F3 Knoxville

BlackJack BeatDown

THE SCENE: A cold invigorating gloom

15 side straddle hops, 15 mountain climbers 10 squats,15 American hammers, 8 count motivators,10 BBS, 7 merkins
We gathered around a deck of playing cards, cardboard cards, and a speaker as the rules were explained

Each suite had an exercise associated to it, there were four separate exercises a suite could use, however only one at a time on the cardboard card, each suite usually followed a body part theme. The amount of reps would be determined by the number on the card. Face cards followed suite however numbering followed J-11, Q-12, K-13. Aces and Jokers were laps, 1 and 2 laps respectively. 5-6 minutes for each set of exercises before cardboard was cycled. Each member of PAX drew a card for involvement and motivation. Due to nature of AO and day, CMU’s were used, however were not integral to exercise. Rapid luck of the draw fun, with great music accompanying.

I was ignorant to Gods word for most of my life, passing it off as nothing I could use, having not been raised to value it like I should have, I never read the bible, I never went to church, and I never prayed. When my mom passed away, I was told that this was part of God’s plan, and that’s not what I needed to hear at the time, and it ended up turning me away from Him entirely. When my Dad passed away, and I went to live with Waxjob (Joshua Brady) and his family, I saw how they were able to find comfort through Christ, and it opened me up more and more to the idea of God, and I started seeing God in my life more and more, I noticed Godly people and Godly things. Eventually I was able to conclude that God is real, Jesus died on the cross for us, and being able to look at things through eyes of benevolence instead of random chaos, it made dealing with my past traumas so much easier, and I felt myself become a better person because of it. Most recently Cardinal passed away, and when I heard the news I had to sit down and cry, especially when I learned that he had two children, and feeling what they felt, it broke me, seeing Cardinal Jr at the Rampart convergence, and seeing him cry because he missed his dad, he missed those memories he’d never have, he missed his voice and his love, I cried because I missed those too, and that hug I gave Cardinal Jr I hope was what he needed, because it’s what I needed. He’s got this, his sister’s got this, I pray they can find comfort in Christ the way I did.
This was my VQ, and it was certainly a special one, I find it went well and the PAX enjoyed it, thank you to everyone who came out and showed their support and worked out with me, I hope to lead more in the future, and I’m excited for what that future holds. Take care, stay safe, stay hydrated.


THE SCENE: Sunny, temperature about 30 degrees.

Motivators starting with seven, 10 Windmills, 10 Twisties, 10 Rockettes, Standing Stretches.
Mosey to Lilypad.

From one curb we will sprint to the other, stopping at each of the tall light posts to lunge forward five parking spaces before sprinting again.  We will then Bernie Sanders back, stopping at each light post to lunge backwards five parking spaces.

Mosey past the southern Pavilion to the perimeter trail and head south.  We will go right toward the fence of the water treatment plant.  We will split into teams of two men each for Doras.  While one partner runs to the park bench just down the trail and back, the other works on exercises.  The partners trade places when the running partner gets back.  Here are the exercises:

  • 150 Flutter Kicks
  • 150 Baby Crunches
  • 150 Hello Dollies

Mosey west on the perimeter trail.  We will stop about halfway to do 20 American Hammers.

Mosey west again to the area near the electrical transformers and the dock.  We will split into three groups to go to three different areas and perform exercises at each area.  After completing the exercises, men run to the next area.  The areas and the exercise performed at each are:

  • Area 1:  Boulders near perimeter trail.  Pick up Boulder and perform 20 Bench Presses, 20 Curls, and 20 Rows.
  • Area 2:  The benches near the dock.  At benches do 20 Bench Jumps, 20 Bench Dips and 20 Incline Merkins.
  • Area 3:  At cone on perimeter trail west of the dock.  Do 20 Iron Mikes and 20 Squats.
  • Rinse and Repeat.

Mosey back to the area we did the American Hammers at.  We will do 20 Box Cutters.

Mosey to soccer fields.  We will go from west to east.  We will Bear Crawl for 10 Counts then Run for 30 Counts and continue this to the east side of the soccer fields.

Mosey to the Lily Pad.  We will stop to do 15 Imperial Walkers.

Mosey to parking lot that is just south of the Playground.  We will do 20 Bench Dips

Mosey to the Playground.  We will do elevens at benches starting with 10 Box Jumps and 1 Decline Merkin.

Mosey to eastern curb of the AO parking lot.  We will Karaoke left to other western curb and the Karaoke right back to the western curb.  Then will will sprint to the western curb.

Leg lifts.
19 men with one FNG.  Welcome new member Stubing!!


In our modern world we are often distracted by so many different things . . . the internet on our cell phones, social media, tv shows and tv advertisements, the daily onslaught of mail in the mail box, emails, traffic, job duties, commitments to different organizations and causes, and . . . well, I could keep on going but you get the idea.  These distractions keep us from connection to our true selves and to God.  These distractions leave us off kilter and lead to our worries.

I recently read the following paragraphs from the great priest, theologian, professor and writer, Henri Nouwen.

Today, worrying means to be occupied and preoccupied with many things, while at the same time being bored, resentful, depressed, and very lonely.  I am not trying to say that all of us are worried in such an extreme way all the time.  Yet there is little doubt in my mind that the experience of being filled yet unfulfilled touches most of us to some degree at some time.  In our highly technological and competitive world, it is hard to avoid completely the forces that fill up our inner and outer space and disconnect us from our innermost selves, our fellow human beings, and our God.

One of the most notable characteristics of worrying is that it fragments our lives.  The many things to do, to think about, to plan for, the many people to remember to visit, or to talk with, the many causes to attack or defend, all these pull us apart and make us lose our center.  Worry causes us to be “all over the place” but seldom at home.  One way to express the spiritual crisis of our time is to say that most of us have an address but cannot be found there.

I don’t think I even need to add to Nouwen’s message because it is so clear and strong.  I will, however, add one more quote from Henri Nouwen about worries:

It wasn’t that the gospel proved useful for my many worries but that the gospel proved the uselessness of my worries.

Prayers of thanks for Stubing having a baby coming soon and for two of F6’s work colleagues having recent babies.  Prayers of thanks for Waffle House and his son’s safe return from Guatemala.  Prayers for Captain Crunch on the recent loss of one of his parents.
Hot Toddy Triple Birthday Q at Asylum on Saturday, January 28.  Today is first day of Cap’n Crunch’s five week leadership study at Panera Bread Conference Room, Bearden.

A Ride Home

THE SCENE: Cold/Snow/Ice

Well…I didn’t warm everyone up.  They warmed themselves up.  I had to drive a stranded couple home that couldn’t get up the hill at the Asylum.  Once I returned…
It was a bit too icy to roam around so we headed to the Pavilion for a little 1 min of exercise 30 seconds of a “rest” exercise


Minute exercises consisted of

  • Burpees
  • Side S Hops
  • Run around the building
  • Table Rows
  • Dips
  • Step ups
  • Big Boys
  • Flutters
  • Plank
  • Wall Sits

Pretty much the perfect Q

Did a bit of abs

Deuteronomy 31:6

So be strong and courageous!  Don’t be afraid and do not panic before them.  For the Lord your God will personally go ahead of you.  He will neither fail you nor abandon you.

This is the way we need to enter 2023!


Twelve Days of an Asylum Christmas

THE SCENE: 24 degrees and ICY.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Yes, all the things.

SSH, Tempo Junk Science (40 Merkins), Cherry Pickers, Windmills, Rockettes, Tie Fighters, Rocky Balboas, Bobby Hurley.
Ran a circuit around the Asylum with 12 stations to add a workout:

  1. [Partridge in a Pear Tree]     Squat Thruster
  2. [Turtle Doves]                    Toe Merkins (4-Count)
  3. [French Hens]                    Cosmic Pickle Pounders
  4. [Calling Birds]                    Monkey Humpers (4-Count)
  5. [Gold Rings]                      Man Makers
  6. [Geese a Laying]                Squats
  7. [Swans a Swiming]             Superman
  8. [Maids a Milking]                Big Boy Sit-Ups
  9. [Drummers Druming]          Alternating Shoulder Taps (4-Count)
  10. [Pipers Piping]                    Lt. Dans
  11. [Ladies Dancing]                Dancing Bears (4-Count)
  12. [Lords a Leaping]               High Knee Jumps

There was something about MARY, but not time for her today.
9 HIMs filled with the Joy of Christmas. Sawdust, Hands, Rainbow, Charmin, Gibbler, Fabio, Bunny, Cat Gut & Cosmo 2.
Seeking Joy, not happiness.

C.S. Lewis spoke at length about joy in his book Surprised by Joy

Luke 2:10 – But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which will be for all people.”

Happiness & pleasure are fleeting and do not sustain. Joy however is deep in our souls. It comes from knowing the Almighty and His Love for Us. That does not mean that every path will be flat & wide. But carrying this Joy in our hearts will help us weather any storm.

Convergence at Speedway 07-Jan-23.

Light Pole Pictionary Trail at the Asylum

THE SCENE: 34 degrees & 80% humidity.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Yes, all the things.

SSH, Tempo Merkins, Cherry Pickers, Tie-Fighters, Burpees, Suicide Sprints with Bobby Hurley, Mountain Climbers at the base of Baby Everest, run to the top with some Man-Makers.
Tried to figure out the pictures of the workouts between light posts on the trail.

  • Bearpees
  • Hello Dolly
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Lt. Dan
  • Junk Science (40 Merkins)
  • Big Boy Sit-Ups
  • Froggie Squats
  • Bobby Hurley
  • Tennessee Rocking Chair
  • Little Baby Crunches
  • ATMs
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Iron Mikes
  • Gas Pumpers
  • Bonnie Blair
  • Jungle Boi (Jump squat with spoon arms? [Iron Pax Rerun])
  • V-Ups
  • X-Factors

Cat Gut took us down stream with a boat and canoe.
16 HIMs could take the cold. We left it all on the field, the sidewalk, the parking lot, etc.
The Legend of the Candy Cane. Its origin dates to 1670 Cologne, where a choirmaster asked a candy maker to make something to keep the kids quiet during the Nativity Scene and remind them of Christ. The shape obviously mirrors the Shepard’s cane. But inverted it makes the shape of a “J” for Jesus. The sticks are white to represent the virgin birth and sinless nature of Jesus. The red stripes (3 small & 1 large) represent the suffering Christ endured at the end of his life. Those red stripes dissolve as you suck on the candy and bring the candy to pure white to represent how Christ’s sacrifice takes away our sin to make us clean.
None to discuss this time.