F3 Knoxville

Start Together-Finish Together

The Scene: 50 and damp

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer

Imperial Walkers IC 4ct x 25
Burpees 10 OYO
Merkins IC 4ct x 25

Mosey Indian run style to first stop
Mtn climbers IC 4ct x25
Lunges up the hill 50
Mosey to the pavilion

At pavilion
5 rounds
5 pull ups
10 squats
5 toes to bar
10 good mornings

Mosey to the lower parking lot
5 rounds
10 LBCs
10 burpees
10 Freddie Mercury
10 dry docks

Mosey to CMU trailer
5 rounds
10 bicep curls
10 tri extensions
10 bent over rows
10 thrusters

Merkin relay countdown
Split into teams
Sprint 5 merkin sprint back
Rest of the PAX holds a plank
Sprint 4 merkin sprint back

Floor wipers IC 4ct x
American hammers IC 4ct x
V-ups IC 4ct x

Never Give Up!

We started off gettin’ the PAX movin’ right off the bat!  Good mumblechatter and an OTB trip to Starbucks brought the PAX closer together after the workout.  Good to see you guys and grab a little Second’F and a great start to Thanksgiving Day!


In the BOM I talked about Lt. Brian Murphy and how he never gave up, and how he never left anyone behind. At a conference I met Murphy and he added the guys on his shift had an agreement that what they  “Start together finish together.”
Who do you not want to leave behind? What makes you fight and make sure to never give up? Who else chose never to give up? The true constant is Jesus. He never gives up on us. He pursues us to be saved through him. When we live our life for Jesus we have eternal life. Jesus is our savior, and we can only be saved through him. He leads us and he encourages us to be leaders of others. He fights for us, and he doesn’t want to leave behind. He gives us strength, strength to never give up. He pursues us so that we can finish together and begin a new life in heaven. We are encouraged through each other, we fight for each other.

And he gave us F3. He gave us a group of brothers from another mother, and we come out each morning and push each other, we also never leave anyone behind. We always pick up the Six. And I am thankful for that, thankful for you guys, in so many ways that I just can’t say it.

I can think of no better verse to describe this than:

Prov 18-24

“One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother”

Mr. Olympia and Flying Tweet-E

Conditions – 40s and clear

Tweet-E decided to pick the highest wall he could find (chest-high) to do his box-jumps.  He did them all (3+rounds!) and every rep on that wall.  I wouldn’t want to be in his house tonight…the PAX stuck with manageable height walls for a solid workout under I-Beam’s tutelage.

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer

Run in place for 1 minute
Side straddle hop
Run in place for 1 minute
Cherry pickers
Run in place for 1 minute
High knees

Mosey to outhouse

30 minutes – AMRAP
Box jumps x10
Step ups x10 each leg
Sprint to drive and back
Squats x10
Rear lunges x10 each leg
Calf Raises x10 each leg
Sprint to drive and back
Burpees until PAX returns
Rinse and Repeat

Mosey back to AO

Ab cycle:
Flutter kicks x20 IC
Hold feet 6 inches off ground
Hello Dolly’s x20 IC
Hold feet 6 inches off ground
Reverse crunches x10 OYO
Hold feet 6 inches off ground
BBS x20 IC
LBC x20 IC

Count off and Name-o-Rama

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Nov 17, 2003 inauguration as California governor
Early in your career, before you became Mr. Olympia, your legs weren’t on par with your upper body. How did you bring them up?
(with accent) “With legs, the key is to shock them to experience substantial growth.”

“Do not neglect the gift you have, which was given you by prophecy when the council of elders laid their hands on you. Practice these things, immerse yourself in them, so that all may see your progress.”
1 Timothy 4:14-15 ESV

Dog# Election Day

The Scene: 48 Degrees, overcast and smokey

F3 Intro and Disclaimer 

Michael Phelps
Toe Touches (short and sweet)

The Thang:
Mosey to soccer field/track
Complete the following rotations (the great state of Tennessee has 11 electoral college votes for the POTUS, so we do 11’s in honor of that!):

1 Lap (.33 mile loop) and then burpee suicides (11 burpees per, 55 total)
1 Lap and BBSU suicides (11 BB’s per, 55 total)
1 Lap and merkin suicides (11 merkins per, 55 total)
1 Lap and Superman suicides (11 Supermans per, 55 total)

50 Flutter Kicks (270 total of burpees, BBSU, merkins, supermans, and flutter kicks- 270 electoral votes needed to elect POTUS)

The Word (BOM):
I want to share about today being election day- live a life worthy of being elected (a political election or a spiritual election). Easy to sit back and complain- be a difference maker. How do we make a difference? By loving those we come in contact with everyday. Love wins, it is the greatest way. We come to F3 for more than the physical exercise. We long to be a part of something greater than ourselves. Go forth in love today!

Mini Murph

THE SCENE – 50s and clear

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer

Run in place for 1 minute
Side straddle hop
Run in place for 1 minute
Cherry pickers
Run in place for 1 minute
High knees

Mosey to boat parking

Run 2 laps and up to pavilion
50 pull-ups (modify with 5 sec hangs or table pull-ups)
100 push-ups (modify on knees)
150 squats
Run 2 laps

Mosey back to SP

Abs by Ratchet

Count off and Name-o-Rama


In memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy, age 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005.

This workout was one of Mike’s favorites and he’d named it “Body Armor”. From here on it will be referred to as “Murph” in honor of the focused warrior and great American who wanted nothing more in life than to serve this great country and the beautiful people who make it what it is.

The ultimate sacrifice was provided through Jesus Christ’s death for our sins on the cross.  Our daily sacrifice comes through denying our selfishness. Search for moments today that you can intentionally deny your self through sacrifice to others.

Everything but the Kitchen Sink!

THE SCENE 63 and bright moon shining!

F3 Welcome & Disclaimer

Disclaimer while doing SSH, not time to waste, lets work!

Mosey to the boat

11’s on the Run
Every other light pole, 10 BBS and 1 burpee until 1 BBS and 10 burpees

Mosey to the pavilion!

Pull ups
4 sets of pull ups 5 reps each working on form
BBS x20 between pull up sets

Mosey inside tennis court (Indian Run)

Bear’s Play Tennis?!
Bear crawl across tennis court, lunge down the sides, bear crawl back across

Mosey to the track

Mosey Lap
1 lap (1/3 of a mile) slow jog, on the hope, sprint as far as you can, cool down job to complete the lap. At the end of the lap, do 20 BBS and 20 merkins, repeating until everyone is done

Mosey back to the tennis court

Finish up with Chumbaburpees until time was up, great way to cash out!

2.6 miles, burpees, merkins, BBS, SSH, sprinting, moseys, hills, pull ups, we did it all!

Number off and Name O Rama: 21 PAX

Chase the Lion! A friends dad just passed and with death, it always make me reflect on life and how good life is and to live each day as it was your last. Loved being with my F3 brothers this morning, thank you!