F3 Knoxville

The VERN!!

THE SCENE:  10 of Dogpounds finest laced them up to see what the Q would bring from the mothership..

  • I am not  professional
  • First Q in Five Years
  • You have been warned…

Slow mosey to the upperparking lot.. 5 burpees halfway

Circle up:

Imperial Squat Walker x10

Merkin x 20

Windmill x 10

Line up for Serpintine

Mosey with hill work…then to rabbit hole with a backward bear climb up stairs .. mosey to the top and plank work while waiting for the six… mosey to the Pavillion

Introducing… “The VERN”

  • 25 x dips
  • 25 x LBC
  • run to pull up bars
  • 10 x pull ups
  • 25 x merkins
  • run back to Pavillion
  • Repeato x 5

Jailbreak back to parking lot
@ribbed led while Q was throwing up.

Pray for our health so we can continue to be the whetstone to help sharpen other men and give the gift of F3. Pray for Ribbed’s wife and give strength to Brad who will be battling prostate cancer
Thank you for allowing me to lead you fine men in the gloom. This was my first Q in over 5 years, so appreciate you bearing with me as I knocked some rust off. I felt it was appropriate to start my first Q back with the VERN as this was my last Q before I left charlotte back in 2017. Definitely a full-circle moment for me.  @ski-dog @jagged-pill @mayberry killed this workout and were the only ones to finish the 5 full rounds #strong.   Q felt frisky, underestimated the distance back to the shovel flag, and called for a looooong Jailbreak. Appreciate @ribbed for handling Mary as Q was dry-heaving.

Thank you for lacing them up and coming out today. Make it a great day!


8/6 – Workday at Cerebral Palsy Center