F3 Knoxville

Rail to Rail

THE SCENE: 74° and predictably muggy
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Delivered, + Covid distancing reminder
Cherry Pickers, High Knees, Doggie Paddle, Mountain climbers, Overhead Clap, X Man crunch, Side Lunges

  • Mosey to Guardrail by the ducks: 11’s with Derkins on the rail and Burpies on the other side of the street.  Bear crawl and lunge across the street
  • Upper Rail.  25x CPR (Curl Press, tRicep) with a rock, 20 Rocky Balboa, 25x CPR
  • Mosey to far Guardrail:  30 rail hops, 30 tricep dips
  • Big lot: at 5 poles of the HIM’s choice- 5 x-men crunches
  • Back to the Flag lot: Bear Cages – Bear crawl a parking spot line, jump the spot and burpee. Add a burpee each time.

Median lead us in Freddie Mercury till the bell rang

I’m going to tag along on Sargent slaughter’s challenge to be more transparent with our children.

Joel 1:3 Tell your Children of it, and let your children tell their children and their children to another generation

We need to speak of the Gospel and encourage  But we also must discipline.

Hebrews 12:11 All disciple for the moment seems not to be joyful, but sorrowful; yet to those who have been trained by it, afterwards it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness. 

Just as Burpee’s don’t feel good, they do produce a result – in the same way, being a disciplinarian doesn’t feel joyful but it does produce kids that understand authority.

Truth is Caught AND taught.  Encourage your kids (verbalize it!) & Discipline your kids.  If they are telling you no, that’s backwards and you are just making it hard for them to understand authority.  Put an end to that or they won’t respect you and your wife today, their boss in a couple years, or God for eternity.)


1) Pray for your kids
2) Speak of Jesus Christ to you kids so they know the root of your discipline and the reason for your encouragement and most of all the Source of your Love

It’s awesome to work out with my 2.0 and have the chance to speak this @Median these words:

Moreover, as for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the Lord by ceasing to pray for you; but I will instruct you in the good and right way. 1 Sam 12:23
Jesus Christ is that way and together we can seek after Him!

Prayer for nation, those fighting COVID, discontentment in families where people feel stuck.
Off the Chain at Dog Pound Saturday and a group of guys roofing for a HIM.

Spring to Action

THE SCENE: Perfect 67 degree morning, clear and dry

High Knees, Mtn Climbers, Shoulder Tap Merkins, Moroccan Night club, Side straddle hops
Fun-dian run through courtyard. – A chaotic scramble of two lines running through the courtyard.  Each leader gave up the lead by introducing an obstacle.  (Jumping over benches, bear crawling, snaking through trees).  Then planking till the back of the line made it through his obstacle.

Took a nice mosey of tour of 6 stations

  • Tricep Dips in courtyard
  • Burpee in parking lot (one we seem to never use)
  • Merkins at the stop sign
  • Squat Thrusters by CMU pile
  • Pull Ups at the pull up bars
  • Leg raises on the loading doc

Got into team of 4.  Each team could earn points (Springs) at each station.  The more of an exercise cumulative points, the more springs the team brought back.  Teams would then do core exercises till “released” by the next team to arrive. (this only sort of worked)
Welcome 2 FNGs!    5K’s 2.0 Sunrise

Welcome Buttons – glad you made it out to clown around with us.

You all inspire me. I push way harder out here than when I work out on my own.
There is a risk we only push on the physical things and we have to have the humility to express that we don’t see our own blind spots in other areas of our lives.
In prepping for this morning I discovered I was treating the spiritual discipline of reading as a chore. I’m not much of a reader. I was afraid of the length of Psalm 119. But just as you may dread 100 burpees, doing it is live giving, full of awesome verses like:

Give me a helping hand, for I have chosen to follow your commandments.  Psalms 119:173

Jesus faithful provided his promised helper.

John 16:8 Nevertheless, I tel you the truth; it is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away the Helper will not come to you, but if I go, I will send him to you.

The Holy Spirit is that helper and will talk to you through His word (and other ways)
If you don’t know that Helper talk to me about it in person, online -anywhere.
Challenge to you is to Read Psalm 119; it is life giving.

Prayers for 2 Moms with major medical needs (Heart Surgery coming Friday and broken hip from a fall last week)  Prayer for our nation and the protection of those keeping peace

Lifting one another up

THE SCENE: Wet ground, 50 degrees, calm and perfect
  10 bonus burpees as I fumbled the order of the F’s (don’t do that!)

Twinkle Toes (calf raise squats)
Tempo Squats
Baby Warrior Circles (Warrior pose with arm Circles)
Overhead Clap (as we numbered off 1/2)
Guardrail top and bottom: 3 laps, first with 15 exercises, then 10, then 5.  Half started with upper, half with lower

Tops: Tricep Dips & Dirkins on the Guardrail| Mosey to the light… then | Bottoms: Guardrail hops & Guardrail foot taps

Black snake (Slalom Indian Run) through Courtyard

Pair up and run 3 laps (15 on first lap, then 10, then 5) of Canyon Merkin, Partner carry up the ramp, swap and repeat, then mosey to Pull up bars for helping your partner do pull ups, and low pistol squats, then Mosey to cover for 15 bro-pees (high 5 burpee)

Finish on 30 calf raise, Bernie, Mosey, 30 Calf Raise, Imperial Walkers, 30 Calf raise, Bernie

Do not repay evil for evil but seek to do good to one another and everyone  1 Thessalonians 5:13
We need to be quick to forgive, not repaying evil for evil but actually seeking to do good for everyone.  This busy time of year you may be thinking you don’t have time to do one more thing or help one more person. But we have an awesome opportunity to help each other, and everyone: through prayer.

Friday’s COT by @FingerFood, he called out by name guys who have impacted and helped him – that process of calling people out by name is bold, and it’s powerful to encourage.  We have been called to boldly pray for one another (See James 5:16)

Today as you carried each other, literally, let this remind you of our chance to carry each other’s need before the Lord – and as a bonus, it isn’t sweaty, a little gross and personal space invading.  As you lift a guy up doing pull ups, we lift each other up to the Lord -that God’s glory would shine through their life.

There is Someone I know who lived this verse of doing good for one another and everyone perfectly –  His birthday is coming up.  I hope you know Him too.  He is Jesus and He died for you – He prays for each of you by name.

Today, the prayer time will included a chance to lift up for you by name: Your kids (kids in your life), Wife (or women in your life), Pastor, someone older (dad, shut in, elder, mentor), coworkers, HIM’s not there and even our enemies.

21 HIMS for a powerful prayer time of lifting to the Lord one another and everyone – now continue to pray for people by name, listen to Lord’s calling to reach out, help, bless ans SEEK to do Good for the people you prayed for by name.

Loopy Guardrails

THE SCENE: 70 degrees, clear, dark and muggy just how we like it

Moroccan Night club | Newton’s Cradle | Cherry Pickers | Mountain climbers
Count off into groups of 3 for a Railroad Run the the bottom of the parking lot by the duck pond

Parking Lot Hill Loop

  • Bernie Sanders & Wheel Barrows (or bear walk if solo)
  • Lunge Walk & Crawl Bear down
  • Sprint and Frog Jump Back up

Guard Rail Loop – 3 stations (2 on guardrails on the East side of campus)

  • Station 1: Derkins x20, Guardrail hops x20
  • Station 2: Tricep Dips x20, Guardrail climbs x20 (Plank on ground perpendicular to guardrail, climb to hands on top of guardrail plank)
  • Station 3: 4 count Flutter kick x20, One leg Turkish Get ups x20 (10 each leg)

Mosey back to AO Flag: 10 Burpies, 10 Cross climbers

19 HIM’s for the Thang, 1 FNG, Welcome Mailbox.

6 HIM’s did a long run.

Eph 5:15-16 Look carefully how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of time because the days are evil.  Therefore, do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is

Discerning the will of the Lord for your life and your behavior takes some personal rules.  They apply to you and are a little different for everyone, but you should have some guardrails in your life to keep you safe.  1 yr ago this past Sunday was my biking accident and I learned two things about guardrails
1) They are hard so don’t hit them but what is on the other side is worse

2) If you are by something that needs a guardrail, don’t go alone
Guardrails protect and direct
Personal Standard of behavior – Keeps you from doing spiritual damage to your life and those you love (Borrowed this definition from Andy Stanley)
* Simple but hard example: Alcohol – if you are getting drunk or more than one person mentioned your drinking as a problem, that’s a problem; that is sin.  Set some boundaries and hold to them.  Zero drinking for some, accountability for all.
* Harder to measure but way more common: Work-a-holic or crippling financial debt – get some guard rails up.  Set some spending limits, make lifestyle changes that put God and family first and work and money in the back seat.  Get a firm stop time on work and respect family time.
* Hardest thing for most men: Sexual sin.  How are you protecting your family from your sex drive crashing your marriage into the ditch?  Make some guardrails, yes rules.  Hitting a guardrail hurts, but learn to like them being there and then don’t hit them- don’t even get close.  They are there to protect you.
 * Even something as good as Fitness may need a guardrail – we can get so into F1 that we neglect other areas – we skip devotional times to post better times or more workouts.  Have guardrails to keep fitness from becoming an idol. Fitness is good but get some guardrails to direct you to the best thing in life – a life lived for Jesus Christ.

Learn to love the guardrails – it’s not a restriction to hate but protections that show God is moving in your life.

Put up some guardrails in your life, share them with a brother – don’t go alone where the danger is high and keep your life on the most God glorifying path.

Keeping mind that guard rails are personalized and not prescriptive for all: share in the group me some of the guardrails that you have in your life that have protected you and that you would want some brothers to hold you too if you were getting too close or over the guard rail.
Prayers for a fellow HIM’s wife’s cancer diagnosis, Poolboy and Judge Judy & fam.

Recruit some FNG’s…. business cards available to help with that but your personal invite will work best!