F3 Knoxville

Vanilla Magic Mic Co Q

AO: bigball
Q: Magic Mic (Jarrett Woodall) , vanilla
PAX: Butterfly (Duncan Johnson), Duggar, Wedding Singer, Z-Pack, Soot, Trip
FNGs: None


Burpee timer every minute
At fountains: 3 rounds of 5 shoulder tap Derkins, bear Crawl, 10 BBS, crawl bear, 15 Box Jumps
At Big Ball: 3 rounds of 5 toe tap merkins, 10 LBC, 15 squat jumps and stairs
Crawl Bear up ramp behind amphitheatre with 3 merkins at every light
At amphitheatre: 12 min AMRAP of 15x incline merkins, shoulder taps, CDD, dips, and Superman’s with stairs and 10 rows between each exercise
Then 12 min AMRAP of Freddy Mercury, LBC, Pickle Pounders, Leg Raises, and Am Hams with walking lunges between each exercise



Where we give our time is where our hearts are and reflect who we worship

BFW (burpee-filled workout)

AO: thequacken
Q: FixerUpper
PAX: Gmail, Z-Pack, Lizzy, F3 Pluto ( Hugh Nystrom)
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Disclaimer, Warmup stuff

10 8-count man makers
10 1 leg burpees (5 ea leg)
10 ninja burpees
10 sandbag burpees
10 burpee broad jumps
10 regular burpees
Paused at 4 to celebrate Z-Pack’s completion of MABA
10 ball-pees
10 Kraken burpees
5 8-count man makers with a broad jump
5 regular burpees
Celebrated Pluto’s completion of MABA
10 regular burpees again, I think
100 burpees running total

Mosey to the walking track
25 burpees
25 sandbag rows
25 sandbag overhead press
25 sandbag squats
1 lap
Finished 2 rounds, approximately

Spotted 1 rare “bro-pee” in the wild
150ish burpees running total

MARY: no

Q forgets announcements and prayer, but Z-Pack is on it.
2/17 Convergence at Big Ball
Log your burpees!

The Word #1
Psalm 13, taught it to my kids on Monday. Had to teach it to myself on Tuesday.

The Word #2, group discussion
Question : Why do 3100 burpees in a month?
Answers from the PAX :
It is a challenge, and you can do more than you think you can
To improve cardiovascular health and endurance
It is stupid
It is good to do hard stuff together
It is a good example to our children
It is memorable

After parking lot coffeteria, Gmail, Z-Pack and FixerUpper do a few more burpees, b/c why not?
200ish burpee final total

Cardinal’s VQ, 1 year later

AO: thequacken
Q: FixerUpper
PAX: Secret Garden, Z-Pack, Lizzy
FNGs: None
Cardinal’s Q

15 Side Straddle Hops
10 Tempo Merkins
10 Flutter Kicks 
10 Little Baby Arm Circles Forward
10 Little Baby Arm Circles Backward
10 Hallelujahs
10 Knoxville Cherry Pickers
20  Sec. Samson Hold
10 Willie Mayes Hayes
The Thang:
Choose two points about 100 yards from each other – these will be Point A and Point B. Starting at “Point A” perform Set 1 exercises, then run to “Point B” and repeat those same exercises. Run back to “Point A”.
Repeat this sequence for exercise Sets 2, 3, and 4.  

Set 1
5 Burpees
Moment of silence after burpee #2
5 Big Boys
5 Heels to Heaven

Set 2
10 Burpees                                               
10 Little Baby Crunches
10 Mt. Climbers Double Count

Set 3
15 Burpees                                               
15 Air Squats
15 Freddy Mercuries

Set 4
20 Burpees

ANNOUNCEMENTS: big ball convergence 1/20

COT: 1 more burpee
There’s a last time for everything
Do good as long as you have the opportunity. Galatians 6:10

Walkup that road there

AO: thequacken
Q: FixerUpper
PAX: Z-Pack, Lizzy
FNGs: None
WARMUP: walk a lap round the park, waiting for Q
THE THANG: Walkup some roads. Then walkdown ’em. Walked up Walkup Drive for a nice view of Broadway traffic
MARY: nope
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Big Ball convergence on 1/20, preruck discussion.
Quacken PM – plan to restart in May
COT: I appreciate you all

The Quacken Year in Review, 2023

AO: thequacken
Q: FixerUpper
PAX: Herbie, Z-Pack, Postman (Scott Colby), vanilla
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Yeah, some stretchings
Lap around the park
No man left behind – on Friday rucks, we do a lap first so that if someone arrives late, they can catch up.

Tree biscuit
Touch a tree, do a burpee. We made it to 20 on the lap around the park.
Stop at paver in path
Discover that there are two F3 pavers! I thought there was only one! Its usually dark though.

Iron PAX at church lawn, cones about 30 yards out
Dora, relay style
Round 1
Jillian Michaels and Murder Bunnies
Round 2
Merkins and Bunny Murders
Verbal threats were directed at the Q’s Health, Safety and Welfare at this point.

Gobbler Challenge
Carry CMU right >>> Overhead Press
Carry CMU left >>> Squats
1 round at 10
1 round at 20

2 min hand release merkins
Sandbag burpees (no sandbag, so we just talked about these…which was enough)

The Difficult Mile
Ball-pees plus lunges 100M or so. Encountered a steep hill, which was interesting.
Indian Run up to stop sign with medicine balls, 3 burpees, back to AO

Pretzels – 2 sets x 5 in cadence

Besides fulfilling the mission of plant, grow, serve, my personal goals for The Quacken were:
To make it a consistent AO
To partner with Big Ball and Brickyard
Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans (Prov 16:3)

Monthly highlights / milestones
January : MABA – Fall Down, Get Back Up Again, Together, with OnStar
End of January – Z-Pack’s father passed away
January 20 – 1st unofficial Friday Ruck led by Herbie
Mid-February – Lizzy completed a GORUCK Tough
April – F3 Open House in my front yard, Tenderfoot & John Deere – FNGs
March 1 – 4 yr anniversary of the Quacken
April – I had a hernia, surgery in June, recovery until July
May – The Quacken PM launched with Lizzy as AOQ – 3 workouts per week now MWF
June, July– hot workouts in the PM
August – Ruck to Big Ball
Accelerate your king – it was clear that Z-Pack had really improved
July – Wedding Singer respect Q
September – Iron PAX. Z-Pack said “what’s that? … OK, lets do it.” Love that attitude.
November – Gobbler Challenge, end of the PM workouts, begin of official Monday rucks, the MURPH, Biggest Loser
December – look back on year

Lowest attendance
Solo Qs – 9
No Qs – 3

Highest attendance
15 – Big Ball, Brickyard, Asylum PM came to claim Ghost Flag, epic sandbag toss by Doubtfire
13 – Wedding Singer Respect Q
13 – Asylum PM claims Ghost Flag in October
11 – Tenderfoot VQ, Roadblock VQ, flag handoff to me in January

5 FNGS : Trip, KFC, Dr Seuss, Dune Buggy, Malpractice, Boots
5 VQs : Z-Pack, Roadblock, Tenderfoot, Secret Garden, Trip
6 Downrange PAX : PBR – Spring Hill, Crash – Louisville, Hermes – Carpex, Quiet Place – Nashville, 2 of Duggar’s family
I posted in Charleston, SC, St. Louis, MO, and Whitefish, MT

OnStar, Magic Mic, Frizzles, Half Caff (due in January), Gmail (due mid-2024)

556 posts for the year
Avg – 4 PAX per workout
MWF consistent schedule

Mission accomplished, mission continues