F3 Knoxville

Pickle 🥒 love

AO: the-project
Q: Icey Hot
PAX: Ghost Flag (F3Knoxville), Biohack, slappy, Ocho, Mathlete, Flying Dutchman, Tom Tom, Mo Rocka (Joshua Miller), OBrother
FNGs: None
Side straddle hops, Arm circles fwd and back, Torso rotations, Squats


Mosey to freedom bell

Set 1 (20 rep)
– Superman
– Pickle Pointer
– Heel Touches
– Toe Touches
– Pickle Pounders
– Hold plank/squat until everyone finishes

Mosey lower loop then pickup the six or hold plank/squat until everyone finishes

Set 2 (20 rep)
– Pickle pointer
– Flutter Kicks
– Bird Dog
– Mountain Climber
– Pickle pounder and reach
– One legged lifts
– Hold plank/squat until everyone finishes

Mosey lower loop then pickup the six or hold plank/squat until everyone finishes

Repeat Set 1 (15 reps)

Mosey lower loop then pickup the six or hold plank/squat until everyone finishes

Repeat Set 2 (15 reps)

Mosey to shovel flag

Convergence at worlds fair park 17Feb24
Escape Ha


Are you going to God with your problems and asking that God give you the solution you desire or are you laying your troubles before God and seeking his will?

I know, I personally struggle with this. Most recently I have been pursuing new employment to cut back on my travels and time away from my family. I’ve been diligent in my prayers and seeking God. It was when my answer came not as a new job but as my current role putting things in my court to solve the problem and letting me do just that. I then realized this entire time I’ve been seeking God to solve things my way and not trusting in his infinite wisdom.

Proverbs 3: 5-6 states:
5.Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.
6.Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.

John 3:30 (ESV) states:
He must increase, I must decrease

This is not a negative position even though it sounds like we must become less the realty is we can only become greater through him. Zach Williams’ song Less Like me chorus says it simply.
A little more like mercy, a little more like grace
A little more like kindness, goodness, love and faith
A little more like patience, a little more like peace
A little more like Jesus, a little less like me

Similar to what @Biohack said, are we seeking Gods wisdom like Solemn?

Change Up

AO: shamrock
Q: Voodoo
PAX: Commission, Stitch, Tinker, slappy, Mermaid, Glamper, Honeydew, Brick, KickFlip
FNGs: None
CMU, Dora-style

2 partners alternate exercises but both CMUs must be used at all times. Completed 3.5 rounds with a set of Mary after each.

-Wall squats
-OH press
-Toe merkins

>From CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters
I once had a patient, a sound atheist, who used to read in the British Museum. One day, as he sat reading, I saw a train of thought in his mind beginning to go the wrong way. The Enemy, of course, was at his elbow in a moment. Before I knew where I was I saw my twenty years’ work beginning to totter. If I had lost my head and begun to attempt a defence by argument I should have been undone. But I was not such a fool. I struck instantly at the part of the man which I had best under my control and suggested that it was just about time he had some lunch. The Enemy presumably made the counter-suggestion (you know how one can never quite overhear What He says to them?) that this was more important than lunch. At least I think that must have been His line for when I said “Quite. In fact much too important to tackle it the end of a morning”, the patient brightened up considerably; and by the time I had added “Much better come back after lunch and go into it with a fresh mind”, he was already half way to the door. Once he was in the street the battle was won. I showed him a newsboy shouting the midday paper, and a No. 73 bus going past, and before he reached the bottom of the steps I had got into him an unalterable conviction that, whatever odd ideas might come into a man’s head when he was shut up alone with his books, a healthy dose of “real life” (by which he meant the bus and the newsboy) was enough to show him that all “that sort of thing” just couldn’t be true.

How can you be on the lookout for these ordinary distractions?

Core Shredder and mini laps

AO: shamrock
Q: slappy
PAX: Mermaid, Anchorman, slappy, Honeydew, Skidmark, Stitch, Commission, Betty, VooDoo
FNGs: None
Baby arm circles
Tempo merks
Cherry pickers
Tempo squats
Calf stretch
Butt kickers
High knees

1. Coreshredder
We did 10 core exercises in 3 rounds. Do 3 merkins between each exercise. Round 1 – 15 of each, round 2 – 10 of each, round 3 – 5 of each. We got to hear some of my Friday fun track until my speaker died. (Lame)

2. Mini loops
We had 2 cards with 6 different exercises each. Do 10 of an exercise and take a quick mosey lap move on to the next exercise on list followed by a lap each time. We were able to finish both cards and have a friendship mosey back to the flag ending exactly at 6:15 thanks to my superior planning skills.


-Convergence was moved
-sign up for GTE
-next week Stitch, Crawlspace, and Mermaid

Read John 1:1-3
These words are pretty crazy when you think about it. Jesus is God. Jesus was there at the beginning. Jesus actually was the one who made everything. There’s no getting around it this is a crazy truth that Christians must believe. We are not given an option in scripture to accept Jesus as only a great moral teacher in a pluralistic group of other religions. Jesus believed that he was God and savior of the world and so did his first followers. What do you think about this? Have you ever considered it from this angle? He was either crazy or who he said he was. If we believe Jesus is who he said that he was, we believe in something pretty wild and crazy. But just because something is crazy doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

A walk in the park

AO: shamrock
Q: Mermaid , slappy, Mermaid
PAX: slappy, Mermaid, The Situation, KickFlip
FNGs: None
It was more of an OTB, but we walked to Catholic from our homes (Kickflip drove), and then we rucked together to Waffle House for breakfast, then saying goodbye and rucking home.

Snow Day Shenanigans

AO: shamrock
Q: slappy
PAX: Mermaid, Anchorman, Base Salary, Eliza, KickFlip, Skidmark, slappy, Stitch, Swifty, Voodoo, Waxjob, Oscar Meyer
FNGs: None
Grady Corns
Moroccan night club
Tempo merkins
Shoulder taps
Cherry pickers

On football field
-50 snow angels
Separated into 2 teams. Snowball fight. You get hit you do 5 burpees.
Round 1- you get 3 lives
Round 2- civil war – each team stands shoulder to shoulder 10 yards opposite the other team. You get 1 shot per round. If you get hit you’re out. Play until last man standing.
Round 3 – single elimination

Moved to the half pipe hill
Teams did a sled relay. Go down hill on sled stop and do 1 burpee. Run up the hill and handoff to teammate.

Pickle pounders
Hold plank until 6:15

Convergence this weekend. See you all there.

I read the letter I wrote to Shamrock last year followed by the letter Mrs. Cardinal wrote to us this year.

When asked about why God chose the timing that he did, “She said, “It was because he hadn’t met F3 yet. God waited to take him until they were in your life to take care of you.” She was right. God waited…so that I would have you to walk with me through the darkest valley of my life.”

Do you believe that F3 can make a difference in the lives of men and their families? Who do you see around you that needs support? Who do you go to for support. While sad, Cardinal’s passing is a good story that all men of F3 are part of. The challenge is to make it count for yourself and others while you still can.