F3 Knoxville

GPS Art F3 Juco take 1

THE SCENE: 70° and comfortable

Get ups, tai chi warriors, Reach for the stars, Let it hang, Butt kicks, SSH, High Knees, Mountain climbers
A campus tour spelling “F3 Juco” as GPS ‘art’. At each turn there were excercises.
Starting with 10 SSH, then introducing some new excercises
Flip flop merkins, Shuttle run the lower bar of F
Bernie up to the top of the F twice, then 10 Gorilla Humpers (wide monkey)
Finish the F with a shuttle run to flutter till the 6 arrives.
Straight to the Railings for 20 underdogs
Draw the “3” with Hello Dolly, kick throughs and monkey humpers along the way.
Then to the top of the J to carry some of each others weight on a pole.
One legged SSH and “James Bond” made the U, the C was hand stand merkins (or burpees) and dips.
We finished the O with a rope run around a tree.

LBC is about all we had time for
Hebrews 12:1
Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us

I want to focus on the word endurance. On a Wed, we have runners who know about endurance. I used to think of Endurance as just working hard and harder. But it is a lot more about pace than it is any one hard step.
Ask yourself, are you making forward progress?
Do you have a plan? Do you know where you are going?
Have you removed the sin in your life that weighs you down?

Your race is your race. Your journey to become more like Jesus is not identical to anyone else, but it is not meant to be done alone.
Get into a community of believers, find a Church home, F3 is great, but it is not a church.
A church needs all ages, men and women, worship, communion, baptism, giving, accountability and all the pains and joys that come along with all that.
Then make sure Jesus is your motivation, source of energy and Goal.
And consider your pace. Yes, take breaks but ensure forward progress. Guys who get up before 5 to work out tend to want to push hard, but don’t burn out.
And God gave us the gift of (warning, unpopular word) the Sabbath. It got abused in Jesus’ time, it gets forgotten entirely now, but Sabbath was made for man.
That weekly day of rest, change of pace and focus on worship and serving will allow you to Run the race.
Maybe you step back from formal serving for a season, but you still run the race – stay involved, make others a priority, show up, care , pray
Endure to the end.

F3 In the nude coming up July 29.

Core Mountain IV

THE SCENE: 70° and enough humidity to share

SSH, Lunge Left, Lunge Right, Mountain climbers, offset merkins, Windmills
25 of each of the below moving between the lines on Jucomajaro.

T-claps to Trolley who I stole this workout from, only making use of the lines, instead of rope: https://f3knoxville.com/core-mountain-iii/

  • BBS
  • LBC
  • Scissors
  • Flutters
  • American Hammers
  • Leg lifts
  • Freddy Mercury
  • Cross toe touches
  • Windshield wipers
  • Cross mountain climbers
  • Heel touches
  • Box cutters
  • Hello Dollys
  • Groiners
  • Side Crunches
  • Supermans
  • Plank Destroyers
  • Imperial Walkers

Ate some blackberries on the way down, added some stone work and dips on the guardrail with a little time for Mary

John 14:1 says, “Let not your hearts be troubled.  Believe in God; Believe also in me”.

I heard recently of a commentary by Frederick Bruner on John that this word “believe” more literally translates as “relax into”.  This of course made me think of a hammock.  We must put our full weight into a hammock to enjoy the swing, but it takes faith that it will hold us to really relax.  Ronald Rolheiser in Holy longing describes prayer as “Relaxing into God’s presence”.

My prayer for us today is that we can Believe, Rest and Relax into God’s goodness. Just as generations before us have found God to be enough to hold us up.
“But we believe that we will be saved through the grace of the Lord Jesus, just as they will.”  Acts 15:11

Shamrock Convergence in 4 days! Sat, July 8, 7am.

Turn for the better

THE SCENE: Rainy, 65°

SSH, Cheerleaders (didn’t know how to count those), Windmills, Mtn climbers, other stuff

4 corners with Squats, Plank Jacks, Diamond merkins, Heels to heaven for about 3 laps, 10 per corner.

Mosey to the bench by the new building for butt tap squats, Irkins and Dirkens

Mosey to the main lot where we did American Hammers, Burpees, Carolina Dry Docs and Donkey kicks.  One more at each line, worked our way up the parking lot.  When the Q yelled Turn, we moved to a different line and restarted the count.

Back to the wall for the same butt tap squats, Irkins and Dirkens.  Then tried cheerleaders again.

Saved time for Abs under cover and then some protractor at the end.
Welcome to @incoming!  He was going to be Hammock but that was taken.

Acts 3:19-20 Repent therefore, and turn back, that your sins may be blotted out. that times of refressingh may come from the presence of the Lord, and that he may send the Christ appointed for you, Jesus

At conversion, repentance is a turn from a way that says I can do it on my own.
I’m turning to Jesus, not trusting in my ability to earn heaven, but accepting it from Him.
That’s likely a very familiar message. Vitally important
but it is not a 1 time event. We must grow in our ability to repent.
As we get older we loose elasticity in our muscles, our legs need more stretching.
Especially if we are growing stronger in other areas.
We need to stretch more and more and repentance is that stretch.
Our brains lose elasticity too, but by God’s grace He makes old things new again.
We can grow in our grace, soften, love deeper, forgive faster, be more humble while greater.
Invite Christ into every aspect of yoru life. Refreshing comes from the presence of the Lord.
It is a call to action. I was one way, now I’m different.
It is a change. Change is hard, but consider what God wants to change in you.
I was selfish/lazy/consumed by work/obsessed with fitness/obsessed with hobbies/only focused on my world.
There is a a beautiful story on the other side of “but now I’m different.

Convergence at Shamrock on July 8

Tri till you Curl Up Jucomajaro

THE SCENE: 64°, dry and a bit too bright out

SSH, Reach for the sky, Let it hang, Cherry Picketers, Mountain Climbers, Windmills
Mosey to the Guardrail behind the strip mall for 20 Dips, 20 Triceps, 20 Curls, then run around the building with the rocks.  More Triceps and Curls (30 each) then mosey to the base of Juco.

Ran 2 lines, then animal moved (Duck walk, Bear crawl, Crab walk, Bernie)  Did some core at the top of the hill.  Mosey down with some squats on the way.

Back to the CMU pile for Tri’s and Curls and some CMU merkins.  Core on the way back to a ring of fire and some more core.


My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27
I need to let you all know that my cousin, Doug died Sunday night.
We have prayed for him for a long time and his last days were horrible.  This isn’t the way we would want it.  He was only 42 and throat and mouth cancer spreading everywhere meant he died of not being able to drink or swallow. He lost most of his ability to speak a few months back.
His only expression of faith I know of, one I believe to be genuine, was by text message with my mom.

So we can learn a few things from Doug
1) Never smoke or dip – it is not worth it. Don’t let your loved ones do it either.
2) Express your faith while you still have a voice and breath
Expressing that is a gift to your family and what God wants.
My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.
John 10:27
God knows them. He isn’t letting anyone slip through the cracks
Not the sheep know Him. He knows the Sheep.
We are the sheep, if you hear His voice, do not harden your heart
Some will hear his voice and mistake it for Thunder
Father, glorify your name.” Then a voice came from heaven: “I have glorified it, and I will glorify it again.” The crowd that stood there and heard it said that it had thundered. Others said, “An angel has spoken to him.”
John 12:28‭-‬29 ESV
There are so many competing voices, but he way the Secret Service handles counterfeit.  You study the real thing till you know it so well, it is easy to distinguish the real thing.

Prayers appreciated for my family – Wake and Funeral are Friday and Saturday in Chicago Burbs.

Dragon Boat festival coming up soon!


THE SCENE: 54°F, Dry, Early

Side straddle hops, some arm warm ups, it was good.
Ran to the CMU pile.

  • 50 curls
  • ran up the stars and did 5 pull-ups
  • 50 squat thrusters
  • ran up the stars and did 5 pull-ups

We grabbed some desks and played red-light-green-light

First Round:

  • On red – held an L sit on the desk
  • On green – leap frogged over the desk

Second Round:

  • On red – held a plank
  • On green – backwards crab walked

Third Round:

  • On red – Held an Algor
  • On green – Burpee long jumped


We moseyed to the science building

  • 20 step ups (Each Leg)
  • 20 Dips

We ran the border of a parking lot. At each corner we did flutter Kicks, Mountain climbers, and a 30 sec plank.

I talked about how we might say we worship God, but in our hearts we we worship ourselves or other things of this world. Borrowed my word from Louie Giglio.