F3 Knoxville

The Kracken never disappoints

THE SCENE: Insert info about the weather, etc.

Insert information about the warmup.
Mosey to the bottom steps. Do exercise and run up steps to Dwayne Johnson.
Exercises are:10 burpees -run up, 20 star jacks, 30 shoulder tap Merkins, 40 squats

Mosey to the backside parking lot for a Kraken.
do exercise and qty then run around perimeter.
exercises are:

  • 20 Merkins
  • 30 squats
  • 40 dry docks
  • 20 lunges
  • 4 round the clock Merkins
  • 20 side lunges
  • 10 inch worms
  • 15 iron Mikes

mosey back to AO doing a few burpees on the way.
circle of pain: one runs around circle jumping over people. Once you get jumped do 5 Merkins. Everyone goes around once. Run some more around the AO

10 seconds of dead bugs
I shared a story about a car accident I saw last night. Three kids were in a rather nice SUV and went off into a ditch. They had been clearly drinking as I smelled alcohol in the car heavily. It was a good opportunity where I could’ve witnessed to the kids but did not. God gives us opportunities that we need to act on.  We also talked about tolerating the sinner but not tolerating the sin. Jesus died as we were still sinners for us, but he did not like sin.
We got to know Aladdin a little better this morning since we had no FNG‘s
Forgot to mention it, but the Christmas party is coming up. RSVPs are needed to judge Judy

We could have done 50 burpees

THE SCENE: Perfect.

warmup stuff
Mosey just past the “boat” Complete the menu. Run lap after each exercise and number of reps.

  • 10 burpees -run lap
  • 20 inch worms-run lap
  • 30 squat jumps-run lap
  • 40 Merkins -run lap
  • 50 squats-run lap

mosey to the Backbone. Do exercise qty and run up to cone and back

  • 10 pull ups
  • 20 knee ups
  • 30 second hold
  • 40 bar taps (jumps)
  • 50 flutter kicks

mosey back to AO doing a couple 20yd sprints on the way.

Lots of Freddie mercurys, marge Simpsons, And side crunches
we talked about being one with our wives. We take care of our bodies and we take care of ourselves, our wives are part of us. We need to respect our wives and take care of them as we take care of ourselves.
Good to have cottontail back.
Christmas party

El Kraken tiene diez tentáculos

THE SCENE: 55 degrees, beautiful morning

SSH and other stuff

grab a CMU and mosey to the Thunderdome
1) overhead press x20
2) tris x15
3) clean and press x10
4) curls x20
5) am swings x15
6) bear crawl to center
7) CMU Merkins x20
8) CMU Bench presses x30
9) CMU decline Merkins x15
10) Mary Catherine Gallaghers x10

Take a lap around the rink after each exercise. Once you hit every exercise, repeat but do two laps between exercises.

Leave CMU at wall and mosey to the track and do a lap. Must stop along the lap 10 to do 5 Merkins each stop.

mosey back to AO

No time
Be the person God meant you to be. People are always watching, make sure you don’t give people the wrong idea of what a Christian should be.
It was great to see some familiar faces out there this morning. Repeat, full tank, proton. I tried a little something different but kind of the same this morning. We had no FNG to introduce and get to know so I asked repeat to give us a little something about himself. Never knew how he got his name.
waxjob shared with us his situation with taking on children have a relative that passed away. Waxjob truly is a HIM in every sense of the word. Junk prayed for him and for Ribbed’s wife as we finished up the work out. We are planning on some meals for Waxjob as they transition to a larger family
Non-mentioned, but we have the Hardship Hill next weekend

Two Krakkens but they were half Krakken’s so I guess that equals one Krakken

THE SCENE: The gloomy fog was thick this morning on the drive in but the sunshine of the PAX’s attitude made it all go away

warmup stuff

Mosey to the bottom of Matterhorn for the half Krakken. It’s completely different than a Krakken, but kind of the same?
LBCs x50, merkins x30, 4ct SSHx50, dry docks x40

Do one set of exercise and run up to the backbone and do 10 pull-ups and run back to go to the next exercise.

when we get bored with it, mosey to the steps below Dwayne Johnson.
Do toe tap squats x20, Burpees x15, curb dips x20 toe touch Merkins x20
after completing each exercise run up to Dwayne Johnson and back.
On the mosey we will took a burpee break of 5 burpees. We did an Indian run back to the AO. We got back a little sooner than I thought so we ended up doing some side shuffles, high knees, and Bernie Sanders to finish off the time.

We got back in time to do a little better flutter kicks, LBC’s and side crunches.
12 including one FNG (Superfly)
CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: Today I talked about the importance of the second F. Fellowship. I went over a brief brief history of why F3 was created. The fellowship part of our group is very important. As we get older we lose friends that we grew up with and find ourselves more and more isolated. It’s very important to connect with other men moving in the same direction… Forward. Learn from each other, laugh with each other, and become better men with each other. I encouraged everyone to step outside of just the work out and connect with lunches, gatherings, other activities with F3 brothers. It’s through those that we really glue those are much needed relationships together.

Tweet-E and I reminisced and shared with the packs are encounter with the motorcycle couple down at the Pavalon. I’ll leave it at that
Hardship Hill, lunches

The grass is not greener

THE SCENE: Perfect weather at the Equilizer

warmup stuff
In honor of Bartman, who has to work mornings, I give you the Drapen Kracken.
Giant oval with exercises listed at the 8 cones. Do the exercise and qty and then run a lap around the circle (extended to Stonehenge) then moving on to next exercise. The exercises are;

  • 30 Merkins
  • 30 dry docks
  • 10 burpees
  • 10 curls,10 tris, 10 squat and press w/CMU
  • 3 round-the clock Merkins
  • 20 squat jumps
  • 15 Superman’s and 15 cobra Kais  Merkins
  • Bear crawl to center and back

about 3/4 of the way done we stopped for some sprints to break up the breathing pattern and then went back to work. Eventually stopping for everyone to do 3 round the clock Merkins and 10 burpees. Add on a few more sprints then mosey back to the AO by way of the Snake to use our tax dollar investment…

Snitch led us in some flutters and we added on some side crunches and LBCs.
The grass is not always greener on the other side. The phrase actually originated over 2000 years ago as a poetic proverb by Publius Ovidius Naso, better known as Ovid, regarding agriculture and the harvest always looking more fruitful in another man’s field. With social media today. It’s very easy to look into other lives and think they have everything together. That their lives are perfect and ours is crap. Nothing could be further from the truth. I talked about how I literally thought my neighbors grass was greener and prettier than my lawn. But it wasn’t until I walked over to talk to him that I could see all the imperfections and bare spots in his yard once standing in it. Looking back at my yard from his, I noticed mine didn’t look that bad from his angle. In fact it looks better than his yard. So, the point of all this is that we should not look at others and try and base our lives on them. But we should look to God for guidance and try to better ourselves every day.
It was great being back at the equalizer today. I missed the crew there very much. Last night I had a pretty good wreck on my mountain bike and it was pretty tough for me to get going this morning. Once getting in the groove and seeing everyone working hard my injuries loosened up and didn’t bother me as bad.
Hardship Hill, Wesley House