F3 Knoxville

Tag Team with Drive Thru

THE SCENE: 34 and clear

We decided to give Swanson a Tuesday off for the first time in forever, so Drive Thru and I did Tag Team Tuesday.  Drive Thru wanted to mop everyone up with the second half, so I took the warm up and first part.
Squat and reach
Moroccan night clubs Postman style (holding squat)
BAC forward and reverse
Six count merkin (combine tempo merkin and T-merkin, didn’t go well)
Quick mosey to coupon pile at L&N and then over to TN War Memorial.  12 minute AMRAP, all with rocks except the lap.

  • Rock swap merkins x10
  • Good mornings x15
  • Lunge with OH press x20
  • Curls x25
  • Job a lap around memorial

I think everyone completed in the range of 3-4 rounds.  Return rocks to the pile and Drive Thru had us mosey over to the base of the Big Ball for some BOMBS.
Partner up and complete Dora style, 2 burpees for the B completed by the man running to the top of the Big Ball stairs.  The partner who stays at the bottom starts with 100 OH claps, then 100 merkin-T’s (T-merkins but had to fit the spelling), 100 BBSUs, and finally 100 squats.  Repeat and relieve each other until complete.

Flutter kicks
Hello Dolly
American Hammers
13 Strong: Rousey, Postman, Swanson, Huffy, Drive Thru, Bubble Wrap, Peter Rabbit (FNG), Livestrong, Half Caff, G6, Bulldog, Bilko, Abort

Tower of Power


Rainy, Mid 60s


Welcome to F3, I’m Half Caff & I’ll be leading us today in our workout. Welcome Brian our FNG to the workout. I am not a professional, you are here on your own accord. Now the disclaimer is done, be sure to push yourself, work on your form. Don’t worry about being last, I don’t, push yourself, keep good form, finish the reps.


Side Straddle Hops: 13, Rockettes: 12, ‘Merkans OYO: 12, lil bit of this, lil bit of that, whatever we call this, whatever we call that


Welcome to the T.O.W.E.R. O.F. P.O.W.E.R.! On each level (even numbered level) we will do an exercise. Twelves reps of each. Then we will mosey to the next level & complete the next exercise.

  • T – t-push ups
  • O – overhead claps (4count)
  • W – double V-ups (V-up w/ a pulse at the apex)
  • E – eigh count body builders
  • R – reverse lungs

Once at the top we ran into the rain & performed:

  • O – over head claps w/ a burpee
  • F – flutter kicks (count assist from Drive-Thru)

Mosey out of the rain to then start our descent, adding squats on the odd landings

  • P – push-ups
    • squats
  • O – overhead claps
    • double V-ups (by popular demand)
  • W – “wurpees” (burpees with a wide push-up)
    • squats
  • E- edward scissor legs (4count)
  • R- reverse cross lungs

Once we’ve completed we went down to the basement with an alternating lung, crab-walk, lung, bear crawl circuit. At the next level down we worked on those abs, 12 count on each:

  • ‘Merican Hammers
  • Box Cutters (by request) (count assist by Drive-Thru
  • Edward Scissor Legs (count assist by Drive-Thru)
  • Big Boy Sit Ups (by request)
  • Double V-ups
  • Flutter Kicks (by request)

Dusting off the abs we had a Burnie Suiside run up the ramp then a Slozey back to the temporary A.O.

Finishing it off with going to the ATM, at a credit union (slower but better customer service) : 15 tempo Shoulder Taps, 10 tempo ‘Merkins, 10 ‘Merkins OYO

Drive-Thru & Swanson both assisted with keeping me on track. Thanks dudes!

  1. Swanson
  2. Magic Mic
  3. Drive Thru
  4. Walrus
  5. Triple A
  6. G6
  7. Half Caff
  8. FNG – Sully


  • Been reading screw tape letters
    • Mentor demon writing a young demon
  • God calls us, further up further in, but he doesn’t do it for us. He shows us how, he equips us, & then steps back, eagerly waiting for us to do walk our own
    • Like a father, or coach or mentor
  • This is a good thing
  • I’ve been in a desert season spiritually, sometimes calling to the Lord, sometimes not. Asking him to carry me, delivery me & other times just content with having to do anything
    • but what I am hearing from CS Lewis is that I need to walk on my own, for the Lord has equipped me to do so
  • So what is your walking on your own?
    • Is it  getting in the Word Today?
    • Is it stepping up here & leading a workout?
    • Is it going back to church?
    • Is it getting back to planning date night & pursuing your significant other
    • Is it honoring the sabbath?
    • Is it joining our 10week challenge to push yourself
    • Is it calling up your buddy, to ask for accountability with your internet browsing?
Where have you been begging to be carried, that the Lord has given you the means to walk on your own?
  • For me, it’s being in the Word daily, dwelling it for 15minutes, even if I don’t hear anything when I do


“He wants them to learn to walk and must therefore take away His hand; and if only the will to walk is really there He is pleased with their stumbles.”

G-6 is bring a lot of high school guys on Tuesday, wants us all to show up & work em hard. Amazon’s brewery opens tomorrow (Friday) Xul Brewery. Encouraged to go. Meet up will TBD. Last day to Early Vote is today.

It’s A Good Week to Have A Good Week

[ The Scene ]

Rainy at the most opportune time – as PAX were walking to the AO. Not a lot, but just enough

[ Welcome/Disclaimer ]

  • Welcome to F3: Fitness – Fellowship – Faith
  • My name is Steam and I’m honored to be in your company and be your Q this morning
  • FNGs?
  • Couple of things before we begin:
    • (1) Contrary to popular belief I am not a professional
    • (2) You’re here on your own volition
    • (3) If you need to modify anything we do this morning – feel free to do so as you need but push yourself and those around you.
      • No man left behind – no man left the same
  • COVID measures are still in place so as much as you can let’s try and keep 6ft if possible.

[ Warm – o – Rama ]

(1) SSH: 7 x 4

(2) Mountain Climber: 7 x 4

(3) Baby Arm Circles: 7 x 4 (F)

(4) Baby Arm Circles: 7 x 4 (B)

[ The Thang ]

(Mosey to Big Ball stairs)

(1) Up and Over

  • Rinse and Repeat this once for a total of 2 times
  • Bear crawl up the stairs
  • Landings
    • Middle: 20
    • Top: 15
    • Bottom of stairs: 10
  • Run across the street to the stairwell — down into WFP backwards bear crawl-style
    • 10 Iron mikes
  • Run back to the start right here
    • We’ll do this 2x
    • On your second lap — decrease Iron Mikes by 5 (15, 10, 5)


  • 25 LBCs
  • 25 Flutter kicks

(15 count)

(Mosey to Amphitheater)

(2) Over And Up

  • Rinse and Repeat this once for a total of 2 times
  • Pick a side (L or R) and run Over to the ramp up to the top
  • Run Up to the top
  • Execute 10 chin-ups/pull-ups
  • Run down the stairs
  • 10 incline merkins + 10 dips 
  • Rinse and Repeat once


  • 25 LBCs
  • 25 Flutter kicks
  • Rocky Balboas under the amphitheater: 10×4

(15 count)

(Mosey back to AO)

(3) Core 4

  • Find a bench and lay on your back
  • 25 x 4 flutter kicks
    • Run to rock pile
    • 10 curl presses
    • Run back to AO
  • Find a bench and put your feet under it for some stability
  • 25 BBSs (1 count)
    • Run to rock pile
    • 10 rock triceps
    • Run back to AO
  • Find a bench — lay on the bench — 
  • 25 flutter kicks  (4-count)
    • Run to rock pile
    • 10 rock rows
    • Run back to AO
  • Find a bench
  • 25 incline plank jacks (1 count)
    • Run to rock pile
    • 10 rock squats
    • Run back to AO


[ COT ]

  • # off
  • Name o Rama
  • FNGs
  • BOM

The 59 “One Another’s” in the New Testament of the Bible


There are 59 “One Another’s” in the New Testament of the Bible and I think they’re worth reading over and contemplating over – specifically in terms of the application for our lives as HIM.

So the encouragement is this —> Read it out — pray it out — live it out. Because we can’t “One Another” without one another

The Amazing Race: Big Ball Edition (Soot Co-Q)

THE SCENE: Lower to Mid 60’s, partly cloudy. Couldn’t ask for better weather!

SSH, Arm Circles, Imperial Walkers, This and That, Tempo Squats
We divided everyone into two teams for an Amazing Race style workout. Each team was given a clue, then had to decide what landmark that clue was hinting at. If the team went to the right location, Soot or I would tell them the workout for that spot. The first team to hit each location and finish each workout won. A few bonus rules: bear crawl every bridge, 1 burpee at each landing or top of each staircase, and bernie up every hill. Each team went in opposite orders, I led one clockwise while Soot led the other counter-clockwise. Here are the clues, locations, and exercises:

  • “It rises in the morning, but never gets out of bed” – The Sunsphere – Here we did 7’s between the edge of the water and the base of the sunsphere with Smurf Jacks and Star Jacks
  • “Here you might enjoy a nice view of the river, but you won’t enjoy the dense new additions to your team” – The Rockpile – Here we did 30 reps of Thrusters, Tricep Extensions, Curls and Front Raises
  • “The crown jewel of UT’s campus. The hallowed high ground” – The Hill – Here we lined up at the flag pole and did flutterkicks while one at a time each of us bear crawled around the flag pole
  • “Floors of empty spaces” – 11th Street Garage – Here we did the following in all 4 corners of the garage: 15 reps of Merkins, Squats, LBCs, Mountain Climbers (2ct)
  • “It’s almost time for our show to end, so be sure to grab your seats” – The Amphitheater – Here we just did 50 inverted rows
  • “End our race with a world tour and a splash” – The AO – Here we did a kind of inverted Indian Run. While running in line around the fountain, the person in front would do burpees until the rest of the team caught up, then the next person would pick up where they left off and the first person would go to the end of the line. The first team to a total of 200 burpees won.

The race ended just before 8am with our team reaching 200 burpees while Soot’s team was only 3 burpees behind

Abort led us in an ATM cash out
Soot led the word talking about how he and I met his junior year of college when he went to visit a campus ministry that I work for called the Navigators. After meeting we got lunch a couple times and eventually started meeting on a weekly basis for discipleship. After graduating, Soot and I have maintained that relationship, although we no longer meet as often, and Soot has gone on to lead his own Bible study and invest in guys the same way I invested in him. Also, Soot was the guy who first got me to come out to F3. After a lot of tip toeing in the shallow end, I eventually became more involved with F3 here and have also brought a few other FNG’s in along the way.

We shared all this for a few reasons. One being the importance of relationships and community. Soot and I have maintained our relationship with one another even in busy seasons, when he was deployed in Kuwait, and now as he moves from CO to NC. The second being you never realize how far a simple invitation will go. I invited Soot to grab lunch, which led to a mentoring relationship, which led to Soot mentoring others as well. Soot invited me to a workout, which led to me being more involved here with Big Ball and the Quacken, which also led to me inviting others to workouts. These relationships we have and the invitations we extend to others are important, and we never know how far they’ll end up going.

Hardship Hill is coming up

CMU Trail of Fears (Being Conquered)

[ The Scene ]

  • It’s hot with a capital h o t
  • PAX circle up in the bat cave where some shade is afforded

[ Warm-o-Rama ]

  • Windmill: 10 x 4 IC
    • 1 burpee
  • Rockette: 10 x 4 IC
    • 2 burpee
  • Baby Arm Circles
    • F: 10 x 4 IC
    • B: 10 x 4 IC
    • 3 Burpee
  • Seal-Clap Squats: 5
    • Down —> 1 4-count seal clap
    • Up = 1
    • 4 burpees
  • SSH: 10 x 4 IC
    • 1 burpee

[ The Thang ]

—mosey to CMU pile by bat cave—

(1) CMU Warm-Up

  • 5 CMU Getups
    • Deadlift up CMU
    • Squat w/CMU
    • Up + chest-press CMU
    • Deadlift down CMU on ground
  • 10 Cross-Overs
    • CMU on ground
    • Burpee on 1 side
    • “Jump” on the burpee is over the CMU
    • Burpee on the other side
  • 15 CMU Curl Presses
    • Curl + press – back down
  • 20 CMU Flutter Kick Presses
    • Execute flutter kicks while doing 20 CMU presses above
  • 25 CMU Drags
    • Bear Crawl formation
    • Take 1 hand – pull CMU through your legs to your other hand
    • Bear crawl up until the CMU is in the same start position as before
    • R & R
    • Every CMU pull = 1

(10 count)

—walkdown the stairs from the bat cave—

—mosey with CMUs to the beginning of lighted path leading up to Saturday morning AO—

(2) CMU Trail of Reps

  • CMU Curls
  • CMU Presses
  • CMU Squats
  • Nickel – Dime – Quarter
  • Light 1 = 5 CMU Curls
  • Light 2 = 10 CMU Presses
  • Light 3 = 25 CMU squats
  • Rinse & Repeat until we get to the small parking lot right over there
  • However – switch the order of the Xs once you get done with the first 3 lights
    • 4th light = 5 CMU Presses
    • 5th light = 10 CMU squats
    • 6th light = 25 CMU Curls

***Disclaimer: this sucked***

There was a teaching moment in this evolution of the beatdown however

Teaching Moment/Q Tip #1: Sweep/Pickup the 6/Wagon-Wheel/No Man Left Behind

The command of “Sweep/Wagon Wheel” was given 3x by the QIC

Pele was the singular HIM that responded and came back initially – the rest of the PAX followed suit after some prompting.

Why do we circle back/wagon wheel/pickup the 6/sweep if the QIC gives the command? (1) Not because the Q is in charge or commands it, but because any one of us could be the 6 on any given day. All of at some point in time have been the 6, you know what it’s like. (2) Circling back/wagon wheel/pickup the 6/sweep isn’t just a physical thing – it’s also mental as well. Sometimes all people need is a little encouragement and if you’re the 6 I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you probably needed some encouragement. Think about what circling back/wagon wheeling/picking up the 6/sweeping does for the 6 – not only does it reaffirm physically “No man left behind” but it also affirms mentally for the 6 and the PAX “No man left behind.”

We circle back. We Wagon Wheel. We pickup the 6. We sweep. No man left behind. That is a non-negotiable of F3. Period.

(Teaching Moment/Q Tip #1 was sunk in with 5 burpees by all PAX – we grow and move together – no man left behind)

Teaching Moment/Q Tip #2: It’s just a piece of rock

We have this thing at Asylum PM – if you break a CMU, 100 burpees or something crazy (stupid) like that. I’ll tell ya, people are generally pretty safe with their CMUs then, right?

However, it happens.

Dewey broke his CMU. Two pieces, on the ground. Disclaimer: Dewey is a tough hombre. Dewey is also the youngest PAX out there and he’s holding his own with the rest of us. Dude is straight crushing it in arguable one of the hardest CMU workouts to hit Asylum PM in a while.

Sometimes all people need a little encouragement. So you broke your CMU? Guess what? It’s a piece of rock – it’s okay. You’re crushing it man, keep your head up.

The bigger of the 2 broken CMU pieces is then shared by the PAX all the way back to the CMU pile. That’s what we do. CMUs are gonna get broken. It’s okay.

However, Teaching Moment/Q Tip #2 was sunk in with 5 burpees as well by all PAX – we share each other’s burdens)

Ah, I digress. Back to the hellish workout.

(Recover by parking lot)

(10 count)

Time to deliver these from whence they came – if you get down to the CMU pile first – come help someone else out with theirs that might be struggling (20/80 success on this).

(3) Pickett’s Charge to the Bat Cave

  • From the Asylum weekday morning AO car parking lot to the top of the overlook to the bat cave

Q lines up PAX in 2 lines – with Lilydipper and Pusher out front

The standard is as such —> run up Pickett’s Charge led by Lilydipper and Pusher —> no one passes them on the way up.

Teaching Moment/Q Tip #3: No one is above the standard, not even the Q.

Q stops PAX after first small hill on Picket’s Charge – reminds men of the standard set – PAX get in merkin plank position – 5 up/down merkins are executed.

Why? You are not above a standard – set by a Q or not. I am not above a standard – set by a Q or not. No one is above a standard – set by a Q or not. I don’t care how fast you are. No one cares how fast you are. There is a standard (set by the Q or not) for a reason. And a Q (and HIM) should expect and accept it to be followed. It’s not about you. It’s about the PAX. Challenge me on this. All feedback is encouraged and welcomed.

[ COT ]

  • # off
  • Name o Rama
  • FNGs
  • BOM

“Learn how to discern a win” – Jerry Flowers

    • Sometimes all people need is encouragement
    • When you can’t discern a win you’ll begin to mislabel victories
    • Identify a win – examples:
        • Lost something but gained something else
        • Lost something but gained a prayer life
        • Didn’t get the position or promotion but got character development and discipline along the way – that’s a win
        • I wanted to give you 5 examples of what I’ve identified as a few wins/victories for me so far this year:
          • Told to work from home indefinitely and feeling trapped inside all day —> freedom to be more intentional with my prayer life and pour more into things I love like F3 and walking outside – that’s a victory and a win.
          • A couple “failed” relationships —> intentional experiences and I’m being protected – given insight. That’s a victory and a win.
          • Started leading a small group of men – who are all married and in their 40s and up – I don’t say that to boast, I say that because for me this is a win for me because I didn’t see that modeled well a lot when I was growing up and now the Lord’s placed me there so I can actually see it modeled well while I learn how to lead – irrespective of my age or life experience – that’s a blessing and a win.
          • A few different opportunities have come and knocked on my door professionally and personally and instead of just flinging open the door – I’m learning to exercise judgement and wisdom in my decisions – for me that’s a victory and win.
          • We all have that one friend – and if you don’t that’s okay too – that has always been a little crazy right?
            • Well my dad has that one friend too. Great guy, snuck pre-21 years old Steam  a 6 pack at my dad’s wedding a while ago. We all get together for a guys weekend this weekend and play golf, shoot, wet our whistles probably a little more than we should, especially this particular guy and a bi-product of that led to him just opening up and saying “I remember having nowhere to turn, and just crying out to God for help.” Getting to recognize the weight of what was actually happening when he was verbally processing this was a huge win and victory. God’s on the move. 

So, what did we learn?

(1) No Man Left Behind. Period. Circling Back/Wagon Wheeling/Picking Up the 6/Sweeping is more than just a physical action.

(2) Stuff happens. Things break. There are consequences. But we share each other’s burdens. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Keep your head up.

(3) There’s a standard for a reason. No one is above the standard. Not even the Q.

(4) Learn how to discern a win so you don’t mislabel victories in your life.

(5) Sometimes all someone needs is just a little encouragement.

Iron. Sharpens. Iron.