F3 Knoxville

A little leg and sumpin’ else

THE SCENE: Warm and clear at 70 degrees.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER. Welcome to Fitness Fellowship and Faith, Voluntary, Free, Peer led, not a pro, no knowledge of injuries or fitness considerations, it is each person’s responsibility to be safe and to modify as necessary. Most important, don’t get hurt.


Arm circles – small
Imperial walkers
Knox Cherry pickers
Upward Dog
Downward dog
Indian Run to the coupons – last man does 1 burpee then sprints to the front


Carry your coupon through the entire workout. Or use it on the ground to complete exercises like Merkins.

20 Thrusters 20
Lunges (uphill to cones, mosey back)
10 Bonnie Blairs (jumping lunge) (10 Each leg)
40 Curls
High knees
20V-ups or modify with 20 LBCs
20 Alternating Side Squats
20 Grave Diggers (20 each side) (4 count carefully, use your legs)
Butt kicks
10 American Hammers (10 each side)
30 Merkins
20 Flutter kicks with block held high (4 count)

Repeat from the top until the alarm goes off


15 minutes of PAX choice, everyone got to choose one, including both FNGs



What does “Know your limits” mean?
I told a story about playing soccer in a tournament of several games a few weeks ago and the next day mentioned to a Bible Study group that my feet and ankles were very sore from it. Another man in the group said, (somewhat scoldingly) “You gotta know your limits.” His response stuck with me, because he has no clue about me or my “limits”.

So I posed the question at this morning’s COT – What does “Know your limits” mean? The responses from several PAX helped clarify the situation for me. Here are a few insights from the group.
• As a part of living, we are always traversing what appear to be limits as we learn and adjust.
• In order to know your limits, you must explore them and keep them up to date by going and touching them from time to time, because of course they change.
• Consider the source, someone may be giving you advice based on their own limits which could be very bad advice for you.
• Consider the source, and listen, if it is someone who knows you well and they are giving you solid advice from a friend.

The depth of the responses was much greater than I can post here, and I am very grateful that I learn so much from other PAX.

The HIMs at The Project have been a driving force to help me push my limits, shoulder to shoulder. A few months ago, I asked for agreement in prayer to get rid of the nagging fear that I was pushing too much, so that I could enjoy the journey. My fear is gone and I am no longer training “to get slower, slower”, but I am gaining ground. Most encouraging is that I am watching the men around me grow as husbands and HIMs, as well as athletes because they are pushing and evaluating their limits as a natural part of who they are.

My conclusion is that there is no way to “know your limits”, because they are invisible and always changing, so put your confidence in God and your hope in His promises. Maybe it would be better to say, “Know His promises”!


Welcome “Breadbowl” and “Wipeout”, previously known as FNGs.


THE SCENE: Clear skies, cool fall breeze, 65ish

Mosey for a bit, then SSH, Moroccan Night Club, Knoxville Cherry Pickers, Sideways Cherry Pickers, LG arm circles FWD/BWD, Mosey to the coupons

Isometric movements with weights as a recovery workout for IPC off day.  Range of motion and control with coupons.

  • 20X 8 count curls, mosey, 20X 8 count curls
  • 20X 8 count squats, mosey, 20X 8 count squats
  • 20X 8 count overhead press, mosey, 20X 8 overhead press
  • 20X 8 count kettlebell swings, mosey, 20X 8 count kettlebell swings (yes, in slow motion)
  • 10X 8 count American hammer
  • Long mosey back to flag

Atlas Shrugged


Recovery takes discipline – to slow down and sometimes do nothing (or something that feels like nothing) as a planned part of an intense training period can payoff big time in performance.  Recovery workouts after intense exercise like the IPC workouts can help prevent injuries from overtraining.
The workout was disappointingly slow at first, but a few winges were heard as the isometric exercises did their work, especially when we got to the “slow-motion” Kettlebell swings when there was no momentum to raise the coupon on either end of the pendulum.  Thanks for the honor of leading the Q, you all are an inspiration to me.

Marvelicious Thor’sDay

THE SCENE: 57 degrees, overcast, moderate gloominess

10 Arm circles front, 10 back
10 Seal Claps
10 Winston Churchill’s
3 Standing Glute stretch
10 Monster Walks
20 SSH
20 Speed Skaters
Mosey to the coupon dispenser


Thor’s Mini-Mayhem
(Based on IPC 2021 Maryanne’s Mayhem with reduced time and reps)
Exercises are to be done in sets of 25 reps for 36 minutes
After completing 25 reps, run to the cone that is 25 yards away and do 3 burpees.
After the 3 burpees, run back and continue with exercise.

150 Curls
125 Squats
100 Overhead Press
100 Kettlebell Swings
50 Merkins
50 Thrusters
50 Bonnie Blairs (right leg-left leg = 1 rep)
25 Blockees

If you finish all of the exercises, go back to the top and start over.

The burpees DO NOT count in your rep count.
650 reps is the total if you get through all of the exercises.

No time
5 HIMs crushing it
We thought about the Ultimate Avenge (not Thor).  Vengeance is mine says the Lord.  Which takes a bigger man – to get vengeance or to not seek vengeance?
Always an honor to Q.  Always inspiring to workout with HIMs.  All will be excited to know that I’ve started time studies to make sure we get through the entire cycle (in the short time we have) at least once the next time I Q a Thor’s Day Heavy.  Because, wearing out every muscle group is half the FUN!!!

Sally Country and Roxanne Gospel

THE SCENE: A balmy 27 degrees under clear skies and a waning gibbous moon.

Jog-A-Lap – high knees, butt kicks, skips and strides. SSH, Morrocan Night Club, OKCPs, Oh Yeah!
An eclectic Up/Down musical adventure

  • Old Lucy and Sally kept us doing Merkins to failure then Squats to failure and so on
  • Jog-A-Lap
  • A country song about a parking lot party somewhere in Egypt kept us doing leg lifts and Freddy Mercuries.
  • Jog-A-Lap
  • Burpees and s-s-h to Roxanne.  FUN!
  • 21’s – Nailed it on the first round.  HIMs of pure concentration.
  • Jog-A-Lap
  • Even The Chuck Wagon Gang has a workout song with Up and Down in the lyrics.  Perfect for dips at the bell.
  • Jog-A-Lap
  • Annnddd…Repeat.

Hello Dollies, 25 BB Situps, and some gruesome, off-cadence torture devised by Tuba.
Think of your favorite world-stopping smell and imagine breathing it in.  How wonderful is that? HIMs offered several great examples – a freshly bathed baby, smoked meat, being deep in the woods.

Eph 5:2 Walk in love, as the Messiah also loved us and gave himself for us, a sacrificial and FRAGRANT offering to God,

The following verse describes a very difficult way of walking in love, but our sacrificial offering of obedience is a fragrant offering to God. Luke 6:27-28 Do what is good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.

What is our fragrance?

Congratulations, men of The Project on being part of a record breaking year for filling Christmas boxes at the Samaritan’s Purse project.

IPC Week 3 – “B” the EMOM

THE SCENE: Rain, then rain, then more rain and 70 degrees. Another Beautiful morning.

20 SSH

11 Imperial Squawkers

15 Tempo Squats

Stretch at own pace, quads and achilles


  • IPC Week 3 orientation with demonstration of Kraken Burpees and BDE Burpees
  • Mosey to the track and sync/start EMOMs at both cones of the 50 yard section
  • Start timer
  • Perform 50 Kraken Burpees, but run to other cone every time the EMOM sounds and resume Krakens.
  • When 50 are completed, run 400m, stop at same cone you started at.
  • Perform 50 BDE Burpees, but run to other cone every time the EMOM sounds and resume BDEs.
  • When 50 are completed, run 800m, stop at same cone you started at.
  • Perform 50 2-count Bonnie Blairs/Jumping Lunges, but run to other cone every time the EMOM sounds and resume Bonnie Blairs.
  • When 50 are completed, run 1200m, stop at same cone you started at.
  • Record time from group timer.
  • No one modified.
  • All PAX regrouped as they completed their respective cycles and finished as a group.

No time
Word on the way back from track with lots of good talk, but I being of sound mind did forget the Count-Off & Name-O-Rama
2 Peter 3:14  Strengthen yourselves, so that in the end god finds you at peace with him.

Then we discusses how life is tough, because faithfulness only is proven through the tough times.  An example was Noah and being alone after God killed every other living being who Noah had lived with or known for hundreds of years, except for his family.  Now the ensuing loneliness might be a chance to not be at peace with God.  The discussion turned to the fact that being blessed, like Noah was, can be a burden.  Lots of good talk.

The response to the Word was an encouragement to me.  Thanks.