x10
  • American Hammers x 20
  • Repeat

Mosey to Baseball Field

4 corners

  • Squat Thrusters x15
  • Burpees x10
  • Pullups x10
  • Dips x20
  • Repeat over and over and over and somewhere in between Squats x66

Mosey back to Parking Lot

  • Squats x25
  • American Hammers x25
  • Flutter Kicks x25

Count-O-Rama: 40


BOM: Be joyful in your waiting and be present