F3 Knoxville


THE SCENE: 60 with Misty Mountains
Apologies for the mislabels, and mis-anything.

A few of these, a few of those.  Pre-cursers of criss crossy things to come.


At base of JUCOManjaro.  Each HIM within a team of 4 takes turns carrying a CMU to the top of JUCOManjaro.  As they carry the CMU to the top they cross over to the other side of the road where they will find a orange cone with a exercise on it which they will do.    There were 9 stations to get to the top which were labeled:

  • 50 Imperial Walkers
  • 25 Cross Toe Touches
  • 50 Freddy Mercuries
  • 25 Mountain Parkers
  • 50 Scissor Kicks
  • 25 Plank Destroyers
  • 50 Travoltas
  • 50 Windmills
  • 50 American Hammers

As the group finishes, do American Hammers with the CMU’s being passed from HIM to him in a back facing circle of HIM’s on their six.  Keep doing CMU American Hammers until the whole group is in the circle.  Switch directions a couple times.

Take CMU’s back down to the A.O.


Had a fun time naming our FNG who is now Blackbox.



Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome[a] it.

Fellowship reference: https://fellowshipknox.org/wl?c=1 (5/5/2019)

Hardship Hill coming as well as Bridge.

Nightmare after the Super Bowl

THE SCENE: Cool and crisp. Nice morning.

BAC x10 IC
Little bit of…
Sumo Shoulders x10 IC
Tempo Squats x10 IC
Merks 4ct x10 IC
5 Bodybuilders IC

Shoulder Shredder – 100 4ct OH Claps

Approach big hill near AO start. Going uphill: Bear crawl 12 paces, crawl bear 6 paces. Repeat until reaching the top

Mosey down to new lots.

Escalator using 4 corners: Perform exercises at Corner 1, run lap, Corner 1 + Corner 2, run lap, keep building for 4 corners
Corner 1: 10x Bodybuilders, 10x Merkins
Corner 2: 10x Bodybuilders, 10x Sit-up-ups
Corner 3: 10x Bodybuilders, 10x Crab Cakes
Corner 4: 10x Bodybuilders, 10x Angle Grinders

Mosey back to AO

Shoulder Shredder again

Discussed Jim Collins 20 mile march concept. Choose a goal and consistently move toward it instead of balls to the wall on good days and no movement at all on bad days. Apply this to the push-up/sit-up charity challenge and don’t get behind.  https://www.artofmanliness.com/articles/whats-your-20-mile-march/ 

2nd F lunch Wednesday @ Jamaica Sunrise in Maryville
CSAUP at Bomb Shelter this Saturday

Bump n run on hump day

THE SCENE: 22 degrees and clear

jog across the parking lot x 2, High knee skip x2, but kiss x2, monkey humpers x15 IC, Bac forward and reverse x 10 IC, 7’s at baby hill but more like 4’s…Monkey humpers at the bottom and burpess at the top. I wanted to get into the thang so I cut it short but it was a thigh burner as we Bernie sanders up the hill between exercises.

Bump n Run

  • number off and split into 3 groups
  • Group 1 started at Hairburner station. with each group, pax partnered up in 3s. one pax is pushing a plate across the parking lot to the other side. once they get to the other side, pax that is on that side pushes the plate back across to the 3rd pax. Whille the plate is being pushed back and forth, one side the pax is doing HR merkins and the other side is doing monkey humpers. Go back and forth like a relay until Group 3 bumps you
  • Group 2 is at the pavalon doing 10 box jumps and 10 bench pull ups, AMRAP until group 1 bumps them to the next station
  • Group 3 or the 3rd station is ABS. 10 LBC on the 4 ct IC and 10 Flutters on the 4ct IC. This is the station that sets the pace or the duration of each station. When they get get done, they run over to relieve the group at the next station, thus bumpin them off and sending them to the next station to bump that group.
  • We got in about 3 rounds

Flutter kicks by Hot tub IC

captain thor to 5:20

boat, canoe, catamaran with a sail
21 pax
F3 is about making us as men better in all facets but we cant do it alone:

Ecclessiastes 4:9-1

Two are better than one, because they had a good reward for their labor. For if they fail, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth, and hath not another to lift him up.

Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc.

Give it away at the Wesley House tonight at 5 pm.

Circuit City

THE SCENE: Mid 70’s. Humid and Muggy. Does it ever change?
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Check yo’ self before you wreck yo’ self.


21’s – Side Straddle Hop (Count 5 IC and the rest silent to 21. Everyone must stop on 21 exactly together or else..burpees as punishment!)
Cherry Pickers x 10 IC
BBS x 10 IC
Baby arm circles x 10 IC
Main Circuit (8 stations):
Circuit from AO start down to new parking lots by playground. Sprint/jog in between exercises:
  1. 15 merkins
  2. 15 BBS
  3. 15 Crunchy Frogs
  4. 15 Carolina Dry Docks
  5. 5 Burpee pull Up
  6. 20 Dips
  7. Decline merkins
  8. 15 Box Jumps
Rinse and repeat for 20 min or until QIC says recover
25’s (ex. 7’s or 11’s) on baby hill
Bottom of hill workout: Hands above head squat jumps
Top of hill workout: Hand release merkins
Partner merkins sets of: x 15, 10, 5
Circle of Pain (COP) Abs!
Bear Crawl clockwise until told to stop..bear crawl counterclockwise until told to stop.
Not So Lazy Boys (my personal fav)
Snitch, Dimples, Dog Bite, Rusty, Cheatsheet, Cat Gut, Woodshack, Possum, Fabio, Toll Bridge, Hot Tub, Compost, Carney, Umbro, Bunny, Lights Out, Mayhem, Flanders, Jenner, Gibbler, Slim Shady, Chaco, Pringle, Guano, Pusher
Frustrated with kids?
Frustrated with wife?
Frustrated with job, friends, family, health?
Depleted? Tossed around by the waves of life?
Isaiah 40
Biblical times war = more than matter between nations but also deities.
Peoples of conquered nationals pqxs often adopted conqueror’s religion b/c they believed their deity was superior to their own.
Don’t lose perspective of what’s important in life.
No one and no nation is big enough to be a threat to God.
Prayers were requested and lifted up for Slide Rule’s mother passing and family. Please lift them up in this time of transition with peace, love, and comfort.
Prayers for Jenner to get an interview for med school (in Bahamas!). A 10 year dream in the making!
Make sure you add your miles to the July challenge! Rep it hard from the Asylum.
3rd F event at downtown location Overlook. August 11!

The Battle Buddy Beatdown


Buddy Circuit x3

  • Buddy Presses x10
  • Leg Throwdowns x15
  • Buddy Lat Raises x10
  • Buddy Derkins x15

Alternate between Buddy Carries and Wheelbarrows between stations.

Descending Cardio Ladder

  • 1:00 Sprint, Burpees, Sprint
  • :45 Burpees, Sprint, Burpees
  • :30 Sprint, Burpees, Sprint
  • :15 Burpees, Sprint, Burpees

8-Count Merkins x12

41 PAX
Choose lasting meaning over temporary happiness. Don’t make happiness and pleasure your aim in life. We do what is hard to get strong. We are strong to help carry others out of the depths.

4 AUG- 2nd F at the Anders

11 AUG- 3rd F at the Outlook