F3 Knoxville

Bold Tree Removal

THE SCENE: 67 °F, air nice ‘n thick

Cherry Pickers, Windmills, Mountain Climbers, Tempo Merkins, Side straddle hop and Chinooks
30 Guardrail dips on the way to Jucomajaro

  • Split into 2 teams of 4; at each line (100ft), team had to do 8 burpees and 8 squats to the tree
  • At the tree, 1 team cut branches off the dead tree with a saw that happened to be there while the rest of the team did a stationary exercise, then carried wood up the hill
  • The  other team was doing a moving exercise and took over sawing when they got back.
  • Stationary Exercises: Merkins, Burpees, Flutter Kicks and squats
  • Moving: Bear crawl, crab walk, lunges and bernie.

The tree was cleared from the road; only took a couple years.

Time for 5 whole big boy sit ups

The wicked flee when no one is pursuing them, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.  Proverbs 28:1

Starting with a side bar: My non-running daughter prefers the version of this verse that says, “only the wicked run when no one is chasing them”  But I want to focus on the second half of the verse and the topic of Courage as it relates to being bold in facing failures aka shortcomings aka lies aka sin (that’s what God calls it) in our life.  Are we masters of “perception management” knowing what people think of us and keeping our image up? Or are we real, transparent and bold/courageous enough to be real with people and confess our sins to God and then to others?  It’s hard to be bold.  It’s hard to be honest, but that is what we are called to.

Allows me a silly analogy to the tree removal we did this morning.  Removing the clutter and lies from our life isn’t easy work and we get used to operating by just walking/working around them.  Pretty soon, we don’t even see them. But God will show us, through other guys in our lives most often, that we need to remove the things that block our full potential.   I hope the time off today for many of us allow us time to have God show us where lies are in our life.

The other part of this verse that got me thinking is this sounds like a chicken or the egg thing.  The Boldness can comes from Righteousness and Righteousness comes from Boldness.

So what starts it?   (Hint: The church answer works here)  God.   God starts the work in our heart.  Righteousness comes from God; and when being right with God can boldly face life.  But it takes courage to face the sin in our lives.  Only the Holy Spirit can give us the boldness to face our sin and that is through the finished work of Jesus Christ.

5K BYOS (bring your own steak) Tuesday night.  See slack for details.

No Isolation


Side Straddle Hops, Cherry Pickers, Mountain Climbers, Tempo Merkins, Donkey Kicks, Side lunges, Overhead claps.
We were all over the campus today.

  • Guardrail dips and Heavy Seal claps behind Dickey’s
  • 71 BBS, V-ups and flutter kicks as part of the tour of the new building
  • 100 Squats, burpees, Leg raises and Lunges
  • 171 CMU bench press, Curls, pull ups and thrusters  (it’s the 171’st day of the year)
  • Ring of Fire: Merkins and Planks.  Mailbox

Imperial Walkers and time ran out
18 HIM’s making the most of a Monday
Today’s third F is about the 2nd F: Fellowship.

Proverbs 18:1
He who isolates himself seeks his own desire; he breaks out against all sound judgement

Transparency is the currency of intimacy so make yourself known.  Most of all to your family; share your heart with your wife and kids.  But also to guys out here.

When was the last time you opened your home; showed hospitality and avoided isolation.  It is possible to be a part of F3 and still isolated.  It is possible to go to church and remain totally isolated.  You have to open up and allow yourself to not go it alone.

A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.
Proverbs 18:24 ESV


THE SCENE: Dry; no longer cool

Harry Rockets | Overhead Claps | Seal Claps | Maracan Night Club | Channuks| Twinkle Toes| Let It Hang | Reach for the stars

Warm up across the parking lot at 50% and 75%, then Duck Walk to the Duck Pond.

20 Guardrail hops, hold a plank for the 6 and then line up in 2 lines for double black snake.

We arrived the newest parking lot did Skipping Bernie Karaoke in one direction and frog jumping, boo boo bear, crab walks in the other direction.

Mosey to a pit we’ve always skipped where we found 6 balls with numbers and 6 exercises.  Putting the two togehter we did star jacks, peter parker merkins, crabby pickles, and other things that made us look silly.

Mosey to a brick bench for some step ups and monkey humpers.

Monkey Humpers | Flutter Kicks | Super Man | Hello Dolly | Pickle Pointers | Calf Raises
22 HIMS (2 2.0’s, one got his age right, well done Blow Dart)

Today’s exercises were selected with the criteria of looking ridiculous.  It worked, well done.  We don’t hesitate to look undignified out here.  We do monkey humpers and skip and karaoke and overall look nuts.

It makes me think of King David’s second act as king.  He kicks some sweaty Philistine butt and then brings the Ark back to Jerusalem.  And he is so filled with the joy of the Lord he finds himself dancing in a linen ephod.  After his first wife gives him a hard time about how ridiculous he looked, he made it clear some things are worth cashing in our chips.

If you get a chance to stand for the name of Jesus Christ, do not give in to fear or worry about what you look like.

“I will celebrate before the Lord. I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes.”
2 Samuel 6:21‭b-‬22a NIV

And I will be undignified
And I will praise the Lord my God with all my might
And I will leave my pride behind
And I will praise the Lord my God with all my life
Everything on the altar now
I won’t hold back, I won’t hold out
I don’t care what the world may say
I’m abandoned to reckless praise
Oh my soul, will not bow to the fear
Oh I will not bow
Take some time today to worship along with my Irish friends in an undignified way.


Choose Your Partner for War Wisely

THE SCENE: The rain held off for a 65° windy perfect morning

Tempo Squats, High Knees, Let it Hang, Reach for the Sky, Cherry pickers, inch worm merkins and 2 SSH.
Indian run to the big parking lot dropping for 5 merkins.

  • Slalom each median in the big parking lot with a burpee every time your cross the “road”
  • 11’s in the pit by the far entrance with squats at the bottom and merkins on the road.
  • Mosey to the outer loop behind lake
    • 10 floor tricep dips, and 10 inch worms
    • run the loop
    • 20 flutter kicks and 20 pickle powders
    • run the loop
    • 30 lunges and 30 squats
    • run the loop.
    • on each loop is 5 burpees, 10 4 count hello dollies, and 15 bobby hurley’s
  • found a rope laying on the ground, so we played tug o war, of course

Flutter kicks, Pickle pointers, Mountain Climbers, Freddie Mercury 


Psalm 27 verse 4, it says “Though an army May encamp against me, my heart shall not fear; though war may rise against me, in this I will be confident.” 

David saying he has lot things against him, an Army, and a War, but David says “my heart shall not fear and, in this I will be confident”  in response.

How does he do that?  FAITH. David has outstanding faith. When David was fighting Goliath, King Saul giving David his armor; but David did not want it because he had faith that God would protect him. How do we get that faith that David has? 

James chapter 1 verse 2 Says “Count it all to Joy my brothers when you meet trials of various kinds for you know the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.”

David no doubt has had trials that tested his faith, like fighting Goliath, ruling nation, running from king Saul when Saul was trying kill him. The trials grow your faith. I bet none of us are going to fight a giant, rule a nation, or run from king trying to kill you, but I bet most of us will or has had trials like temptations, relationships, or even COVID.

Thinking about going into battle, if you get to choose 1 guy you guys wouldn’t choose me; not yet at least.  I’m going choose you big guys.  You’re all a lot bigger than me and I look up to you and I know you’d protect me. God is infinitely bigger, infinitely stronger.  One way we show this in our prayer life is to get our knees, like we do here, and say with our posture that we are small. 

I challenge you pray to Jesus privately on your knees and ask Him to grow your faith so you could be confident in trials, and even pray for trials so you could test your faith. David knows that his God can do the impossible. God wants us to believe that he can do impossible. All the big problems in our life are tiny to him. Our God is bigger than our understanding. 

Did not count

THE SCENE: 65 and prefect

Explained that YHC can’t do 3 things at once.  Exercise & Count & Pray for ya’ll and the day.  So today we just worked out based on time it took others to do stuff.  No counting required.

High Knees -while: Explained the above
Side Straddle Hop-while: Each HIM did 1 Burpee in sequence
Plank (High, Right, Left, 6 inches)-while: Each HIM ran the outside of the circle 1 at a time
Moroccan night club, Overhead clap, Arm circles -while: Each HIM ran the outside of the circle 1 at a time
Flutter Kicks -while: YHC Bear Crawled the inside of the circle

Mosey to the close guardrail where one HIM did prison-cell-merkin-burpee’s while everyone else did guardrail dips. Then Clap Merkins on the guardrail while each him did one burpee.

Mosey, with a little Bernie, to the coupon pile (which was nicely cleaned up) where we played “Simon Hey Ho He”  Each guy added one CMU exercise to a sequence and if we got it wrong we had to do a burpee (which in the end seemed far easier than the sequence, and made counting seem super simple.)


Mountain Climbers While partner:
Pull Ups AMRAP
Advanced CPR Leg Lifts
BBS Wall Touch
Merkins Tree Touch
Wall Hang on brick wall with holes Sprint for Sign

Let others try out the inner circle bear crawl while they called out a Mary Exercise.  Hello Dolly, Flutter kicks, Freddie Mercury, Low plank


22 quality HIMs: 7 were rushers

Today we didn’t count exercises but I want to talk about making today count.

My good friend from college, Julien, does an awesome job of making every day count.  He is perhaps the smartest guy I know and when he isn’t turning a company around or becoming the CEO of a bio tech company he is rehabbing a 300 year old barn by hand.  The guy works amazingly hard.

A few years back he was down in Mexico at a conference and took some clients out deep sea fishing.  They didn’t catch anything.  When they returned to the harbor they see a local fisherman and his son in a tiny dinghy with 3 huge fish.  Julien, impressed at the catch asked him: “Sir, How did you do that?  How long did it take you?”

“Señor, it’s what I’ve done for years.  My son and I caught these in a little less than an hour.”

Julien responded, “That’s amazing!  Are you going out to catch more?”

“No Señor.  This is more than enough for my family and I’ll sell one at market.  Tomorrow is soon enough.”

Julien, a bit confused but intrigued by this mindset asked, “Can I ask, what do you do with your time?”

The Mexican fisherman replied, “I get up early and spend some time with God, fish a little, play with my children, take siesta with my wife, stroll into the village each evening where I sip a glass of wine and play guitar with my amigos: I have a full and busy life, señor.”

Julien offered to help the fisherman make a business of this man’s fishing talent.  “My name is Julien and went to the best business school in the US.  I’m a CEO and love making business succeed.  I want to invest in you.  Can I help you build a business of this?  You could take clients fishing, get a bigger boat, heck a fleet of boats, then make a business of it.  We’d sell the extra catch direct to the distributer, cutting out the middle man, you could make millions!”

“What would this take señor?  How long would it take?”

“You’d move to Mexico city and run the business, in 15, no maybe only 10 years, you bring the company public, huge IPO!  You’d have enough money to do whatever you want.  What would you do with that kind of freedom?”

The Mexican fisherman looked off to sea and smiled as he thought of the possibilities.  Then locked eyes with Julien. “Julien, I know just what I’d do.  I’d move to a small coastal village, much like this one.  I get up early and spend some time with God, fish a little, play with my children, take siesta with my wife, stroll into the village each evening where I sip a glass of wine and play guitar with my amigos.”

And from that day on, Julien lived his life differently.

Okay, I’ll admit, most of that isn’t a true story.   Julien is a real friend, talented hard working CEO. I don’t know if Julien has ever been to Mexico. The parable, you may have heard before, I heard years ago.  But it speaks to the scripture I want to share for today:

Psalm 90:12 “So, Teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.”

The “so” points back to the first 11 verses that give us God’s perspective on time.  He was before the mountains were formed and our lives are but a breath.  But then it goes on to ask for God’s favor, wisdom – for Him to satisfy us and make us glad and see Him for who He is.

God’s perspective on time is very important to ponder. Take some time today to realize God’s eternal nature and his perspective.  What are you striving after? Your past doesn’t matter; you plans don’t matter.  What matters: Where is your heart with Jesus right now and are you willing to do more with Him?
Maybe that means to spend extra time with your wife or kids. Maybe it’s difficult, but life altering conversations.  Maybe it’s just helping a neighbor in need.

Read Psalm 90 and consider these things.

Get those Save Haven donations in before the month is up and check out Spotter’s May challenge- I encourage you to join.