F3 Knoxville

Being Neighborly with a Jelly Legged Welsh Dragon

THE SCENE: It’s August.  In Knoxville.  So, you know, warm.

SSH x 15 (4ct IC); 2 burpees; Imperial Walkers x 15 (4ct IC); 4 burpees; Cherry Pickers x 10ish (IC); 6 burpees; Tie Fighters, forward and back x 12ish; 8 burpees.
Jelly Legs.  Line up on the baseline.

  • Round 1: 10 second squat hold; 10 squats, run to other side for 2 burpees, and then back;
  • Round 2:  20 second squat hold; 20 squats, run, 2 burpees.
  • Round 3, 30 second squat hold; 30 squats, run, 2 burpees (see the pattern?)
  • Rounds 4 and 5

Welsh Dragon

  • Bear crawl x 4; 1 4 ct shoulder tap (tapping each shoulder once); 1 merkin
  • Continue with 4 step bear crawl and add a 4 ct shoulder tap and additional merkin each time up to 10;
  • Turn around and work back to the beginning, going down in reps, starting from 10, back to 1.


  • Mosey from AO up Baby Everest, to Cardiac, down to Cardiac, wagon wheeling for the 6;
  • 10 burpees at the bottom; Bernie to the first turn for 10 burpees; mosey to the next turn for 10 burpees, sprint to the top as hard as you can.
  • 25 dips

Some flutters waiting on the 6.  Mosey back to the AO

High Heels led something (flutters? Hello Dollies?); then 25 tempo LBCs.

Here’s the full post of my friend, which I stole for the BOM:  “In the gospel of Luke, a dude skilled in the day’s cultural/religious law approached Jesus to “test him” asking, basically, ‘What do I need to do to be considered right before God?” And Jesus turns it around and asks, ‘Well, what’s written in the law about this topic?’ Dude repeats the Golden Rule, which says, in part: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

Jesus says, ‘Looks like you got it. Do that and you’re cool’  But dude pushes for clarification: ‘Okay, but who exactly is my neighbor?’  Then, Jesus answers the very precise question by telling a story that most everyone on the planet now knows well – the parable of the Good Samaritan.

Story goes, in a nutshell: “Guy traveling was jumped by robbers who stripped and beat him and left him to die. Two dudes who were socially privileged (a priest and Levite) came along, noticed the guy, but peaced-out.  Then, a Samaritan (not considered to fully belong to the dominant culture), noticed the guy lying there and decided to stop and interrupt what he was doing. The Samaritan then spent his time and his money making sure the guy was going to be alright.”

Then, this is the epiphany moment: Jesus didn’t ask, “Which of these three would you consider to be your neighbor?” Instead, he asked: “Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the guy who nearly got waxed?” Dude responds: “The one who showed mercy.” (i.e., the Samaritan).  Jesus: “Go and do likewise.”

In other words, Jesus was saying: “You’re asking the wrong question – ‘who is my neighbor?’ The question itself  isses the point and implies a primary concern with exclusivity and tribalism. – instead, you should be asking, ‘What should I do to be a neighbor?’” So, instead of asking, “Whose life in particular should matter to me?”

Go and observe who is truly in need and show those persons mercy. A human in need.


A human who has been treated unjustly.


In order to be a neighbor, you should concern yourself with *that individual* or *those individuals* regardless of attributes such as color, beliefs, religion, political affiliation, occupation, or social standing.


Indeed, Jesus assigned no other attribute to the person other than that he was in need.


Look for needs and heal them – even and especially if you’re a Samaritan.


Prayers for Doubtfire and his family with his mom’s passing.

Dora’s faithful beat down!

THE SCENE: Cloudy 43 Degrees. Perfect temp for a beat down!

Cherry Pickers x 15 IC

Baby Arm Circles both ways IC x 10

SSH x 15 IC

Jog at 50% across parking lot

High Knees back

Jog at 75% across parking lot

Butt kickers back


Doras on the hill next to the AO.

Partnered up. All exercises at the bottom of the hill were x 100 and the top of hill exercises were x 10

  • 100 Burpees at bottom and 10 calf raises at top
  • 100 Merkins at bottom and 10 squats at the top
  • 100 Big Boys at bottom and 10 dry docks at the top
  • 100 Star Jacks at bottom and 10 Box Cutters at the top
  • 100 4ct flutter kicks and 10 Mountain Climbers at the top
  • 100 Iron Mikes at bottom and 10 Superman Swims at the top
  • 100 American Hammers at bottom and 10 Imperial Walkers at top
  • Plank When Done

Mosey to the playground benches for one round of 11’s with box jumps and derkins

Mosey to parking lot next to playground for one round of suicide sprints.

Mosey back to AO

Discussed the need to fight for faith in God just like we fight to get better at other areas of our life, fitness, family, job, etc. Sometimes we may not feel like fighting for faith but just like we had to fight to make it up the hill in DORAS we need to fight to believe in God’s promises.

Stairs and Pain

THE SCENE: Crisp and comfortable

-SSH X25 IC, -Tempo Squat x10 IC, -BAC x10 (Forward/Reverse) IC, Tempo Squat x10 IC, SSH x25 IC

PAX form two lines and mosey around area to identify each station…

AMRAP (12 minutes)

As many rounds as possible for 12 minutes the PAX completed 10 reps at three stations of the following…

  • Pull-ups at the Big Ball Beams
  • Box Jumps at the TN Amphitheater Stage
  • Burpees at the Bridge

Abort gave us a 10 count…

Mountain of Pain

PAX sprinted to the top of the Big Ball Steps and did the following:

  • Hand-release Merkins 10-1 (10 at top of steps, 9 at bottom, 8 at top, rinse repeat to 1 rep at the bottom)
  • When finished PAX did Flutter Kicks x20 IC, American Hammers x20 IC until the six was up.

Preacher gave the PAX a 10 count…

PAX sprinted to the flat area (for time purposes) instead of to the very top of BB Steps and did the following:

  • Same 10-1 repetition as the Hand-Release Merkins but this time WW2 Big Boy Sit-Ups were completed.

PAX re-formed their two lines again and moseyed to AO starting point.

CASH OUT with ATM’s (15 4 count shoulder taps IC, 10 tempo merkins on a single count IC, 10 speed merkins x10 IC)
19 PAX (1 FNG!)
Spoke about intentional leadership on my NYE Q.  The same is true now.  If we are not moving forward, we are being stagnant.  If we are being stagnant then we are being left behind.  The downtown AO has unlimited potential and if we want to see it grow we must cultivate it and that happens from stepping outside our comfort zones and intentionally leading here.  Challenge this AO to two VQ’s next week at the Big Ball AO.  If guys have questions, get with any of us who have Q experience as a resource or even as a Co-Q.
Prayer request were made.
Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.

Kraken and Everest


40°F, with a light misty


Covered by Barbee while I finished setting up the Kraken…

The Kraken

Spread out to 8 cones.  Complete exercise at that cone and run around the cones counter-clockwise to the next cone (make the whole loop + one cone). Rinse and repeat until you complete the whole loop or until time is up.

  • Cone 1 – Dry Docks x30
  • Cone 2 – Narrow Squats x30
  • Cone 3 – 4ct Flutter Kicks x20
  • Cone 4 – Star Jumps x30
  • Cone 5 – 4ct Shoulder Taps x20
  • Cone 6 – Reverse Lunges (each leg counts as 1) x30
  • Cone 7 – 4ct Hello Dollys x20
  • Cone 8 – Smurf Jacks x30

Mosey to Everest

21s- Merkins at the bottom and squats at the top

25 PAX

Joy of Restoration
“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”
‭‭Genesis‬ ‭1:1‬ ‭ESV‬‬

Then sin happened and now everything here is different from what it was originally intended to be.

Christmas marks the beginning of the restoration.

“The wilderness and the dry land shall be glad; the desert shall rejoice and blossom like the crocus; it shall blossom abundantly and rejoice with joy and singing. The glory of Lebanon shall be given to it, the majesty of Carmel and Sharon. They shall see the glory of the Lord, the majesty of our God.”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭35:1-2‬ ‭ESV‬‬

The guys were very gracious as I was a little late getting to the start point.

Asylum Crushed by 5 Gents as we Pressed On

THE SCENE: Cold blistering 32 ͦ but a clear morning


In cadence, in position,

  1. 20 Side-straddle-hops, 4ct
  2. 15 Cherry pickers, 4ct

Starting out at the AO, went baseline to baseline, East to West,

  • 15 merkins to 1 Big Boy Situp, (-) 1 Merkin to (+) 1 BBS until 1 Merkin to 15 BBS


Mosey to the Playground for

  • 10 Burpee Box Jumps then
  • 20 BBS then
  • 20 Single Leg Lunges,
  • repeat 1x


Mosey to parking lot for some more fun…

  1. Run to first workout,
  2. 20 Merkins, run to next
  3. 20 Squats, run to next
  4. 20 Little Boy Crunches, run to next
  5. 20 Smurf Jacks, then 1 full lap, and repeat dropping to 15 reps on round 2…then 10 reps for round 3

–Recover– and Mosey back to the AO

Then it’s time to get on your six and lets do some…

Boat-Canoe and to finish up the Q we end with Hello Dolly in cadence.

5 Pax went strong,

When we are out in the world are we identified as having the Holy Spirit in us? Read from John 20:27: Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.”

When others see us, do they see Jesus in how we live and act? We can say all we want that we are followers of Christ, but our actions say more than our words. We need to wear the scars of Jesus; as in the passage, and emit the light of the Holy Spirit daily. When looking at us, we need to be able to be identified as a follower of Christ and wear his scars. It starts first with Family then to Friends and Co-workers.
Included praying for my wife (whom has the flu) and for the Pax and F3