F3 Knoxville

ChristopherIZED Charles Bronson

THE SCENE: 45, cloudy but no rain!!

  • 10 SSH – IC
  • walking hamstring scoops from sideline to sideline of GS first court
  • 10 SSH- IC
  • Frankenstein’s back to Sideline
  • 5 CMU BB
  • CMU mosey to parking lot by tennis courts
  • Charles Bronson w CMU w partner. Each partner keeps track of their own reps.
  • Partner A starts at starting spot, hill sprint to cone 2, Bernie to cone 3, sprint to cone 4, mosey back to start. Switch once A gets back to Start
  • Partner B Exercises
  • 50- CMU Toe Taps- 2 ct
  • 50- Merkins
  • 50 CMU Swings
  • 50 Tempo Peter Parkers- 2 ct ( 2ct is to long)
  • 50 Jump Squats

Keep going for time.


  • Mary was done on the way back to Grindstone
  • 20 flutter kicks with CMU hold- 20 IC- 4ct
  • OH CMU Farmer Carry to next spot ( no defined distance trying to go far enough to feel the burn)
  • 20 CMU’s WW2- OYO- squat hold till the 6 finishes
  • right arm CMU suitcase carry (no defined distance trying to go far enough to feel the burn)
  • 20 LBC’s OYO
  • Left Arm CMU suitcase carry (no defined distance trying to go far enough to feel the burn)
  • 15 CMU flutter kicks – IC -4ct
  • CMU mosey back to grindstone

Use the TAGS on right-side to record PAX (BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOURSELF) in attendance. Be sure to select the AO in CATEGORY above TAGS and then delete these notes!
I was struggling this week, both physically and mentally. Body had been pushed, mind had been worked. I did not want to workout today, but every time i think about not going i feel more regret. F3 has been such a blessing to my life. it has pushed me to new heights and challenged me more than i could ever expect. You can go to a gym and hit some reps, but we are strengthening and stretching our bodies, mind’s, and souls.

We have to remember that the challenges in front of us are just that challenges. Luckily the sun rises the next day and we have a chance to make it the best day possible. As i was preparing for the Q i was looking over a book of leadership quotes and i found this from FDR

” The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. Let us move forward with strong faith”

Don’t let today’s challenges hold you back from making tomorrow the best day possible.
I want to thank the PAX for pushing me to be better every day. Keep Charging!! There are great things coming for F3 Maryville!!
Arsenal official launch on 3/6 at 7am sharp!! Flyer hand out 2/27 @ 6pm at the Arsenal, if you can come help spread the word!!

Just the basics

THE SCENE: ~30ish

  • SSH x25 IC
  • Tennessee rocking chairs x10 IC
  • Cherry Pickers x5 IC

Run over to the Oval Office (track) w/ CMU

Cones were already set up near the “corners” of the track.

Start with 30 reps of each exercise at the cones, decrease the reps by 2 every lap. Run the long stretches. On the short stretches, burpee broad jump and lunge between the cones.

  • Curls
  • Merkins
  • Squats
  • BBS


  • 6 inch crunches
  • Flutter Kicks
  • BBS until time

Proverbs 18:10

“The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run into it and are safe.”

It’s hard to admit you need help doing some things. Whether it’s mental or physical. Don’t be afraid to run to God to pray for help, even for yourself. And of course, your family and F3 brothers are always here to help.

Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc.
Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.

HOPE: Hims Overcoming Problems Everywhere

THE SCENE: 75 and dry… at first.
Side straddle hop in cadence 20
Cherry Pickers in cadence 6
10 Merkins in cadence
Arm rotations thumbs up in cadence x10
Reverse x10
10 windmills in cadence
5 burpees
Side straddle hop in cadence 20

We Indian ran to our first location.

  • Walking lunges across the parking lot.
  • 5 Burpess
  • Burnie home
  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 BBS
  • Rinse and repeat

Mosey to the grass hill in front of Rec Center

  • Bear Crawl to the top
  • Frog jumps across the spaces marked with cones

Mosey to the coupon pile

  • 25 curls EVERYONE
  • Team up with a battle buddy complete 100 thrusters collectively while your partner runs the stairs
  • Plank with variations

Mosey back to the flag w/ Cheatsheet leading us in our F3 chant!

20 Freddy Mercuries and 20 Flutter kicks both in cadence.
17 HIMs
Lord, I put my life in your hand. I trust in you, my God. – PSALM 25:1-2
What is the power of hope?
Hope is the belief that circumstances will get better. It’s not a wish for things to get better— it’s the actual belief, the knowledge that things will get better, no matter how big or small.
Let’s be the change we want: in our families, our communities, our country, and in our world. Let’s put the focus on God and trust that he will continue to guide us.
Spotter and Gump’s mother has completed her Chemo Treatment!

Oh my Quad! or What the Quad? Take your pick

THE SCENE: 70 degrees with 95% humidity
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER : Standard welcome with COVID recommendations

SSH x 20 IC, Tempo Squat X 10 IC, LB Arm Circles x 10 IC both directions, This ‘n That, 20 High Knees x 2 Count OYO

Mosey to bottom of AO parking lot for Bearicides. PAX does Bear Crawl to first parking spot line and sprint back to start. Rinse & Repeat for all lines (9 or 10 I think). Hold Plank until 6 finishes.

Mosey to Flag Pole for 11’s with Jump Squats and Dips as exercises. (Used benches for dips)

Mosey by way of winding past Out Houses up to Splash Pad for Lungicides. PAX does lunges to first parking spot line and sprint back to start. Rinse & Repeat for all lines (15 or 16 I think). Hold Plank until 6 finishes.

Mosey around Splash Pad to Picnic side for 11’s with BBS and Merkins as exercises.

Mosey by way of winding past Out Houses back down to Tennis Courts. PAX held Wall Sit & Plank to failure.

Only had about 30 seconds left so we did Flutter Kicks x 20 IC 4 Count


Today’s workout was about the value of making Trade-offs in life. We all have opportunities to make a change and need to know when to do so. Recently I had a Trade-off given to me when I unexpectedly lost my job. This caused me to evaluate my life and recognize the things that have kept me from reaching my potential and to see where I need to make some additional Trade-offs. I reminded the PAX of what they may have felt while doing the workout today. At first during the Bearicides it may not have seemed like a big deal to trade the crawl for the sprint, but on the longer crawls they were happy to get to stop and sprint back. The same was true later on with the Lungicides and that part of the workout was also a lot like the mundane monotony of life that we get used to and do it at the same pace as those around us. Even the 11’s brought Trade-offs that appeared to be good, but sometimes making a change for the sake of a change can wear you out. So the idea is to know and understand when we need to make Trade-offs and what are good Trade-offs to make. The perfect example of a great Trade-off is how these HIMs trade the early morning sleep to be in the Gloom with the PAX to grow and get better! What a way to start the day! The challenge this week is to evaluate your life and see if and/or where you can make some Trade-offs that will allow you to reach your potential.
Pray for Sargent Slaughter’s wife’s family. They lost Grandfather and need wisdom for taking care of Grandmother with Dementia. Also, pray for my wife as she had a strange Vertigo incident yesterday.
CSAUP July 18th at the Dog Pound. Reminder about Saturday morning workouts at the Truck Stop.

Bombshelter Q101/GrowSchool

THE SCENE: Clear – sunny – the quiet before the storm

  • Ruckers step off around 6am
  • Abscess & Steam put the finishing planning touches on their Q101


  • *Steam kicks off at 7am on the dot*
  • (1) Welcome to F3: Fitness – Fellowship – Faith
  • (2) My name is Steam and I am honored to be one of your 2 Qs this morning. Alongside with Abscess we have a great morning coming your way
  • (3) A couple things before we begin:
    • I’m not a professional
    • You’re here on your own volition
    • I don’t know any injuries you may or may not have, so if you need to modify anything we do this morning – feel free to do so – but push yourself and the men around you. They deserve it and so do you.

^^^Let’s break this down some more^^^

  • F3 starts on time – every time
    • The men you’re leading deserve to have their time respected – so do you as the Q
    • So whether it’s 0530 or 0700 – start on time
    • Give a timeframe warning 5 minutes out, 2 minutes out, 1 minute out, etc – so the men can get ready to roll
  • What is this? Why are we here? –> “Welcome to F3: Fitness/Fellowship/Faith
    • Whether you’re a seasoned F3 guy or a FNG it’s important for the Q to introduce what this is and why you are here.
    • Welcome the men – it’s early (weekdays more than Saturdays) – so welcome the men to F3 – lay out those 3 Fs as well. This is an important way to remind the men that they’re about to take part in F3.
    • This is important for FNGs as well – they don’t know what they don’t know.
    • Great segway – check to see if you have any FNGs in your midst. Why?
      • Because it’s crucial for you as the Q to know who your new guys are so you can have situational awareness as you lead AND for the F3 guys to know who the FNGs are in their midst so they can support them (think of your first time at F3)
  • Disclaimer
    • We MUST have vocalized the disclaimer – thus releasing you (the Q) from being legally responsible for the next 45 minutes or 60 minutes. Why?
      • Because unless you just really intimately know every single one of the men that showed up to F3 – you probably don’t know any injuries they may or may not have.
    • (1) I’m not a professional (even if you are a “professional” – there ain’t no F3 professionals (up for debate….)
      • You as the Q are not being paid to be there and the men are not paying to be there
      • This speaks to the volunteer leadership F3 pushes – no certifications are necessary to lead F3.
    • (2) You’re here on your own volition
      • No one is forcing you to be here or stay here. What this is really saying is that you made a conscious choice to be here this morning. THIS MEANS SOMETHING. If they made a conscious choice to wake up early and come to F3 this morning – they deserve to be led – and expect to be led.
    • (3) Modify as you need
      • There are no DS’s or DI’s at F3. There’s no clipboards and someone breathing down your back watching every single rep.
      • When the Q says this, he is reminding the men that are under his command for the next 45 minutes or 60 minutes that they are free to go as hard as they want – but will receive no judgement for the work that they do. If you can do 10 merkins – awesome – do 10 merkins. If you can do 100 merkins – awesome – do 100 merkins.
      • When I Q (Steam) – my verbiage is “I don’t know any injuries you may or may not have – so if you need to modify anything we do this morning feel free to do so – but push yourself and the men around you – they deserve it and so do you. ”
        • I’m setting the tone with this message as the Q
        • No one will judge you if you can’t do every rep BUT there is an expectation to push yourself and the HIM around you.
      • Reminder: No man left behind – No man left the same
  • Intro
    • If you want to have an introductory/motivational word to share with the men briefly before you step off – this is a great way to set the tone for the morning.
      • “The name of the game is one foot in front of the other”
      • “You’re here for a reason and so are they – make it count”
      • “Carry the fight and keep it there for 60 minutes. That’s what we’re gonna do this morning.”


[ KISS = Keep It Simple Sir ]

[ How to Count: https://f3nation.com/2012/02/22/f3-tv-how-to-count/ ]

  • Side-Straddle Hop (SSH): 10 reps, on a 4 count, in cadence –> 10×4 IC
    • See “How to Count” above
  • Rockette: 10×4 IC
  • Merkin: 10×4 IC
  • Squat: 10×4 IC

*Before you step off on a mosey – post-Warm-O-Rama*

  • Make sure there is at least 1 phone within the PAX
  • Depending on the AO – the Q will carry a ruck or backpack for keys/wallets/phones/etc


(Mosey over to pull-up bars)

Steam introduced the first evolution/workout below. After done explaining – asked “Questions, comments, concerns?” Why? –> As the Q – it’s important that when you’re leading the workout you planned and are responsible for leading and executing – the men understand what they’re supposed to do and what they’re doing.

(1) 20s

  • 5 Burpees

(Mosey to Pavilion)

  • 5 box jumps

(Mosey to playground)

  • 5 incline merkins

(Mosey straight across the grass to the path – line from tree)

  • 5 Imperial squat walkers (4 count)

(Mosey back to pull-up bars) 

  • Rinse & Repeat — add is 5 reps each evolution until you finish with 20 reps
  • Done? Circle back and finish with someone else

— Transition to 2nd Q (Abscess) —

Start at Pavilion

  • First station: Jump Squat Blow Out- 10 JS hold squat for 10 sec, 9 JS hold 10 sec, 8 JS hold 10, 7,6….
  • Second Station: Bear crawl 360
  • Third: Circle Burp w CMU/Babies
  • Fourth: Bo Knows- Battle Buddy exercise- wall sits while BB does high knees
  • Fifth: Pommel horse
  • Sixth: Bear Blocks


  • Angle Grinders(touch knee then merkin)
  • Around the Clock
  • AL ass kickers
  • City Scissors, alphabet (1-4 45° 5-8 parallel)


  • # off
  • Name o Rama
  • FNGs?


Romans 8:28 – “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

  • Don’t get bogged down in everything going on


  • Moses brought coffee and protein bars/Steam brought water and powerades
  • Gather under the Bombshelter Pavilion
  • (1) Q101 Breakdown – Abscess
    • https://f3nation.com/a-guide-to-your-first-q/
    • Went over the Q101 structure and the “Why” of what we do when we Q
    • Check out the link above for Q tips and tricks
  • (2) GrowSchool – Steam
    • Being a Q and HIM inside and outside F3
      • (1) You have been called and equipped to lead
      • As high impact men, we are called to lead.
      • Why? Because men will always be called upon first.
        • Example: God called Adam into a leadership role from the moment he existed – tending to the garden and naming the animals. Likewise, as a leader, Adam was also responsible for who he was charged with leading – Eve. After Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, who did God call? Adam and Eve? No, just Adam. He called Adam first. God will always call “Adam” first.
      • (2) The Huddle
        • I want to challenge us to start looking at F3 as The Leadership Huddle
        • Think about a huddle before every game or even in the middle of a game
          • The huddle is designed to pump the players up and remind them of why they’re here and remind them of why they’re in the game.
          • When you Q/lead at F3 – you are leading the men in the huddle for 45 minutes or 60 minutes – reminding them why they’re here and why they’re in the game. This happens with all 3 Fs.
        • The game? That’s what happens when we leave F3 and the COT. The real game is when we step into our roles as husbands, fathers, sons, co-workers, managers, High Impact Men – outside of F3.