F3 Knoxville


THE SCENE: Humid and gloomy. Storms threatened, but were ultimately scared of us.

  • Side straddle hops
  • Run around the parking lot
    • High knees
    • Bernie
    • Butt kicks
  • Tempo merkins
  • Tempo squats
  • Cherry pickers



  • M – Relationship with your wife – your center
    • 100 merkins
    • Hold Al Gore for the 6
  • Shorties – Relationship with your kids – your legacy
    • 50 LBCs
    • 50 flutter kicks
    • 50 Freddy Mercuries
    • Hold plank for the 6
  • Shieldlock – Your team for mutual defense
    • 100 step ups
    • Dips for the 6
  • Whetstone – Mentor/mentee
    • 20 burpees – it’s hard, but it makes you better
    • Hold Al Gore for the 6
  • Mammon – Your work, love it or hate it
    • Run 2 laps
    • Wagon wheel for the 6

Pappa Lock destroyed our arms, then Snaggletooth our abs, and Oh Brother led some Basilisks


  • How do you measure success in your life? Money? Things? Friends? Church attendance? Fitness?
  • Wrong scoreboards!
  • The Concentrica should be our scoreboard as seen from a Biblical worldview.
  • We should measure our success by the quality of the relationships we have on the Concentrica.
  • Which of these 5 rings are you missing in your life?
  • Which of them do you need to invest more in?

Family workout on Saturday.  Next weekend is F3 in the Nude. GTE Baseline ruck is August 5. F3 Dad camp is August 11-13.

1000 Merkins for Merica

THE SCENE: Very humid

  1. Side straddle hops
  2. Tempo merkins
  3. Cherry pickers
  4. Seal squats


We did 1,000 cumulative merkins for ‘Merica.  10 PAX were present, so each had to do 100.  We ran to the K25 hill and started our reps.  When you need a break, you run to the top of the hill and do LBCs.  The goal is 100 LBCs as well.

Next, we did 1,000 cumulative squats on the Y12 hill.  At each lamp post (12 total) we did 10 squats, running to the next lamp post.  The last 2 lamp posts we did walking lunges.

A quick stop at the playground for 10 pull ups, the pool wall for 5 wallpies, the back porch for 20 dips, and back to the flag.

Heels to Heaven, 80% max run, Basilisk, 70% max run.

The Declaration of Independence review.  How does it start? What are its principles? Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness.

It lists the grievances of the Colonies against the King. The founders signed the document and pledged their Lives, Fortunes, and sacred Honor to this cause.

What are we so convicted by and dedicated to in our lives that we would pledge such a high price and commit to pay it?


12 Pains of Christmas for Bobbit

THE SCENE: Cool and muggy

  1. Projectivator
  2. Tempo merkins
  3. Seal squats
  4. Grady corns
  5. Basilisks
  6. Prone row

Mosey to the hill on ORAU campus.

12 Pains of Christmas:  Do the first exercise, run up and down the hill, then do the next + all the ones before it.  It builds on itself, just like the song. “… and a bur-r-r-r-r-pee!”

  1. Burpee
  2. Imperial Squalkers
  3. Basilisks
  4. Merkins
  5. Big Boys
  6. Lunges
  7. Side straddle hops
  8. Prone rows
  9. Diamond merkins
  10. Heels to heaven
  11. Squats
  12. Burpees



I chose to do this workout in honor of our brother Bobbit.  His days with us are winding down as he gets ready to move on to his next adventure and new place of impact.  This was one of his favorite workouts.  As I planned for this, I forgot that we was at a church conference this week and so would not be here this morning.

A lot has been said already about his leadership and the impact he’s had on F3 Knoxville, Rampart, and The Project.  Today we focused on how we valued him as a friend.  We shared our favorite stories of Bobbit and made plans to clown car down to Chattanooga to visit him.


Dragon boat race.

The Great Siege of 1565

THE SCENE: Cool and muggy

  1. Projectivator
  2. Tempo squats
  3. Tempo merkins
  4. Cherry pickers
  5. Run to the track
  6. Run 3/4 lap w/ high knees, butt kicks, and karaoke


Our theme is assaulting a fort.

  • 100m + 50 merkins to assault the front gate.
  • Mosey 100m
  • The frontal assault failed. 200m sprint to retreat and 50 big boys to reinvigorate your manhood.
  • Mosey 300m to find another assault position.
  • Sprint 300m to assault the wall again.  Circle back for the 6.
  • Ouch! We got shot in the leg.  50m lunges
  • Mosey 150m to the field hospital.
  • We got patched up, but now we have to carry a dispatch to an allied commander. Sprint 400m
  • We made it inside the fort now! Run up and down the steps of the grandstands.
  • Mosey back to the flag. Small detour to see the tennis courts and do some dips.

Ocho: LBCs – Papa Lock: Grady Corns


The year is 1565 and the Ottoman Empire dominates the middle east, attacks ships in the Mediterranean, and makes slaves of their captives.  An ancient order of knights that dates back 500 years will break the back of this force of evil and save Europe from a Muslim invasion.

The Knights of the order of Saint John, also known as the Knights Hospitaller, were a group of Christian European knights who originally ran a hospital in Jerusalem. Their 2nd leader organized a militia and this began their military operations.  During the Crusades, they along with the Knights Templar (who you may have heard about from Nicholas Cage), became the 2 most formidable military orders in the Holy Land.

After the Muslims retook Jerusalem, the Knights Hospitaller took to island living.  Moving to Cyprus, Rhodes, and eventually Malta.  While on Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean west of Sicily, they launched naval raids on the Ottoman Empire and their vasal Barbary Pirates.

The Ottoman Empire decided the Knights Hospitaller needed to go to the hospital themselves and launched a huge siege on the Isle of Malta bringing 40,000 men.  This was one of the largest armies assembled since antiquity.  The Knights of the Order of Saint John had only 6,100 men to defend their home and the good people of Malta.

The Ottomans arrived on May 18, 1565 and took the interior of the island quickly.  There were three strategic forts on the east coast of the island that the Knights defended valiantly along with the capital city.  Despite many cannon bombardments from land and sea, and many assaults on the forts, the defenders held the island until September 7th – 4 months later when a relief force of 8,000 Spanish and Italian troops arrived.

These fresh troops made quick work of the demoralized Ottomans forcing them to retreat from the island by September 13th having lost between 25-35,000 men.  The Knights Hospitaller lost 2,000.

This example had a major impact, bringing together the kings of Europe in an alliance against the previously seemingly invincible Ottomans; the result was the vast union of forces against the Ottomans at the Battle of Lepanto six years later.  Who will you inspire with your bravery and resolve?

Hardship Hill is on Monday, May 29. Register or sign up to volunteer. Rampart Flag handoff on Saturday.

Han Solo

THE SCENE: Very cold for May.  Clear skies. Full moon

  1. B wings (projectivator)
  2. Imperial walkers
  3. Tie fighters
  4. X wings (overhead claps)
  5. Spice miners (cherry pickers)


Mosey to ORAU. Read the quote and complete the exercise then run up and down the hill.  Hold a podracer (Al Gore) for the six.


  1. “I have a bad feeling about this” – 10 thrusters
  2. “Then I’ll see you in Hell!” – 10 Blockees
  3. “Boring conversation anyway” – 50 curls
  4. “I thought they smelled bad on the outside!” – 30 heavy squats
  5. “Never tell me the odds” – 30 overhead press
  6. “You like me because I’m a scoundrel. There aren’t enough scoundrels in your life.” – 30 heavy freddy’s
  7. “No reward is worth this.” – 10 Urkey Durkery’s
  8. “One thing’s for sure, we’re all gonna be a lot thinner.” – 100 LBCs
  9. “What an incredible smell you’ve discovered!” – 20 heavy lunges
  10. “Great, kid. Don’t get cocky.” – 20 heavy pickle pointers
  11. “I know.” – 30 tricep extensions

Imperial Walkers and AT-ATs (bear crawl)
Use the TAGS on right-side to record PAX (BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOURSELF) in attendance. Be sure to select the AO in CATEGORY above TAGS and then delete these notes!

Star Wars is the classic melodrama: Good guys wear white and bad guys wear black.  You know who’s who from the start of a scene.  Han Solo is the one exception:  he wears black over white.  He starts out as a bad guy:  selfish, obsessed with money, and only looks out for number one.  However, he undergoes a change during the movie; the classic protagonist.  At the end of Episode IV A New Hope, after fleeing with his reward, he returns dramatically to save Luke and help destroy the Death Star cementing his place in the Rebel Alliance.

The journey of Han is an example of coming of age.  Look back at yourself as a child and a youth.  Were you selfish, obsessed with money, and only looking out for number one?  At what point did this start to change for you?  When did you start to love sacrificially? Look at your children.  Do you see Han Solo in them?  Teach them diligently and with patience.  With God’ grace, they too may return to dramatically save the day and cement their place in the Rebel Alliance of life.

Flag handoffs for JUCO (May 19) and Rampart (May 27)