F3 Knoxville

The Agile Bear

65 and Humid!

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer

Arm circles IC 10 reps FWD then BKWD
Cherry Pickers IC 10x (4 Ct)
American Hammers IC 20x (4 ct)
Side-straddle hops IC 20x (4 ft)

Playground Shuffle 7/7/17 (3x)
7 bench jumps, 7 derkins, 17 Big boys
7 derkins, 7 big boys, 17 bench jumps
7 bench jumps, 7 big boys, 17 derkins


Agile Bear
Cardiac hill-run to spot 7 burpees, bear crawl to next curve 7 burpees, run/bear crawl to top and perform 17 of 1 exercise mosey to bottom start over and do the next exercise at top
-@top of hill:
17 mountain climbers
17 side straddle hops
17 squats
17 high knees
17 bicycles

Indian Moseys back to AO

Number Off and Name-O-Rama

Live each day as they come and give every adverse situation up to the Lord. We do not know what each day holds and we cannot plan for everything. Each situation and event is given to us by the Lord and he provides us strength. Live each day at peace with what is going to happen