F3 Knoxville

Tuesday Grind…

33 degrees and clear

Disclaimer and Recognize FNG’s

Twist and Pivot x40 (IC)
Alternating Shoulder Touches x20 (IC)
Press Jacks x30 (IC)
Arm Circles x20 (IC)


Mosey to the Parking lot up top

Burp and Merkin Ladder
Burp and Merkin ladder up to 10 and back down

11’s on Hill – Baby Everest
At the top, Jump Squat, at the bottom, Big Boy Sit-up

Mosey to the Parking and partner up

Push and Pull Relay
PAX # 1
– Mosey to Dog Park and back
PAX # 2
– 2 Laps Cinder Block Curls each
– 4 Laps Combined Merkins alternating Cinder Block Rows

Peter Parkers  to Plank Crunches x6 (IC)
Reverse Crunch x25 (IC)
Flutter Kicks x30 (IC)


Over the past three week I have had the unfortunate opportunity to witness four close friends and family lose loved ones.  I will have to say that I hate going to funerals because you never have the right words to say and it just stinks to see people you love go through the mourning process.

But it is amazing to see the impact that some of the people have had on people around them. Not only those that have passed but the way these families have poured into their loved ones lives. When I see this great people and the impact they have made on others lives it makes me question if I having the same kind of impact on the people around me.

What will people say about me when I am gone?

What will my family say? They see me at my worst and know me for who I truly am.

What will God say to me when I die? Well done good and faithful servant?

So the question is how do we impact others? We have the perfect example of this in Christ with his self-sacrificial love and God has called us to be that to others.

Luke 10:27 And he answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.”

In these verses God set our priorities straight and lets us know we have to put him first in order for us to be able to be prepared pour into others.

We are preparing ourselves physically with 1st F and my hope is that we are also preparing ourselves spiritually with the 3rd F in order to make an impact on those around us

So my challenge to myself is look for the opportunities to pour into others. Looking for those opportunities that you might normally pass up.

F3 defines a High Impact Man (HIM) as the following: HIGH IMPACT MAN: A man dedicated to forcible contact to strong effect. A Disrupter. That Somebody who makes things happen. A natural born world-beater. An enemy of the status quo, despised by GooNation for the threat he poses to its continued existence.

– Proton (submitted by Cap’n Crunch)

Friday Fiesta!

26 and Clear

Side Straddle Hops x20 (IC)
Imperial Squat Walkers x15 (IC)
Leg swings each side x 30 seconds each leg
Little Baby Arm Circles Forward x10 (IC)
Reverse x10- (IC)
High knees x10 (IC)

Square sprints – 3 Rounds
Mosey to corner 1, sprint as fast as you can to comer 2. Mosey to corner 3. Sprint as fast as you can back home. Plank at the line until all finished.

Mosey over to side of parking lot and grab cinder blocks

Cinder Block Arm Workout
Line up all blocks along light pole line and partner up.
Partner 1 = Do 10 squat presses, Do 10 curls, 10 squat rows, 10 triceps extensions.
Partner 2 = Drop to plank and do Spider-Man push-ups to 3rd line
Rinse and repeat. For round 2: arm exercises x15 (Had to call an audible to 2nd on round 2)

Go to the hill between the parking lot and the baseball field.

11’s – Nipple Scraper Merkins / BBSU’s
Start at the top of the hill. Run down the hill, do 1 big boy sit-up. Go back up the hill, do 10 nipple scrapper merkins.
Repeat until you have done 10 big boy sit-ups and 1 nipple scrapper merkin.

Aborama (All AMRAP)
60 seconds // 1 down / 2 ups
60 seconds // Twisting Pistons
30 second rest
60 seconds // Hands free Tucks
60 seconds // Starfish crunch
60 seconds // flutter kicks
30 second rest
60 seconds // starfish crunch

Count off and Name-O-Rama  30 PAX with 3 FNG’s – Huffy, Rascal, and Vanna

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.”
2 Timothy 1:2, 7 NIV

He has given us a spirit of power, and not of timidity! Let’s tackle this day with power and take on the things that are right, not the things that are comfortable and easy.

Pablo (Submitted by Cap’n Crunch)

Monday Morning Jumpstart…

58 degrees and clear

Intro and Disclaimer

Side Straddle Hops x20(IC)
Imperial Walkers x15- (IC)
Hamstring Busters x15(IC)
Little Baby Arm Circles Forward x10-(IC)
Reverse x10- (IC)
Big Boy Arm Circles Forward x10 (IC)
Reverse x10 (IC)


Partner Up and Go to the bottom of Little Baby Hill
Run with your partner to the top of the hill and do some combination of 20 lunges: 10/10 or 15/5, whatever works best for you and your partner, plank in parking lot when finished

Partner Elevens
First partner runs to other side of the parking lot and does 10 Derkins, while partner still on the baseline does 1 Cinder Block Trophy (Squat, Clean & Press CB)=11. Partner that did the derkin runs back and the two partners switch. Next round 9 derkins, 2 CB Trophies and then 8 derkins and 3 CB trophies until reversed reaching 1 derkin and 10 CB trophies. All equaling 11.

Mosey to Cardiac Hill

You can do it Twice!
Start at the bottom of Cardiac Hill with 10 pushups, run to the first curve and do 10 squats, second curve 10 diamond pushups, bear crawl the baby hill at the top, then finish with 10 dips on the benches. Rinse and repeat with reps of 20. Plank at the bottom.

Mosey back to Homebase for ABS
Dealers Choice
Hello Dolly’s x20 (IC) by Crawdad
Box Cutters x15 (IC) by Woodshack

Count off and Name-O-Rama  66 PAX and 4 FNGs!

We all are here to get better from a physical standpoint. I love this PAX, love the diversity in ages, young and experienced! It’s the guys that we yell “RESPECT” to after they say their name and nickname that get me out of bed in the mornings and drive me. I can only hope that when I am their age one day I am doing the same. Yet, we would be fools if we stopped just at allowing them to inspire us physically. I once heard a mentor say that everyone thinks a man or #HIM is someone who is courageous and strong, showing little emotion, being hard to break, and not completely sharing their heart because vulnerability could lead to hurt or pain, BUT its actually the opposite! It takes courageousness and strength to share yourself, and open up and allow someone to know your struggles, fears, and what life has taught you. That is what Jesus did for us, and as men we are called to do the same, share our hearts with one another. My challenge to this PAX, especially younger PAX members, is to really get to know those around, especially the guys with a lot of life experience under their belt. This PAX is extremely fortunate to have so many great men, and we would be foolish if we did not seek out their guidance and mentorship. I also challenge those men, to open up and be vulnerable and share with those younger PAX members what life’s journey has had for you; the hard things, the lessons, failures, success, advice, etc. So at our next F2 event, coffeeteria or lunch, get out of your comfort zone, and seek out life with another just as Jesus has called us to do!

Bandwagon (submitted by Cap’n Crunch)

Two are Better Than One…

Conditions: 34 damp but clear


  • SSH x20 (IC)
  • Leg Warmers x6 (IC) (1x Rep = 2x Walking Lunges (4x steps total) + 3x Burpees)
  • Small Arm Circles Forward x16 (IC)
  • Small Arm Circles Reverse x16 (IC)
  • Dive Bombers x10 (IC)

Count off 1-2-3 to form 3 groups. Once in groups partner up, that is your Battle Buddy for the duration of the workout. Your job is to push and encourage your Battle Buddy to leave it all on the pavement!  F3 men, HIMs, lead by example!

Hill DORAS (10 minutes)
Battle Buddies alternate between hill and coupon work

  • Start at the top of the hill
  • 1st person runs down the hill, 2 burpees
  • 2nd person waits and performs the following until time is done (all with coupons)
    1. x150 Bent over flies (reps total of both people)
    2. x150 Arnold over head presses (reps total of both people)
    3. x150 Curls (reps total of both people)
  • Alternate running and exercising for duration of time

Mosey to next station. Once everyone is at the station give a 10 count. (1-2 min)

Parking Lot (10 minutes)
Battle Buddies alternate between running and planking

  • 1st person runs to first cone – x5 Diamond Merkins, runs back (2nd holds plank)
  • 2nd person runs to first cone – x5 Diamond Merkins, runs back (1st holds plank)
  • 1st person run to runs to second cone – x5 Carolina Dry Docks, runs back(2nd holds plank)
  • 2nd person runs to second cone – x5 Carolina Dry Docks, runs back (1st holds plank)
  • Rinse and repeat following the rep sequence– x5, x10, x15, x20, x15, x10, x5

Mosey to next station. Once everyone is at the station give a 10 count. (1-2 min)

Covered Area (10 minutes)
Battle Buddies alternate doing the following exercises

  • Round 1 (5 min): Derkins & Let Me Ups x10 each then switch for duration of time
  • Round 2 (5 min): Push off Incline Merkins & Star Jumps x10 each then switch for duration of time

Boat / Canoes – Ratchet (IC)

Name O Rama = 66 PAX with 11 FNGs!!

This morning was all about our Battle Buddy.  We can do more together than we ever can alone.  The simple truth is we are stronger and can go harder longer when we realize it’s not about us, but about the man next to us.  Solomon said “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up! Again, if two lie together, they keep warm, but how can one keep warm alone? And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”  (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12).  In the gloom our “threefold cord” is made up of the men next to us and the greater story we are a part of.  For HIMs it’s not about us…it’s about being a life-giver to those around us.

Strength and Honor,
Cap’n Crunch

Peaks, Valleys and the Long Mosey

The Theme: A Tour of Lakeshore’s Peaks and Valleys

The Scene: 27 degrees, clear with a hint of Gloom!  After a great call by Cap’n Crunch to call off the Saturday workout due to snow, the men of F3 Knoxville were in withdrawals for 2 days. We wanted to get better together so 60, yes 60 men showed up this morning for a leg day beat down! Spirits were high, mumble chatter was loud!

Disclaimer straight into a 60 man 2.5 mile mosey with stops along the way…AYE!

1st Stop
At Mt. Everest. IC and timed Imperial Squat Walkers.
Continue run, but backwards up a short straight hill, then forward mosey.

2nd Stop
Back Lot parking lot for some Duck Walk mixed in with Frog Jumps.
Continue the mosey mixing in some Lunge Walks and Backward Lunges mixed in.

3rd Stop
Right before Cardiac Hill, 2 minutes of as many Big Boy Sit ups as you can.
Cardiac Hill was next but not without going up the hill backwards halfway for a good thigh burn.

Mosey Back to the AO, total travel 2.5 miles!

Boxcutters x15 (IC)
Reverse Pickle Pounders x 20 (IC)

Name O Rama: 60 PAX with 8 FNGs

Choices and Consequence: Everyday, we make choices, big or small. With Choices you have consequences, good or bad. With F3, I made a choice to get up early, be with my F3 brothers and work hard. The consequence became much greater than fitness. It has given me fellowship with men that I would probably have never met if not for F3 and has taught me to challenge myself more in all facets of life, including faith. What do you choose?