F3 Knoxville

Put me in Coach

THE SCENE: Chilly around 40, feeling like we bypassed fall

SSH IC x 21

Imperial squat walker 4 ct x 10

Mosey to baseball field. At home plate, playing cards and music speaker set up. Each player will draw his own card to determine workout. Corresponding exercises as below:

2: sprint double

3: sprint triple

4: sprint home run

5: Bear crawl to pitcher mound and 5 imperial squat walker 4 ct

6: Bear crawl to first and 6 iron mike 2 ct

7: Bear crawl to third and 7 tuck jumps

8: Burpee broad jump to first

9: Burpee broad jump to third

10: 20 BBS at cone in centerfield

J: 20 mountain climbers at cone in right field

Q: 20 merkins at cone in left field

K: Bernie around field

A: high skip around field

Joker: 10 Burpees


Stopped at 6AM for some baserunning practice. Taking turns one player runs a double while rest mountain climbers. Once at second, hold Al gore while each player takes turns running home. Once at home, take turns completing triple while Pax does squats waiting for turn. Once at third, bear crawl home while pax does push up waiting for turn. Lastly, complete home run while rest of pax does side straddle hops waiting for turn.

Mosey back to Grindstone.

Heel taps IC x 20

Protractor to Dolly IC x 10ish

Leg side to side at 90 degree IC x 8 (not sure what these are called)

Mountain climber IC x 20ish

Catalina wine mixer IC x 10ish

LBCs to cash out last 30 seconds.
I’ve always been a sucker for motivational quotes. Little one liners can fuel me throughout the day and help me in times of struggle or lack of motivation with my fitness life. The saying I’ve recently latched onto is “Don’t rush the process, trust the process.” I get in trouble when I try to rush the process. When I stay disciplined and consistent whether it is in my faith or fitness, I find I achieve more and fall less into bad habits that lead me astray. It’s not about today’s workout, or tomorrow’s, or next months, but the consistent work put in day to day. It’s about the long term goal that maybe years from being achieved but takes those tiny consistent steps day in and day out. Put in the consistent work and trust in the process.
Throwback to Moses beatdown at Bombshelter
Saturday joint effort with Fia for Halloween get together at bombshelter

Finish Him!

THE SCENE: 55 clear skies, fall is here

Set the mood with some pump up jams to be continued during tha thang

SSH IC x 21

Thighmaster IC x 10

monkey humper IC 4ct x 10

OH press IC x 10


Mosey with CMU to circular track (somewhat) adjacent to picnic pavilion. 6 stations arranged in circle. Once beeper starts, perform murder bunny around circle. Stop at nearest cone and perform AMRAP for prescribed exercise for 30 seconds. The next movement around the cones was OH lunge with CMU around. Trade off every round between murder bunnies and CMU lunges. Rinse and repeat around circle to pump up jam playlist. Exercise stations as follows:

CMU OH press



Burpee up and over

Monkey humper

Ground to OH with CMU


Hold iron cross with LBAC forward and reverse IC x 8
7 HIMs and 2.0 Webelo
I thought about what I was going to say and the word that kept coming to my mind was PATIENCE. Over the past few years, I have kept a lot close to the vest regarding my own struggles in life. In growing older and joining groups like F3, I’m learning the need to get these things off the chest and have the support of men around me. My wife have been struggling a few years trying to have a child. I often get irked and frustrated when I meet people and they say that I ought to have children at this point in my life. I’ve tried to turn those frustrations over to God as of recently and it has helped me. I pray for Gods timing on matters and realize that it may not align with my own wants. So whether it is meant to happen or not, I will find a purpose for how God wants to use me in the future— child or not. Patience is very difficult for all of us. With whatever you are waiting on/ hoping for/ wanting, I pray that you find the bigger purpose in timing that may or may not go your way.

Tight back after that one!!

Grindin with the CMU

THE SCENE: 63 degrees and feeling like fall is coming


SSH IC x 10

Tempo squat IC x 10

LBAC forward IC x 10

Bear crawl inch worm length of width of Grindstone.

CMU lined up on baseline.

5 CMU thruster buy in for every loop.

Start by completing 1 suicide along full length of court with 4 checkpoints.

OH carry CMU around BBall court to 3 stations as follows:

CMU swings

Up and over CMU merkins


All exercises performed pyramid style. Rep counts 5-10-15-20-15-10-5. 5 thruster buy in remains the same throughout. Complete as many rounds as possible.

CMU press flutter kick IC x 20

LBCs to close last 10 seconds
6 HIMS. Shout out to Hotsquat with 3 straight beatdowns at Arsenal.
College football season is upon us and it’s my favorite time of the year. I’m a huge Georgia fan so I’ve been reminiscing on some past seasons. During a recent season which Georgia did well, the head coach created a mantra which the team adopted: “keep the main thing the main thing.” As someone who has been getting bogged down with negative energy recently I feel like we can all take something from this. Focus on what you need to do in life and cut out the distraction or those with negative input who keep you from your purpose. We all have things/people that try and keep us from achieving goals. Cut the noise and stay the path.

“Keep the main thing the main thing.”

Hammy Throwback to 100th

THE SCENE: 70 and sticky

SSH IC x10

Tempo squat IC x 10

Tempo merkin IC x 10

5 burpees OYO

Mosey from Grindstone to pavilion and around back to Grindstone for path to be used in tha thang.


21 – 15 – 9

1. Merkin

Dry dock

Should tap 2 CT

2. Hollow hold 30s

Tuck up


3. Step ups

Iron Mikes

Air squats

Complete 21 reps of first set of exercises and run a lap. Complete 21 reps of second set and run lap. Complete 21 reps of third set and run lap. Move down to 15 reps and then 9. Rinse and repeat moving back up to 21 rep round if finish early.


Catalina Wine Mixer IC x 10

Mountain climbers IC x 10

10 push ups OYO

Roll on 6 to complete flutter kicks IC x 10 and hello dolly IC x 10 to close

5 HIMs and 2.0- Webelo

Welcome back Spurt! Great to have you.

I threw it back to my first beat down that Hammy led on May 9, 2020. F3 has meant so much to me and I’ve shared so many good times with all these men. I tell everyone how it has helped me become more disciplined in my life when I am attending regularly from my diet to my faith. From a camping trip, to cook outs, and events, I’ve gotten to know quite a few men that have helped to build me up and push me physically but also with my discipline and faith. With the dwindling numbers at the AOs, it’s sad to see that there are men out there that need our help just like I needed F3 over a year ago. I challenge each one of use to speak to one person about F3 each day over the course of the next week and invite them to a workout. Iron can’t sharpen iron if folks aren’t present with us.

Proverbs 27:17

“As iron sharpens iron,
    so one person sharpens another.”

Hardship Hill early October

Sky’s Out Thighs Out

THE SCENE: 70 with dampness, rainstorm a comin’

SSH IC x 20ish

Thighmaster IC both legs x15 per leg

Monkey humper IC x 10ish

Imperial squat walker IC 4CT x10ish

Tempo squat IC x 10

Mosey to parking lot adjacent to tennis court. 3 rounds of 11s with all leg exercises as follow. Bernie to the top at the stop sign after first exercise done at bottom of hill.

1. Monkey humper X 10 on 4CT at bottom

Squat jump x 1 at top

2. Imperial squat Walker x 10 on 4 CT at bottom

Iron mikes on 2CT x 1 at top

3. Star jacks x 10 at bottom

Smurf squat jack x 1 at top

(no one got to third round)

Thighmasters IC x 15 both legs

Bolt 45s OYO

Speed humpers to close out minute
7 Drenched HIMS
I love old country music. I was recently listening to “You’ve got to stand for something” by Aaron Tippin. As I get older I realize the need for me to stand up in the things that I believe in and not waiver from them. If you died today, would people know what YOU stood for? Put your effort and energy into those things that you stand for daily.

“You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything
You’ve got to be your own man not a puppet on a string
Never compromise what’s right and uphold your family name
You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.”

Aaron Tippin

CSAUP tomorrow

Avocado party at Woodshack tonight