F3 Knoxville

Landline visits Kory Hill

THE SCENE: Dog Pound, early, dry and a nice temp

MOSEY around the outhouse, SSH x20, 10 mericans, 15 SSH ,10 mericans, 15 SSHs, 10 mericans, 15 Mary Catherine gallager type SHH, 10 mericans, then 5 bad ass karate kid kicks!

Mosey to lot next to Matterhorn. 7 spots in a line spaced 10’ apart, across the lot. 7 cones across the lot from them at different lengths (20 to 70 yards ) complete exercise and run around cone across from it and back moving to next exercise. Repeat till the groaning level is sufficient.

  1. SSH x50
  2. Karate kid kicks x10 each leg
  3. squat jumps x25
  4. Merkins x40
  5. CMU curl and press x20
  6. CMU Tris and press x 20
  7. shoulder tap merkins x20

Mosey down Lot around to the docks. Mosey to Cory hill stopping at every other parking line for 1 merkin until reaching hill (20 lines?)

squat walk up Cory Hill, mosey down, Bernie squat up, mosey down, bear crawl up, mosey down …repeat flutter kick till 6 catches

mosey to AO

Landline takes over with some pac-mans, box cutters, Peter Parker’s and side crunches


Hope in God is real. Hope in things, people is nothing. There is hope in Jesus and he has given us the freedom from sin.

Talked about being more intentional with bible reading. Keeping accountability.

had a great picture wearing our shirts for WAgon Wheels friend Bryan who is struggling with a medical issue
Going away party for landline tonight, kickball teams, F3 olympics

Launch Party/Change

THE SCENE: 75 and ready for Launch

Money to Flag

SSH x 20 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Michael Phelps OYO

Launch Party included a view of almost all that our new AO “The Equalizer” has to offer:

  • DORAs on Soccer Field- 200 Merkins & 200 Squats
  • Mosey to the Boat Launch/Dock/Pier
  • 7s from Dock to Playground- LBCs & Pull-Ups
  • Mosey to Splashpad- Proton-led Flutter Kicks x 25 IC, Pfeiffer-led Hello Dolly’s x 25 IC, Partner BBSU x 20
  • Mosey to Trail Running path- 11s- incline/decline Merkins (modified for time)
  • Mosey to basketball court- 5-10-15-20 Rounds of Burpees with cross court running between each set.
  • Partner run of loop x 1.5


Great response for the new AO Launch at The Equalizer (formerly known as Carl Cowan Park).

Brief rundown on the history of Carl Cowan and his fight for equality in Knoxville. Change is inevitable, be ready, get ready, be in charge of the change you want in your life. Evolve- do not be the same man you were last year, 5 years ago… be better.

F3 Knoxville experienced change today- new AO & it was a wonderful morning.

S/O to Frosty, Mayberry, Junk, and Abacus for being with us in the SuperOcho/NirvanaNine quest. Awesome work men! We welcomed “Central Park” to the group and he came in with some respect!

We prayed for Landline and his family as they transition to St. Thomas. Yes, the Virgin Islands. Godspeed brother!

We prayed for Sliderule and his family and for Abacus’ Aunt.

The Equalizer will meet on Saturdays only for now but vibe was to expand the schedule. More info soon. Coffeteria at Dunkin Donuts was only letdown of the morning. New spot coming next week.

The Pavalon Strikes Back

THE SCENE: 72 & nice



  • SSH x 20
  • Tempo Merkins x 10
  • This/that stretch
  • Tempo Squat x 10


  • Mosey to base of Matterhorn
    • Climb Matterhorn by running forward to 1st light pole, then do 30 squats.  Mosey back down to the speed bump, do 30 squats.  Bernie Sanders all the way to the top, do 30 squats.   Abs until the 6 catches up.
  • Mosey to Pavalon
    • DORA 400.   Pick an battle buddy and do 100 DORA reps of the following exercises while partner runs to the gate and back.
      1. Pull-ups
      2. Iron Mikes
      3. Knee-ups
      4. Burpees
  • Mosey back down the Matterhorn.  Go down to the 2nd light pole, stop and Bernie Sanders back up to the first light pole, then run all the way down.  Wagon wheel at the speed bump to pick up the 6.


  • Gas pumps x 20
  • Side crunch x 10 each side

9 total:  Tweet-E, La-Z-Boy, Rainfly, Trap Door, Bueller, Landline, Ribbed, Wagon Wheel, Bartman


Talked about keeping good habits in place.  The past 3 weeks have been chaotic for me:  vacation, family in town, etc.  It’s all led to bad food choices, bad sleep choices, less workouts than usual, and just general laziness.   It always surprises me just how little it takes for life to get in the way of my healthy habits.  I always think I won’t be affected, but I always am to some degree.  Be cognizant of the good habits you’ve developed in your life and work to keep them a priority:  time with your family, your diet, your daily quiet time, your exercise routine, your sleep.


Small group today for a Tuesday….we’ll give the Superocho guys a pass for missing!


Almost Independence Day

THE SCENE: Beautiful. 68 degrees and clear as bell.
Cherry Pickers x6

Real Ankle Pulls x10sec

Pike Upx10sec (alternating calf stretch)

Modified Sea Biscuit

  • R1: 1 Lap; Exercise #1
  • R2: 2 Laps; Exercise #2
  • R3: 3 Laps; Exercise #1
  • R4: 3 Laps; Exercise #2

Exercise #1: Lunge-Squat Progression x15 (lunge left, center squate, lunge right = 1rep); Merkins (to exhaustion)

Exercise #2: Squat-Burpee Progression x10 (left facing, touch the ground squat, jump up and turn 180 degrees, down into a burpee, jump up and turn 180 degrees to left facing start = 1rep; LBCs x30

MARY: Nada.

9 in attendance, including “the Gibbler” @Gibbler.  Does this mean that Gibbler posts mileage under Dog Pound or Asylum?

Prompted by Tweet-E’s revelatory insight from the prior night’s power outage at his home (and mine), I was prompted to reflect and pray during Tha-Thang about God’s command to “abide” in Him and “be still.” Of course, it was hard to be still while running, but the point is not “be motionless,” but “be focused on God.”

How rarely I stop, clear my mind,  focus on the greatness, glory, worthiness, omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence, sovereignty, might, love, etc… of God and just “be still.”  Even in the me-time, I run with headphones in, distracting myself, or bury my face in a screen or page.

If you are like me, I was encouraged to be still even while moving.


Curling and jumping

THE SCENE: Fantastic


Mosey around the outhouse, grab a good sized pee rock, disclaimer along the way


Mosey to the tennis courts

  • Hand stand Merkins
  • 20 curls
  • x3

Mosey to the soccer field for the following

  • High knees
  • Side to side
  • Bear Crawl
  • Lunges
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Broad jumps
  • Gorilla Walk
  • Sprint
  •  x 20 Merkins on one end
  • x 20 CMU curls on the other end

Mosey back to the rock pile

  • Wheel barrow
  • Leap frog
  • Partner carry
  • Partner drag

Mosey to the AO for the final beatdown

  • Tabata of the following exercises
  • Iron mikes
  • Lizard hops
  • Tuck jumps
  • Donkey kicks
  • x 30, 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest

We didn’t have time for Mary


I spent 5 days on a road trip with my 8 year old son, and while I thought I would teach him a lot of things, he is the one that taught me some stuff.  I wish we could all see the world through an 8 year old’s eyes.  The things we see everyday and ignore or take for granted, or don’t give God credit for are amazing.  I know I don’t always say the right things, do the right things, or take the time to just let God work in me and let me see His creation as He intended.  But seeing it through my sons eyes I do get to see it.  I encourage each of you to go out and see the world better, treat the world better, and make the world better.

Our man Steam ventured into the Dog Pound for the first time and brought an FNG Dinger along with him.  Glad to have you both in the gloom.