F3 Knoxville

Another Day in Paradise




Head – Shoulders – Knees – and Toes
Ran to area where everyone could do tabata: 20 seconds on/10second rest: pull ups, sit ups, push ups, squats

Ran back to starting point, tabata sets again with burpee variations

Core stuff
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Is spirituality about getting closer or getting better?


Rock elevators

THE SCENE: 32…slight breeze….COLD!



  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Merkins x 20 IC
  • Squats (4ct) x 20 IC
  • This/That stretch


  1. Mosey to the corner below Asylum building.
    • Burpee Mile – start with 1 burpee at first light pole and +1 at each successive pole.   Stop at the white trailer at the base of Everest.   Total of 14 poles = 105 burpees!
  2. Mosey up Everest….forward first half, Bernie Sanders 2nd half
  3. Circle up and each man grab a rock for some elevators on the long hill.
    • Stop 1:  25 curls
    • Stop 2:  25 curls, 25 OH Press
    • Stop 3:  25 curls, 25 OH Press, 25 Goblet Squat
    • Stop 4:  25 curls, 25 OH Press, 25 Goblet Squat, 25 Merkins on your rock
    • Stop 5:  25 OH Press, 25 Goblet Squat, 25 Merkins on your rock
    • Stop 6:  25 Goblet Squat, 25 Merkins on Rock
    • Stop 7:  25 Merkins on Rock


  • Flutter kicks x 25
  • Hello Dolly x 25
  • Slutter kick x 25
  • 1 minute of AMRAP LBCs

16 PAX:  Quickbooks, Archie, Umbro, Rainbow, Neutron, Pusher, Bluebird, Booster, Streak, Doublewide, Snitch, Catgut, Cheatsheet, Rusty, Bunny, Bartman

Yesterday was Pearl Harbor day….which means to today is the day President Roosevelt addressed our nation and declared that we were officially at war.   Yesterday our country was caught sleeping, but today we began to pull ourselves up out of the ashes and prepare for what is likely our finest hour on the world stage.  The bible is full of characters who had to pull themselves out of the ashes as well:  Joseph, David, Moses, Job, Peter….the list goes on.   The challenge for you today is:  what are you going to do about challenges you face on a daily basis?   Are you going to wallow because of yesterday’s failures and hardships or are you going to pick yourself up, be a man, and do something about it?   The choice is yours.

Special prayer for Ratchet’s family as they’re dealing with the loss of their home in the California fires.

3rd F event tomorrow at the Outlook…..be there!!

Bring your Rock to Work Day

THE SCENE: Low 30s and clear.  Perfect weather to wake you up

SSH x 20, with a stop, regroup and restart

CP x 10

BAC x10, forward and back

Little of This and That, waiting on Archie to join us

Tempo Squats x15

Tempo Merkins x15


  • Mosey to the rock pile, pair up (Sorry, Archie!)
  • Partners grab a good sized rock, make friends and give it a name.
  • P1 takes rock to the top of the space station to show it the view while P2 does set of 20 Merkins, 20 Hello Dollys and 20 Lunges.  Switch up
  • Mosey with your pet rock (switch carrying as partner needs) to station 1
  • Station 1:  20 BBS, feet to feet with partner, handing off rock every other time
  • Mosey to Station 2
  • One partner runs to front door of Asylum and rings the door bell while other does squats or overhead lifts.  Swap out, rinse and repeat.
  • Mosey to Station 3, back to back with partner, rotating and handing rock back and forth x 20. (I’m sure there’s an F3 name for this, but I have no idea what it is).
  • Mosey up the hill back to the rock pile.
  • P1 runs to the space station while P2 does curls, then switch out.  Then say bye to your pet rock.
  • Mosey to AO, where there’s time to Bernie up the hill and back down.

Gibbler leads us in some American Hammers.  Around 30 but I lost count.  Some box cutters and a little boat canoe
7 strong.  Gibbler, Code Brown, Streak, Archie, Waffle House, Crab Legs, Charmin
Dealing with our kids can seem like a cage match (especially during puberty) and tests ourselves as fathers.  A couple of key things for us Dads to remember:  Don’t exasperate our kids, but instruct with God’s Word (Ephesians 6:4) and remember that “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”  (Proverbs 15:1)
Shout out to our pet rocks today:  Coolio, Peter, Rocky and Apollo Creed.
2nd F event this Saturday after the Big Ball.  No Asylum this Saturday.

Back day with a little leg…

26 showed up to work the other half of the body.  Great day for back!

5:30 COT

  • Side Straddle Hop X 25
  • Imperial Squat Walkers X 15
  • Baby Arm Circles x 15 each way
  • Merkin x 15
  • Bropees x 10

Bermuda Triangle – 2 Second Hold-  3 Stations. 1- Pull-up, 2 Rows, 3- Wall jumps/step-ups.

Break up into four groups and run to each station.  Every time you pass the Flag Pole do 10 Blockees.

  • 10 Pull-Ups x 4 rounds
  • 20 Picnic Table Rows X 4 Rounds
  • 20 Wall Jumps or step up x 4 Rounds

Aiken Legs – Play Ground Done in succession with no rest — 20 Squats, 20 Box Jumps, 20 Mary Catherine Lunges (10 each leg) – Run around lot.

  • 20 Superman swims x 2
  • 20 pickle pounders

Dora Duece – 2 trips up each exercise (add additional if time)

  • Squat to overhead press
  • Bent over Rows

Cash Out – Burp and Merc Ladder -1 Burpee increasing the push-ups every time up to 10

BOM – Take time to invest in others.

Pirates vs Vandals

THE SCENE:  52 (way to kick it off, December) and…. um, moist.
Started with 0.01s to spare… Welcome FNG!


Good ol’ increasing OYO burpee warmup:

SSH x30 IC – 2 burpees
Windmill x20 IC – 4 burpees
*Hindurkins x15 IC – 6 burpees
Al Gore Tuck Jumps x6 IC – 8 burpees
LBAC x20 each way IC – 10 burpees

*Plank, down for 1, push fwd with toes for 2, stay low and pull back, bending knees without touching ground, until arms are straight forward for 3, extend knees with arms straight to return to plank.

Mosey to the base of Everest, plank for 6.
LBC – 4-count x20 IC
Jailbreak all the way to the road at the top!

Pick a coupon and circle up:
Squrls x30 OYO – Squat plus curl, rock has to hit the ground (stones don’t though)
Drop coupons and move to the fifth one on your right.
Weight check – Lighter than your original? Everyone says “No”. Lack of honesty is disturbing…
4-count fwd raise – nice and slow – IC x10
4-count back-and-forth across chest – IC x10

Number off 1s and 2s (Pirates and Vandals)
Put all coupons in a line across the road, Pirates stay with coupons, Vandals line up 50yd away
Pirates begin exercise… Vandals come steal all coupons (2 each) and observe exercise, return to line and do exercise.
When the last Vandal has made it back, Pirates stop exercise, run steal all coupons, return, and begin next exercise.
Iron Mikes
Bobby Hurleys
Monkey Humpers

Dang. Running out of time. Mosey back to AO

Made it back to the AO right at 6:15. No time to row the boat.
32 strong – Welcome to Streak (Paul Chattaway)
Today each group stole the other group’s coupons while they were busy doing an exercise.  The enemy often looks for similar opportunities to steal, kill, and destroy while we are busy or distracted.  Often that distraction is indeed important and valuable, but don’t lose sight and vigilance over what you’ve been entrusted with that is truly valuable.
The construction up here wreaked havoc on my preparation this morning. I ran into roadblocks several times trying to follow my map to get around.  Also, I learned a little Q-tip this morning.  Sidewalk chalk disappears almost completely if the pavement is the slightest bit… moist.
Wesley House 2.0 workout Sunday at 2 with disadvantaged kids.  Check GroupMe for more info from Tank.  Bring a wrapped gift!

Praise from Tonka – 2.0 is 14 weeks into construction!