F3 Knoxville

Pair up in groups of 3

THE SCENE: Clear, cool, the kind of weather that makes you not think about it.  Oh, and that full moon! Wow.

  • 2 burpees OYO
  • SSH IC x26
  • 4 burpees OYO
  • Outhouse run, Bernie back
  • Remove sweatshirt (solo exercise by La-Z-Boy)
  • 6 burpees OYO
  • Merk-jacks IC x15
  • 8 burpees OYO
  • White Boy Breakdance IC x10 (Plank, lift left arm and walk legs to Crab, right arm up back to Plank, reverse)
  • 10 burpees OYO
  • Tempo Squat IC x20
  • LBAC IC x20 Fwd x20 Bwd

I think we’re warmed up… Mosey to the hockey rink

THA-THANG (Part 1):
Pair up in groups of 2

  • 69 Merkins (I’m not allowed to explain this one) x10 each
  • Over the wall, to the grass, back over the wall
  • 1 man BBS x30, other Plank, high-5 each rep. Switch.
  • Over the wall, to the grass, back over the wall
  • Helping Hand (PAX sit facing one another, grab right hands, stand together) x10 each hand
  • Over the wall… Mosey to the Party Rock pile

THA-THANG (Part 2):
Pair up in groups of 3. Each group gets 2x hand-size rocks, 1x CMU size. 2 lines facing one another across parking lot. One line has CMU size, other line has hand size. Each line does exercise until relieved by third member of pair. 2 trips through this list:

CMU size line:

  • Squrl ( simultaneous Squat and Curl)
  • Forward raise
  • Hip Thrust
  • RowMo (CMU at chest, bow at waist, perform row, return to standing)

Hand size line:

  • Man-Makers
  • Lateral shoulder raise
  • Wax On/Wax Off
  • Raise the Roof

Only a couple minutes left for Mary: Row Row Row Your Boat. Sing the song while doing American Hammers in Boat position. Switch to Canoe, keep paddling, sing the song again.  R&R like 3 times or so.
18 PAX showed up for work today, welcome to FNG Quaker!
Sunday’s message has stuck in my mind this week.  The topic was faith and putting trust in God for both the big things like salvation and the little things that bring us anxiety or worry.  The phrase that hung in my mind was “practicing” trust.  If we are not intentional about where we place that trust on a day-to-day basis, our natural tendency is to trust ourselves or something that we can see.  We get together in the mornings to stress ourselves physically, training our bodies to respond to the demand.  Spiritually, it’s only through intentional practice of continually turning things over to God that we can train our stress response to do the same.  Search your heart for any areas where your trust is placed elsewhere, and surrender those to Him.
Good shoulder content today… The DP Pax may be a little too uptight for the breakdancing.  Or maybe they just need more practice!.
Lunch today at Hardin Valley Brown Bag (11:30).

Truckin’ to the Pound (first annual) 10/28.  Starts 6AM at the Truck Stop!

F3 Knoxville 2nd anniversary 11/4 at Anchor Park

Y’all must have forgot about CMUs!

THE SCENE: We are too blessed to have weather like this! Perfect!

20 SSHs
20 merkins
10 SSHs
Cherry Pickers x5
Curls, presses, tris x10



Mosey to the “Boat” w/CMU:
CMU curls, presses & merkins x20
Mosey to steps w/CMU pressing x5 at each light pole.
At steps CMU curls, press, merkin X20
Leave CMU and run up steps and path to top, return
(Run it twice if needed to catch 6)
Mosey with CMU to Matterhorn:
CMU curl, press and merkins x20

W/o CMU, Sprint to light pole, 10 merkins, sprint to top of Matterhorn 10 merkins and Wagon Wheel back down to six and back up.

Mosey to Pavalon and partner up
50 reps each
Pull ups and Dips
Partner 1 does AMRAP pull-ups while Partner 2 does AMRAP Dips
Switch when necessary till you reach 50 of each

Sprint to top of Matterhorn 10 merkins and mosey down.
Pick up CMU do presses till 6 catches and then mosey to AO.

Ring of Fire
Flutter kicks, marge simpsons, boat, canoe, etc while someone runs around.

PAX of 20, 2 FNGs (RainFly and Doubledown)
I shared with the PAX a story of an elderly woman that I met at the hospital who was looking for her car. As I was showing her where to go find it, we started talking and she shared with me that her husband was just recently put on hospice care. I asked her more about her family and she said she had none.  she had no kids and they had just moved to the area from Florida expecting to retire here. They do not have any friends in the area and she will be alone. I walked with her for a considerable amount of time to her car.  She asked if I was married and with my answer she said make sure I hug my wife when I get home. She asked for a hug when we got to her car and I obliged her as well as asking her name so I may pray for her. I told the story not to say that I’m special For doing this, as I was just showing her where her car was, but to point out there are lots of people going through things that are difficult and we should keep an eye out for those folks. Get to know people better, reach out to people  we know but not well, and reach out to complete strangers even. Ask if you can pray for people when they share with you. Be open with your faith. The last thing she said to me when she was at her car  was, I think God put you in my path today, thank you.
We had to hard-working FNG’s today, the whole PAX worked hard and got the job done together. It was good to see everyone doing the wagon wheel for the six. No one complained  about the extra running with a CMU to bring up or brothers.
Mayberry reminded everyone of the trucking to the pound event and Toto mentioned to anyone that hasn’t Qed can reach out to another PAX member to help with a Co-Q.

Bunch o Hunks at the DAWG POUND

THE SCENE: Perfect early morn weather yessirrr


Side straddle hop ~20 IC

Tempo Squats- 10 IC

5 Burpees

Merkins- 10 IC

Short Mosey

5 Burpees

Mosey to the tennis court


  • 4 Count Flutter Kicks x 20
  • Inchworm Half the court
  • 3 burpees
  • Lunge second half
  • 3 burpees
  • Sprint back

Repeat two more times with the other two sets beginning with 20 merkins and 30 reverse crunches

Run Like an Antelope/You Enjoy Myself

Mosey to the track

Partner Section

  • At the entrance to the track, 4 count flutter kicks x 20
  • At the first turn, 20 dips, 10 burpees, 20 reverse crunches
  • Second turn, 10 sundials each leg, 20 merkins

Rinse and Repeat

Heavy Things

Mosey back to the AO for some dealer’s choice

Boat Canoe via Ratchet IC

Pickle Pounders via Mayberry IC

5 Cheeky Burpees at the end
Recently, I have been thinking about the proper way to live life. It has become apparent that life is full of suffering, which is quite depressing, but there is a way to live in which nihilism does not creep. I believe that would be to live life accepting responsibility, which is a sacrifice, but it assigns meaning to life. I think that this is a very powerful idea. If you accept those things, then you will not find yourself hiding from pains and seeking only pleasures, but maybe you can confront the pains and compose something better for you and those around you.

Cain and Abel

I spoke briefly about the story of Cain and Abel. In the first half of the story a few things happen.

Abel is making good sacrifices and is looked upon favorably by God

Cain is making lackluster sacrifices and is not looked upon favorably by God

Abel’s life seems to manifest in an idealistic manner

Cain’s life is full of struggle

Cain becomes resentful and after being told by God to make better sacrifices, he decides to kill Abel (Abel is almost like the embodiment of the ideal, so in a way he is destroying what he could be if he makes the proper sacrifices).

The second half of the story deals with how to respond to an act, but the main points I wanted to convey lie in the first half

  1. You can choose to live a life without sacrifice, but it probably will be a life without meaning i.e. even if you have all the material goods you could ever want, they will not be actually worth anything, since you decided not to make a sacrifice and because of this, there is no meaning in your life.
  2. Making good sacrifices is your best chance to have your life manifest itself as close to the ideal as possible. It will not always work, but when it doesn’t, you just need to reorient your sacrifice. For example, I recently took an exam. I made some silly mistakes that will cost me, even though I restricted things I value (time with friends and family). However, all I need to do is reorient how I used that time and I will likely not make the same mistakes in the future.
  3. Pick the life full of meaning. Be responsible, make sacrifices. You will be forced to confront the unknown, gloom, pain, but you and the others around you will be better.


Overcoming Obstacles

THE SCENE:  65 and calm


Laos excercises

  • 20 IC 4CT Iron Mikes
  • 20 IC Swimming Merkins
  • 20 IC 4CT Street Stretch
  • 5  IC 4CT Ultimate Merkin

Mosey to the rock pile, pick a rock you can curl

Indian run Mosey to the bottom of Matterhorn, curls and tri-extensions with your rock as we mosey

20 IC Mtn Climbers at bottom of Matterhorn

Lunge up Matterhorn

Mosey back down for rocks

Bernie Sanders halfway up Matterhorn, mosey the rest

Mosey to the Pav-a-lon for the following exercises

  • 25 Pull ups
  • 50 Decline Merkins
  • 75 LBCs

Line back up and mosey to the top of Matterhorn, Junk led us down

Indian run mosey back to rock pile

2 teams line up and then while one person does a windsprint, the rest of the team does

  • Merkins
  • Bridge March


  • 10 OYO Merkins
  • 20 IC 4ct Floor Wipers
  • 20 IC 4ct Flutter kicks
  • 5 IC 4ct Ultimate Merkin

FNG – Flute Loop

I’ve been reading a study about being a better dad, an “intentional father”, and leading my kids to a relationship with Jesus.  For me I sometimes feel like I don’t know how to do that.  I don’t know all the right things to say and do have them learn about Jesus.  But by putting down my phone, work, hobbies, tv remote, etc., and intentionally spending time with them, I’m off to a good start.  By paying attention to them while they play, or ask questions (lots and lots of questions), or eat dinner and putting the distractions away they can tell the difference.

Sometimes our biggest obstacles to being intentional father is we do not know where to start.  Well just like Matterhorn we climbed this morning, we have to be willing to take that first step.  Get up and move, and if we stumble or fall to get up and keep going.  I’m also learning that I have to show that side to my kids.  If I struggle with obstacles and I handle it the wrong way, my kids learn the wrong way to handle obstacles.  In those times of struggles, I have had to go back and apologize to my kids and ask for forgiveness.  Which does a couple things, it makes my kids realize “hey dad isn’t perfect” and “dad can admit when he is wrong”.  My weaknesses turn into learning points.

And when I struggle with an obstacle so much that I seek our heavenly Father’s assistance with it, my kids see that too.  They see that God is always with us to lift us up and carry us when we need it.  My hope is they know that not only I am always there to pick them up, but that God walks with us.  God picks us all up, gives us a hug, knocks the dirt off, and says “Let’s do this together”.

The PAX really pushed hard this morning, even though we did some things we never tried before.  Indian run with pee rock curls being a prime example.  But we all got better!


  • 2 opportunities for lunch this Weds at Whole Foods, and Thurs at Hardin Valley Brown Bag
  • Oct 6, Trail Run
  • Oct 14, Maryville Launch
  • Oct 28, Truckin to the Pound event