F3 Knoxville

Impromptu Q

THE SCENE: A little thick.  Nice and balmy.

Started out with SSH’s 20 on 4ct, Baby arm circles back forward and overhead claps all on 4ct x10. Tempo merkins x10, 4ct mountain climbers x10, a little down and back jog with some rocky balboas
Mosey from parking lot up little everest to front part of the park.  At every 2nd light pole do 2 burpees all the way to cross walk.  At Crosswalk grab a rock for 20 curls, 20 tricep extensions, 20 gobblet squats all picked out by the pax. Then mosey to bottom of the escalator for 20 merkins and 20 4ct LBC’s then ride the escalator up 40 squats and 20 merkins at top as well.  Rinse and repeat.  When done mosey to overlook for an ab session of 4ct flutters, freddies, box cutters, and LBC’S all at 20 reps.  Working way back to AO we did two squats at every tree on side of overlook and lunged in between trees.

Mosey back to AO but still had time to go grab rocks for one last session of 20 curls, 20 tri’s, and 20 goblet squats. Then 6:15 and time to circle up.


Talked about Christ’s charge to us to lead. “As my father has sent me, so I am sending you”.  We can’t wait for things to happen or someone to step up.  We must be men of action.

Step Up

THE SCENE: High 40s and sunny

15th day of the month, 135th day of the year – 230 days left in 2021 to make it what you want it to be

SSH, windmills, tempo squats, little baby arm circles forward, little baby arm circles backward, some Michael Phelps, a little bit of this and a little bit of that (x2), and tempo merkins – 15 reps of each (4 count where appropriate).

Pele wanted to do some cherry pickers, but I don’t like cherry pickers so we moseyed instead.  For once, Crawdad agreed with me.


Mosey to the bottom of Everest

15 more SSHs (4 ct)

Run up Everest to the top of the Summit

15 more SSHs (4 ct)

Mosey to the Coliseum

Divide up into two teams

Welch Dragons to 10 with one team going one way and the other team going the other way – if you don’t know what a Welch Dragon is, then look it up on the F3 Exicon or ask someone who has done it, he will remember

Meet back in the center for some Hello Flutter Cutters (one 4-ct Hello Dolly, one 4-ct Flutter Kick, one 4-ct Box Cutter – together back-to-back-to-back for one rep) while waiting on the six or at least 15

Ghost-man Baseball

Using the circle of the Coliseum, Team 1 runs to first base, does 15 reps of the exercise, and returns home.  Team 2 does a core exercise of its choice for the entire time it is waiting for Team 1 to return.  Team 1 does a core exercise of its choice while Team 2 runs to first base, does 15 reps of the exercise, and then runs back.  Repeat this process for the other bases but stop at each base on the way and do the exercise there before advancing to the next base (because you have to touch the bag before advancing in baseball) but do not do the exercises at each base on the way back (but do run back the way you came).  For the home run, do not run back, stay at home to do 15 reps of those exercises and then do a core exercise of the team’s choice while the other team finishes its home-run trot.

First Base – Merkins

Second Base – Squats

Third Base – Carolina Dry Docks

Home Run – Burpees

15 SSHs (4 ct)

Mosey to Crawdad’s Yoga Studio

15 SSHs (4 ct)

Hokey Pokeys (merkins with one leg in the air) x 15 each leg

25 SSHs (4 ct)

Mosey to the base of Baby Cardiac

35 SSHs (4 ct) – total of 135 for the entire workout

All you got sprint up Baby Cardiac to the AO

Hold a plank for one minute to time

18 HIMs


It’s time to step up.  Lillydipper usually picks up 2 Qs a month on average, but he has been out with a hip problem and will be out for a while.  It’s going to take all of us to fill that void.  So, it’s time to step up.  Sign up for Qs.  If you’ve not Qed in a while, then it’s time to sign up.  If you’ve never Qed before, then it’s definitely time to sign up.  It’s not hard.  Just pick an exercise you don’t like to do and do it twice as many times as you want to do it.  The PAX will support you.  The Q doesn’t have to be perfect.  It just needs to be.  And, a Q needs to be on the website calendar days in advance so that any sad clowns will know that F3 will be there for them on Saturday morning (remember, the sad clowns don’t have access to Slack).  Step up and sign up.  Do it for your brothers.  Do it for Lilly.  We can’t let this fade in his absence or fall only on a few of us.  He will undoubtedly be back, hopefully sooner rather than later, but we need to make sure that his legacy is still here waiting on him.

Prayers against racism, for the sick and shut in, for the journeys of Cheatsheet, his daughter, and all the F3 brothers, for Lillydipper, for Jinxy, for Doubtfire, for Convoy and his family, and for all of the unspoken prayers on our hearts and minds.  Prayers for the courage in each of us to step up in F3, in our families, and in our communities.

June 12th – Convergence at Big Ball followed by a work day at Wesley House

July 24th – CSAUP at Dog Pound (was last year’s CSAUP not enough?)

The Taxman Cometh

THE SCENE: Weather was nice, around 50 degrees at circle up

Start off with 20 SSH on 4ct, Tie Fighters x10 4ct L and R, Imperial Walkers x10 on 4ct, A little this and that, Some regular stretching, Cherry Pickers x6, Tempo Merkins x10 on 4ct, Plank Jacks x10 on 4ct
No Mosey, we put in work at the lot.  The idea was 1 minute of exercise, 1 minute of suicides.  End result was 24 minutes-12 minutes of exercise and 12 of suicides

  • 1 Min Merkin
  • 1 Min Suicide
  • 1 Min Plank Jacks
  • 1 Min Suicides
  • 1 Min Jump Squats
  • 1 Min Suicides
  • 1 Min Peter Parkers
  • 1 Min Suicides
  • 1 Min LBC
  • 1 Min Suicides
  • 1 Min Dry Docks
  • 1 Min Suicides

Rinse and Repeat

Once Second Set was done mosey to Tail of the Dragon- Lunge to Light Pole, Then Bear Crawl to the next…Repeat to the top of the hill.  Then 20 4ct LBC’s and back to AO

Had enough time for 20 4ct Freddie Mercury

Talked about what it means to be a true friend and what the scriptures tell us about it.  We are called to transparency and consistency.  We are to bear each others burdens (Galatians 6:2) Should be there through thick and thin (1 Thessalonians 5:11) sharing their goods  and their lives with each other if there is need (Hebrews 13:16) Friends must encourage each other through honor and affirmation (Romans 12:3-6) They are to identify and call out one another gifts, strengths, and abilities.  They are to build each other up in faith through common worship.

-Taken from Tim Keller’s “The Meaning of Marriage”

This is our calling.  Our job as brothers doesn’t stop when we break the COT and get in our cars and go home.  It’s an every day effort of growing friendships and being there for each other.  Pointing each man back to our creator.

Another Rain Q

THE SCENE: For the 4th Charmin Q in a row, we’ve got rain.  At least it’s warm.  Shorts and T-shirt warm.

Pretty basic.  SSH x 25 (4 ct), IC; ISW x 20, IC; BAC, forward and backwards.
It’s raining, of course, so that means Pavalon.  We’re all about Tabata this morning.  At least there’s music.  We’ve got 8 different exercises, 8 cycles for each exercise before moving on to the next.  1 cycle=20 seconds on, 10 second rest.  The exercises

  • Bobby Hurleys
  • Merkins
  • Flutter Kicks and Hello Dollies on alternate cycles
  • Forward Lunges and Side Lunges on alternate cycles
  • Table Rows (8 cycles were rough!)
  • American Hammers
  • Calf Raises
  • Mountain Climbers

Did I mention there was a topical playlist?  There was!  See Moleskin for the songs and artists.  Waffle House was the first to note the theme, at song #3.

Post Tabata, we wall sat for a bit, doing some Thunderclaps, since we were listening to Thunderstruck.  Then we finished strong with the Howling Monkey.
14 strong!
In his Letter from a Birmingham Jail, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. addressed the criticism he faced (from well meaning Christian ministers) for pushing for civil rights advancement too fast rather than letting things happen “in their own time.”  His response:  The notion that time itself heals all wounds is a myth.  Time is neutral.  The passage of time can be used constructively or destructively; by people of ill will as well as good will.  “We must come to see that huma progress never rolls in on wheels of inevitability.  It comes through the tireless efforts and persistent work of men willing to be co-workers with God [i.e. HIMS!]. . . We must use time creatively, and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.”
Playlist for the morning: 1) Gimme Shelter, Rolling Stones; 2) Riders on the Storm, The Doors; 3) Who’ll Stop the Rain, CCR; 4) I Love a Rainy Night, Eddie Rabbit; 5) Rock You Like a Hurricane, Scorpions; 6) Here Comes the Rain Again, Eurythmics; 7) Feels Like Rain, Buddy Guy; 8) Thunderstruck, AC/DC.
Supply drive for Safe Haven is coming up.  Get ready!!!



THE SCENE: Insert info about the weather, etc.

Motivators starting with seven, 10 Cherry Pickers, 10 Rockettes, 10 Windmills, 5 Baby Arm Circles Forward and Backward, 5 Wide Arm Circles Forward and Backward.
Mosey to the South Ball Fields Parking Lot.  We will be running from one end of the parking lot to the other.  There will be four cones set up along the run.  At each cone, stop to do ten of the first exercise listed.  Keep going in order from each end of the parking lot.  Here are the exercises:

Running south to north:

  1. Squat Jumps
  2. Merkins
  3. Big Boy Sit-ups
  4. Hello Dollies (4 ct.)

Running north to south:

  1. Flutter Kicks (4 ct)
  2. Plank Jacks
  3. Carolina Dry Docks
  4. Shoulder Taps (each shoulder)

Once done with all exercises, jog around the parking lot.

Next, starting from Cone 1 we will do a five parking lane bear crawl to 5 lane lunge all the way to Cone 4.

Next, we will mosey to soccer field.  We will do suicides on field going to first, second, and third cone and back.  Each time coming back men will do 20 Baby Crunches.  We will do a different type of run on each suicide.  They will be as follows:

  • Bernie Sanders.
  • Grapevine Left
  • Grapevine Right
  • Skip
  • High knees

Mosey to perimeter trail at the end of the parking lot.  We will head east and north on the trail doing Nickel Dime Quarters.  Here are the exercises for each stop.

  • Bobby Hurleys
  • Diamond Merkins
  • Bicycle Kicks
  • Iron Mikes (each leg = 1)
  • Dive Bombers
  • Box Cutters
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Squats

We will turn west at the Serpentine Sidewalk and continue to the Island Parking Lot.  At the parking lot we will have the Relay Race Around the Island.  Men divide up into teams with each team stationing men at an island.  The race starts with the first man running to second man, second to third, etc. until last man meets first man again (no touching, keep social distance).  The first man starts again.  The race isn’t over until the last man gets back to where he started.

Mosey to base of Mini Cardiac.  Do 20 Buzz Saws.  Next we will Bernie Sanders up Mini Cardiac to Park Sign, then sprint the rest of the way to the AO.

Boat Canoe and ATMS
Use the TAGS on right-side to record PAX (BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOURSELF) in attendance. Be sure to select the AO in CATEGORY above TAGS and then delete these notes!

From John 15: 12-15.
12 My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. 
13 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. 
During this coronavirus epidemic I had to lay out from F3 as did you.  When F3 started meeting again, it hurt me not to be able to join with you brothers.  I was concerned about working out with you because, as you know, my wife, Jan, was diagnosed with breast cancer at about the same time the coronavirus epidemic was beginning to spread in the United States.  We hear that we can carry the coronavirus without even knowing it. I didn’t want to catch the virus by getting close to others, then unknowingly spread it to my wife.
I realized during the months away from you guys how much strength I get from just meeting with you.  I did work out alone and with my son, Bennett (aka Puddle in F3).  So, I kept in ok shape.  What I missed was the strength of the fellowship, of the encouragement we get from one another as men, of the message shared at the end of each workout, of the commitment to lock shields through the struggle, of the way we push each other forward not only in workouts but as HIMs, of the way we pray for each other, reach out to each other, hold each other in our hearts.  Man, I missed you guys.
On Thursday, May 21, Jan and I had a serious talk with her oncologist.  Jan has an aggressive breast cancer.  The chemotherapy weakens her immune system.  She can’t fight off Covid-19 the way you and I might be able to.  She was understandably scared about having me go to F3 workouts.  She doesn’t want to die and the odds would be significantly higher of that happening to her than to most if she did get Covid-19.  But, God bless her, she also saw how much as was missing F3.  On the way to chemotherapy, she said that we should talk to the oncologist about the safety of my working out with you guys.  The oncologist told me that she felt pretty good about the low risks of outdoor workouts, particularly if a social distance is kept from others.  She gave me the green light to come to F3 and so did Jan.  Sweat release!!  I can’t tell you how that felt to me.  I couldn’t believe it. With the news about the coronavirus sticking around all year long, I was wondering if I would ever to get to see you again.  And now, if I keep a distance from you, forgive me, it isn’t that I don’t want to be near you.  Heck, I want to give each of you a big ol bear hug.
Anyway, what I am saying is thank you.  Thank you for praying for me and for Jan.  Thank you for the encouraging words you have sent me. Thank you for praying for Jan and me.  And, thank you for being a greater source of strength than I even realized.

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