F3 Knoxville


Big Ball Ruck
Workout Date: 12 Jun 2019
QIC: Abort

What it do? What it if?

THE SCENE: 65 ish? Basically perfect
Gear List: Six dudes so six rucks with 30 pound plates plus water, two 60 pound sandbags, one 80 pound sandbag


10 merkins
5 Brickyard Manmakers (New Cleve workout noticed on D-Day Heavy in Indianapolis – Start standing with ruck straps in hand and ruck down, curl ruck, down into a nice deep squat, thrust up and press ruck above head, lunge with left leg, lunge with right leg, bring ruck back down.  That is one rep obviously)

Gear up and grab sandbags, leaving parking lot headed for KMA and campus.  First movement consists of the following rules for sandbags: ruck .10 mile with regular carry, ruck .05 mile sandbag front carry, ruck .10 mile with regular carry, swap sandbag.  QIC tracked distance and called carries.  Continue this method, rotating sandbags every 1/4 mile until we reach UT library.

Ground coupons for Bear With Me.  Between each exercise is a 10 yard bear crawl, done as quickly as possible, grinding it out.  Start with 10 yard bear crawl then:

  • 20 squats with ruck
  • 20 merkins with ruck
  • 20 ruck high pulls
  • 20 flutter kicks on 4 count, ruck pressed high
  • 20 mountain climbers with ruck
  • Bear crawl back to start

Round two is exactly the same, except bears turn into ducks and you duck walk between exercises.  Round three is back to bear crawls.

Ruck up and move out, grabbing sandbags and getting back to it.  New rules apply for sandbag carriers.  No front carries this time, just ruck 1/4 mile carrying however you please.  But you must pay a 5 squat transfer tax to give up the sandbag once you’ve covered your distance. Continue until reaching amphitheater at Worlds Fair Park and ground sandbags on the stage.

Partner exercise: One partner grabs sandbag from the ground and shoulders it, and moves down the ramp to the side of the stage and rushes the stairs up to the top, walks down to the next set of stairs and back down, and returns to the stage and grounds sandbag for partner to grab.  The other partner performs AMRAP of exercises below:

  • Brickyard manmakers
  • Ruck overhead squats
  • 8 count bodybuilders

Repeat through three times, changing sandbags and exercises so each man has a round with each sandbag and a round of each exercise.  Ruck up and move out back to start point.  Front carry on sandbag at halfway point of your rotation, then swap sandbags one time.

6 Brickballers: Amazon, A Rod, Chaucer, Fast N Easy, Swanson, Abort