F3 Knoxville

A “Blessed” Sweat Fest

THE SCENE: Not too hot, but incredibly HUMID

No Side Straddle Hops, those are only done when Pool Boy is in attendance.
Baby Arm Circles
Cherry Pickers
Pick up CMU’s, and jump into a circuit style workout.
6 stations, workout for 50 seconds, with 10 seconds to rotate.  Hit each station 6 times or until we run out of time.  Push your heart rate knowing you have a built in break.  You can tailor this to any skill level, no counting, and very social.
The stations are as follows:
Bench Press
that is it, rinse and repeat 6 times for a total of 36 minutes

We had time for a short round of LBC’s

What do you think of when someone says “have a blessed day”???  What does that mean?  I struggle with that because of what we consider a blessing might be.  Is a blessing being healthy, wealthy, and wise?  It could be, but in Matthew 5, the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount begins with the Beatitudes.  Some of these statements run counter to culture.  They don’t once reference health, wealth, or wisdom.  You could translate Blessed to mean Happy, and if you read these in that manner, it flips the notion of a blessing on its head.

1.“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.”
It means that the people who are “poor in spirit,” or humble, can be with God in Heaven.
2.“Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”
It means that people who are suffering will be taken care of by The Lord.
3.“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”
It means that the ones who are humble are going to be the “heirs of the earth,” or in other words, leaders.
4.“Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.”
It means that the ones who are after what is right will get what they want.
5.“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.”
It means that the ones who have mercy on the less fortunate will get mercy from them.
6.“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”
It means that the ones who do not sin and keep their hearts pure are the ones who will go to Heaven.
7.“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.”
It means that if you bring peace into the world, God will call you His son.
8.“Blessed are they that have been persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.”
It means that if you do what is right and you know that it is right but people believe it to be wrong, you will go to Heaven.

To be “blessed” isn’t always happy in the moment, but these blessing truly bring you closer to Jesus.  So when someone tells you to “have a blessed day”, take a moment to ponder that meaning, and use it to check yourself to see how you are “blessed” form the list above.  If you tell someone to have a blessed day, are you telling them (#2) that you are wishing suffering upon them?  Are you wishing (#8) persecution upon them?  I do not have the correct answer here, and I am not trying to discourage anyone from using that phrase, but I think that phrase carries a significant amount of weight that is often lost in the moment.  So use this to reflect on your own blessings when you hear this phrase.  Consider how you can draw nearer to Jesus, and the model that it takes to follow him, because it certainly isn’t about health, wealth, and wisdom.

Mandolin has the Rona.
Pray for an F3 Brother at Juco who has been served with divorce papers.
Pringle will be having hip replacement surgery on 6/6.
5/25 we will celebrate the 2 year anniversary of Shamrock, and we will pass the flag to Betty and crown him the new AOQ of Shamrock.

Passionate 15 to 1


Partly Cloudy Temperature Humidity Feels like Wind Speed Wind Direction
62 ℉ 94% 63 ℉ 4.3 mi/h SW

Delivered as desired. I am not a professional.


Slow mosey to track.  On the way, 4 Cherry Pickers, 10 Happy Jacks, 10 Rockettes, 10 Windmills.


On the way to the bleachers each PAX grabs two light weights. Either 2.5 or 5 lbs each.

Rep counts of 15-14-13…3-2-1 for each of these four exercises. After the exercises, run to top of bleachers and back down. Then repeat four exercises with -1 rep count.
Monkey Humpers
Big Boy Situps
Bent over Flys (using the previously grabbed weights).

Mosey to goal line on field. Every 10 yards
10 Tricep Extensions (with weights)
10 Lateral Flys
10 Donkey Kicks (10 each leg)
10 Chest Flys (with weights) Heels to Heaven Combination Move. On six, Arms and Legs toward sky. Fly movement with arms first, then Leg lower and raise second. That = 1.

No time left. Haul ass back to AO.

No time for Mary.
10 Brothers.


For our friend Mike and his battle with anxiety. For Selena and her decision to continue with her pregnancy. And for all of the families that have volunteered to step up and help her including the adoption of her baby. For all of those struggling with the issue of unplanned pregnancy. For all of those graduating and heading in to the real world. And for all the sick and suffering.  For the unsaid prayers in our hearts.


Flag handover Friday 5/25 at Shamrock.

Shamrock – Ring of Fire Roller Coaster


10 – 4 ct SSH, 10 Merkins, 10 Tie Fighters, 15-4 count flutter kicks.


To celebrate our 2 year anniversary we did Jumping Spiders at every shamrock on the road. This was a terrible idea, but according to the internet Plymetric pushups are really good for burning goo and building muscle. I think we had 34 shamrock stops, so 68 of these.

After recovering with a short walk the crew did not kill me, so we moved on to get a tour of the ring of fire roller coaster.

#1 pick your poison and make you way around the round brick enclosure with dips, incline merkins, decline wall crawl or box jumps.

Bunny Hop to #2

#2 Basketball Merkins – 10 alternating, roll ball to opposite hand and do an offset merkin, then roll it back.

Bear crawl to #3 “What’s up Doc” (TM by Baby Boomer)

#3 Grab a CMU, toss it up to the landing, hoist your sack of meat up, grab the CMU, run down the steps, and repeat for 3 times total.

Run to the covered walkway.

#4 Grab a CMU – 25 curls + 25

Run to #5

#5 Small weights / rocks (pink weights for Jenner) – 50 behind the back tricep flutters

Run to #6

#6 CMU drag from curb to curb, then back to curb.

Start over at the ring of fire.

11 men somehow managed to wrangle up all 18 CMUs to return to the pile.

10 buns of steel each side, 20 – 4 count flutter kicks, 15-4 count LBCs
11- Jitters, Curveball, Voo Doo, Mandolin, Honeydew, Long Noodle, Dumpster Dive, Jenner, Baby Boomer, Commission, Anchorman
2 years at Shamrock has been a huge blessing to me. I look forward to showing up in the gloom everyday. We have a strong band of brothers and I hope we continue to reach out to friends, family and strangers to invite them in to this group.

Psalms 133:1 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

Baby Boomer’s friend Brad who is recovering from a heart attack. Pom pom to stay safe during his competition. Jenner for health and MCAT prep stress.
Flag handoff on May 25th!

Plant Trees

The Scene


F3 Welcome and Disclaimer

Fitness, Fellowship, Faith, Free, Modify, Not Professional, Own Volition, Social Distance, Phone


Motivators (Dumpster Dive picked to start from 5)

Cherry Pickers

Runners Lunge w/ reach

Tempo Squats



Challenged everyone to go for at least one more rep above what they think they could do during this workout. We are capable of more than we think. 



Mosey to the CMU Pile and grab one that we will work with throughout the beatdown


We set up around the parking lot for 3 rounds of each exercise with a run around the median in between. Exercises as follows:

3×20 walking lunges (After 20 walking lunges, leave cmu, run around the median back to where you left off.)

3×10 thrusters (Between each thruster take 2 steps) median run between each round

3×10 Big Boy Situps (Knuckles to ground behind your head, heel tap at the top) median run between each round

Some 10 counts were sprinkled in by various HIM’s


New dock work up next

While group 1 went through a plank variation the second group laid down on the ground next to the dock then got up and immediately got onto the dock. 3 rounds then tap a HIM doing a plank to let them know it is their turn. The below planks were completed in the three rounds: 

Standard Plank

Crab Plank

Freestyle plank


Grabbed our CMU’s and headed back toward the CMU pile


We circled up and complete 4 rounds of the following:

40 Rocky Balboas

10 CMU swings


We then moseyed back to the AO.



We had enough time for 1 minute of flutter kicks


14 HIM’s


“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”-Greek Proverb

I changed the quote a little since none of us are old. “A society grows great when wise men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”-Greek Proverb

Challenged everyone to break out of any self-centered loops we find ourselves in a begin to lay the groundwork for the next in line, even if we won’t reap the benefits of our labor. 



Count It All Joy

THE SCENE: A comfortable 59 degrees and clear


15 SSH, 15 Mountain climbers, 10 temp merkins, 20 (4ct) Moroccan nightclubs, 10 squats


– “Around the World” team competition rules:

  • split into even teams (4 person minimum)
  • each team gets 2 CMUs
  • 1 team member runs to the first parking lot line with their CMU while the rest of the team performs a team exercise using the other CMU.
  • Once the 1 team member returns to the group, the team sends out another member to the next parking lot line. This process repeats until all parking lot lines have been visited by the team.
  • 1st team to make it all the way across the parking lot and return back to the rest of their team wins

Parking Lot Line Sequence:

5 burpees, 10 merkins, 15 squats

Team exercises:

Cross the river

  • each team member sits one in front of the next as in a boat. While the whole team is rowing in place, the team member in the rear will pass the CMU to the front then send it back to the rear using the opposite side
  • repeat this until it is time to send another member out to the parking lot

Over the mountain

  • Each member gets into the mountain climber position one in front of the other in a straight line.
  • The team must pass the CMU to the front of the line and back to the rear of the line using the opposite side while remaining in the mountain climber position
  • repeat this until it is time to send another member out to the parking lot

Through the desert

  • each team member is separated about 10-20 steps from another in a straight line. As everyone runs in place, the team member holding the CMU in the back runs to the person directly ahead of them and passes off the CMU, then returns back to their spot behind.
  • the next team member then takes the CMU to the person ahead of them in the same fashion. This process repeats until the gear is in the front of the line. Once in the front, the CMU comes back to the rear of the line in the same way
  • repeat this until it is time to send another member out to the parking lot

Into the swamp

  • the entire team lines up in a straight line horizontally. Once given the verbal “go” there is no stopping until the whole team is across the designated finish line.
  • the team must cross the line as one unit
  • The team will move by crab walking, and the team’s CMU must make it across the finish line however means necessary but it must be at the same time as the whole team crosses together.
  • Once across, the team must come back if time permits

The End

  • Once 1 team reaches the last line (or time runs out and the team who made it the furthest is recognized) – everyone will stop and form up together
  • All CMU’s will be returned and the group will move back to AO


– Once back to the AO, the winning team lines up opposite the losing team(s). Each member of the winning team takes turns either choosing a card from a deck or rolling a die to determine the exercise that is to be dished out to the losing teams.


  • 1=merkins, 2=BBS, 3=squat jumps, 4=Carolina Dry Docks, 5=toe taps, 6=iron mikes


  • hearts= 8ct push-ups, diamonds= inchworms, club= lunges, spade= LBC, Joker= 10 burpees
  • multiply each exercise by the number on the card



11 HIMs

James 1:2-4 – count it a joy when you come across trials and hardships in your life because we can know that it is the Lord that is testing our faith which will produce patience and steadfastness. One day we will be perfect and complete in the sight of the Lord, and the trials we are put through are intentional. Built in to remind us of who we are to truly rely on!