F3 Knoxville

Be All There

THE SCENE:  45 and cool
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Skipped for these bunch of veterans

  • Fiddlefart around while we wait for Rocket to get moving
  • Overhead claps
  • Seal jacks
  • Knee Tap Merkins
  • Hillbilly Mountain climbers


Grab a block and mosey to the benches by the fountain;

  • CMU plank rows – 10 each side
  • Heavy split squats – 10 each side
  • Uneven derkins – 10 each side

Mosey to the back of the municipal building.  Split into 2 teams. Each team has a list of exercises.  One extra-large size die with numbers 1,2,3.  One team rolls the die. That’s the number of laps up the stairs and back around.  While that team runs the laps, other team works through the exercises until laps are completed.  When entire team returns from laps, other team rolls.  When list is complete, knock down a cone and start again.  See how many times each team can work through the list.


  • 20 Curls
  • 15 Thrusters
  • 20 Heavy Lunges (10 each)
  • 20 Tricep extensions
  • 15 Goblet Squats
  • 20 single arm rows (10 each)
  • 15 CMU Swings
  • 10 burpee jump overs
  • 30 4-ct freddy mercury


Mosey to the amphitheater
CMU pullovers x 20
Heavy LBCs
Heavy dolly IC


5 men


The first words of the Christian and Hebrew Bible are a prologue to a story – to our story.  The section has a rhythm to it – some call it an ancient Hebrew poem.  It is from those words that I hope you’ll be inspired today.  For the sake of time, I truncated the scripture – but I’ll include a link to the full text below in the moleskin.

Then God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. And God saw that the light was good…  And evening passed and morning came, marking the first day.

Then God said, “Let the waters beneath the sky flow together into one place, so dry ground may appear.”…“Let the land sprout with vegetation…And that is what happened.  And God saw that it was good.  And evening passed and morning came, marking the third day.

Then God said, “Let lights appear in the sky to separate the day from the night. And that is what happened….And God saw that it was good.  And evening passed and morning came, marking the fourth day.

Then God said, “Let the waters swarm with fish and other life. Let the skies be filled with birds of every kind.”… And God saw that it was good…And evening passed and morning came, marking the fifth day.

Then God said, “Let the earth produce every sort of animal”…And that is what happened.  And God saw that it was good. Then God said, “Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us.  Then God looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was very good!

Sometimes I struggle with looking forward to tomorrow – at the expense of enjoying today.  Planning for next year…instead of fully living in this year.  It can be so tempting to live for the next moment – when we’ve found the home…when we’re on vacation…when the kids are a little older…when the salary is a little higher.  For the last few days, I’ve been paying closer attention to my thoughts and words – and it is ridiculous how often I am thinking and talking about what-comes-next.  We were just camping over the weekend, a mini-vacation, and how often I was talking then about the next camping trips we have planned…instead of just enjoying where I was then and there.

I see wisdom in those Words from Genesis 1.

Being both omniscient and omnipotent – all knowing and all powerful – our Creator must have had a vivid image of the full glory of His Creation before He started to create – and He could have spoken everything into existence immediately.  Yet He didn’t.  He chose, instead, to create as a process – and intermittently throughout that process, He paused to reflect on the partially finished dreamIt is goodDirt and plants are only a small part of the full Creation that I have in mind – and the big picture is so much more awesome… but today, the partly completed dream – it is good.

We are each working on our own dreams.  To one day have that house, that job, that vacation… To have kids who are independent or enough money to retire.  Those big dreams are great – but where you are today, partly complete, it too is good.  So, don’t let this good day pass while dreaming only of tomorrow.  Be present and content with today.

Two quotes to finish us out…

One of my favorite authors of old western adventure novels, Louis L’Amour, said this;

“Few of us ever live in the present. We are forever anticipating what is to come or remembering what has gone.”

Christian missionary and martyr, Jim Elliot, said this;

“Wherever you are, be all there.”


Prayers for Jack, prayers for Emily

Next time, both teams need an Erector…

It is absolutely preposterous how many times the other team rolled a 1

This workout was inspired by one that Waxjob did several years ago at JUCO – Tip of the hat to you, sir!

Full text of Genesis 1…


Stepping Up


SSH x15
Tempo Squat x10
Tempo Merk x10
Mtn Climber x10
Moroccan x10
OH Clap x10
Projectivator x8
Mosey to Parallel bars for 5 dips/5 lunges each leg
Mosey to Pool Wall for 5 wall-ups/5 squats
Mosey to Playground for 5 pull-ups
Mosey to Recruiting Center to pick up 1 CMU/pax
Mosey to Tinseltown Side Stairs


HEAVY STAIRS: 1 CMU/10 reps of each exercise, then top of stairs – WITH OR WITHOUT CMU
1. 10 Single-arm Rows each side
2. 10 Lunges each leg
3. 10 Good Mornings+10 BBS
4. 10 Uneven Merkins each side
5. 10 Kettle swings+10 Calf raises
6. 10 Incline merks+10 pliomerkins (single count)
7. 10 Thrusters+10 Squats
8. 10 Curls+10 Overhead Press
9. 10 V-ups+10 Flutterkicks (4-ct)
10. 10 Tri Ext+10 Basilisk

Return CMU to Recruiting Center
Mosey back to Shovel Flag

PAX Choice: Hello Dolly, something else, and Row-Row-Row Your Boat

LUCKY 7: Biohack, Kickflip, Mathlete, Rocket, Waxjob, Snaggletooth, and FNG Cliche


I shared this morning about how I asked my work for a sabbatical leave. On the 10th anniversary of our senior pastor, I asked our Personnel Committee to grant him a sabbatical leave. On the 10th anniversary of our student minister, I asked our Personnel Committee again to consider granting the same to him. And so on my 10th anniversary last month, I also asked for myself.

What is a sabbatical and why is it important? It is an extended time of leave – mostly in academia – every 7 years for rest, but often for reading/studying/writing. For me, I’m connecting it to visiting family in Hawaii, but I also wanted time for reflection and reading, extended time in prayer and seeking counsel to look at the last 10 years of service, revisit my sense of calling, and to dream about what the next season may hold. This is for spiritual reflection and health.

2020-2021 has been one hell of a year for everyone: global pandemic, national violence, political turmoil, isolation, interrupted routine, and the list goes on for each person’s circumstances. My soul needs time and space.

Sabbatical leave was not granted necessarily but I informed my pastor that I was prepared to take my own PTO in addition to my vacation for extra time away from my post. And someone from my team is willing and able to fill in for me. Talk about “invigorating male community leadership” – a page right out of the F3 Mission.

Show Preference to Others

THE SCENE: warm 60s at the Project

15 SSH, 10 imperial walkers, 10 tempo squats, 15 Mountain climbers, 10 tempo Merkins, 15 Moroccan night club
Perform an exercise with CMU on one end of the lot and then bear crawl to the other end with CMU. Perform next exercise and then carry around the lot back to the start. Go through the full list and do AMRAP.

  • 15 staggered block Merkins each side
  • 30 Curls
  • 30 Squats
  • 30 Heavy Freddie’s (2-ct)
  • 10 Blockees
  • 30 Presses
  • 30 Rows
  • 30 Lunges total
  • 20 Heavy BBS
  • 20 Thrusters

15 flutter kicks, 15 LBCs, plank
6 got it done today at the Project. Welcome back Chaco!
“Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others. Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus, who, although He existed in the form of God, did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant, and being made in the likeness of men.”

Philippians 2:3‭-‬7 NASB

YHC has shared this passage before, but I feel strongly enough about its message to share again. I think this is a passage that we should read daily as a reminder. Think of the impact one can have by thinking of another person as more important than themselves. This could be as simple as letting someone merge infront of you at an on-ramp. Or perhaps wearing a mask despite your own convictions just to make someone else more comfortable. This year YHC has seen so much division associated with COVID-19. I would have thought that Christian’s would have been very willing to accept discomfort for the sake of someone else. I was wrong. Jesus showed us the ultimate example of humility and willingness to give preference to others by giving up His place in Heaven to come to this filthy, sin-covered earth to die. He knew that His death was the only way we would get a chance at paradise in Heaven. Think about this message the next time you encounter an opportunity to comply with someone else’s preference for their sake.

Everyone got through one full round plus a little extra.

Two Years

THE SCENE:   60 and calm.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Administered

  • Moroccan nightclub
  • Seal jacks
  • Abe Vagoda
  • Cherry Pickers
  • Mountain climbers
  • Merkins
  • Projectivator


Short mosey to the Friendship Bell

  • Raccoon crawl around the perimeter
  • 11s – Chest tap irkins and box jumps


Mosey to K-25 Hill.  Pair up.

  • Partner 1:  Up the hill
    • 1st time – Sprint
    • 2nd time – bear crawl
    • 3rd time – Bernie
  • Partner 2 – Exercises
    • 45 burpees
    • 45 BBS
    • 45 lunges (2-ct)
    • 45 squats
    • 45 Merkins

Mosey back.

5 jump squats, 10 wall-ups, 5 jump squats, 15 inverted rows.  Repeato.


Sprints – winner leads core exercise.  Repeato until we are all whipped.


8 of the best men I know


Two years…  Two years ago, I was the FNG when Snaggletooth led the incredible workout that we repeated this morning.  I am so thankful for this group and grateful to the men who come out day after day to challenge each other physically, spiritually, relationally – I’m a better father, husband, and friend because of F-3 Project.

The reflection that I had for us this morning is from 1 Corinthians 13 – The Love Chapter

“Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful, it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

We zoomed in on those last few words, “…endures all things”.  In the original Greek, the word rendered in English as “endures” is hypomenei.  The word literally means, “remaining under the load” – but suggests something more like a military force that is being besieged and ordered to dig in! Defend the stronghold! Repel the enemy!  What are the enemies of love that we need to repel?  One is complacency.

Complacency is the subtle and silent enemy of your marriage.

There are outliers on either side – but experts say that, on average, it takes about 2 years for the “Honeymoon Phase” of a marriage to taper off.  In the beginning of our relationship, we are smitten with our spouse, wanting to always be around her, wanting to always please her and impress her.  Over time – around 2 years – that feeling tends to wane and a sense of complacency about our marriage can take hold.  What was once fascinating can become familiar.  Where we were once passionate, we can become passive.

Dr. Skip Moen, Academic Dean of Master’s International Divinity School, suggests that the word hypomenei could be understood as, “to stand firm…or to stay alive…”  So, the challenge issued this morning was to do something intentional today to keep alive (or breathe fresh life into) the spark in your marriage.  Don’t overcomplicate it.  It can be simple, like…

  • Ask her more questions
  • Be playful
  • Be spontaneous
  • Make room for quality time together
  • Play a game together
  • Schedule more sex
  • Put a flower on her pillow
  • Share a fantasy with her
  • Greet her with a bear hug after work today
  • Send her a text
  • Pray with her about her struggles
  • Laugh and make her laugh
  • Write her a note
  • Change your pattern of initiating sex
  • Express gratitude and show appreciation for her

Pick one…or a few…. Do it today!



Today was a repeat of the incredible workout Snaggletooth led two years ago.  Here’s his bb; https://f3knoxville.com/45-2/


Collecting donated items for Safe Haven through the end of the month

Good to be back

THE SCENE: 28 and dry.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Check, check, and check.

  • Lap around the parking lot and straight to Recruiting Center.
  • SSH
  • tempo Squats
  • LBAC (fwd/back)
  • Cherry Pickers X5
  • Whatever other warmup/stretch you need while I set up the workout.


  1. 20-15-10 (Reps with CMU)
  • Curls
  • Thrusters
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Squats
  • LAP around parking lot w/CMU

2. FLORA 1-2-3

  • 100 Merkins while partner holds plank
  • switch every 10
  • LAP around parking lot w/CMU
  • 200 LBC while partner holds 6″ leg lift w/CMU (directly overhead or extended back)
  • switch every 20
  • LAP around parking lot w/CMU
  • 300 Squats w/CMU while partner holds CMU Gore
  • switch every 25
  • LAP around parking lot w/CMU

3. 10’s
• 10 Single arm rows (each side) – Mosey CMU to curb and back
• 10 Lunges (each leg) – Mosey CMU to curb and back
• 10 Good Mornings + 10 BBS– Mosey CMU to curb and back
• 10 Uneven Merks (each side) – Mosey CMU to curb and back
• 10 Kettle swings + 10 Overhead Calf Raises – Mosey CMU to curb and back

We had some time for a few: Freddy Mercury, Dolly, Basilisk.

CRAZY 8 – special shoutout to Wanderer and Miss Fire – welcome back to The Project – way to crush it!

What lessons are you still learning from the events of 2020-2021? With the world overturned by the pandemic, politics, social upheaval and violence, I have felt the deep need for more inner silence and stillness. However, being cooped up last year with continuing implications to the present day are no guarantee that we have achieved stillness or silence in our hearts and minds. We know this to be true. Out of the lessons that God is teaching me, I have felt pressed to keep leaning into these lessons which have become promises and blessings of God’s presence and peace. I have to keep rehearsing them, speaking them, reaffirming my faith in God’s strength, wisdom, and grace. In keeping with this practice of speaking blessing and promise over my life, my wife and I pray this blessing adapted from Deuteronomy over our children: “God, we ask that you would cause him [her/us] to flourish; cause him to be above and not below, the head and not the tail, a leader and not a follower, a giver and not a borrower; may he be blessed in order to be a blessing to others.” What do you need to speak out loud over your life? Over your marriage, children, and home? Over your work and your ministry? Learn your lessons. Speak blessing over all whom God has given you.

Just turned 47 – respect is just a few years away! Can’t say how much it means to work out with these guys.

Coffeeteria @ Dunkins!