F3 Knoxville

Route 66 classic

THE SCENE: damp but cool morning

20 SSH

10 4 count merkins

5 cherry pickers
Mosey over to the boat

  • route 66 starting at the first light do one of the exercise then run to the next light and do 2 of the exercise then run to the next light and do 3.. and so on to the 11th light. Then run to the end of the parking lot and do an core exercise until the 6 get’s there.
  • BBS
  • Squat Jumps
  • Merkins (Bernie sanders in-between each light)
  • Iron Mikes

Mosey back to AO


10 4 count American hammers

leg holds for time

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I believe in the doctrine of election because I am quite certain that if God had not chosen me, I should never have chosen him and I am sure he chose me before I was born or else, he never would have chosen me afterwards: and he must have elected me for some reason unknown to me, for I never could find any reason in myself why he should have looked upon me with special love. Charles Spurgeon 

Point out evidence of Grace in others lives today to encourage your soul and others.

Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.

The “Grand” 3rd Leg of Ole Smokey

THE SCENE: 44 degrees, with no rain in the forecast, so the moisture that was present must have been 100% humidity.

Mosey to Award Winning Way AKA Ole Smokey’s 3rd Leg.  There were no participation trophies given on Award Winning Way this AM.

Perform these exercises at the bottom of the hill with the ruck
10 American Hammers
10 Curls
10 Tri Ext
10 Over Head Presses
10 BBS
Run to the first break in the median, perform 5 burpees, then continue to run to the top of the hill, then 5 more as you run back down the hill.
Perform these exercises at the top of the hill with the ruck
10 Squats
10 Lunges (each leg)
10 Calf Raises
10 Monkey Humpers
10 Merkins
Repeat the 3rd leg 10 times

The goal was 10 times.  Several of us made it 6 times, which would be 660 reps each.  My GPS had me at 2.87 total miles which is less than I wanted.  My plan was high heart rate work.  Often in rucking, my heart rate is lower than running or the regular boot camp.  I wanted us to use the hill and subsequent exercises to keep our heart rate high to improve our endurance and ability to sprint or climb hills under weight.  After the 6th repeat, we dropped the exercises and repeated the hill 3 more times for a total of 9 hill repeats.  We made our way back to the AO to meet up with the Boot Camp.
We joined Pool Boy for a couple of Merkins before he called time.

See Pool Boy’s Back Blast from today.
See Pool Boy’s Back Blast from today.
See Pool Boy’s Back Blast from today.

Lake Quarters

Warm o Rama

  • Start Super slow to increasing to super fast on ALL these:
  • 10x Dancing Burpees (3 ct High Knee + Burpee on 4)
  • 10x Cherry Picker
  • 10x Ferris Wheel (4ct @ 9 , 12, 3, 6) Wide stance – huge stretch.
  • 10x Side 2 Side (4ct Toe Touch – like Speed Skater )
  • 10x Freddy Mercuries (4ct – long stretch)
  • 10x Moon Dancers (4ct – inverted Freddy Mercuries)
  • 10x 180 Leg Lifts (4ct 90, 180, 90, 0 )
  • 10x Merkin Rolls (3ct)
  • 10x Bruce Lee’s (Side Kick with rear elevated dismount) 4ct (1 side kick. 2-3-4 by 4 your foot is behind you after being spun back around behind you all the while in the air at the same level you kicked)
  • 10x Rocky Balboa’s (4ct punches – in fighter stance – Jab cross jab cross) @ rep 5 switch to Jab cross jab upper-cut.

Transition to Lake: Indian Race Run

The indian race run is like the indian run but with two races added. The last person in line sprints up to front and back to back and keeps going around back up to the front. So each person does two loops around the train. When that sprinter gets to the back the first time, the next person in line races him back up to the top. Upon reaching the beginning the first person stops and the second person begins his loop to the back where the next last person will race him up to the top. (Repeat).

The Thang – Big Quarters

An AMRAP around the lake for time 20 Minutes. At each quarter mark around the lake there is one exercise. Each one increases by 25.

  • @3 O’clock do 25 Burpees
  • @12 O’Clock do 50 Merkins (or 2ct Iron Mikes)
  • @9 O’Clock do 75 Flutter Kicks (single count)
  • @6 O’Clock do 100 LBC’s
    Start at 6 O’Clock with no LBC’s.

Transition to State Farm Stairs:

  • Merkin Centipede: In single file plank line. AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. Last person does merkin roll (from warmup) and sprints to the front of the line. As soon as the sprinters feet passes the next persons head, the next person Merkin rolls to the side to a sprint to the front. (Repeat).
  • Baby Merkin Centipede: Same thing but on elbows.
  • Sun Bathing Centipede: Same thing but in reverse plank (belly up – or stiff straight crab)

Mary – Thor Slappers

  • At top of small stairs do 10x Thors (BBS + 4 Hammers)
  • Run to top of big stairs
  • At top of large stairs do 10x Clap Jacks (clapping merkin + Star Jack)

Transition back to AO: Three lines with this JODY

  • F3 F3 – F3 Beatdowns are the best
    Always Free but you give up some rest
  • F3 F3 – Jesus Christ is His Name
    Givin Glory to Him is our Aim
  • F3 F3 – High Impact Men Givin glory to His Name
    Day by Day We give Christ the Fame
  • F3 F3 – I hope my wife don’t get mad today
    Cause I woke her up goin to F3
  • F3 F3 – We hope our wives don’t get mad today
    Cause I’ve gone to F3 five times this week
  • F3 F3 – Gettin up before dawn is what we do
    It don’t seem right if it ain’t in the gloom
  • F3 F3 – Iron Sharpens Iron Day by day
    Sprints and Burpees all the way
    Sprints and Burpees all the way
  • F3 F3 – God Help us Trolley’s on Q, 200 Burpees is what he wants us to do.


Jumping Into Risk

Army Training Sir

THE SCENE: About 35 degrees, but we warmed up quick.

SSH x 20
Mt Climbers x 15
Merkins x 15
Freddy Mecury x 30
Tempo Squats x 10


Formation Run to Sophmore Hill (Jodies such as C-130, Copperhead Road, etc)
4 Corners — 20 Burpees > 30 Squats then lunge to 40 Merkins > 50 flutter kicks
Formation Run to Large Parking Lot Cross Campus
4 Corners in reverse order
Formation Run to back to AO


  • Row Your Boat in honor of Waxjob
  • Hello Dolly x 50 then time ran out

30 HIMs in attendance (counting the RUSH folks)
2 Tim 3:16 – stressing all Scripture
Challenge to read through the Bible in a year as a family


brickyard invasion JUCO

THE SCENE: Cool  32’F
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER  Screwed that up!   10 Burpees


had to get to the Coupon PileMosey– walked  M.A.R.S up 10  and Down 10

Mosey — Imperial Squat Lunger 10

Mosey– Walked     Over head Claps

Mosey — A little of this, that, get some more, do not forget that
With your Chilled Coupon,


Push-ups, straight arm raises, squat thruster, squat, twists

( on paper it looks so easy )


had to get back to the A/O

Mosey — 10 ct LBC

Mosey — 10 ct Bicycles

Mosey — 10 ct Flutter kicks

At A/O gut buster No feet on the deck!

100 Flutter kicks, 75 hello dolly’s, 50 Bicycles, 25 box cutters

Ladder Run the parking lot

27 HIMs Strong
you may not always understand someones path, and seeking out to understand their path may not work.  But know that the lord put you in that individuals path for a reason.  you are given a choice just as everyone else is.  What will you do with your choice.


I call to mind the merciful story of God’s love that we heard today in a spiritual retreat for the clergy.   the Priest speaker said that God knows the struggle of those who are addicted.   He knows that their efforts are flawed and weak.   God also knows that with-in the fog of confusion, there is a soul crying to God for his help.  Like the good thief on the cross, you son will have the chance to hear the words, “Today, you will be with me in paradise.”

-Fr. Val Bartek