F3 Knoxville

Head, Shoulders, Knees over Toes

AO: shamrock
Q: Voodoo
PAX: Nadia (Aaron Jacques), Caveman, LeBling, Stitch, slappy, Curveball, The Situation, Crawlspace
FNGs: None

I was recently told about the Knees Over Toes guy so we incorporated a few of his suggested exercises.

Started at entrance and walked backward up the hill and then moseyed to CMU pile.

4 corners workout in the school parking lot.

Round 1
-split squats (10)
-v ups (15)
-toe merkins (20)
-heels touches aka awkward turtles (25)

Traversed to each corner by lining up head to toe in a plank position and slid CMU up to person in front. Run to front of line after you pushed all the CMUs and continued until we reached the corner. Rotated between left side push, right side push, and pull CMUs on each side.

Round 2
-heel elevated squats (10)
-dips (15)
-pickle pointers (20)
-curls (25)

Bernied between each corner during round 2

Round 3 was a mix of round 1 & 2.

Completed a few burpees for penance of broken CMUs, and then racked the remaining.

10 monkey humpers

Be mindful of the words we use. They can have consequences.

Ephesians 4:29
Proverbs 10:19, 5:4
Colossians 4:6

EHed a couple of Q sign ups, and encouraged everyone to help fill the Q calendar to take the burden off of Slappy.

Let’s Roll The Dice

AO: shamrock
Q: Mermaid
PAX: Voodoo, slappy, Honeydew, Crawlspace, Anchorman, Stitch, Mermaid
FNGs: None
Simple SSH, Cherry pickers, Twisty’s, stretching
Mosey to the Church, and at the church begin the no glove love leg day workout. After one round, abort and use the dice to determine the workout. Working the four corners of the parking lot, and rolling in every corner. Pausing at the pillars to do lunges, and wall squats each round.
Convergence Saturday at the Cove
“I’ve never felt a region’s love like yours, even in my home region.” Maxime NE Sector Chief Pittsburg

Many of you were able to meet Maxime during the GTE. He drove here from Pittsburg, and proclaimed that this GTE was either #1 or #2 of the hardest GTE’s in which he has participated. He then did another GTE the very next weekend, and maybe another since. He has currently completed 10, that is exactly 10 more than I have attempted!

You may be wondering why I am talking about Maxime, and his quote above. One of the things I am learning about is asking for help. I am stubborn, I am a guy, I think I can outwork all of my problems, and let me tell you, that has proven to be untrue. F3 has been great for me in this regard, the men in this region in particular have been willing to be vulnerable, and ask for help when we need it, and that has encouraged me to follow that lead. On the F3 Nation Slack, there is a specific channel for Nantan’s, and we can network with one another and seek direction on how to do the job. This week, I posed a question to the group seeking council on how to handle an F3 problem. I received wise council, encouragement, and helpful advice. Maxime Dm’ed me directly and we conversed about the problem. He ended with the kind words about our region, and about you guys. This vulnerability that we exhibit stands out, and I think offers real growth. When we can let our guard down, and ask for help, I think real change occurs.

Two weeks ago, I had a coworker stopped and arrested for his 2nd DUI in the last three years. I was on vacation, and received the terrible news about 10PM on Wednesday night July 3rd. I drove home the following Saturday, and this man and his wife were waiting for me in my driveway so that we could discuss the incident and what happens with his job moving forward. Time will tell, there were no promises about a return to work, only a conversation about how he can heal, and restore the problems that he has created with his family, friends, etc. The theme of our conversation was him admitting that he has a problem and that he needs help. He has finally admitted that he can’t conquer this battle alone. This is a battle that he has been fighting for about 7 years, and this is the first time that I think he has a chance to overcome his addiction.

It took him being arrested for a second time to realize that he couldn’t do it alone, and I am thankful for F3 for helping me realize that I can’t tackle my problems alone. Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom to realize that problems exist, and the two times in my life that I have found myself in that pit of despair, I realized that I really wasn’t alone. It was in these moments that I have been closest in my relationship with God, and my coworker is having the same epiphany. I don’t believe that God wants bad things to happen to us, I think he wants to have a relationship with us, and some times we as men can be so dense that is takes a rock bottom experience to get our attention. A group like F3 may prevent us from bottoming out, this group may just provide a safe place to express our weaknesses, and it is in this group that I can share my deficiencies with no judgement, and seek real wisdom from men who have already walked a mile in those proverbial shoes. Men having an outlet for their vulnerabilities is what Maxime sees in our region, it is why he sees the love that we openly share for one another.

The Bros Bowl

AO: asylum-daybreak
Q: Steam
PAX: Pusher, F3 Pluto ( Hugh Nystrom), Stitch, Kung Blue, Choir Boy, Pele (Jon Lindberg), Cart Girl (John Sadler) (Chatt, TN), Dain Bramage (Will Olson), Lilydipper, Waffle House (Brady Greene), Brick, Billie Jean, Stiff Arm, Sweat Kankle
FNGs: 1 Sweat Kankle
1. Mountain Climber: 12×4
2. Plank Jacks: 12×4
3. Rockette: 12×4
4. Imperial Walker: 12×4
5. Apollo Onos: 10×4

(Mosey to the BP)

1 — BP Warm-Up
– 50 bench pull-ups
– 50 dips

(Mosey to the front of the Super Bowl)

2 — Rings of Power Part 1
– Run up the inner ring
– Top: 10 Star Jacks (1ct)
– Base: 10 man-makers
– Total of 1 round

3 — Rings of Power Part 2
– Run the outer middle ring to the top
– Top: 10 heels to heaven (4ct)
– Base: 10 Butterfly situps (1ct)
– Total of 1 round

4 — Rings of Power Part 3
– Run the outer perimeter ring
– Opposite side: 10 elevated heel squats (1ct)
– Base: 10 Iron Mikes (1ct)
– Total of 1 round

5 — Muscle Beach Mania
– Different Xs — only 5 reps each
– 5 reps = a higher expectation of good form rather than sprinting through
– Once you’re done with 5 reps of an X, run to the CCP (Country Club Pav) and do 25 LBCs (1ct)
– Rinse and repeat for (x amount of minutes)
– The Xs (On Notecards)
– Dips
– Pull-ups/chin-ups
– Incline Merkins
– Decline Merkins
– Balanced Squats
– Box Jumps (fully stand up)
– Rope pull-ups
– Forearm plank leg lifts
– Elevated split squats
– Monkey bar gauntlet

American Indian run 1/2 back to the flag
Jailbreak / BTTW 1/2 back to the flag

– 2024 Summer Convergence — uncovered-summer-convergence
– 7/13/24
– The Cove @ Concord Park
– 7am – 8am workout / 8am – 9am COT + coffeteria

Notes & takeaways from a portion of GrowSchool
(From GTE-46 (SEND ME))

1. What is your “F3 story?”
1. This matters!
2. Not only do people outside of F3 need to hear this as you EH them, but it’s also important to remind ourself and other men in F3 of this story — it helps us better understand each other and how F3 has changed our lives.
1. Rightness is a process – not a destination
2. f3nation.com/get-right-q1/ — The Pursuit of Personal Alignment
1. Commitment to the DRP (Daily Red Pill)
2. King — Fitness
1. Fatigue makes cowards of us all
2. No one cares what you can do when you’re fresh – it’s the level of integrity that you execute at when you’re smoked and tired that fights against the quote above
3. This is a daily discipline of the body
1. Queen — your “put in the body” discipline
1. Typically viewed from a nutritional perspective (diet, etc.)
2. But broaden the scope to include anything you are consuming – physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, spiritually, etc.
3. Your King can’t outwork your Queen
1. If I workout 7x a week but have a terrible diet, it doesn’t matter how hard I’m working
1. Your King and Queen are intrinsically related and connected
1. Jester — temptation of the flesh
1. anything. that hinders the acceleration of your King, Queen, Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.
1. https://soundcloud.com/f3nation/f3-q-source-get-right-q1

Take 5

AO: shamrock
Q: slappy
PAX: Skidmark, Baby Boomer, Caveman, Crawlspace, LeBling, Haggis, The Situation, Stitch
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, tempo merkins, runner stretch, calve stretch, cherry pickers

– I had planned my workout but left the exercises blank. At the end of the warmup each man called out an exercise and I randomly filled in the blank for what was next.
– Ran to the track. Went around the backside half lap, through the bleachers, and ended at the half wall near the front gate.
– For Act 1 at the half wall we did a set of step ups and merkins doing 5-10-15 each alternating between the two exercises. We followed with another set of derkins and mountain climbers.
– For Act 2 we moved to the end zone for take 5 every 5. We moved across the field stopping every 5 yards to do 5x each. First pass was alternating hello dollys & copperhead squats, second was lunge 10 yards and do 5 LBCs, third pass was alternating SSH & V-ups, and the final pass was 1 burpee every 5 yards.

– Nolan Ryans
– Superman / banana
– Shoulder taps
– Ankle taps
– Flutter kicks
– Freddy mercurys

– F-3 Uncovered
– Please fill up the q calendar

After attending the funeral last night for Sarah I was struck by the impact she had by her big joyful smile and her passion for art. There were many other things but these two things really stood out. Question: Am I smiling enough? Also, what beauty or goodness am I bringing into the world with my talents?

“The aim of the person of faith is not to be as comfortable as possible but to live as deeply and thoroughly as possible – to deal with the reality of life, discover truth, create beauty, act out love.” E. Peterson


AO: shamrock
Q: Caveman
PAX: Smoked Pickle, Mermaid, slappy, Gringo, Honeydew, Eliza, Base Salary, Pom Pom, Baby Boomer, Voodoo, Stitch, Skidmark, Flower Pot, Snaggletooth, Steiner, , MACGRUBER

Stationary Butt kickers – 50 single
Stationary High Knees – 50 single
Side Straddle Hops – 25
Neck rolls
Shoulder shrugs – forward / Back

Gorilla Walkers side to side
5 to the right
5 back x 2

Mountain Climbers 50

End Zone:
Shuffle to 50
Shuffle Back
Cross overs to 50 – Face Bleachers
Crossovers Back – Face Bleachers
Lunges 25
Lunges back
Gorilla walkers forward


Jog to 50
50 Mountain Climbers – Single
Sprint back

Lizard Walk to 20
Lizard Walk back x 2

Run Bleachers X2
15 Up Downs or Burpees
Run Bleachers
15 Up Downs or Burpees
Hold plank waiting on 6

10 Box Jumps
10 Jump Squats x2

Circle up
Shin Box Rotation x5
Into a runners stretch
Each side x2

Arm Circles
25 forward
25 Backwards
25 side Thumbs down

50 LBCs x2




“The pathway to what’s real is through the hardest thing you can do.”
J. Peterson