F3 Knoxville

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65 and Foggy

Welcome and Disclaimer

COP [Gus & Cap’n Crunch]
SSH x21 (IC)
Imperial Walkers x21(IC)
Dive Bombers x21 (IC)
Arm Circles Forward x10 (IC) & Backward x11(IC)

Partner up with a Battle Buddy for the duration of the workout.

Mosey to flag pole between the baseball fields.

Team RWB – 21 Guns [Gus]
21 minutes AMRAP
– 400 meter run (from flag pole to far baseball field and back x2)
– 9 Pull-ups (in dugouts)
– 21 pushups (on sidewalk near dugout)
– 21 box jump (on picnic tables under the covered area)
– 15 burpees (at the flag pole)

Mosey to front of Lakeshore Park, first parking lot.

Runs and Rounds [Cap’n Crunch]
Gather in the parking lot. We will do 6 rounds of 1 minute sets of exercises building in a pyramid fashion (i.e R1 = 1min of 1 exercise, R2 =2 min of 2 exercises, R3 = 3min of 3 exercises, etc.). After each round, run to the far tree (app 45 yards) and do a burpee corresponding to the round you are on then run back.

R1: Pikes
R2: Pikes, Narrow Squats
R3: Pikes, Narrow Squats, Lance Armstongs,
R4: Pikes, Narrow Squats, Lance Armstongs, Diamond Merkins,
R5: Pikes, Narrow Squats, Lance Armstongs, Diamond Merkins, Side Lunges
R6: Pikes, Narrow Squats, Lance Armstongs, Diamond Merkins, Side Lunges, 4ct Flutter Kicks

Total time = 21 minutes
Total burpees = 21

Mosey across the street to East Tennessee Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery

Number off & Name-O-Rama

G6 shared about the Tomb of the Unknown Solider.  He then prayed and we ended with Taps.

31 PAX including 1 FNG came out to a gloomy Asylum to get better and honor the men and women who have fallen in battle.  We took on the Team RWB 21 Guns challenge and added some more for good measure (if it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change).  The highlight of the morning was moseying to the East Tennessee Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery.  We made our way to the top of the main hill and circled up for the COT.  Men who have lost friends and family during battle shared their names, branch of service.  We then had our PAX’s own Wardaddy G6, himself retired Air Force, share during the BOM and lead us in prayer.  We ended our time with a moment of silence and the playing of Taps.

It was a great morning.  As men arrived a thick fog settled over the park and it set the mood perfectly.  This was a special morning.  The men went hard and no man was left behind…just as it should be.

Revival at the Asylum

19 degrees, wind gusts and a light snow

F3 disclaimer
Welcome to the FNG’s

COP #1
Side Straddle Hop IC x 10
Calf raises IC x 10
Bobby Hurley OYO x 10
Hillbillies IC x 10
Baby arm circles forward IC x 10
Baby arm circles reverse IC x 10
Burpees OYO x 10

Tour of the parking lot; mosey over to brick pile for two coupons and head to the church

COP #2
Overhead press w/ coupons IC x 10
Arm curls w/ coupons IC x 10
Back flies w coupons IC x 10
Squats IC x 10
Burpees OYO x 10

Bear crawl down the side of the church, lunge across the back, bear crawl back the opposite side and lunge back to the front of the church

COP #3
Elevated merkins on coupons IC x 10
Unbalanced merkin; left side IC x 10
Unbalanced merkin; right side IC x 10
Chest flies with coupons IC x 10
Chest press with coupons IC x 10
Burpees OYO x 10

Mosey back to brick pile to return coupons; mosey to the playground (planks by PAX until all arrive)

Hydraulic squats OYO x 10
Flutter kicks IC x 25 (led by Timberlake)

Tunnel of Love


Scripture focus on Philippians 3:17-21. Be imitators of Christ, and walk with those who want to live faithful lives.

prayer led by P-nut

41 men came ready to bring light to the early morning gloom. Spirited mumblechatter despite a wind chill of 7 degrees and gusty winds. Love this PAX…love this movement in Knoxville.

Strength and Honor,
P-nut (Submitted by Cap’n Crunch)

Peaks, Valleys and the Long Mosey

The Theme: A Tour of Lakeshore’s Peaks and Valleys

The Scene: 27 degrees, clear with a hint of Gloom!  After a great call by Cap’n Crunch to call off the Saturday workout due to snow, the men of F3 Knoxville were in withdrawals for 2 days. We wanted to get better together so 60, yes 60 men showed up this morning for a leg day beat down! Spirits were high, mumble chatter was loud!

Disclaimer straight into a 60 man 2.5 mile mosey with stops along the way…AYE!

1st Stop
At Mt. Everest. IC and timed Imperial Squat Walkers.
Continue run, but backwards up a short straight hill, then forward mosey.

2nd Stop
Back Lot parking lot for some Duck Walk mixed in with Frog Jumps.
Continue the mosey mixing in some Lunge Walks and Backward Lunges mixed in.

3rd Stop
Right before Cardiac Hill, 2 minutes of as many Big Boy Sit ups as you can.
Cardiac Hill was next but not without going up the hill backwards halfway for a good thigh burn.

Mosey Back to the AO, total travel 2.5 miles!

Boxcutters x15 (IC)
Reverse Pickle Pounders x 20 (IC)

Name O Rama: 60 PAX with 8 FNGs

Choices and Consequence: Everyday, we make choices, big or small. With Choices you have consequences, good or bad. With F3, I made a choice to get up early, be with my F3 brothers and work hard. The consequence became much greater than fitness. It has given me fellowship with men that I would probably have never met if not for F3 and has taught me to challenge myself more in all facets of life, including faith. What do you choose?

Atomic Back Day

15 degrees, clear and COLD

Disclaimer and recognize FNG’s

Twist and Pivot x30 (IC)
Alternating Shoulder Touches x20 (IC)
Press Jacks x30 (IC)
Carolina Dry Docks x15 (IC)
Smurf Jacks x20 (IC)
2 Laps around the parking lot

Mosey to pavilion and partner-up

Park Bench Super-sets
5 Min Alternating between partners

  • PAX # 1 Picnic Table Rows X 10
  • PAX # 2 Bench Hops / Step up X 10

Mosey to paver pile and get 2 coupons then back to parking lot with coupon over your head

COT #2
11’s w/ Coupons

  • Reverse Flys – 10 Flys
  • Star Jumpers – 1 Star Jumper

Bring Sally Up
Bring Sally Up – Merkins on Coupons to “Bring Sally Up”

Mosey to the bottom of the hill with coupons

Dora 1-2-3
Partner up again.  One man runs the hill while one man does the following exercises.  Continuous count between partners:

  • 150 Bent over Rows with Blocks
  • 150 LBC’s
  • 150 Squats with Block – modify as needed

Peter Parkers – Q led
Hello Dolly – x20 (IC)
Flutter Kicks – x20 (IC)
Not so Lazy Boys – Q led

Name O Rama

Taking initiative in third F (Romans 12:2)

It was cold, but the PAX showed up in force!  Great workout, great BOM, great way to start the week.

Thoughts from the BOM…

Like many of you since I started coming to F3 I have hated to miss.  I have worked out off and on my whole life but have never really been as committed to anything as I have F3. This is a truly unique community and I do believe that men need to be challenged, pushed, and accountable to one another.

What I have discovered about myself is that in order to be here and get the most out of it I have to be very intentional about my preparation.  We don’t just roll out of bed and show up.

  • I go to bed a little earlier
  • I have fewer early meetings on the books
  • And now we know the cap n’ lays out his clothes the night before

But it is worth it because we have more energy for our families, our wife’s and our jobs.  Not to mention the physical improvements that are being made. The improvements on the December Challenge in the spreadsheet are significant.

So think back to what you were doing before F3? The lack of doing something was having just as much of an impact just not in a positive way. For me I have realized anything that you want grow or do better at you have to be intentional. I ask myself am I being as disciplined and intentional in the other areas of my life. What I have been thinking the most about lately is the my faith.

I want to share a verse that has helped encourage me to be more intentional around growing my faith. Romans 12:2, “Do not conform to the ways of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what Gods will is – His good, pleasing, and perfect will.”

To me this comes down to having an active or a passive faith.  Every day we make decisions for our families, for our jobs, and for ourselves, sometimes without even thinking about it. Unless we have an active, intentional faith where we are seeking God’s will many of these decisions are influenced more by the world.  We have developed discipline and have been intentional in improving ourselves with the First F and I believe God is encouraging us to have this same focus on our faith.

I would encourage us all to be more intentional this week on the third F and seek God’s guidance in the smallest of decisions and see the difference he can make.

Proton (submitted by Cap’n Crunch)

2016…Meet the Men of F3 Knoxville!!

25 degrees and gloomy!

F3 Intro, disclaimer and welcome to FNGs

2 laps around the parking lot (OYO)
Side Straddle Hops (IC) – 32x
Circle Burp (IC) (PAX in attendance)
Get Lucky (IC to Song, hold Al Gores and do merkins for every “Get Lucky”)

Mosey to far open field and hill (Indian Trot to far-field – stick together!)

Field Work:
WHAMO Lunge Walks / Sprints (10x)
1 PAX throws WHAMO Frisbee and the rest of the PAX sprints in the direction of the throw until the Frisbee hits the ground, then they do lunges to the Frisbee.  When all the PAX get to the Frisbee another person throws it and you do it all over again.  Rinse and repeat 10X.

Jacob’s Ladder:
Run up the hill, at the top do 1 burpee and run back down.  Run back up the hill and do 2 burpees.  Rinse and repeat to 7 burpees.

Tunnel of Love:
All PAX gets shoulder to shoulder in the plank position.  Then men take turns crawling through the plank bridge and assume a plank on the other side until all PAX are through (all PAX in attendance…including Slide Rule!).

Hill Side Clock Merkins:
Everyone grabs some space on the hill side and hits the plank position.  Then it’s time for merkins at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 7 o’clock, 10 o’clock, and 12 o’clock

Mosey back to coupon stack (Indian Trot – stick together!)

Pick up 2 coupons each and head back to the parking lot.
Thrusters 23X IC
Bent-Over-Rows 4-count 19X IC
Return coupons and come back to parking lot for Abs

Part 1:  Dolly / Rosarita / LBC / Dying Cockroach  (15X each IC)
Part 2:  Low Flutter / High Flutter / Knee Ups / Bicycles / Hold Plank (Q preference)


Ratchet – Make 2016 the year you get better and give your live to others

Great start to the new year, PAX of 32 including 5 FNGs.  It was a chilly morning, but Ratchet and Woodshack kept the PAX moving.  Mumblechatter was high and the PAX was fired up to get 2016 started.

F3 250 and F3 200…Make the commitment!
Additional workouts added to The Asylum this week: Thursday, 5:45pm-6:30pm; Friday, 5:30am-6:15am
New AO: Start applying the EHs, we will be starting a new AO SOON!  Looking to move west into Farragut and then east closer to downtown…more details to come.