F3 Knoxville

Getting Uncomfortable

THE SCENE: Rainy day, but skies cleared by start of Q as temperatures started to drop

20x Side straddle hops, Cherry Pickers, 15x Moroccan Bightclubs, Tempo Squats and Little of this and that

The grass was wet, but we hit it early anyway

  • Straight to the bottom of Pickett’s Charge for a Pickett’s Charge Suicide run.
    • 5 merkins at the bottom each time back, 1st tier 5 Prisoner Get-ups, 2nd tier 5 Imperial Walkers and 3rd trip all the way up to the Coliseum and stayed there
  • Coliseum, under the string lights. A little back and forth.
    • One side under the lights, lunges to each pole and 10 Big Boys at each of the 4 stops, run back to the other side
    • Other side is bear crawls to each pole with 10 squats at each stop then run back to first side and rinse and repeat each side twice to finish up
  • Mosey to the light pole at the base of the Haslam Rock. Route 66 heading towards the rest rooms downhill. 11 light poles adding 1 merkin each stop to 11 lights.
  • After gathering ourselves we wandered to the adjacent parking lot across the street from the Cloud and ran 2 Karaoke runs the full length of the lot switching sides halfway each run and sprinting back to the beginning
  • Slosey to the base of mini-Cardiac hill where we did 5 Burpees before a Bernie to the sign a bit more than halfway up and then sprinted to the top. Followed by a run back to the AO for circle time and a couple minutes of stretching

Just a few leg stretches to finish off the last 2 minutes

Spoke of a retired Marine friend of mine who has spent the last half year getting himself into uncomfortable positions talking to those less fortunate than us on the streets of Tampa and befriending them to know their stories and helping them out as much as he can. He related getting uncomfortable to the November tradition of men growing facial hair and how that can remind those that do that to embrace getting uncomfortable and seeking to find hard truths during the month. That is a great lead in to Thanksgiving week where we then express thanks for what all we have, which then leads to December where you can better target giving and gifts and the great holiday spiritual journey ties up nicely in January where you can then find a way to better yourself with a resolution for the New Year. Don’t coast through the holidays, grow through them.

The Q started tough and didn’t let up, but our 10 hung tough.

We also welcomed an FNG tonight. Welcome to @Moneyball

Announcement on the upcoming F3 Christmas party on Dec 11

Saturday AM @ Asylum – 7/17/21

THE SCENE: Mid-70s but humid

Open circle, disclaimer, etc:

Single count 15 – side straddle hops

Cherry pickers

Baby arm circles


Little of this and that

5 Burpees and go…


Mosey to Caribbean

Caribbean Suicides (Or Old Rotary Phones, thanks Matlock)– go to island do exercise, run back to beginning and do 10 rocky balboas (each time) and then run to next island and do that exercise…etc, all the way until you complete the full loop.

1st island – 15 bobby hurleys

2nd – 15 no touch merkins

3rd – 15 flutter kicks – 2 count

4th – 15 big boys

5th – 15 wide merkins

6th – 15 lunges each leg

7th – 15 box cutters

(some covered around 2 miles total just on this section alone)


Route 66 from Caribbean to near Picketts

Exercise is merkins – start with one and every light pole add one up to 11

Mosey to Pickett’s rock pile

Battle buddies grab rocks to share or 2 rocks

One end, one buddy will start the following while other karaokes to other curb, does 10 side straddle hops and Bernies back

Shared exercises:

100 Curls

100 Overhead presses

100 Rows

100 Squats

Mosey to base of Pickett’s to do Pickett’s Charge Suicide

Each bottom – 5 burpees

Top of first tier – 10 imperial walkers 2 count

2nd tier – 10 prisoner getups

Run up to Coliseum, stay and do LBCs until 6 gets in

Mosey to AO

Finished on time


19 men total, 1 FNG

Word on the show Ted Lasso, explain new season coming out Friday

The show was initially thought of to be silly. I mean it was based off a commercial. Nobody saw critical praise as a possibility and so many people ended up loving the show.

Why was it so liked? Could have something to do with the characters, I will try to explain without major spoilers.

Main character overwhelmingly positive thinker, but is flawed. He is dealing with some life failings to the point of affecting him mentally and physically

A main female character starts out seeming to be negative, but you find out she has been emotionally abused by her ex-husband and ends up likeable.

A player on the team is a narcissist and disruptive, but you come to find out he has an abusive father and is not all bad either.

The greater point other than saying it is a good show and pumping up subscriptions for Apple TV is just that like the show itself and the characters on the show don’t be quick to judge people on first impressions, rumors, etc. Get to know a person before making that judgement.

Welcome to FNG – Chiclets (Ryan McElveen)
Dad camp Aug 12-14 – CSAUP @ Dogpound Aug 21

THE SCENE: Mostly sunny and a steamy 80-something degrees

  • side straddle hops
  • baby arm circles
  • rockettes
  • a little of this and that
  • 5 burpees

Mosey to the pit under the coliseum for some doras with battle buddies

  • 100 Merkins
  • 100 Flutter kicks (2 count)
  • 100 Bobby Hurleys

Mosey to the Derby for some Ghosts Baseball – split into 1s and 2s from battle buddies

  • 1s go to first and do 5 no touch merkins and run back home while 2s do dealer’s choice exercise during duration – then 2s go and 1s stay
  • 1s go to 2nd and do 10 no touch merkins and then back, same dealers choice
  • 1s go to 3rd for 15 no touch merkins and then back, same dealer’s choice
  • Last is a simple homerun trot while 2s do burpees through the full duration

Mosey to first hill on the way back towards Coliseum

-a quick 7’s with squats and merkins

Mosey then to the base of Pickett’s Charge hill for the Pickett’s Charge Suicide run

  • Run up to first tier and do 5 prisoner get-up then back to bottom
  • Run up to 2nd tier and do 10 shoulder taps and then back to bottom
  • Last run up all three tiers to Coliseum area and do LBCs until the 6 comes in

Mosey back to AO and we are done



Discussed the following quote: “Snark isn’t wit. Cynicism isn’t wisdom. And arrogance will open a lot of doors but get you nowhere in the room with anyone who actually knows what they’re talking about.”

Discussed not just avoiding those behaviors, but loving on and trying to understand other men who do use them instead of discarding them.