F3 Knoxville

Son of Matterhorn

76 and humid

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer

SSH IC x15
LB arm circles IC (forward x10, reverse x10)
Big Arm swims IC x20
Michael Phelps IC one count x5
Tempo Squats IC x 10
Cherry Pickers IC x10
Merkins 25 oyo
Calf raises IC x20

Pick a battle buddy and mosey to the coupon pile (2 buddies = 1 pair of coupons)

Mosey past the tavern to the base of the Matterhorn

15 Merkins together as a pair at every station (Mod = 10 Merkins)

4 segments: keep doing them while you wait for your partner
1) Base camp – coupon curl, press, tricep
2) Stage one – coupon kettle swing
3) Stage two – reverse crunch, facing down hill
4) Summit – Domo Ari-squato

A stays at base camp doing exercise while B runs to stage one, calls for A to ascend, and starts that exercise. When A arrives, 15 Merkins together, then A progresses to stage 2 while B resumes exercise. Slingshot up the hill together. Once both reach the summit, 15 Merkins and run back to base camp together. Start over with A ascending stage one, continue.

Mosey Back

Hello Dolly’s x20 IC
LBC’s x60 IC

Number off and Name O Rama

“Give to everyone who begs from you, and from one who takes away your goods do not demand them back. And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.”
‭‭Luke‬ ‭6:30-31‬ ‭ESV‬‬

Today was my oldest daughter’s fifth birthday, and after going to Dads camp this weekend and seeing so many other PAX and their children I came away with a few observations about being a father.

It occurs to me that frequently we influence our children based on our tendencies, our desires, or our need for others to see them a certain way. In doing so, we teach them to act like us (not often very desirable) or we drive them to perform a certain way – success academically, or socially or mostly athletically.

I proposed that the so-called “golden rule” extends beyond being a nice person. I rephrased it to suggest, “teach your children to be the way you would like others to be toward your child.” We should focus on their Christ likeness and less on their genius-ness or studliness. In doing so, hopefully we will see Christ’s reflection when we look at them as opposed to so much of our own.

That hill is awful, but the men attacked it and dominated it despite the humidity. We did this once before and it was tougher this time, life is like that sometimes. I was proud of the men for submitting to the workout and pushing each other along.

Simple but Effective

43 and clear

Intro and Disclaimer

Side Straddle Hops x20 IC
Cherry Pickers x15 IC
Frontward Arm Circles x10 IC
Backwards Arm Circles x11 IC

Four Square of DOOM
Split up into 4 groups and complete all workouts around the square by descending from 15 reps to 1
Corner 1: Squats
Corner 2: American Hammers
Corner 3: Merkins
Corner 4: CMU shoulder press

Run the hill then repeat until finished

Cardiac Hill
Run the Hill x 2

Mosey back to the parking lot

Count-off and Name-O-Rama

Psalms 56:3-4
Trust in God. Do not fear.

The PAX brought the heat this morning!! Everyone showed up ready to get better and everyone worked together to accomplish the beat down. Way to go men!

Gone In 60 Seconds…

45 degrees and foggy

Welcome and Disclaimer given by P-nut

Side saddle hops ICx20
Imperial Walkers ICx15
Squats ICx12
Forward arm circles ICx10
Reverse arm circles ICx10
Merkins ICx15
Burpees OYOx4

Gone in 60 seconds sequence
Military-style Merkins OYO for 60 seconds
Weighted squats OYO for 60 seconds
1 lap around parking lot

Weighted curls OYO for 60 seconds
Lateral jumps OYO for 60 seconds
1 lap around parking lot

Merkins OYO for 60 seconds
Weighted lunges for 60 seconds
1 lap around parking lot

Overhead press with coupons OYO for 60 seconds
Mountain climbers OYO for 60 seconds

Drive it like you stole it…
Formed 7 groups.  One member ran with a cinder block across the parking lot, completed a burpee, then returned the cinder block to the next in line. After passing off the concrete block, the runner then sprinted up the hill behind the parking lot before returning to the line.  All PAX not running did squats, crunches, mountain climbers and Al Gores while waiting to run.

Rinse and repeat 2x.

ABS: Dealer’s Choice
BBSU- High Heels
Bicycles- Quickbooks
Boat/Canoe- Ratchet

Name-O-Rama: 39 brave souls, including 10 FNG’s.

P-nut reminded everyone that time is a precious commodity. Think about the power of 60 seconds and what you can do for someone in a minute. In one minute you can call or text a friend that’s struggling, call your parents and thank them for bringing you life, read a book to your child/niece/nephew. Most importantly, we can spend a minute in prayer for someone in need.

P-nut prayed us out.

The PAX came to work on this post-Easter Monday. Lots of spirited mumblechatter.

Route 66

CONDITIONS:  45 degrees and foggy….a virtual heat wave for the Knoxville PAX.

Welcome & Disclaimer given by Dimples

COP1: P-Nut
Side saddle hops x20 (IC)
Imperial Walkers x15 (IC)
Forward arm circles x10 (IC)
Reverse arm circles x10 (IC)

COP 2: Dimples
Overhead press with coupons x10 (IC)
Curls with coupons x10 (IC)
Squats with coupons x20 (IC)

Repeat all three exercises again…

Route 66: P-Nut
Quick mosey to the stop sign near the far end of the upper parking lot. Applied our first Flying Headlock/Billy Zane by pulling a sadclown off the running path and having him join us. He was joined by his M (uh…what do you do about that?) for the remainder of the workout.

The goal was to run a distance between 11 light posts, starting with 1 rep at the first pole and then adding one additional rep at each light post until you hit 11.

Round 1: Burpees
Round 2: Merkins
Round 3: Big Boy Situps
Round 4: Squats
Round 5: Carolina Dry Docks

Partner Carry Indian Run: Dimples and P-Nut
100 yard Partner Carry, single-file lines with an Indian Run concept . One partner carries down; switch on return.  Rinse and repeat

Mosey to parking lot

Isometric circuit: Dimples
Squat circuit
Push-up position circuit

Ab’s: Dealer’s Choice
Crazy, knee-to-elbow partner pulls – Ratchet
Crossing Dollys – Woodshack

Name-O-Rama:45 brave souls, including 9 FNG’s.

P-Nut read Colossians 7:19. Reminded everyone to be grateful and to express gratitude at every opportunity.  AYE.

Dimples prayed us out.

This was a cardio buffet for the PAX. Spirits were high with the Billy Zane experience…coupled with the interesting reality of having an M infiltrate the group. Queen B kicked our fannies.

Lots of spirited mumblechatter.

P-Nut and Dimples (Submitted by Cap’n Crunch)

Peaks, Valleys and the Long Mosey

The Theme: A Tour of Lakeshore’s Peaks and Valleys

The Scene: 27 degrees, clear with a hint of Gloom!  After a great call by Cap’n Crunch to call off the Saturday workout due to snow, the men of F3 Knoxville were in withdrawals for 2 days. We wanted to get better together so 60, yes 60 men showed up this morning for a leg day beat down! Spirits were high, mumble chatter was loud!

Disclaimer straight into a 60 man 2.5 mile mosey with stops along the way…AYE!

1st Stop
At Mt. Everest. IC and timed Imperial Squat Walkers.
Continue run, but backwards up a short straight hill, then forward mosey.

2nd Stop
Back Lot parking lot for some Duck Walk mixed in with Frog Jumps.
Continue the mosey mixing in some Lunge Walks and Backward Lunges mixed in.

3rd Stop
Right before Cardiac Hill, 2 minutes of as many Big Boy Sit ups as you can.
Cardiac Hill was next but not without going up the hill backwards halfway for a good thigh burn.

Mosey Back to the AO, total travel 2.5 miles!

Boxcutters x15 (IC)
Reverse Pickle Pounders x 20 (IC)

Name O Rama: 60 PAX with 8 FNGs

Choices and Consequence: Everyday, we make choices, big or small. With Choices you have consequences, good or bad. With F3, I made a choice to get up early, be with my F3 brothers and work hard. The consequence became much greater than fitness. It has given me fellowship with men that I would probably have never met if not for F3 and has taught me to challenge myself more in all facets of life, including faith. What do you choose?