F3 Knoxville

The cure for loneliness, 4/28/2018

THE SCENE: Sunny and cool but warming.  The dew twinkling on the new green grass.

SSH x 50, Tie-Fighters, Some plank streches.  Tempo merks…

3 man Dora with  CMU 150 curls/rows/press with the other two doing 5 burps at the opposite side of lot.

Pulling a log together around the Asylum. Volunteers pull the log, others mosey.  Starting an escalator (1; 1&2; 1&2&3 to 5 and then back down.  Pull log a little farther each stop.

  1. 5 burpees,
  2. 10 BBS
  3. Tempo squats
  4. CDD
  5. SSH
  • During the above we stopped at the foot of Everest and did some bear crawl up with reps of mountain climbers, plank jacks, CCDs, Flutter kicks and the back to the log.

Hello dolly’s and captian Thors, ATM’s and stop..
21 strong with one FNG, Alex (Retreat)

Talked about how endemic loneliness is in middle aged men and how a group like F3 can be the cure.

Quote from media report on health risk of low social relationships.

An analysis of nearly 150 studies has found that people with strong social relationships had about a 50 percent lower mortality risk than those with weaker ties. Julianne Holt-Lunstad and her co-authors concluded that those with weaker social relationships had a greater risk of death than people who were physically inactive or obese. Let me put that another way. Spending time building and nurturing your friendships might be just as important to your health as eating right and exercising.

I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. – John 10:10


Tortoise vs. Hare: Asylum 3/29

THE SCENE: Balmy gloom 60 F

SSH x 25, Tie Fighters x10 each arm, Cherry pickers x 5, Merkins x 10. A couple laps across the parking lot at 50% and high knees

Mosey to the playground –>11’s on the playground, box jump/derkins, crunch/flutter kick

Mosey to the Circus Maximus (aka lower parking lot)

Tortoise vs. Hare workout

  • Tortoise: 4 Pax on Log pull
  • Hare: Complete set of exercises and chase down the Tortoise
  • Rinse and repest alternating groups
  • Hare sets: Broad Jump Burpee x 10, Clock Face Merkins set, Burpee Dan x 4.

Turns out the Tortoise was harder to catch that I thought it would be…

Mosey to the Pavillon. Sets of Table Rows, Dips, Jack Knifes (45degree sitting crunches on table top) x10 each, 2 sets.

Back to AO and finish out strong with ATM set.



9 strong with one FNG, Carni.

Try to remember the importance of sacrificial service which is the foundation of  true leadership.  Recall the example of Jesus on the Last Supper washing the disciples feet.

“Rather, let the greatest amount you become as the least, and the leader as one who serves.”  Luke 22:26

3/23/18 Asylum Beatdown

THE SCENE: 30 and clear, the spring grass shimmers with a light frosting.

SSHx20, Tie-fighter 10 each arm, Cherry Pickers, Al Gore squat Jumps, Couple laps around the lot and some merkins and starfish stretches

Peeling the scales off the Dragon

  • 10×10 sets of Merkins, BBS, Squats and CDD up the Dragon with a set at each lightpost.  
  • After ten sets sprint to the top with a x10 threshold burps and recover back to the bottom sweeping the six back to rinse and repeat.
  • Difficulty progressively added to each group of 5 that finishes the 10×10 first (i.e. back up an additional light post and bear crawl the first two sets)

Circle up and bear crawl (backwards, sideways L and R and forward) through set of hello dolly, flutter kick, pickle pounders and iron hammers.
plus FNG Chalupa, Doug Jenkins, visiting PAX Roadie, from Charlotte, NC.

Peer Pressure vs. Accountability.  Apply God’s law to what you do; not what the world tells you to do.  Example: watch The Push on Netflix, a reality show about peer pressure and where it can lead.  Example: Dietrich Bonhoeffer during the rise of the Nazi and persecution of the Jews, he did not succumb to peer pressure, rather stayed accountable to God’s law and ultimately died for his actions.  Read the Ten Commandment for a great example of a Law to stay accountable.

Living an abundant life (with lots of coupons)

THE SCENE: asylum, clear and cold (14F).

2 loops around the parking lot, then pick up “coupons” (firewood blocks from the back of a truck) to be carried the whole workout.

SSH 30 reps with coupons

Slow merkins 5 rep with star pose both sides

big arm circles both arms with coupons

mogul jumps over coupons 10 reps 4 ct

TIE Bombers (lunge position with baby arm circles with coupons 15 forward and 15 backward)

Skaters (4ct) 15 reps with coupons optional

Wide merkins and narrow merkins 10 ct over coupons

5 more slow merkins



Buddy up with Battle Buddy then Cadet salute holding coupons with pax bear-block crawling thru the tunnel

mosey to the playground:

11’s pistol squats(alternating both legs/11’s Star jacks (coupons) and CDD’s

mosey to pavillion

11’s rows and dips/11’s flutter kicks(4ct)BBS

mosey to far parking lot.

yonder in the distance lay 3 logs with musher harnesses attached…

8 volunteers drag the logs around the lot while the other pax does Burpee Merkin ladders until all the logs are back,

rinse and repeat with new volunteers x1

mosey back to the AO

plenty of abs in the 11’s of flutter kick and BBS earlier

21 PAX strong

Charmin, Frenchie, Mogul, Ribbed, Coolio, Gardener, Woozy, Cheatsheet, Catgut, Fabio, Gibbler, Denied, Fur Coat, Tollbridge, Pusher, Bowflex, Doubtfire, Beans, Rainbow, Code Brown


Abundance. It is hard to beat the true fellowship at 5:30 AM experienced in the PAX, Though no one can afford their salvation, abundance comes through application of discipline in each area of the heart, soul, strength and mind.  “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” John 10:10