F3 Knoxville

Peach Fuzz

THE SCENE: Mid/Upper 40s

SSH (IC x10)
Merkins (IC x10)
Squats (IC x10)
27 Line jumps @ each line (FL, FR, FF)

Mosey Greenway to Cardinal St. (.5 Miles) stopping at Anderson Street. Beatdown location is on Cardinal St. hill between Anderson Street and West Ray Avenue.

‘Bottom of hill’ – Anderson Street Complete the following – Continuous (without break between exercises):

  • (20) Shoulder taps
  • (10) Push-ups
  • (20) Shoulder taps

Burnie up hill to West Ray Ave.

Complete the Peach (like a Kraken) at Intersection and run back down to the bottom. Remove 1 exercise each time up the hill until there are no more exercises.

Top of the hill and going counter-clockwise:

  • (50) Star Jacks
  • (40) Monkey Humpers
  • (20) Pickle Pointers
  • (30) Air Squats
  • Lunges (across the circle and back)

1 Minute of LBC
5 Pax
Encourage the men to show their support and backing of the leadership change going down this weekend at the Bomb Shelter. Drifter will be passing the flags to Espy and I encourage the men to attend if at all possible. If not, I encourage the Pax to encourage other pax to attend.

Plan for a 6am step off for a general ruck march
7am Beatdown Start
8am Breakfast at Drifters

Support the passing of leadership at the Bomb Shelter this Saturday; Breakfast at Drifters after!

Revenge of the Monthly Challenge

THE SCENE: Warm enough for me to wear shorts and short sleeves.

Side straddle hops, jog to other baseline on bb court, butt kicks back, mummy kicks to other baseline, lunches back.  Mosey to track
Do 5 reps of each exercise then run a lap.  Then do 10 reps and 2 laps, 15 reps and 3 laps, 20 reps and 4 laps.  Exercises are below and sound familiar to those in the “monthly challenge feed” in Slack.

  • Leg lifts
  • Hip raises
  • LBCs
  • 100s (but just the corresponding number of reps)
  • Crunchy frogs

Cherry pickers then overhead claps until time.
Use the TAGS on right-side to record PAX (BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOURSELF) in attendance. Be sure to select the AO in CATEGORY above TAGS and then delete these notes!
Every once in awhile, those articles that show up when you open an new window in your browser gets me.  One got me this week that I thought was worth the quick read:


Weebalow is aspiring to be Swerve and Baby Weight with his new hair-do.
Triple threat this Saturday!

  1. Flag hand off at bomb shelter.
  2. Breakfast at Drifter’s.
  3. Possible pre-ruck.

Extraction team 6

  • THE SCENE: sunny and beautiful 

right into a mosey with some Frankenstein along the way
Mosey to elementary school

when pax arrived we realized the monkey bars and low bars had been removed so pull-ups are more difficult, still we proceed

Thang 1

  • 25 pull ups
  • 50 Merkins
  • 75 single count iron mikes
  • run to top of road hill
  • held squat for 6

Mosey to high school football field – on the way Q checked his phone to see that Moses had called, pax linked up with Moses by high school

Thang 2- modified Nolan Richardson

  • Solo
  • 50 burpees, every 25 run 50 yard one Bobby Hurly
  • 100 Squats – every 50 run 50 yard one BH
  • 50 LBC every 25 run 50, 1 BH
  • 100 little baby arm circle, every 50 run 50, 1 BH

Thang 3

  • pax ran stadium stars started at home stands go up left side and down right, went up rows with hand rails-2 on home side, ran to visitors
  • run up visitors stands same up left down right. About 12 rows
  • headed back to AO
  • ran 30 sec walk 1min 2 rds
  • ran 1min walk 30 seconds 2 rounds
  • Q stopped pax at bottom of hill that leads up to the grindstone
  • Rep Sleepy called jailbreak
  • finished run back from High school in 6min


Pax roulette

  • Moses Superman’s
  • Rep sleepy – flutters
  • grouch- windshield wipers
  • Q- leg raise hip raise combo
  • lbc for time

I’m thankful I can confess when I fail as a husband and know that other men have the same challenges. Thankful for an M that’s not afraid to call me out when I’m wrong.

moses rucked from the Arsenal to the Bombshelter, Q did not realize this till I was giving his a ride back to the Arsenal. It was a great F3 moment.

flag hand off this Saturday!!

Rise & Grind

THE SCENE: Chillin at 38 degrees.

SSH (duh)
Run down and back
Tempo Squats
Run down and back
Fancy Cherry Pickers (Pax Mumble)
Run down and back

Mosey to beatdown location

2 Beatdown locations; 1 on the street and 1 on the greenway. Pax will run from location 1 to location 2 and perform the 1st movement. They will then run back to the original location and complete the 1st movement. Continue through all movements and then rinse and repeat.

*Cones in middle of beatdown locations require 3 burpees to pass each time
*Pax bernie up the hill to beatdown location every time

  • Greenway Side:
    • (20) Merkins
    • (15) V-Ups
    • (25) Big Boys
    • (20) Merkins
      (20) Aussie Burpees
  • Street Side:
    • (30) Air Squats
    • (20) Walking Lunges
    • (20) Jump Squats
    • (40) Monkey Humpers
    • ( 30) Pickle Pointers

KY – Flutter Kicks
Veep – WWII
7 Pax
ISI – Proverbs 27:17-20
Just as iron sharpens iron, friends sharpen the minds of each other. Take care of a tree, and you will eat its fruit; look after your master, and you will be praised. You see your face in a mirror and your thoughts in the minds of others. Death and the grave are never satisfied, and neither are humans.
Take time to self reflect, check yourself and your daily habits. Are you hiding things from your loved ones, co-workers, or even yourself? Take the time today to deep dive into yourself, reflect and repent (if necessary); change the course and make things right before it goes too far. STOP attempting to fix ourselves with worldly options/solutions, they only leave us wanting more.

Cardio Half Pipe

THE SCENE: typical gloom. 50’s soggy and some rain to finish

  • SSH- Q had to recall the exercise because the energy on the first go round was blah
  • Cherry pickers
  • OH claps
  • Front claps
  • mosey through park toward valley of death- on the way we did some
  • Frankenstein
  • Bernie
  • heel kicks
  • lunges
  • arrive at valley


Totem pole

6 cones-start at 3 Rep, increase by 3 each cone

1st cone at top of Anderson Ave hill, 6th cone top of Spaghetti hill. 2 at valley between both. 3-5 located along Spaghetti hill leading towards top.
1- burpees

2-HR Merkins

3- 4 ct bear crawl- up 2 back 2- up hill

4- Peter Parker’s- up hill

5- BBS- up hill

6- 2ct  frog hop-1 up 1 back

Most pax finished round 6. Held plank at 2 for 6. Pax ran Anderson Hill together, 3 burpees to finish. Before mosey back to grindstone.
I had a quarterly leadership review last week at work. It was a fine meeting but I failed at the leadership improvement aspect. I’ve currently been occupied with supporting my team that I’ve not invested the time to improving as a leader. I’m asking the pax to help hold me accountable for investing time daily into my development. Including reading and take notes on my reading. Also organizing my learning materials to take better advantage of them.
Shout out to KY. He shared with us that he recently has been able to reduce his blood pressure medication by half and has lost a good amount of weight  ( I apologize KY I want to say 15 lbs but I’m not certain.)since he has come back to F3. Amazing work!!
Come support Rep Sleepy and Grouch as they help get Speedway up and going with some OTB workouts. Tue/Thur 5:30. Pick up a Q in the slack chat.