F3 Knoxville

NOT a Murph

AO: asylum-pm
Q: Steam
PAX: Abacus, Lizzy, Tenderfoot, Glamper, Lilydipper, Crash Dummy, Drum Major, Pele (Jon Lindberg), Chad Harvey(Pink Panther), Brick, Showgun, Dr. Phil, 0
FNGs: 1 0
1. Baby Arm Circle (F) – 10×4
2. Baby Arm Circle (B) – 10×4
3. Rockette: 10×4
4. Grady Corn: 30×4
5. Hillbilly: 10×4

[ Cash In ]
1. 100 SSH (1-count)
2. 75 LBCs (1-count)
3. 50 Mountain Climbers (2-count)
4. 25 Frog Jumps

(Mosey down around to the right to the rock pile below the BSIA Overlook)

– 200 merkins
– 200 squats
– 200 bent over rows
– = simulating the 600 total reps in a real Murph
– Form is crucial – crucial
– Instead of running 1 mile on the front and back end of the reps, we’ll run a specific route after each round of reps
– Run an L route around the Pickett’s Charge field
– Rounds of reps
– All 3 Xs
– 25 reps each
– Total of 8 rounds = 600 reps
– Put rocks back
– 25 chest presses + 25 curls
– Mosey back to the flag for Mary

[ Cash Out ]
1. 100 SSH (1-count)
2. 75 LBCs (1-count)
3. 50 Mountain Climbers (2-count)
4. 25 Frog Jumps

– Join Lilydipper’s team of champions for Hardship Hill on Monday!
– Drum Major has put together a killer 2nd F event for us this Friday — check out his Slack post above.
– I will be Q’ing a Memorial Weekend Murph at asylum-daybreak on Saturday — join us!
– F3 in the Nude — Swimmies (Nathan Chesney)

I sat there and felt sorry for myself for one minute, then I had to keep going.
-Marcus Luttrell
– I find myself in this position more times than I’d like to admit – feeling sorry for yourself

Events from Operation Red Wing, June 28, 2005
Read the highlighted sections on pages 266-267 in Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell

Draw A Line In The Sand
“I rolled over, and I was paralyzed from the waist down. I started crawling, pulling, using my elbow to start pulling myself through the dirt and out of this ravine. Well I got up and the sun was going down, and I started to crawl. I was in bad shape. I didn’t know what to do. And I was laying in this tree, looking at the moon, and I was feeling sorry for myself. And I must have laid there….my brother was a Navy SEAL too, I got a twin brother, he’s a Navy SEAL. And I was thinking about him a lot and my teammates, and all the training I had been through. I laid there and I was like, c’mon, get up. Let’s go. That’s exactly what I said. What was I gonna do, lay down there and die? I wasn’t gonna do that, I definitely wasn’t gonna feel sorry for myself. And I kept thinking like, I’m still alive man, I mean, I’m alive. They fought and died by I’m still alive. The mission’s still on, let’s go. So, I reached out and I grabbed a rock and I reached out as far as I could and drew a line in the dirt in front of me. I’m gonna crawl to that until my feet hit it and if I’m still alive I’m gonna do it again. That’s what I did. I’d draw a line, until my feet hit it, I’d fall down a hill and draw another line. And I did that for 7 miles.”
– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGxOYWRAjXQ

– This is a great practice to adopt and utilize in life – drawing a line in front of you and working your way past it
– “The lines” we draw through life are sometimes physical, but far more often are they mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual.
– KMF = Keep Moving Forward

[f3knoxvillemain] Unlocked

AO: f3knoxvillemain
Q: Mermaid
PAX: Steam, Lizzy, Freud (Eric Minton), Mermaid, Borg, Soot, Squealer, Spellcheck, Butterknife
FNGs: None
Today 9 men came together, 5 ran, and 4 rucked, for one hour, and then followed that up with coffee, donuts, and intentional conversation about how to “unlock” more men. This term comes from several F3 sources, and we will be hosting OTB workouts in this manner to dive deeper into the topic, and how to share this message with the region.

If you are interested in learning more, please send me a message on slack. You will be hearing more soon as we explore ways to bring this message to a workout near you!

We had an enlightening conversation about the 3rd F and how to carry out the F3 mission with an emphasis on the third F.

Thanks to all of the men who came out and participated.

“Heavy” Day at ShamRUCK

AO: shamruck
Q: Mermaid
PAX: Utah, Dumpster Dive, The Situation, Eliza, Jardet, Lizzy, Mermaid, Ribbed
FNGs: None
We rucked the catholic loop, and stopped where we parked to do some light PT with the ruck. Ruckers were given the option to skip the PT and continue rucking, and the PTer’s then jogged to catch them on the loop.

Good times were had by most.

Out COT referenced Proverbs 11:24
“Those who give generously receive more, but those who are stingy with what is appropriate will grow needy.”

Often times we read a verse like this and think about money, and while that may be accurate, what if we are talking about time? I could argue that time might be our most valuable resource, and if we are generous with that time, where appropriate, then we will be be blessed with “more”. I am not saying we will get more time, but I think there is value in managing and not squandering our time, In fact, giving our time, may be more difficult than giving our money.

[f3knoxvillemain] King Builder (Convergence)

AO: f3knoxvillemain
Q: Tinker Bell-GTE Trainer (STL) , Motorboat (Indianapolis)
PAX: Blindside, Waxjob, Shuttlecock (Riley Brady Parmer), Rep Sleepy, Commission, P3, Z-Pack, Steam, skewer, Spellcheck, Single (Ryan Chambers), Brick, Tenderfoot, slappy, Gmail, Borg, The Situation, Maxime – Pittsburgh, Nubbins (F3 Muletown), Kodak (Joe Beach), Uncle Rico (Naperville), FixerUpper, Lizzy, CRISPR, F3 Pluto ( Hugh Nystrom), Tropicana, Charmin (John Willis), Pac-man, Stitch, Snitch (Cory Beilharz ), OnStar, Swimmies (Nathan Chesney), Duggar, Choir Boy, Betty, Voodoo, Smoked Pickle, Grandslam, Einstein, Lilydipper, Pusher, Guppy, Guardrail, Median, Mermaid, KickFlip, Cheatsheet, Utah, Toretto, Honeydew, Tonka, Pom Pom (Grayson Vaughn), Eliza, Ribbed, I-Beam, Mathlete, Cart Girl (John Sadler) (Chatt, TN), Swanson, Abort (Jeremy Loftis), Dumpster Dive, Anchorman, Humper ( Sam Hartness ), David Wood, Bones, Rooter, scratch & win, full moon,, Ike
FNGs: 1 Ike
Q: Tinker Bell Bones Motorboat
Warm Up: Mosey to the base of Picket’s Charge
Thang 1:
Get Right-Fatigue makes a coward of us all
-Bones led a series of up and down the hill with Bomb Jacks, Burpees, Monkey Humpers
-Live Right-When in charge, take charge
-Motorboat led standard F3 exercises IC emphasizing staying together as a team and the importance of cadence
-Lead Right-Leaders build leaders
-Tinker Bell led 4 corners with exercises of No cheat merkins, no surrenders, and get ups. Guppie was tasked and taught to lead the group in SSH and 6ct burpee IC
-AAR process
-Leave Right-Virtuous leaders work themselves out of job
-Guppie taught Pusher to lead SSH and Burpees IC
-AAR process

Mosey back to flags

The COT was the Nant’an change from Kickflip to Mermaid.

The Grinder (with an “E”!)

AO: asylum-pm
Q: Pele (Jon Lindberg)
PAX: Toretto, F3 Pluto ( Hugh Nystrom), Mr Jinxy, Lilydipper, Pusher, Steam, Glamper, Drum Major, CRISPR, Tenderfoot, Lizzy, Pele (Jon Lindberg)
FNGs: None