F3 Knoxville


50 degrees with a constant drizzle

F3 Intro and Disclaimer

Side Straddle Hops x20 (IC)
Arm Circles Forward
Arm Circles Backwards x10 (IC)
High Knees x10 (IC)

Grab Cement Masonry Unit (CMU)

CMU Circuit
Line up on baseline of tennis court
Perform the folllwing:
– Jump back and forth over CMU for 1 min
– Rows right arm 1min
– Rows left arm 1min
Rinse and Repeat x2

Reverse Ladders 12 to 1
Run to opposite end of other court do 12 reps of exercise, run back and do 11 and so forth down to 1.
– Overhead squats w/ CMU
– CMU curls
– Merkins on CMU
– Overhead press with CMU
– Burpee with overhead press (audible, start with 6 rather than 11)

Count off and Name-O-Rama

1 FNG = Mini Van

Courage: Setting aside of fear to turn hardship into grace.
The 5th Leadership Characteristic

All about the cement masonry unit (CMU), we never let go of them. We pounded the upper body and never stopped moving. Rain didn’t slow us down, the PAX was motivated by the CMU beat down!!!


Peaks, Valleys and the Long Mosey

The Theme: A Tour of Lakeshore’s Peaks and Valleys

The Scene: 27 degrees, clear with a hint of Gloom!  After a great call by Cap’n Crunch to call off the Saturday workout due to snow, the men of F3 Knoxville were in withdrawals for 2 days. We wanted to get better together so 60, yes 60 men showed up this morning for a leg day beat down! Spirits were high, mumble chatter was loud!

Disclaimer straight into a 60 man 2.5 mile mosey with stops along the way…AYE!

1st Stop
At Mt. Everest. IC and timed Imperial Squat Walkers.
Continue run, but backwards up a short straight hill, then forward mosey.

2nd Stop
Back Lot parking lot for some Duck Walk mixed in with Frog Jumps.
Continue the mosey mixing in some Lunge Walks and Backward Lunges mixed in.

3rd Stop
Right before Cardiac Hill, 2 minutes of as many Big Boy Sit ups as you can.
Cardiac Hill was next but not without going up the hill backwards halfway for a good thigh burn.

Mosey Back to the AO, total travel 2.5 miles!

Boxcutters x15 (IC)
Reverse Pickle Pounders x 20 (IC)

Name O Rama: 60 PAX with 8 FNGs

Choices and Consequence: Everyday, we make choices, big or small. With Choices you have consequences, good or bad. With F3, I made a choice to get up early, be with my F3 brothers and work hard. The consequence became much greater than fitness. It has given me fellowship with men that I would probably have never met if not for F3 and has taught me to challenge myself more in all facets of life, including faith. What do you choose?

11 is Barbie’s Favorite Number

Conditions: 18 and clear

Side straddle hops x11 (IC)
Squats x11 (IC)
Merkins x11 (IC

Mosey to playground area and find a bench


Bench 11’s
2 rounds (exercises done back-to-back with no rest):
– 11 Step ups left leg
– 11 Step ups right leg
– 11 Box jumps

2 rounds (exercises done back-to-back with no rest):
– 11 Derkins
– 11 Dips

Mosey back over to main parking lot.  Line up on the edge of the sidewalk.

Sprint 11’s
Run to middle of parking lot, do 10 of exercise 1, run back to start do 1 of exercise 2.  Run back to middle of parking lot and do 9 of exercise 1, run back to start and do 2 of exercise 2.  Rinse and repeat until you get to 1 of exercise 1 and 10 of exercise 2.  Plank until every man is done.

Round 1:
– Exercise 1 = Carolina Dry Docks, Exercise 2 = Flutter Kicks

Round 2:
– Exercise 1 = Diamond Merkin, Exercise 2 = Squats

COP 11’s
Isos – Hold each exercise for 1 sec, then 2 sec, then 3 sec…all the way to 11 sec, then back down 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.
– Boat to Canoe
– Merkins (6 inches and full extension)
– Right Leg Lunges
– Left Leg Lunges

Cash out with 11 Burpees OYO

Name o Rama

Play to your strengths and serve others!

Cold and clear, but the PAX kept moving and got the week started off right.  We learned you can do anything 11 times!

Afterward several PAX headed to Panera Bread for a little impromptu 2F.

Great Monday morning…now looking forward to circling up on Wednesday morning to do it again!

2016…Meet the Men of F3 Knoxville!!

25 degrees and gloomy!

F3 Intro, disclaimer and welcome to FNGs

2 laps around the parking lot (OYO)
Side Straddle Hops (IC) – 32x
Circle Burp (IC) (PAX in attendance)
Get Lucky (IC to Song, hold Al Gores and do merkins for every “Get Lucky”)

Mosey to far open field and hill (Indian Trot to far-field – stick together!)

Field Work:
WHAMO Lunge Walks / Sprints (10x)
1 PAX throws WHAMO Frisbee and the rest of the PAX sprints in the direction of the throw until the Frisbee hits the ground, then they do lunges to the Frisbee.  When all the PAX get to the Frisbee another person throws it and you do it all over again.  Rinse and repeat 10X.

Jacob’s Ladder:
Run up the hill, at the top do 1 burpee and run back down.  Run back up the hill and do 2 burpees.  Rinse and repeat to 7 burpees.

Tunnel of Love:
All PAX gets shoulder to shoulder in the plank position.  Then men take turns crawling through the plank bridge and assume a plank on the other side until all PAX are through (all PAX in attendance…including Slide Rule!).

Hill Side Clock Merkins:
Everyone grabs some space on the hill side and hits the plank position.  Then it’s time for merkins at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 7 o’clock, 10 o’clock, and 12 o’clock

Mosey back to coupon stack (Indian Trot – stick together!)

Pick up 2 coupons each and head back to the parking lot.
Thrusters 23X IC
Bent-Over-Rows 4-count 19X IC
Return coupons and come back to parking lot for Abs

Part 1:  Dolly / Rosarita / LBC / Dying Cockroach  (15X each IC)
Part 2:  Low Flutter / High Flutter / Knee Ups / Bicycles / Hold Plank (Q preference)


Ratchet – Make 2016 the year you get better and give your live to others

Great start to the new year, PAX of 32 including 5 FNGs.  It was a chilly morning, but Ratchet and Woodshack kept the PAX moving.  Mumblechatter was high and the PAX was fired up to get 2016 started.

F3 250 and F3 200…Make the commitment!
Additional workouts added to The Asylum this week: Thursday, 5:45pm-6:30pm; Friday, 5:30am-6:15am
New AO: Start applying the EHs, we will be starting a new AO SOON!  Looking to move west into Farragut and then east closer to downtown…more details to come.

All-American Workout; UT Bowl Week Edition…

Conditions: 64 degrees, foggy.  Rain commenced 30 minutes into workout

F3 disclaimer
Welcome to the FNG’s

Warm Up
Side Straddle Hop x 20
Calf raises x 20
Squats x 20
Imperial Walkers x 15
Arm circles forward x 20
Arm circles reverse x 20
Tour of the parking lot; mosey over to brick pile for two coupons and return to parking lot

Introduction of 1st All-American: Peyton Manning #16…chest emphasis
Elevated merkins on coupons x 16
Unbalanced merkin; left side x 16
Unbalanced merkin; right side x 16
Chest flies with coupons x 16
Chest press with coupons x 16
Diamond merkins x 16
Carolina Dry Docks x 10

Mosey back to brick pile to return coupons; mosey to hill

Introduction of 2nd All-American: Reggie White #92…leg and core emphasis
PAX paired up for 9 runs up the hill with 2 burpees at the top; alternating turns with non-running partner doing squats at the bottom of the hill.  Planks by finishers until all PAX completed activity

Mosey to pavilion

Introduction of 3rd All-American: Johnny Majors #45…leg emphasis
Step ups on bench x 40 plus 5 depth charge squats (total 45 reps)

Introduction of 4th All-American: Eric Berry #14…arm and leg emphasis
Tricep dips off the bench x 14
Lunges x 14
And to commemorate Eric Berry’s epic recovery from cancer to return to the 2016 Pro Bowl, the PAX participated in a bear crawl back to the parking lot

ABS: Dealer’s Choice
Hello Dolly x 25 IC by Barbie
Not So Lazy Boy by Dimples
American Hammer/Russian Twist x 25 by Bandwagon

COT led by P-nut
Short talk on what it takes to be an All-American by P-nut

BOM led by P-nut

This PAX showed up early and ready to work. Lots of positive mumblechatter from these men as spirits were high. The rain in the later portion of the workout seemed to energize the PAX. There was an inspiring testimony given by a F3 brother visiting from Greenwood, South Carolina (Pot Hole) which ended the workout on a high note.

This PAX knows how to work. Looking forward to seeing what the new year brings for this engaged PAX.

Strength and Honor,
P-nut (Submitted by Cap’n Crunch)