F3 Knoxville

Look Forward

Bomb Shelter

THE SCENE: 30 degree F, partly cloudy skies.


SSH, Windmills, Overhead claps, Skip the length of the Grinder, Bernie back.

4 – 8 – 12 – 16

Mosey (a real short one) to the start of the trail with a CMU.  Count off (one through nine) to determine starting order.  Perform suicide run involving the next four light poles.  4 reps at Pole 1, 8 reps at Pole 2, 12 reps at Pole 3, and 16 reps at Pole 4.  Runner 1 starts and the rest of the PAX begin the CMU exercise at the starting point.  When runner 1 gets to Pole 1 he yells “go” and runner 2 starts.  The remaining PAX continue the CMU exercise until their time to start the suicide run.  Runners completing the suicide run continue to perform the CMU exercise until all runners return to the start.  Continue until all 9 circuits are completed or recover is called.

Exercise at Start        Exercise at Poles

                                        1 to 4

  1. Bent Rows                Bobby Hurleys
  2. Curls                        WWII’s
  3. Swings                     Merkins
  4. Lawn Mowers            Iron Mikes
  5. Thrusters                  Flutter Kicks
  6. Upright Rows            Dry Docks
  7. Triceps Ext                Squats
  8. On the Shelf              Box Cutters
  9. Floor Press                 Burpees

Recover was called during circuit 7.

Ab work included in the 9 circuits.  No time for a special session.
9 HIM’s
January 6th is a special day in the life of Christ and is known as Epiphany.  It is a special day in my life as it is the day I met my future wife on a blind date – in a month, it will be 49 years ago.  It is very special day even though we didn’t see each other for almost 6 months after that epiphany. This got me to thinking about how things have a way of working out.  I don’t believe in coincidence – to me it is divine, pre-destined.  Thinking about the past, I sometimes catch myself wanting a previous outcome to be different.  If only this or that; if only I would have done or not done this or that.  But I don’t do that much anymore.  It is because of the past that I am where I am now.  It is because of my past (with all of my experiences and actions) and the past of those I cherish (with all of their experiences and actions) that I am here and now, and able to enjoy the many blessings of being surrounded with a spouse, family, and friends that bring so much joy.  The future is built upon the past and there is so much to look forward to.

Prayers for healing of Genevieve (Drifter’s daughter) from her fever.  Prayers for Hotsquat’s Uncle Freddie as he battles Stage 3 prostate cancer.
Breakfast at Drifter’s December 11th following beatdown.

All I Want for Christmas Walkabout on December 18th.  Sign up on Slack.