F3 Knoxville

Monday Grinders

43, breezy with a little rain towards the end

25 SSH
12 Tempo Squat
10 Baby Arm Circles Fwd
10 Baby Arm Circles Bkw
12 Imperial Squat Walkers
20 4ct Rocky Balboas
12 Tempo Merkins


Line up along one side of parking lot

Jelly Legs
Start on one side of parking lot.
R1: Hold squat position for 10 count, perform 10 squats, run to other side, do 2 Burpees run back
R2: Hold squat position for 20 count, perform 20 squats, run to other side, do 4 Burpees run back
R3: Hold squat position for 30 count, perform 30 squats, run to other side, do 6 Burpees run back
R4: Hold squat position for 40 count, perform 40 squats, run to other side, do 8 Burpees run back

Line up on the side of the parking lot opposite the CMUs and partner up with Battle Buddy.


Battle Buddy 1 lunges to the first cone (12 lunges total) then sprints to 2 second cone, does 3 reps of the exercise and lunges back to where he started while Battle Buddy 2 is jumping air rope. Switch.

Each round increase by 3 reps until each man does a total of 15 reps.

Exercises are:
Rd 1 = Curls
Rd 2 = Over Head Press

Line up at the base of the hill next to the parking lot.


Merkin Hill
Run up and down hill doing the following:

R1: Start at bottom of hill with 15 HR Merkins, run to top and do 15 4ct Flutter Kicks, run to bottom
R2: At the bottom of hill do 10 HR Merkins, run to top and do 10 4ct Flutter Kicks, run to bottom
R3: At the bottom of hill do 5 HR Merkins, run to top and do 5 4ct Flutter Kicks, run to bottom


25 4ct American Hammers
20 4ct Hello Dollys


21 PAX including 1 FNG (Cloud 9)

Proverbs 4:23 – “Above all else guard your heart (i.e. your mind, will, and emotions), for it is the wellspring of life.”

BLUF – Guard your mind, set your standard and don’t quit. We are not meant to simply coast through life, we meant see every day as an opportunity to get better and make a difference. Life isn’t measured by failure or success, it’s measured by impact.


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!! (Music Included)

THE SCENE: Balmy, Humid, 26 degrees for “The Best Sunrise in America”.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself. 


100 SSHs in cadence. Is there another way to warmup??


Chest Station To the Pavilion (pronounced “pav-i-lahn”)  

  • Regular Merkins x 12
  • Wide Merkins x 12
  • Ranger Merkins x 12
  • Bench Dips x 12
  • Bird Dogs x 12 (with each leg)
  • Run to the ticket house and back.

Do this complete cycle three times…Mosey time.

All My Benches

  • Three sets of box jumps x 45 seconds per sesh

Abs Station under the Church/Gazebo Looking Thing 

  • Two sets of 25 box cutters
  • One set of flutter kicks 4-count (20)
  • One set of hello dollies x 25
  • Planks (60 seconds)
  • Elbow planks (30 seconds)
  • Elbow planks with left leg out (30 seconds)
  • Elbow plants with right leg out (30 seconds)
  • Planks (60 seconds)

***Pickett’s Charge*** followed by star gazers at the Coliseum 

Grinch’s Hill – 7s 

  • Lunges at the top, Carolina Dry Docks at the Bottom. Mosey up Area 51, with Box Cutters in transition.
  • Squat Station by the Asylum Building. 10 Tempo and 10 OYO (4-count)
  • Mosey back to PM AO Parking Lot..

Fat Burner Station

  • Happy feet (45 seconds)
  • Mountain Climbers (45 seconds)
  • Jump Squats (45 seconds)
  • High Knees (45 seconds)

Everything you got up Baby Everest to the AO!!

Yep. 19 including one FNG (Spinal Tap).

After the Pandemic “normalizes”, we will never be the same. That may be a good thing in some areas. What things do we have in our lives that never need to be the same? That we need to peal away and keep that way. Spend time alone in the coming days identifying what has changed (or needs to change) during this year that is a good thing (or will be).

The Saturday before Christmas is by far the funnest Q of the year. The Christmas music (wireless speaker) throughout the workout was clutch.
Triple Birthday Q next weekend at the Asylum!! AYOOOOOOOOO….

The Hills Are Alive With The Sounds of F3

THE SCENE: Nice Day! Chilly at 7:00 am start mid 40s. Clear sky

Follow the Covid recommendation’s …. I am worse than any amateur, modify as necessary. We are going to do some hills today.

SSH X 15 , Butterfly Stretch ( Coach Dunn’s advice always appreciated), IT Band/Hip band stretch, quad stretch, arm circles, 5 Burpees. ( Pluto has no rhythm so the counting is always off a little )


The goal for this workout was to hit each of the primary hills in the Asylum AO. While planning the workout Pluto realized that an appropriate theme was the movie the Sound of Music. At multiple points in the workout the Pax sang the “The Hills are alive with the sound of F3” The singing was high spirited, but not in tune.

  • Run from AO start to base of Everest. At Everest Base: 20 Beachball  Merkins & 20 LBCs
  • Run up Everest – Al Gore till 6 up then Mosey to Stop sign. At Stop Sign 15 Squats with 5 second hold at bottom. Mosey to bathroom building at base of Picketts Hill.
  • Run up Pickets Hill with 5 Burpees at each plateau ( 5 Plateaus & 25 burpees if the hard side was chosen) Mosey down to Picnic Tables
  • Picnic Tables – 15 Picnic Table Pull Ups, 15 Dips, 20 Merkins in parking lot. Rinse & Repeat 2x. Did a few yoga stretches and core at  flagpole then mosey between ballfields to base of Cardiac Hill.
  • Run up Cardiac Hill with 10 Imperial walkers at every second light ( We sang the Hills Are alive at Base and put a headlock on a passing walker )
  • Mosey to CMUs… 20 Curls, 20 Overheads, 20 rows with CMUs Rinse & Repeat x 2 then mosey to base of Baby Cardiac Hill.
  • Up & Down Baby Cardiac Hill 3 x with LBCs or Ankle touch core work at base x 20.
  • Finished together running up final hill to AO start point while singing “Climb Every Mountain”

24 Pax got better this fine morning! Pele, Drum Major, Waffle House, Lillydipper, Hot Tub, Hooker, Jumbo, Mickey, G String, Convoy, Choir Boy, Matlock, Dung Beatle, Gilligan, Abacus, Gobbler, Swimmies, High Heels, Crawldad,
Pluto shared how one of his favorite movies to watch during the Christmas season was the Sound of Music. As we hit the four hills of the Asylum AO this morning the song the Hills are alive with the sound of F3 was an appropriate theme. It is a rare that we do all four of these hills in a workout. Only have time to do so on a 1 hour Saturday. As we finished the workout the song ” Climb Every Mountain” was a closing song and finished  the Sound of Music workout  theme nicely. Pluto then shared 10 points of Trivia related to the Sound of Music and a tie in to leadership lessons from the Sounds of Music that were in a Forbes Magazine article a few years ago.

Sound of Music Trivia:

The Von Trapps did escape Austria as the Nazis came to power, but they didn’t flee over the Alps, they got on a train to Italy and then traveled to America, where they had a concert tour scheduled. The day after they left, Hitler ordered the Austrian borders shut.

When they left Austria, Baron von Trapp and Maria had already been married for years and had two children of their own, with another on the way.

When the von Trapps came to America they settled in Stowe, Vermont. They opened the Trapp Family Lodge, which is operational to this day.

The Sound of Music was the eighth and final musical written by Rodgers and Hammerstein, but Hammerstein never saw the movie. He died of stomach cancer nine months after the Broadway premiere.

“Edelweiss” was the last song Oscar Hammerstein ever wrote, the production of the movie had to stop for two hours to teach all of the extras the words to the song for that scene.

When it came to the movie, Julie Andrews wasn’t the first choice for Maria! Producers wanted Grace Kelly or Doris Day to replace her.

Sean Connery, Richard Burton and Bing Crosby were in the running to play Captain von Trapp, before the role went to relative newcomer Christopher Plummer.

Kurt Russell and Richard Dreyfuss also auditioned to be von Trapp children.

While filming the iconic opening scene, twirling in the hills of Austria, Andrews kept getting knocked down in the mud by the gusts from the helicopter carrying the camera.

Adjusted for inflation, it’s one of the highest grossing films ever made, right behind Gone With the Wind and Star Wars.

It had the longest first run in U.S. cinemas ever at four and a half years.

Forbes Magazine: Four Leadership Lessons from Maria Von Trapp 



As we prayed together we as HIMS so often pray for our significant others and others in the Pax undergoing spoken challenges. Please remember that each of us has our own challenges each day & that all of us are going through something. Remember to pray for all the unspoken needs of our Pax and fellow f3’ers

The workout was followed by a well attended and enjoyed coffee time at Panera.

Partners Coupon


50 and clear

SSH x 20
Imperial squat walkers x10
Baby Arm circles forward x 10
Baby Arm circles backward x 10
Hand claps x10


Grab a partner and go to block pile
Exercise 1 – One partner does farmer carry while the other bearcrawls across parking lot. (switch at opposite end or as needed.)
Catch me if you can(Squats) to top of hill complete 5 Bro-Pees with partner then back to CMU pile
Exercise 2 – Complete exercise 1 then add Brickbarrow(2 parking spaces
Run to top of hill complete 5 Bro-Pees with partner then back to CMU pile
Exercise 3 – Complete exercise 1&2 then add back to back curls with CMU
Catch me if you can(Squats) to top of hill complete 5 Bro-Pees with partner then back to CMU pile
Exercise 4 – Complete exercise 1,2&3 add 15 4 count CMU Flutter kick
Run to top of hill complete 5 Bro-Pees with partner then back to CMU pile
Exercise 5 – Complete exercise 1-4 and add 10 Hand release partner mericans
Catch me if you can(Squats) to top of hill complete 5 Bro-Pees with partner then back to CMU pile
10 CUM squat Press

Captain Thor x 5

How different would our lives look if we put others needs before our own.  Show someone love today especially those who might not have show it to you.
Let each of you look out not only for his own interest but also for the interests of others. Philippians 2:4

​Welcome Buns and Glitter 

Hardship hill sigh up DO IT!

Asylum Rainbow Run

THE SCENE: 33 Degrees, +4 than the weatherman said…quite toasty



  • SSHx25
  • Imperial Walkersx20
  • Baby Arm Cirles – 10 front thumbs up- 10 back thumbs down into 10 overhead claps and 10 backhand claps—Fullhouse was a burnin!


  1. Mosey’d our way along the new section of trail while working in 3 sets of: 10-squats, 10-front lunges, 10-rear lunges and 10 Name your speed skater (apolo ohno etc)
  2. Headed to the bottom of the hill that goes up by the Aylum and back down. We did 2 trips with excersices at stop sign, 1/4 (end of guardrail), 1/2 top-rock pile, 3/4 at sign, and stop sign. Each way we did reps of 2, 4,6, 8 and 10. 4 trips included:
    1. Merkins
    2. Star Jumps
    3. Big Boys
    4. Burpees
  3. On the way back we did 2 more sets of our leg workout in 1.

Finished with some ab work:

  • Flutter Kicks 4×25
  • Box Cutters 4×10
  • Freddie Mercuries 4×25

And a Finale of ATM’s!!!

6- see TAGS


Talked a bit about justification and a podcast about the jewish justification process see link in Groupme for more…

How are you justifying your ways??

Crab-legs tweaked his back…pray for quick healing as the elderly fall out 😉